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The Knesset – Heart of the Israeli Democracy


The Knesset in Jerusalem


One of the fascinating sites to see in Israel’s capital Jerusalem is the national parliament, the Knesset. The building is open for visits by the public and many people take advantage of the opportunity. Due to the coming elections, the Knesset is not in session, but as usual, hundreds of people, both adults and school children could be seen touring inside.

The present building of the Knesset was built in 1966. It is a large structure, with several levels and numerous halls. Its internal architecture is simple, without many decorations.


The exterior of the Knesset



Another view of the exterior


The decorations are limited to replicas of ancient Jewish artifacts and a few modern paintings.


The youth of Israel


One of the halls contains an exhibition of photographs showing the history of the Israeli parliamentary life. You can see in it the most memorable moments of the new Israeli history.


Golda Meir, Anwar Sadat and Shimon Peres



Benjamin Netanyahu after winning the 1996 election


The only exception from the modesty that rules in the building is the Chagall Hall located on the fourth floor. It is decorated with three magnificent tapestries designed by Marc Chagall. In his typical style, which is not very easy to understand, he has depicted the past, the present and the future of the Jewish people.


The Chagall Hall



The central tapestry showing the Jewish past

This is the hall, where most official ceremonies of the Knesset and the Israeli government are held. Here the foreign delegations and dignitaries are greeted. In one of the corners, behind a glass, is the Israeli Declaration of Independence. Until recently, that was the original parchment signed by the members of the Knesset in 1948. However, the parchment started to deteriorate and it had to be moved to the national archives. What we see now behind the glass is an exact replica of the declaration.


Israel’s Declaration of Independence


Well, after seeing what’s inside the building, let’s see how the “Zionist entity” is being run from that building. If you listen to the “Palestinian” terrorists and professional recipients of international welfare and their leftist friends, you’ll get the impression that the Knesset is inhabited by evil Jews, whose only purpose is to hatch sinister plots for enslaving the world and especially the innocent Muslims.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Knesset is a complex body, which represents all citizens of Israel. Since in the country there are so many people with totally different opinions, that complicated reality is reflected in the parliament.

Unlike many other countries, Israel has a very low election threshold – a political party needs only 2% of the national vote to get a seat. Thus, the Knesset always includes numerous parties, large and small (there were 12 in the latest one), which often have diametrically opposing views. The voters cast their ballots not for personalities, but for party lists. That situation makes the forming of a government difficult and prevents one party from dominating the Knesset.

That it is the most interesting feature of the Israeli politics. One may expect from a country, which is surrounded by Muslim fanatics, who would gladly destroy it (and they attempted it many times), to have some kind of a military dictatorship as a form of government. Instead, Israel is the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, while all other countries are dysfunctional “democracies” or dictatorships.

The Israeli government is always kept on its toes by the Knesset – the members hold a confidence vote every Monday. All the sessions of the Knesset, as well as its committees’ meetings (with the exception of the national security committee) are broadcast live on a specifically designated TV channel (number 99). The meetings can be attended by the public – with an appointment for the committees meetings (due to limited space) and without appointment for the general sessions of the Knesset. In the central hall (the Plenum) the public sits behind a bulletproof window.


The central hall of the Knesset


The name of the Israeli Parliament and the number of its members (120) were determined by the political body, which existed in ancient Israel after the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. At the podium in the middle, in front of the Israeli flag, is the place where the Speaker of the Knesset sits and from where the members and the foreign visitors give their speeches. In front of the Speakers seat you can see a table, around which the prime minister and the cabinet ministers sit. To the left of the government table are the chairs of the members of the ruling coalition. To the right are the seats of the official opposition. Behind the table are the seats of the representatives of the smaller parties.

No matter what you may think about Israel, the country is a democracy, where no politician could forget his or her voters. What a sharp contrast with the “Palestinian” government! Both in Gaza and the territories the mandate of the leaders of Hamas and the presidency of Abbas had expired long time ago, yet that fact doesn’t seem to bother the Arabs and their lefty backers.

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Israeli Politics – Dinner with Moshe Feiglin


Moshe Feiglin speaks


There was no time to rest on the first day of our stay in Israel. JDL-Canada had a meeting with the Likud party politician Moshe Feiglin, scheduled for the evening.

It is election time in Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu already dissolved the Knesset and national elections had been scheduled for the beginning of the next year. The low threshold – a political party needs to get only 2% of the votes to get a seat in the Knesset – had created a complex political reality, in which compromises are essential to form a government (more on the Israeli political system – in my post about the Knesset).

The fierce fights for votes among different parties, from radical leftists and communists to ultra-conservative religious formations, create a tense election campaign. Recently the press reported that Olmert and Livni from Kadima claimed that the “Palestinian” president Mahmoud Abbas told both of them that the PA had given up the demand for the right to return of the refugees. Then they accused Netanyahu that he strengthened Hamas and weakened the “peace-loving” PA.

Later it turned out that Abbas’ statement was only a personal opinion that he would never be able to return to his village in Galilee and not a change in the PA policies. After that Avigdor Liberman called Abbas a liar who supports terrorism.

When you deal with such difficult reality, it is always interesting to have a conversation with people, who are directly involved in it. Such an opportunity provided the meeting with Moshe Feiglin and Shmuel Sackett. Our group met them at a kosher restaurant and we talked for over two hours.

Both of them are the type of politicians, whom the mainstream press would call conservative hardliners. Sackett is the co-founder of Manhigut Yehudit, an Israeli nationalist movement. Moshe Feiglin is a fascinating figure, who had made a significant impact on the Israeli politics during the last 20 years.


Shmuel Sackett, Moshe Feiglin and Meir Weinstein


Leader of Manhigut Yehudit and a veteran from the Lebanese War in 1982, he decisively opposed the Oslo accords and his civil disobedience cost him 6 months in jail in 1997. His political career had been marked by his rivalry with Benjamin Netanyahu – he ran several times against him in the leadership elections. The latest controversy involved his visit to Temple Mount, where he was carefully observed by the security forces if he was moving his lips. If he did, he could’ve been arrested for praying – it is odd, but Jews are not allowed to pray at the holiest place in their country, where Solomon’s Temple once stood.

The most important feature of Feiglin’s political position is his passionate defense of the Jewish character of the State of Israel.

He started his talk with a story about the recent interview he gave to Al-Jazeera. After years of hostility, they finally decided to interview him. He asked the Arab journalists about their identities. Are they Egyptians, Jordanians or other? He wanted to know why they allowed the British, white colonialists from Europe, who came after World War I and decided with maps and rulers who was Egyptian, Jordanian or Iraqi, to determine their identity. He also told them that they were those who had to decide who they were. They belong to the great Arab nation (and they agreed with him).

The same applies to the “Palestinians” – there is no Palestinian history, those people are also Arabs. We have to stop lying about that – what we actually have is Jews and Arabs. Next he asked them about the original Arab name for Jerusalem – it included the word “temple”. What temple was that? Mohammed’s? No, it has always been King Solomon’s Temple. When the Muslims pray on Temple Mount they face Mecca, that is the important spot for them, not Jerusalem.

He talked next about the Israeli politics. A few days earlier they had talks with Liberman about combining forces. That is important in turbulent times. In 1996 Netanyahu defeated Peres against all odds after Rabin’s assassination. The success was a result of the common efforts of several political groups. After that election Peres was asked who won. He replied that the Jews won, then the reporter asked him who lost. “Israel lost,” replied Peres. Feiglin interpreted that as a peculiar admission of the fact that Netanyahu won on the premise that Jewishness is the basis of the Israeli identity.

That’s why it is so important to combine the efforts of those who support the Jewish idea. He hopes that not only Liberman would join, but also other parties as a block. Without the Jewish idea, the State of Israel is losing its meaning and as a result is also losing its right to exist in the eyes of the world.

The right to exist is a big question – it came to prominence only recently, years ago it wasn’t such a big issue. The answer of that is simple – while Israel is turning away from its Jewish identity, the world is turning against it. The Israelis are seen as people, who can live anywhere and can go back to Europe, USA, or other places from where their ancestors came. Upon its creation, Israel was expected to bring some excitement and new experiences – like a spiritual rebirth of the Jews. When that fails, the world is turning its back on Israel.

The solution is simple – in addition to not giving away any land, the Jews must answer the question why they are here and what is their direction. The current turmoil in the Middle East could make them stronger.

Our guests answered a few questions. When asked what he thinks about the impact of the US presidential elections on Israel, he said that the result shouldn’t matter – the policies of Israel shouldn’t be determined in Washington, but in Jerusalem. Without economic and political independence Israel would never become confident in its own strength.

I asked Shmuel Sackett about the possible impact of the unilateral declaration of Palestinian independence. He replied that despite what the Western analysts say, that won’t be a big issue and Israel would be able to cope with that. The real important issues that must be addressed by all means are Hamas and Iran.

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Trip to Israel – Day One


Salvador Dali’s menorah at the Ben Gurion Airport


It has been almost a week since we left Toronto to visit Israel (an event organized by JDL-Canada). I am starting to write about it now – the delay was caused by two reasons. From the first day, the schedule was very busy, with several daily meetings and events, which didn’t leave much time for writing. The second reason was that the reality of Israel was quite different from what the Western media choose to write about the country. I needed some time to digest the avalanche of impressions and present what I saw. I started a new category for this trip, but this is not going to be a chronological description of all that happened.

The first thing that an unprejudiced visitor notices is that Israel is a country like any other country, with its normal everyday life, friendly people (at least most of them), and great infrastructure.  This observation may seem trivial, but it looked like a revelation to me, because that reality never finds its way into the North American papers and TV, which see Israel as a constant battleground, where Jews and Arabs fight and Israeli companies desperately try to cope with the “devastating” consequences of a boycott led by the world’s “progressive forces”.

I don’t want to underestimate the impact of the hostility against Israel (after all anti-Semitism is one of the oldest and deadliest prejudices in the world), but despite all that the Jewish people managed to turn a desert and wilderness into a thriving land, a process started long before the State of Israel was established.


Hill near Tel Aviv


That required a lot of dedication and perseverance from many generations, because frankly the landscape is depressing – along with the large desert you can see many hills littered with rocks and stones where only grass can grow (that reminded me of the landscape I saw in Armenia).

But let’s start from the beginning.

We took the El Al flight from Toronto. There was a slight difference in the boarding process compared to other airlines – first we had to answer a few questions of Israeli security officers, who were standing right in front of the ticket counters. According to my Lonely Planet guide, that could turn into a nasty experience, because if you look suspicious, the security could grill you for hours, trying to find contradictions in your answers. Apparently, we didn’t fit that profile, because after a few questions about the purpose of the trip they let us go.

The flight itself was uneventful, but the different people on the plane gave us the taste of the complexity of the cultures and religions, which are linked to Israel. There were secular Jews, speaking different languages. Two Orthodox rabbis got up early in the morning, a few hours before reaching Israel, put on their elaborate garments, and then prayed for hours. A large group of pilgrims from a Toronto church kept reading their Bibles and computer printouts on what to see in the Holy Land.

At the immigration counter after landing, our passports were processed quickly, without the scrutiny that Lonely Planet warned about.


A few guys waitung for a taxi


After taking a taxi, we reached our hotel. The problem was that it wasn’t really our hotel – the driver made a mistake and we had to walk a couple of blocks to find the place. Here I want to make a remark that may cause an orgasmic pleasure among the BDS and “apartheid Israel” folks, but it’s true – many Israeli cab drivers suck. Some don’t know their cities – on a few occasions some of them drove in circles unable to find the place, others had to call their office for instructions (not always successful).

On the other hand, the food in Israel is excellent. In most hotels in Canada, a breakfast is considered a tableful of muffins and jam, but at an Israeli hotel you get a choice of over 20 items – several types of cheese and spreads, eggs, fish (at least three types), vegetables (raw and cooked), fruits, salads, several types of desserts, etc.

We spent the first day in Tel Aviv. As a relatively new city, which grew tremendously during the last few decades, it doesn’t have the Middle Eastern appearance one may expect here. The downtown area is dominated by older houses and low-rise apartment buildings.


Tel Aviv

Most buildings’ roofs are equipped with containers for collecting rain water and solar panels. The solar energy is big here – since the weather most of the year is sunny and hot, it makes sense to use that energy successfully.


A roof in Tel Aviv


Many apartment buildings look neglected and some Israelis complain that the government doesn’t provide enough funds for maintaining the city. On the other hand, you can see construction sites all over the city – the older building are demolished and their place is taken by high-rises.

Despite the fact that Tel Aviv looks like most other cities, the traces of a gruesome past are still visible. On the road you can see the remains of military equipment left from the war for independence in 1948.


Reminders of the 1948 war


Not far from our hotel there is a small strip of stores and cafes. In the early 2000’s a Muslim suicide bomber blew himself up in one of the cafes, killing many people. The place is still closed, but a plate marks the tragedy and people regularly leave flowers at the site.


A place of suicide bombing


It was interesting to face the contradictions and problems of Israel on the very first day of our stay. As we travelled around, meeting different people, our fascination with Israel only grew stronger, but that will be covered in another post…


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Al-Quds or the Rally to Get Rid of the Jews in Jerusalem – Now on Video

Last week I wrote about the Al-Quds rally, which took place right in fron of the Ontario legislature in Toronto. There were quite a few pictures in the post, but, as always, a video gives you a much better idea about what happened. Watch and listen – and decide for yourself whther those people can ever adjust to Canada and its values:


Mark Harding Standing for Israel


Mark Harding and friends


On Canada Day the Toronto homosexual community was preparing to march in their annual parade. An important part of the event was a group named Queers against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA), which hides its virulent anti-Semitism behind a hypocritical concern about the “Palestinians”. I can’t understand how they can condemn the only country in the Middle East, where gays have full rights. Aren’t the homosexuals supposed to be smarter and more educated than the rest of us?

At the same time, a lone man with an Israeli flag was standing a few blocks away doing what he has been doing all his life – handing out pamphlets designed to awaken people from their spiritual slumber. This time the sheet the Torontonians were receiving, printed with a tiny font, covered the danger of Islamic infiltration of the Canadian political life (there were way too many facts to squeeze on the sheet, thus the tiny font).



That was Mark Harding’s second time standing at the same place (he did it last year as well), with only a few friends around him. It was interesting to observe him speaking with the people passing by – most of them were interested in his message and listened attentively, many had never had the chance to discuss those issues with anybody.

Mark is a simple man, without college education, who relies on his faith and on everything he has learned from observing and communicating with people around him. Yet he has much better understanding of the importance of Israel and the threat of violent Islam than the hundreds of thousands of highly educated homosexuals, who cheerfully support savages willing to exterminate them.

Telling the truth is not always popular or safe in Canada. Mark Harding was far ahead of most “experts” in our country in exposing the dangers of Islam. In 1990’s, when the political correctness was tightening its grip on our collective throat and the worst atrocities of Islam were still far ahead, Mark paid dearly for his opinions and received very little support.

I mentioned last year that he was prosecuted for “hate crime”, spent time in jail (after he was arrested) and was sent to be re-educated by a thief from the corrupt Islamic Society of North America.

At the time I had a very vague idea about what Mark has been through. The fact that he had heart attacks and his health was ruined gave me a hint about what happened to him.

However, I got the full picture only recently, after reading the full transcripts from his trial. In nearly a thousand of pages a picture of disgrace gradually emerges. You see the repressive apparatus of the Ontario Attorney General united against a street preacher and his little pamphlets and phone messages.

The army of hostile witnesses could probably give you more than two heart attacks. The “expert witness” Professor Jane McAuliffe, a Muslim doormat, provides a totally distorted and sympathetic picture of Islam. In the post-9/11 times her “testimony” would’ve been seen as ridiculously biased, but at the time she was untouchable.

The list of the Muslims witnesses reads like who is who in the current Canadian Muslim extremism, but at the time those people were perceived as pious bearded imams in white. They were free to lie and slander Mark, because nobody had the knowledge to confront them. Even Bernie Farber, the embattled chairman of the now defunct CJC and Don Quixote of internet censorship, was called to say his bit against Mark Harding (even though he didn’t know him and wasn’t an expert in anything).

As of the pamphlets, which were the reason for the trial, when I read them I couldn’t help but wonder – they charged him with a hate crime for those??? Nowadays you can read online things that are hundreds of times more offensive and many Muslims openly advocate the destruction of Israel, killing of Jews and subjugating the West to the barbaric sharia with no consequences at all.

The only witnesses supporting Mark were called only to discuss his good character in a few short sentences. To give you an idea how lonely he was at the trial, let me just mention that after the judge handed down a suspended sentence, Mark’s own lawyer suggested he be put on house arrest.

Fortunately, Mark Harding survived that ungodly circus and continued his work – quietly, his only reward being the fact that he was right and many more people are now willing to listen to him. The slaughter on September 11 and the recent “Arab Spring”, which brought to power the most outrageous Muslim fanatics, vindicated him and showed that the support for Israel, the only civilized country in the Middle East, is more important than ever.

As of the Jew-hating homosexuals, I am sure they’ll soon understand that the Palestinian terrorists are not their best bedfellows.


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Tazpit and the Fight against the Arab Media Fraud


Earlier today JDL-Canada organized a BBQ in Toronto. The great food and the conversations of members and friends contributed to the great time that everybody had. However, the main event of the evening was the presentation of a guest from Israel – Amotz Eyal, Director and Founder of the Tazpit News Agency. It’s hard to believe it, but Tazpit is the ONLY news agency that Israel has.

The introduction by Meir Weinstein, JDL’s Director concentrated on the current problems facing Israel, so it wasn’t very cheerful. The Muslim Brotherhood is taking over Egypt, which means that they will militarize Sinai. Israel should’ve never given it away. When Israel had it under its control, Sinai served a buffer, but the government exchanged it for a piece of paper, which is now totally worthless. The Muslim Brotherhood already stated that is wants to make Jerusalem capital of Egypt. Egypt is even going to strengthen its alliance with Iran. In these difficult times the Jews are not united – some of them even call for boycott and sanctions against the settlements, they even accuse of anti-Semitism friends of Israel like Glen Back (for his criticism of Soros). That’s why it is so important to have people like Amotz Eyal, who expose the false propaganda.

Amotz Eyal

Amotz Eyal, Director and Founder of the Tazpit News Agency


After that Amotz Eyal took over the stage. He is young (only 25 years old) but he achieved quite a few things in his life. He grew up close to Arabs and experienced firsthand their violence. His brother was injured when the family was forced to evacuate from a settlement. Later he served in IDF, taking part in most of their recent military operations. He founded the Tazpit News Agency which, as I already mentioned, is the only Israeli news agency (there was another one, but it was shut down about 20 years ago). In contrast, the Arabs in Israel have 5 news agencies.

The agency’s goal is to show the events as they really happen, defending the Zionist point of view. It operates by using exclusively volunteers (there over 100 of them). They show the good things about Israel and also cover what is done against the country.

In his opinion the PR (public relations) of Israel is poorly managed by the government. He has stated that earlier in his blog:

“Israel’s PR – many people are critical of the Israeli PR, and I think they should be. Israeli PR is defensive at all time, and at the most crucial moments it doesn’t function as it’s supposed to. Israel loves to complain, but she’s forgetting that the best defense is to attack. Not to attack back physically, but to attack the media, immediately after the flotilla departed.”

He shows us a few examples of Palestinian truth distortion. We see a crowd of settlers hurling stones at Arabs. It’s a video used by the Muslim propaganda against Israel. But this is just a small part of the real video – he shows more of it and we see that a large crowd (the target of the attack) is holding and beating a Jew. His rock-throwing friends confused the Arabs so he was able to escape.

Another one is the Al-Durra case, where a father and son were supposedly killed by IDF while trying to hide near a wall.


The notorious Al-Durra fake

(This obvious hoax, in which the father was “hit” by 12 bullets, but there was no blood on the scene, was debunked by Philippe Karsenty who fought for years the French television, which first released the video. He had a presentation about that at JDL last year.)

What Amotz found disturbing here was that after the video was released, the IDF commanders simply apologized for the “murder” as being a mistake. They never investigated what really happened.

However, the Arabs continued to use that hoax – in another picture they claim to show the unit that “killed” Al-Durra. However, they were so ignorant that they didn’t realize that the soldiers in the picture had weapons that shoot rubber bullets.


Next was one of the pictures used most by the Palestinian propaganda – the one with the little girl lying on the ground with a soldier pointing his machine gun at her with his boot on her chest.


Another Palestinian fake…


The picture was enough to create rage among the Arab fanatical idiots, which they expressed in their atrocious English:

“Azara Moulana: Allahu musta’an. May that shaytaan rot in hell!

Waleed Jaber: What if I did that..? Bankemoon will called the human right at me… I’m gonna Do the same thing to the Zionist.”


Again, Amotz had to deal repeatedly with the army to bring their attention to the hoax. Other than looking staged, the picture contains other clumsy attempt of falsification.


The wrong uniform…


The soldier is armed with AK-47, which has never been used by the IDF. As you can see in the picture above, the IDF uniform has a different colour and the shirt is always tucked in the pants, which doesn’t match the appearance of the “soldier” in the picture.

On another occasion, Tazpit photographers caught Arabs cutting their trees and later blaming that on Israel (the destruction of the olive trees by the Israelis is one of the favourite Palestinian sob stories).


“The Jews cut my tree!”


Another picture showed settlers with sticks attacking Arabs. For that action the Jews were arrested by the police and it took two weeks to vindicate them.




As you may have already noticed, the same pattern runs through all of the cases. When Amotz shows us the whole video, we see two Jewish shepherds (that’s why they carry sticks) who are attacked by a group of Arab baghead harpies armed with rocks. They try to protect themselves and eventually other Jews show up, but by that time the Palestinians had already taken their “incriminating” pictures.

And that is getting worse by the day – now IDF must avoid any conflicts in an area where there are Arab photographers, because they’ll always distort the truth. It’s a very simple scheme, which is illustrated by the picture below.


Most often on Friday, groups of women and children gather around Israeli soldiers and try to provoke them. Many people with powerful cameras (seen in the top part) follow every move of the army trying to get something that could be interpreted as a hostile reaction. That’s why the commanders have chosen the unfortunate path of least resistance – often in such cases the whole unit hides in a bunker rather than risking being blackmailed. That makes Arabs more aggressive and results in assault like the one shown below, where a soldier from IDF was injured by a rock:



It is hard to believe that the Israeli Government has neglected its public relations activities to such extent that it has left the Arabs with their five news agencies to misinform the world by manipulating pictures and films. Not only does that situation help the leftists and the Muslim fanatics to demonize Israel, but it also creates frustration among the friends and supporters of Israel. However, it looks like Tazpit is filling that gap slowly, but consistently.

Let’s hope that Tazpit gets enough support from the Israeli Government and the people to make a real difference.


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Israel in Japan – the Good and the Bad


The magazine of Japan Israel Friendship Association



Nazi flag in Tokyo


Being interested in Israel, I have always wondered about the attitude toward the Jews and their country among the Japanese. Having observed the polarization, which any discussion of the history and politics of Israel brings, I just wanted to know how those things cause the same fiery arguments in Japan.

Although I visit Japan frequently, I have never had enough time to explore the issue. This time our schedule was much lighter than usual, so I could spare a few days to delve deeper into the complexities of that question. I say “complexities”, because it is not easy for an outsider to figure out the way the Japanese think about the world beyond their borders.

I dare to say that I already have a good knowledge about the nature of that thinking, but in the case of Japan and Israel, many aspects may remain hidden, if you don’t get help from people who are actively involved in the relations between the two countries.

In my search for a reliable source of information, I was lucky to get in touch with the Japan Israel Friendship Association. Its Chairman, Dr. Akira Jindo, agreed to see me for a talk. We met at a Starbucks in Tokyo.  Very few people in Japan are as knowledgeable as him on the relations between Japan and Israel. He has been involved with the association since the 1960’s (it was established in 1966). Dr. Jindo travels to Israel about three times a year and even wears a watch with Hebrew numbers. He is a cheerful and optimistic person (he countered my doomsday prediction about the coming end of the EU with his belief that the countries in Europe will overcome their differences the way the USA ended the racial segregation).

His organization is very active, although the awareness about Israel is not that high in Japan. In 1973 they organized a demonstration in support of Israel during the Yom Kippur war and 3,000 people attended it. Now the association has on its board prominent scholars and some politicians.

He admits that the relations with Israel are not what they should be – due to its lack of natural resources Japan has been dependent on foreign oil imports. Since the 1970’s the Arabs have always used that dependency to force Japan to follow anti-Israeli policies, but have not always been successful. The mainstream media is also not supportive of Israel (with the exception of the Yomiuri newspaper), although they support China. The ruling Democratic Party, which emerged after the transformation of the defunct Socialist Party, is not very friendly with Israel either.

JIFA publishes a magazine called “Israel”, which covers the issues of mutual collaboration (you can see an issue in the picture at the top). The awareness about Israel rose tremendously when the Jewish state sent medical teams to the area affected by the March 11 earthquake and the tsunami that followed.

Those teams are still in Japan. This summer they are going to send 13 traumatized children from the devastated areas to Israel.

When I asked him about the anti-Israeli sentiments in Japan, he explained that although they are not widely held, they exist and breeding ground of those views are the Universities in Tokyo and Kyoto. The movement to boycott and demonize Israel is led by leftist groups, which are encouraged by leftist academics.

One of the leading scholars, who have a very strong position against Israel, is Yuzo Itagaki, who teaches international relations and Islamic studies at the University of Tokyo.

Since Dr. Jindo singled out Itagaki as a major influence, I decided to get more information about him. The next day I found an interview of his in English in which he explores the Islamic roots of modernization. Here are a few excerpts for your delight:

Itagaki: Issues concerning Islam–particularly the recent problems of Islamic fundamentalism–are usually viewed by non-Muslim people as anti-Western. Many Westerners consider Islam to be a form of new East-West confrontation or even as a conflict between civilizations. However, given a longer span of time, I believe that Islam was probably the starting point of “Western civilization” today. There was perhaps a tradition of monotheistic approaches going back before Islam to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, but Islam emerged following that tradition. It was then and there that modern principles such as individualism, rationalism and universalism were systematized. Since the seventh century, a vast wave of Islam-inspired modernization in human history began, and eventually influenced the modernization of the West. If we consider Islam as a non-European religion that emerged from West Asia and treat it as being fundamentally different from things Western, we may be seriously misjudging its historical development.


Hoshino: So you’re saying that modernization originated in the Islamic world, was disseminated into Europe, and eventually developed further into complex ideas on freedom, equality and humanity employed during, say, the French Revolution?

Itagaki: That is correct. The process of urbanization, commercialization, and politicization began to evolve full scale throughout the world in the seventh century. From there, the individualism and rationality that organize and process information based upon clear reason emerged.

You must be totally insane to claim that Islam systemized the modern principles of “individualism, rationalism and universalism”, but apparently the good professor is serious. Such blatant apologetics for the backward cult of Islam is hard to find even on a Palestinian terrorist discussion board.

People like Itagaki enable the lefty loons to stage protests against Japanese companies, willing to do business with Israel – in the case of Sanrio (the makers of the Hello Kitty stuff) the bullying failed, while other companies, like MUJI (a store chain) chickened out and decided not to open stores in Israel.

I also found out that along with the leftist hostility in Japan you can also find right-wing anti-Semitism. People like Ryu Ota and other writers regularly publish anti-Semitic books. Unlike the leftist, who can spread that poison in the university lecture halls, Ota and other like him don’t hold official positions and their influence is very limited. That doesn’t stop them from spreading the most bizarre Jewish conspiracy theories – from tracing the beginning of the “devastating” Jewish influence over Japan to the 7th century to the “discovery” that the Portuguese who came to Japan in the 1500’s were actually disguised Jews, to the obligatory Rothschild conspiracy to take over the Japanese economy… it’s all there…

My next source in Tokyo was also very knowledgeable about Israel and the Jewish issues in Japan. He provided me with a wealth of materials, but since he is not a public person, I will respect his privacy and won’t say much about him.

He confirmed my suspicion that there is no anti-Semitism in Japan in the usual sense of the word (as a dominant attitude). Very little is known about Israel and the majority of the people are basically ignorant about it. The events in the country are covered by the Japanese media, but never on the front page. Few stories about Israel make it to the media. However, there is general curiosity about Israel. The lack of actual knowledge about Israel and the Jews doesn’t prevent Pakistan from being a viciously anti-Semitic country due to the domination of the murderous Islam.

He then added that if you push the media aside, it is nice for the Jews to work in Japan. There is a very small Jewish community, probably about 300 people, but the number is not permanent. It changes because many of those people are in the country temporarily. Those who live there permanently are first generation Jews (mostly American).

Although there is no anti-Semitism, Japan is a xenophobic country, but there is no hostility toward Jews.

I would like to add here a remark to explain what “xenophobic” means in Japanese context. Usually that term is linked to raging crowds with torches and knives, which burn and kill everybody who is different. Although the Japanese do not accept fully foreigners, they tolerate and respect them to the extent to which they follow and accept the Japanese values and traditions.

Those values include self-reliance – it is still shameful to be dependent on the government and get welfare payments. Many people, who are destitute, would do everything to get help first from their families before approaching the social service. Japanese resent everybody who doesn’t make an effort to be self-reliant, especially if he or she is a foreigner. That’s why Japan takes in so few refugees. The type of immigrant common in England – the lazy illiterate Pakistani Muslim who gets free food, free house and free healthcare – would be unthinkable in Japan. And if your values include taking breaks five times a day to lift your ass in the office or in the street, you’ll quickly find out that Japan is not the ideal country for you.

Since the Jews and most of the other Westerners have practically a zero chance to become freeloaders in Japan, they are respected and accepted.

However, in some popular books you may find some stereotypes about the Jews – like an analysis of the Jewish mind and its way of controlling business; tips on running a business in a Jewish way, etc. All of this could be seen as anti-Semitic (to a certain degree) in the West, but from the local point of view it may be interpreted as an appreciation of some special abilities, which are more appreciated than envied.

At the same time, in rare cases you can see some odd displays of anti-Semitism in the everyday life. My source had observed them and shared with me some of his archival pictures. In the pictures at the top and below you see a demonstration in Shibuya (Tokyo) against the government providing financial subsidies to foreigners. I don’t know why, but they displayed the Nazi flag.


The Nazi flag is still there


A year ago a scandal was caused by the appearance of the Japanese rock band Kishidan. The band members chose to wear uniforms of SS officers when performing.

kishidan 1

Kishidan – the strange case of the singing Nazis


Don’t they feel hot?

kishidan 2

The Nazi platoon rests…


Before that, in December 2010, the discount store chain Don Quijote (which somewhat resembles Honest Ed’s in Toronto), was selling Nazi costumes, with swastikas and a drawing of Hitler. The Simon Wiesenthal Center objected to it and the costume was removed.


The ill-fated Nazi costumes


Kishidan reminded me something I saw last year in Seoul, South Korea. One night I was walking the downtown streets looking for a place to eat. That is a difficult task, because there are dozens of restaurants and it’s hard to make a choice.

Finally I picked a fried chicken restaurant. Looking closely at the waiters’ uniforms, I realized that all of them included the Waffen SS sign (with an eagle and swastika). It turned out my source had the same experience at the same restaurant (he spent a few years in Seoul). Despite the requests of Christians and Jewish people the management refused to change the uniforms.

I asked the waiters, some of whom spoke English, if they knew what that sign means. None of them did. With their permission I took pictures of the uniform. Below you see the front and the back:



Your waiter is an SS man and an Englishman…


The happy SS chicken


I included the Korean pictures, because they clearly show the odd character of such displays in the Far East.  Take a look at the uniform, next to the sign of the murderous Nazi units we see a Union Jack badge with “England” written at the top. On the sleeve we have a small South Korean flag (you can‘t see it). And on the back is a happy chicken marching with a pint of beer.

Doesn’t that strike you as something strange and even carnival-like? Such an odd combination of symbols simply makes even the Nazi eagle look ridiculous. The same applies to the unusual presence of the Nazi flag at the demonstration. The Hitler drawing at Don Quijote looks more like Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator, and I am not sure if any Nazi group would approve a bunch of punks leaping on stage in SS uniforms.

Of course, that doesn’t make those displays less offensive, but my point is that here we are dealing mostly with ignorance and insensitivity rather than some sinister Nazi worship. Yes, our world is more weird and complicated than one may expect.

Still, it looks like the things are progressing (although slowly) and the real story of Israel is spreading in Japan. I learned that recently the book of Alan Dershowitz “The Case for Israel” has been translated into Japanese and distributed to many libraries.

The saying “patience is a virtue” applies here even more – even in Western Europe and North America it’s so difficult to cut through all misinformation and lies about Israel and the Jews. In Japan, where many people are not even aware of problem, the revelation of the truth may take even longer.

The Jews have waited for nearly 2,000 years to restore their state – from the position of that really epic patience, waiting a few extra years until the others understand the truth about them wouldn’t seem that long…


© 2012


Thousands of Torontonians Walk with Israel


JDL is ready to march...


The sunny and warm Victoria Day was perfect for this year’s UJA Walk With Israel event. This very popular initiative of the United Jewish Appeal attracts every year many thousands of people and brings in massive donations, which help fund many social and educational projects in Israel (mostly in Sderot, Eilat and Bat Yam).

The event is also an opportunity for many people to show their support for the most maligned and blackmailed country in the world, which is in reality the only beacon of democracy and progress in the Middle East.

Last year I missed the walk (and it was my first time to attend), so I was really surprised to see the huge number of people willing to walk (probably well over 10,000). It was a pleasure to be among so many happy and cheerful people. The experience definitely beat any Palestinian rally, where the somber participants can get excited only if somebody tells them how the next year they are going to take over “Al-Quds” and destroy the “Zionist Entity”.

Of course, even this walk didn’t avoid that type of people (more about this later).


We are already in the park


After meeting at Exhibition Place, we walked to the nearby park, already crowded, with thousands of people walking around.


The park is already crowded



Flags, people and signs


From the stage they announced the names of the politicians, who were present. We were greeted by Amir Gissin, the Consul General of Israel in Toronto:


Israeli Consul Amir Gissin


You could see people from dozens of organizations, carrying their signs, slogans and flags:



Even the Conservative Party had its representatives walking with Israel (for some reason I couldn’t find the NDP guys in the crowd):


Conservatives walk with Israel (no sign of Libby Davies)


And of course, SUN TV was there as well:




During the last few days I have been stumbling upon Muslim and gay events, dominated by hijabs and men in dresses, so it was nice for a change to see the real girls from Sole Power Productions singing and having fun:


The Sole Power truck show...


After the speeches ended and a young boy sang Hatikvah in a very touching way, we were ready to start the walk:


The walk has begun...



Everybody's walking...


The young people and the students kept chanting and singing:


Happy, shiny people...


Soon we reached the downtown area:


The downtown walk...


The whole itinerary was secured and well guarded by the Toronto Police. As I mentioned earlier, very rarely can you see an Israel-related event without a bunch of haters showing up. This walk wasn’t an exception.


It's nothing personal - we just want to spoil your walk


We came across a small group of deluded people trying to make their point. Basically, that was the same pathetic bunch of self-hating professional protesters, who never miss the opportunity to bash Israel (without a single Muslim among them). Their signs preached the same tired suicidal agenda, like ending the free trade between Canada and Israel; demolishing the wall; ending the imaginary apartheid, etc.

The police officers guarding them vastly outnumbered the “revolutionaries”. Members of JDL-Canada stopped their walk to confront them.


Do you really want to get rid of Israel?


It was a great verbal exchange, which the rest of the participants cheered while passing by. The confrontation didn’t change the mood as the walk continued:


The students walk...



The truck show is still going strong...



Crossing the street...


We passed two small parks where we could get more water, some snacks and see even more happy people in a great mood:


"Bounce with Israel"


It was a very long walk (I was told about 10 km) and the amazing accomplishment was that so many elderly people and small children managed to finish it despite the heat at noon. After we made a full circle and returned to Exhibition Place, there was a nice surprise waiting for us.


Neturei Karta's travelling comedy show


The crazy rabbis from Neturei Karta had assembled their own mini-rally. I stumbled upon them for the first time at the G20 summit a few years back. At the time they looked to me like a bad sketch from a CBC comedy, but soon I found out they were absolutely serious about their doctrine. As you can see in their display, they claim that the Jews are forbidden to have their state and Israel doesn’t represent the world Jewry. What takes the cake is the statement that the “Torah demands all Palestine be returned to Palestinian Sovereignty”. I wonder where in the Torah they speak about the fake Palestinian nation and its “representatives” PLO and Hamas. Does the Torah endorse the “Palestinian” flag they are displaying as well?

Those guys are even more suicidal than the BDS and Israeli Apartheid Week folks. It’s no wonder Ahmadinejad is always happy when they visit him in Tehran.


JDL confronts the crazy rabbis


Again, the Jewish Defense League took upon itself the task to make their rally more difficult than planned. The heated verbal exchange went on for almost half an hour with no signs of Neturei Karta changing their minds.

And it didn’t look like they could win any converts for their cause either. The people passing them by were laughing, taking pictures, and some even tried to explain to them why what they were doing was wrong. A few times some of the rabbis tried to mingle with the crowd, but the police that surrounded them stopped them each and every time (I guess for the sake of their own safety).

All in all, the event was excellent, despite the fact that my face went beet-red because of sunburn. Even the haters, who tried to disrupt the walk, were important for its success – the insane ideas, which they promote make you realize even better why unity and solidarity in the face of all destructive forces (Islamism, leftism or plain stupidity) are the only chance of Israel’s survival in this crazy world.

I hope to see even more people joining the walk next year. (And yes, Neturei Karta are welcome to show up again.)

© 2012

The Saddest Anti-Israeli Rally in Toronto


Mass rally at the Israeli Consulate


This was a busy week for the anti-Israeli “forces” in Toronto. Last Tuesday I stumbled upon their “nakba” rally, whose attendance was nothing to brag about, considering all the pro-Palestinian “luminaries” who spoke at it. It was painful to watch such a lacklustre event organized by a movement that claims millions of supporters in the civilized countries.

I thought things could not get worse, but the reality proved me wrong. Earlier today I came across another protest event at the Israeli Consulate, which was beyond sad. Unlike the “nakba” event, which included quite a few Arabs, this one was dominated by white Westerners (probably a good part of them Jewish), with just one token Arab guy holding a “Canada Recognize Palestine!” sign (I had to use my phone to take the pictures, sorry for the quality).


Yes, the Israeli Consulate is here...


Other than calling for an end to “Israeli apartheid”, they also had a sign announcing: “Israeli Consulate Is Here”, needed just in case if the terrorists or the revolutionary masses of the world want to storm it. However, at the time nobody looked interested in that information.

It was really sad to look at those people, who wandered around like zombies, who have long ago outlived their glorious years, the 1960’s. Now they desperately try to find another cause that could make them feel alive again. I would suggest to them that boycott and destroy Israel is not that cause – recycling old Fatah terrorist clichés and tired communist propaganda is not going to create a mass movement. Those elderly ladies would be much better off if they retire the revolutionary rhetoric and concentrate on raising their grandkids (little bit of knitting and crocheting on the side won’t be bad either).


Like zombies who are trying to bring back their past's "glory"


© 2012

Palestinian Nakba Mini-Rally in Toronto (with the Usual Suspects)


Fine Palestinian propaganda (I paid a buck for this pin)


The pin above (sold at the event) summarizes the nature of today’s nakba rally, which took place across the Israeli Consulate in Toronto. I had no idea it was scheduled for Tuesday.  Compared to the last year’s noisy event, the attendance was much more modest.

As usual, the event was organized by the usual strange bedfellows –the International Socialists (who are actually hard-core communists), Palestine House, the Israeli Apartheid Week crowd, and the Hamas-supporting “celebrities”.

I saw the weird lady, who always carries a stack her comrades’ publications at such events. As always, she tried to sell me a communist paper for a buck:


The communist sales lady


The organizers brought a lot of signs (among which I saw “Zionism=Racism” and another one condemning the “racist state of Israel”) but they were wise enough to leave them near the benches in front of the museum and stick to their immediate demands:


Freedom for our terrorists!


Of course, the Palestine House guys were there. At far left you see one of their officials, who, at the opening night of this year’s IAW, delivered a speech promising that they are going to march next year into Israel and “liberate” Jerusalem and the whole Palestine:


The big crowd...


Soon after him arrived the incredible Khaled Mouammar, the former president of the Canadian Arab Federation. He was definitely happy to be among his lefty buddies:


Shiny Khaled is happy


I also spotted in the small crowd Ali Mallah, the anti-Israeli activist (and BCF nemesis). He managed to combine in his demeanor both the pride of his influence over the movement…


Ali Mallah - king of the rally


…and irresistible charm:


Ali charms the commie babes


As I was standing there, an aging communist lady next to me pointed at a young woman and explained with excitement that she was Eva Bartlett, Canada’s Rachel Corey, who often travels to Gaza to protest against the Jews and serve as a human shield when they attack the Palestinians (her husband is a Gaza Arab).


Canada's Rachel Corey (still alive)


Eva’s face looked strangely familiar – only later I realized that I saw her at the opening night of this year’s IAW.

She was one the main speakers, who brought some videos depicting the plight of the Palestinian people in Gaza. Those films were some of the crudest examples of Palliwood’s fake propaganda, which showed false confrontations and shootings conceived and executed so clumsily that they could make an impression only on the die-hard lefty dimwits.

Miss Israeli Apartheid Week herself opened the event:


Miss IAW


Then Khaled grabbed the microphone and switched to his usual repertoire of Israel bashing and Jew-hate rhetoric thinly disguised as an attack against Zionism.


Those damn Zionists...


At that point I left. I think it wasn’t only me who felt disappointed – maybe if Miss IAW, NDP Ali, anti-Zionist Khaled and Hamas Eva had something of value to say, they would have attracted many more people of their own kind. Hopefully, next year they may come up with something more entertaining…


© 2012

JDL, Shimon Peres and the Fight against Islamic Terrorism


At Toronto's Sony Centre


Earlier today JDL-Canada organized another protest against the planned return to our country of the convicted terrorist and murderer Omar Khadr. The protest took place in front of Toronto’s Sony Centre, where the President of Israel Shimon Peres was scheduled to speak.


A Man with a Hat


Unlike the last week’s protest, which went practically unnoticed by the Muslims, today we saw a crowd of Arabs and lefties across the street.


Unfortunately, they didn't keep their mouths sealed the whole time


They came up with the marvellous idea to seal up their mouths with duct tape, which kept things quiet for a while, but that didn’t last.

It was easy to spot in the crowd our old “friends” from previous pro-Muslim rallies. There was Miss TDSB, who last summer organized the event in support of the Muslim prayers in the Valley Park public school:


Miss Muslim TDSB


The bearded guy from the same event was there as well, although this time he chose to wear Western clothes:




The organizers of the Israeli Apartheid Week didn’t miss the opportunity to show up either:


Miss IAW with friends


And what “Palestinian” event would be complete without the useful lefty idiots? Here is one of the five or so protesters, who hang out every Friday in front of the Israeli Consulate:


The absent-minded smile...


Somebody from that self-hating group even brought a “Jews against Israel’s War Crimes” sign:


There's never a shortage of useful idiots...


As I said, things were relatively quiet for a while, but the arrival of Shimon Peres and his entourage put an end to the silence.


Shimon Peres is arriving


The Arabs started to scream, chant and shout. After observing them for a while, JDL responded in a way that was more humorous than angry:


A word from JDL...


The “Palestinians” didn’t miss the opportunity to state clearly their political preferences. The sign calling for release of the child killers and terrorists from the Israeli jails was prominently displayed, although it called those people “political prisoners”:


Free Our Terrorists!


They didn’t forget the flag with the Temple Mount mosque, which clearly showed what they intend to do with Jerusalem (I wonder what the Arabic words on the flag mean):


Free Al-Quds!


Everybody had a great time (at least those on the JDL side). Arabs are not allowed to have good time, otherwise they may offend Old Mo. There is one good thing about looking at those angry people – it keeps you on your toes and never lets you forget what the real intentions of those people are.


© 2012

Palestinian Refugee Scammers need $75 Million of Your Money


Aid needed! The UN agency, which provides assistance only to the Palestinian “refugees”, is $75 million short and appeals to the goodness of the hearts of a few additional donor countries.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNWRA) was created specifically to provide money to the constantly swelling number of its clients. Other than being one of the largest UN agencies, it is also known as one of the worst managed. Theft and misuse of funds have marred its existence ever since it was created in 1950.

The money, which comes from a few UN donor countries, has often been redirected to the pockets of its bloated staff or to the coffers of terrorists like Hamas and PLO. UNWRA’s disregard for honesty didn’t go unnoticed – many of the regular suckers, like the USA and Canada, are reluctant to waste their taxpayers’ money on supporting terror anymore.

That’s why the funds are short $75 million and new donors are needed. And that’s why Filippo Grandi, the commissioner general is appealing to new countries, like Brazil, China, and India. It is questionable whether he would get the desired response.

The usual donors, among which are the USA, Japan, Canada, Germany, and France, have that very valuable trait, which allows any unscrupulous Third World schemer to exploit them. It is very easy to make them feel guilty over past or present, real or imaginary, deeds to extort a good chunk of money. However, observing the way the savages and the fanatics, who run the UN, spend the donors’ money, those countries have smartened up. The fact that many of them are in a not-so-good economic situation doesn’t help either.


But Signor Grandi will have hard time using the same approach with the other countries. It would be very difficult to make China feel guilty about anything (actually it would be impossible). I don’t see how anybody can force them to give money to people who do nothing. If China had the opportunity to create a few sweatshops with Palestinian employees, they’ll be more likely to chip in, but in that case UNWRA would be the first to raise a stink about the poor exploited Palestinians (and the organization itself would become useless).

Actually, the Palestinian refugee issue is one of the largest international scams ever perpetrated. And, as with many of the problems in the Middle East, it’s a “gift” from Great Britain. The same British, who gradually robbed the Jews from the historic land allocated to them in the mandate determined at the San Remo conference, came up with the idea of UNRWA. After the Arabs tried unsuccessfully to exterminate the Jews in 1948, the British helped to create that large welfare organization.

Normally, when we talk about refugees, it is self-evident that those are people who are displaced – they are usually returned to the place where they came from or absorbed by the country, which gave them shelter. In almost all cases, the refugee status is temporary.

That’s not so with the Palestinian “refugees” – the original (inflated) number was about 750,000. Instead of being reduced due to death from old age, that numbered had mushroomed to nearly 5,000,000. The Holy Land has seen plenty of miracles, is that one of them? Not really. According to Daniel Pipes, we owe this to the creativity of UNRWA:

UNRWA’s staff has taken three major steps over the years to expand the definition of Palestine refugees. First, and contrary to universal practice, it continued the refugee status of those who became citizens of an Arab state (Jordan in particular). Second, it made a little-noticed decision in 1965 that extended the definition of “Palestine refugee” to the descendants of those refugees, who are male, a shift that permits Palestine refugees uniquely to pass their refugee status on to subsequent generations. The U.S. government, the agency’s largest donor, only mildly protested this momentous change. The UN General Assembly endorsed it in 1982, so that now the definition of a Palestine refugee officially includes “descendants of Palestine refugee males, including legally adopted children.” Third, UNRWA in 1967 added refugees from the Six-Day War to its rolls; today they constitute about a fifth of the Palestine refugee total.

What an elegantly simple solution! It shows that when large sums of money are changing hands  (UNWRA’s budget is $650 million), the bureaucrats would always find a way to get it.

If we project those trends into the future, the situation becomes even more insane:

In other words, rather than diminish 5-fold over six decades, UNRWA has the population of refugees increase almost 7-fold. That number could grow faster yet due to the growing sentiment that female refugees should also pass on their refugee status. Even when, in about 40 years, the last actual refugee from mandatory Palestine dies, pseudo-refugees will continue to proliferate. Thus is the “Palestine refugee” status set to swell indefinitely. Put differently, as Steven J. Rosen of the Middle East Forum notes, “given UNRWA’s standards, eventually all humans will be Palestine refugees.

Unlike the guilt-ridden industrial countries, which provide the bulk of the UNWRA budget, the Arab countries pay very little. Not only that, but they also do everything to keep those refugees in the cramped camps built on their territories.

In the clumsy game of checkers the Arabs play with those people (the game is too simple to be called chess) the whole scheme is seen as providing a triple benefit.

Firstly, as long as the Palestinians live in those camps, the situation will feed the anger of the anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic leftists and Muslim fanatics.

Secondly, they give them the false hope that one day all 5,000,000 of them will return to Israel, which would commit a collective suicide by allowing in millions of people more than willing to hunt Jews.

Thirdly, those unemployed people in the camps are a fertile environment for creating and supporting of every imaginable organization ran by Muslim fanatics or terrorists.

As with everything in the UN cobweb, here we have an agency, which has created many more problems than it has ever resolved. Isn’t it time to get rid of UNWRA and let those “refugees” become a part of the Arab countries, which host them?

And while we are at it – why don’t we get rid of that sinister organization called “United Nations”, which has proven over the years that it is much better in disuniting nations than bringing them together?

© 2012


Palestine House at IAW on Liberating Palestine by the Next Year

At the opening of the Israeli Apartheid Week at the University of Toronto last night they invited a representative of Palestine House. Presented as a “martyr” organization defunded by the evil Conservative government, they had the opportunity to state their points.

The points are clear – inviting anti-Semitic speakers is a free speech right; all Palestinians in Israeli jails are political prisoners; the map in their logo is right, because you can’t define the Israeli borders; and Palestine might be liberated by the next year.

Here is the speech, as I wrote it down in shorthand and transcribed it:

“Good evening, with the Canadian government – Harper, Kenney – they state they share the same values as Israel, you would expect that they will take actions against Palestine House and other organizations that support the Palestinian struggle. We were surprised when we haven’t heard from them. Why? Were we doing something wrong, were we not political enough, are we not supporting the BDS campaign? And on January 31 they brought it to us: no, you guys are doing the right thing and that’s why we are cutting you off.

Unfortunately, 31 employees lost their jobs because of Kenney’s action. Fortunately, now we are independent from any pressure by this government. They used to come and put conditions on us: you don’t have to do this and you don’t have to do this. Even the charity BBQ – we were not allowed to do it. We didn’t listen; we continued to work in support of our struggle, in support of the Palestinian people’s struggle.

Mr. Kenney mentioned three issues in this letter for cutting the funding. The first one that we invited Abdul Atwan, the senior journalist based in London, who stated that Iran has the right to defend itself. We invited him and we were punished for inviting Atwan. By doing so he is telling us that we don’t have the right to (free) speech – and this is the Minister of Immigration.

The second issue was that Palestine House celebrated the release of 1000 political prisoners. Can you imagine that someone cut you off, because you celebrated the release and freedom of a thousand political prisoners? Mr. Kenney, we will not only celebrate the liberation of our political prisoners, our heroes, we will use all source of power, any action, any effort to release all the Palestinian prisoners.

The third issue Mr. Kenney mentioned is that Palestine House put a map of Palestine on the outside. (laughter in the audience) And by putting that map he said that you are denying the right of Israel to exist. We sent a letter: please Mr. Kenney, would you define the Israeli borders? We never heard back. We don’t deny anybody’s right to exist, we support the Israeli people, the Jewish people who live in Palestine to exist, but no one can pressure us to recognize the right of an apartheid state to exist in our land. Palestine belongs to the Palestinian people, those people who are living in Palestine; we will not rest until the last Palestinian refugee returns to Palestine. Palestine will always be unified regardless of who is living there.

The funding should make the Palestinians activists and those Palestinians, who claim that they are the leaders of the Palestinian Canadian community, they should show leadership to their community. And they should show that they can provide services to the Palestinian community without any funds, and we are planning to do so.

Before I end, let me just say one thing – today many people received an e-mail from an Israeli think tank. They are saying that they are coming to Toronto on March 26 to discuss with those organizations that criticized Israel. And why are they criticizing Israel? Isn’t that stupid? In their words, they’ll discuss the gradual erosion of the Israeli international support. And that’s a proof that the struggle of the Palestinian people, the anti-apartheid movement and the BDS campaign is solidifying and spreading, while the image of the Israelis and their supporters is shrinking.

Thank you, and don’t underestimate that work that Canada is doing, and let’s hope that the next year we will not have the ninth apartheid week – we will have a celebration of the liberated Palestine.”

IAW Opening Night – the Same Hate, Only More Boring


The IAW speakers


The 8th Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) started last night with an opening event at the University of Toronto. It was much less enthusiastic than last year when the hall was packed and they didn’t even have seats for everybody. This year they attracted a much smaller audience, probably about 70 people, in a half-empty hall, including the same elderly people, who want to experience again the passion of the 1960’s, with a few progressive students; not many Muslims and only one hijab.

Even the speakers’ level was downgraded – last year they had Judy Rebick from Rabble and Abigail Bakan, who is a real professor at U of T.  This year they invited some fringe characters to speak (and I couldn’t even find Rabble among the endorsers).

Still, the fighting spirit was there. In the short movie they showed in the beginning (the same we saw last year) the statement was clear:

“When people fight the occupation, it is not terrorism, it’s resistance.”

Just like the last year, the event started with badmouthing Canada as a “colonial apartheid country”, which exists thanks to the theft of land and resources from the “indigenous peoples”. And the girl, who said that, urged all in the audience to work diligently to decolonize Canada. (They can easily do that if they just leave the country.)

Then they announced that (for some strange reason) this year’s IAW emphasis will be on fighting the global imperialism. And like in a nightmare from the last year, they started by peddling the old petition about divesting from Hewlett-Packard, Northtrop, BAE and Lockheed Martin for their involvement in Israel. Over 100 faculty members already signed it (wasn’t the number the same last year?) and even luminaries like Judy Rebick supported it. Then they played exactly the same propaganda movie about the companies we saw last year.


The IAW poster


Then we had to listen to an address by a representative of Palestine House, which wasn’t announced in the schedule (I have a separate post for that speech).

The first speaker was Justin Podur. According to the information about him, he is a Toronto-based writer and editor, who writes on political conflicts and social movements, primarily for Z Communications.

He started by saying that the recent statement of Norman Finkelstein about the BDS campaign was to be accepted as a friendly challenge to do a better job. (As you may know, Finkelstein, one of the staunchest supporters of the Palestinian cause, recently said that the Boycott-Divest-Sanction movement is a failure, it scares many people, who see it as an attempt to destroy Israel. This view is far from being a “friendly challenge”.)

Podur stated that his presentation will be a response to Finkelstein’s statement. It wasn’t clear what Podur’s real intent was, because he said that he would present the forced nature of apartheid through a series of maps. The first map showed a settlement in South Africa, where the area was divided between white people, Indians, and different African tribes. The division was imposed and maintained by force.

Then he showed a map of the railroad system of North America. Pointing at it, he said that because of their greed, in the 19th century the capitalists of Canada refused to use the US railways to transport their goods. Instead, they built railways in Canada, which ran East to West, destroying forests and lands of “indigenous people”. (This was one of the most idiotic statements I’ve heard for ages – how are the goods to be delivered within Canada, if the railways are only in the USA?)

After that we saw a map of the forests in Canada, combined with the Indian land claims – the mining, he said, was destroying the forests and ruining the chances of “native self-determination in the future” (not a word about who is going to cover the native welfare payments, if no industry is developed).

Then finally we saw an Israeli map, showing the settlements and the Arab areas in the West Bank. The “apartheid” should be ended by dismantling the settlements and allowing all “refugees” to return. Podur even had a solution to the return problem, which supposedly won’t affect Israel that much, developed by Salman Abu Sitta, an Arab architect and sociologist (you can read his book at plands-dot-org, sorry, don’t want to give him a link). Sitta works with 1998 numbers, which estimate the number of the refugees at about 5,000,000. That includes both registered with UNWRA and unregistered. Since the Palestinians are the only refugee group that constantly grows by both births and adoptions, the number now must be much larger.

Sitta says that the “refugees” can move to areas, where there are not that many Jews, like Negev and Galilee, and also around the cities and the towns. That would create a harmonious transition. I wonder if the author is out of his mind. That plan would’ve worked if people were chess pieces, but they are living beings, whose actions are determined by upbringing, beliefs and convictions. Doubling the population of Israel overnight with people, who have been exposed all of their lives to terrorist and fanatical ideologies, is not going to bring anything good.

The next speaker was a real Israeli. Dalit Baum, a lesbian “queer activist” was a “feminist scholar and teacher in Israel, who has been teaching about militarism and about the global economy from a feminist perspective in Israeli universities”. God save Israel, if most of the teachers there are like her.

First of all, every time she mentioned Israel, she called it “Israel-Palestine”, a sure sign of the one-country solution supporter.

She started off by bragging how she and other activists used to go for protests to the West Bank, where they were regularly shot at and sprayed with water by IDF. After going back to Israel, they suffered internally from having that “Jewish privilege”. Going back to Israel was probably better, because with her very lesbian look, I am not sure how long she would’ve survived among the Muslim fanatics in the West Bank.

She spoke at length about the apartheid and the BDS movement, but failed to provide convincing examples of success. She gave a complicated example with Lev Leviev, one of the richest Israelis – a bunch of BDS activists picketed his diamond store in New York. As a result, one of the public construction companies doing work in the West Bank, that he had interests in, didn’t receive credit and had to curtail its activities and drop projects in the area. However, that didn’t affect his private companies operating in the West Bank.

Then there was more confusion – the occupation costs billions of dollars, mostly for security and for the wall, but at the same time not only Israel, but also the Palestinian Authority benefit from those expenses. Israel was accused of stopping the exports from Gaza and destroying the industrial sector in the West Bank (did it even exist?). In her words, the purpose of the “Zionist project” was to reduce the “industrial competition from the indigenous people”.

The major strategy of the movement is to make the 20 richest families in Israel suffer financially. So far, the BDS people have been successful in driving one Belgian bank out of Israel. The final purpose is to turn Israel into an international pariah, the same way South Africa was treated years ago.

That woman left me wonder – how is it possible to hate your country that much?! And how could she be so ignorant? If the Arab fanatics ever take over in Israel, “queer Jews” like her will be the first to be exterminated. Obviously, progressive liberal arts education causes total mental meltdown…

The last speaker, Eva Bartlett, was presented as “an independent Canadian activist and freelance journalist who has spent long periods in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip volunteering with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and reporting from the ground.”

She brought quite a lot of pictures and video material, designed to prove Israel’s “state-sponsored terrorism” in Gaza.

She basically described the Israeli army patrolling around Gaza as a bunch of merry sadists, who shoot Palestinians for fun. There is a safety zone supposed to be 300 meters, but the army arbitrarily increased it up to 2 km in certain areas of Gaza. Supposedly, the farmers close to that area are often shot at. She had a movie to illustrate the situation.

The footage showed a group of “farmers” cutting grass. Among them was a Western activist with a bright orange jacket (the kind that the roadside workers wear) holding a speaker and observing the area. Suddenly, we heard something sounding like shots. Some of the people jumped, but none of them ducked or lied down, which would be the natural reaction. Even the person holding the camera didn’t change position. The activist started to yell through the speaker, facing the border: “Don’t shoot, we’re farmers!” The “shooting” continued, with all the people running around in circle. Suddenly, one of them screamed and dropped to the ground, supposedly he was hit. However, the cameraman didn’t go next to him to show the wound, but kept showing the others, who were screaming. (Wouldn’t showing a close up of the wounded person be a nice propaganda move?)

It was just another example of the Palliwood propaganda – a movie that can easily fool only dedicated lefties, who desperately want to believe in the evil of the “bloodthirsty Jews”.

Her pictures of the “mass atrocities” in Gaza didn’t show anything on a mass scale either. Then we saw a few destroyed buildings, which she said were razed by army bulldozers for no reason.

And that was the common thread joining all the presentations – the Zionists monsters tortured and mistreated the saintly Palestinians for no reason.

Not a word that the checkpoints exist to stop Arab terrorists from entering Israel.

Not a word that the wall stops suicide bombers from blowing up children in Israeli cafes and discos.

Not a word that the IDF patrols around Gaza because 10,000 missiles have been launched against Israel.

Not a word that all of those destroyed houses are either entrances to underground tunnels or missile launching pads.

Nothing strange about that – telling truth has never been a priority for the Left…

© 2012

PM Netanyahu on Iran and Israel’s Survival – Speech at the AIPAC 2012

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just spoke at the AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee). He covered the threat from Iran and the options of Israel to confront that threat. The position of his country on terrorism and other external threats has been very clear for decades, and that’s not why I am posting the video.

What I want to show is a true leader, who doesn’t mince his words, doesn’t build his speech with the caution not to offend this or other group or people (who hate you anyway) and is not afraid to affirm his position. Unfortunately, that type of leader is rapidly disappearing in the West, being replaced by spineless creatures, which try to show empathy and understanding toward barbarians, who hold knives to their throats. The best example – Barry Obama, who incessantly apologizes to delusional savages over every imaginable offence committed by the once great country of the USA.

Anyway, the speech is well worth watching:


How the Media See the Middle East (with a Fixer’s Cameo)

On March 1 a discussion under the title ‘Media Perceptions of the Middle East’ took place at the University of Toronto. It was organized by Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies (FSWC). As with everything related to the Middle East, not only did the event provide insights and varying views, but it also caused an eruption of stormy passion among the participants, which made it even more interesting.

The four panellists included Michael Coren (Sun TV), Carole MacNeil (CBC), Jonathan Kay (National Post), and Tarek Fatah (journalist and radio talk show host), with Avi Benlolo, Presisdent of FSWC acting as a moderator.



Left to right: Michael Coren, Carole MacNeil, Avi Benlolo, Jonathan Kay, Tarek Fatah


The discussion revolved around several questions posed by the moderator, and the first one covered:


According to Michael Coren, before 1973 the coverage of Israel was very favourable, Israel could do no bad. Starting with the Yom Kippur War things changed and during the last 20 years, especially in Europe, it became much worse. Carole MacNeil added that when journalists cover the Middle East, they often don’t want to touch a story, because the reactions could be unpredictable and they’ll be intimidated. She often did coverage of stories from that area for CBC, but was never censored – there is no bias in CBC. Her impression is that people in Canada usually are willing to stand with Israel.

In Jonathan Kay’s opinion, media bias against Israel is not such a problem anymore. There are several reasons for that: first, the wide spread of the Internet, which made it very difficult for the media to hide or distort facts. Second, a turning point were the Jenin events of 2002, where in a battle 13 Israelis and 55 Palestinians were killed, yet that was misrepresented in Europe as a massacre with thousands of victims, but in reality it was just Palestinian propaganda, which was revealed quickly. Third, the issue with the suicide bombers – that type of terrorism is so repulsive that nobody can applaud them, even the most fanatical leftists have no other choice but to distance themselves. Fourth, the Arab Spring – since those ground-breaking events unfolded, they became a much better story for the media than the tired Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Tarek Fatah provided a wider perspective, stating that we often forget that the Middle East is not only Israel and Palestine – it’s appalling how other peoples are ignored (like the Kurds). The Arab Spring was misrepresented by journalist who knew nothing about the area. For example, they ignored the black people who were mistreated in Libya (he didn’t mean the black “mercenaries”, but the native population – 10% of the Libyan population is black). There are many other cases of ignorance. Saudi Arabia and Iran, which play significant role, are ignored as well – the Iranian missiles, which target Ormuz, are the real story, not Israel and the Palestinians.

Here Avi Benlolo noted that the Toronto Star has a certain bias – they provided a very positive coverage of the Gaza flotilla last year.

Jonathan Kay then remarked that the Toronto Star might be biased, but they had reporters in Libya. Besides, their columnist Haroon Siddiqui is a representative of the mainstream Muslim ideas.

That was enough to stir up Tarek Fatah’s emotions: “Mainstream” is a terrible word to use about Haroon – he defends Saudi Arabia, Ahmadinejad, and sharia law. The Toronto Star is very biased, some people even call it “Toronto Crescent”. Just like The Globe and Mail, which employs two hijab columnists, they look to hire strange-looking and hostile Muslims in order not to be accused in racism.

(I was really shocked by Kay’s remark – reading the Toronto Star almost every day, I see absolutely no reason to call Siddiqui “mainstream”. On every issue he writes about, he finds a subtle or blatant way to attack Israel or the West and to show how much better Islam is. In his recent article against the defunding of Palestine House, he defended their “logo” showing the whole territory of Israel as Palestinian land:


He even defended their celebration of the released terrorists in exchange for Corporal Shalit. And that’s just one article. Haroon is criticized overwhelmingly even by the Star’s lefty readership – often the paper turns off the comments under his articles.)

The second question discussed was:


Carole agreed that the country receives a disproportionally high coverage compared to the size of its population. Among the many reasons are the constant threats against it, especially from Iran.

Michael Coren found a particular aspect that’s very important: Israel has a much more democratic way of treating journalists – they are allowed everywhere, except in areas with military secrets. Hezbollah, on the other hand, takes journalists to specific locations and tells them what to write. Many lefty college kids from the Western countries go to the West Bank to play heroes, because that is a safe area, where they don’t risk their lives (they would never go to Syria, where they can get killed).

Tarek Fatah pointed out at a very specific perspective – we often forget that Israel is attacked as a Jewish state; it is not even recognized by most Muslim countries as an independent state. Its situation is unique – for example, Iran wants to destroy it, no other country is in such position. Imagine if two European countries are in a similar situation – that would cause immediate outrage. That strange situation is reflected in Toronto Star’s anti-Israeli stand. The editorial content of the newspaper is appalling – they even romanticized the flotilla. (At this point Jonathan Kay whispered “Haroon!” to Tarek, apparently thinking it was a good joke.)

The next question covered


Avi Benlolo started by noting that Israel is attacked in the universities as an apartheid state, which it is not, the comparison is absurd.

As a possible reason, Tarek Fatah stated that the supporters of Israel failed to affirm convincingly their point. There are many countries in the area, which are truly apartheid states. For example, in Saudi Arabia only Arabs can become citizens, while Pakistanis and blacks cannot and they are even mistreated. In Egypt, a Christian is not allowed to run for President. It’s wrong to single out Israel, while the countries with real apartheid problems are ignored.

Jonathan Kay added that this year’s Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) will be the most unremarkable in memory – when people are dying in Syria, it doesn’t make sense to have that week. However, it will be bad to ban the IAW, because we live in a free country. Most of the participants in IAW are not anti-Semites; they are actually veteran anti-racists from the 1970’s. They want to recapture their lost moral purpose, so they go to Gaza.

(Again, I have to disagree with Jonathan. Downplaying the vitriolic hatred, which is displayed during IAW both by speakers and participants, as a misguided hippy moral quest, is not correct. Portraying IDF as a bunch of vicious killers in a poster they sold at the University of Toronto last year, is simply poorly veiled anti-Semitism:



They even sold it at a premium price, because it was supposedly banned.)

Carole MacNeil then said that we should let the marketplace of ideas to decide what will happen. Michael Coren shot back right away – CBC doesn’t believe in marketplace of free ideas – in many of its programs the religious people are ridiculed. In his opinion, IAW is profoundly anti-intellectual. It doesn’t go into discussing the reality – the Israeli Arabs are part of Israel, it is absurd to compare Israel to South Africa. In the Haifa University about 30-35% of the students are Arabs, many with anti-Israeli sentiments. The real purpose of IAW is to create a climate of hostility and discomfort.

Then came the fourth question:


The participants went immediately into discussing hate speech. According to Tarek Fatah, when discussing hate and hate crime, we must have an open debate and not charge people with hate speech. Those people should be challenged openly in public.

Jonathan stated that the hate crimes against Jews are exaggerated – every little thing is reported and presented as a hate crime. In reality, Jews play a very important role in the universities – they have a good representation.

Michael Coren expressed his discomfort with the hate speech idea. For example the Mormons baptized Anne Frank – this is not strictly anti-Semitism. In Europe we have real attacks, conducted mostly by Muslims, while the rightists, who are often blackmailed, embrace Israel. IAW is not anti-Semitism, it’s an expression of a lack of empathy especially with the problems of Israel.

Then Avi Benlolo asked: why shouldn’t we consider the BDS movement anti-Semitic? In Michael Coren’s opinion, the people in that movement are radical minorities. There are not many Arabs, only aging white people.


After that the discussion drifted to the actual field coverage of the events in the Middle East. Somebody brought up the point that the limited budgets force the media to reduce the number of reporters. Carole MacNeil said that because of that the remaining journalists have to rely on local “fixers”. She obviously meant that those local people help in obtaining information about events.

At this point, Tarek Fatah expressed his displeasure with the term, saying that it implies an inferior position. Those people should be treated the same way as the Western journalists. Jonathan Kay tried to help out Carole by sharing an experience he had with a “fixer” in the West Bank. That Arab woman helped him arrange interviews with people, whom he would’ve never been able to see otherwise. On top of that, she had a souvenir shop in Ramallah, where JK spent over $500 on gifts and both of them were happy.

At this moment Tarek literally went ballistic – he said that both of them had a racist attitude toward the local people and Kay even treated his “fixer” like a pimp, because he paid her. Frankly, I wasn’t able to figure out the reason for his rage. Neither Carole, nor Jonathan had used the word in any racist context. In fact, if Tarek had the same reaction after Kay’s remarks about Haroon being “mainstream”, I would’ve supported him completely.


Michael Coren and Tarek Fatah


Tarek got up and said he wanted to leave; he couldn’t stay with people expressing such outrageous views. Coren tried to stop him, but after a heated verbal exchange Tarek left. His daughter Natasha tried to explain to Jonathan why the talk about “fixers” is racist and “paternalistic” and to make him apologize, but frankly she wasn’t very convincing. Jonathan Kay didn’t apologize.


The discussion heats up



Tarek Fatah leaves the building


Due to that exciting experience, we lost 20 minutes of the discussion.

That lengthened the question and answer session. Many were deeply concerned with the danger coming from Iran. There were a few Muslim students, who after the discussion went straight to MC with the usual questions. I didn’t hear everything, but remember how one of them, standing next to me asked him why the 6 million Palestinians living in Israel and under occupation are not allowed to mark their “Nakba”. When did they multiply to such numbers?


Michael Coren with the Muslim students



The discussion continues


Overall, it was a nice discussion, even with the “fixer” incident – a nice exercise in free speech, which makes you feel good that we live in a country, which is still free.


© 2012

Palestine House – a Rogue “Charity” Defunded


JDL-Canada confronts Palestine House


The picture above was taken during a JDL protest at Palestine House following the brutal murder of the Fogel family and their little children by Palestinian security officers. It is a symbol of the confrontation that has been going on for years, with people and organizations demanding that the charitable status of that terrorism-supporting organization be stripped.

After ignoring the concerns of those who had collected extensive files of facts on the real activities of Palestine House (the blogger Blazingcatfur has contributed more than anybody else to revealing the truth), the Government of Canada finally took action.

On February 14 the Immigration and Citizenship Minister Jason Kenney announced that Palestine House had been defunded. It is not going get anymore nearly $1 million each year to fund its questionable activities.

Its leaders were quick to issue a statement that no convincing explanation was cited for the decision. What else did you expect? As usual the Palestinian activists rely on the ignorance of the Canadian public to spread their phoney victim propaganda.

They want to present themselves as that great charity that provides English as a Second Language (ESL) and settlement services to new immigrants. And of course, they don’t want you to know how heavily involved they are supporting the causes of terrorist organizations.

The laws in Canada are straightforward – if you are a charity, you must stay out of politics. David Suzuki had a quite unpleasant experience when he did those election commercials in support of McGuinty’s idiotic green projects, which are bankrupting Ontario. Since that tiny movie venture threatened the status of his beloved cash cow, the David Suzuki Foundation, our green fear-monger went out of his way to prove that he has nothing to do with the foundation, which bears his name.

Apparently, the people from Palestine House were not that smart – they never separated their pro-terrorist politics from the work they did for the immigrants.

Blazingcatfur has an extensive coverage on what the organization did over the years, but here is something from that list, which shows in a nutshell their political position. In October 2007 they organized and promoted an event titled “Palestine: The Canadian Connection in the Current Crisis”, and on their website made the following statement in support of Hamas (I think I don’t need to remind you that Hamas is designated in Canada and many other countries as a terrorist entity):

“Stephen Harper’s Tory government shamefully led the international community in imposing a siege on the Palestinian people for exercising their democracy under Israeli occupation, the first time in human history that sanctions have been imposed on a people under occupation. Since then, the US,EU, Canada and Israel have worked to bolster the regime of Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) as he works to negotiate away the historic rights of the Palestinian people to the delight of the Israeli apartheid regime.”

Can you believe that? If a charity says that Abbas, a former terrorist (whose only difference from Hamas’s leaders is that he wears a suit and a tie), is a meek Israeli servant, we really have a problem. Going against a global opinion, based on facts, just to defend a murderous organization shouldn’t be the position of a tax-funded charity in Canada.

Then the angry Palestinians brought in the heavy artillery – Haroon Siddiqui, Toronto Star’s resident islamist, wrote what he thought was a devastating article.

Using action movie imagery, he claimed that “Hitman Jason Kenney” stroke again and got the government involved in a new “scandal”. Here is what he said:

“In December, the centre received a letter from Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. He accused it of having “a history of taking positions that could be interpreted as extreme or supportive of terrorists and terrorism”.”

According to Haroon, Kenney cited three instances “that could arguably be seen as extreme”: map on the site showing the Palestinian state encompassing all of Israel; the celebration of the release of about  1,000 prisoners in exchange for soldier Gilad Shalit, among which were “convicted terrorists and at least one individual who murdered two Canadian citizens”; and the appearance of Abdul Bari Atwan, a “journalist” who once stated celebrate if Iran’s missiles hit Israel.

Of course, none of the other instances of direct support for terrorism are mentioned.

Here is the map in question, part of the Palestine House logo:




The whole Israeli territory is covered by a kafiya – you can’t get more blatantly hateful than that.

Haroon has a “good” argument against that interpretation:

“The “map” is not exactly a map. It’s a logo that shows the outline of the ancestral land of the Palestinians. It does not even mention Palestine. Still, if the minister has strong feelings, the logo can be dropped.”

There is no “ancestral land of the Palestinians”. Before the restoration of the Jewish State, the area was controlled by different countries and no “Palestinian people” ever existed there. This is a clear provocation – imagine if Turkey published a map, where Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Albania were covered with a Turkish symbol as an “outline of the ancestral Ottoman lands”. I can visualize the horrible scandal that would develop. Why should Israel be treated in a different way?

A curious glimpse into Palestine House’s consistent attempts to demonize Israel is provided by their Google listing. The listing, which appears after you search for “Palestine House”, is supposed to provide directions, map and a short description (called “at a glance”) to benefit the potential clients. Last year, as you can see in the screenshot below, their “at a glance” information showed the following:



Their position, which will be of interest to the customers, is clear: “Meir Weinstein-war criminal-jewish defence league”.

Earlier this month they came up with a new description:



At least they are consistent: “coalition to stop the war-palestinian people-war criminal-israeli occupation-israeli apartheid”.

And on February 14, they changed the description again:



Meir Weinstein appeared again: “Palestinian people-israeli apartheid-meir Weinstein-globe and mail-canadian government”.

Is it just me or do you think that all these are strange business descriptions for an organization, which is supposed to teach English and help new immigrants to settle in Canada? What kind of an immigrant would find such a description useful? Never mind…

Let’s get back to the article – to bring in some legal “credibility”, Haroon quotes Barbara Jackman, a Toronto lawyer who is suing Kenney over the defunding of the Canadian Arab Federation:

She told me yesterday: “Palestine House, as also the Canadian Arab Federation, have long provided ESL and other immigrant settlement services — a completely apolitical activity — and both were doing a good job. Their funding was cut not because they were not doing the job or not delivering the services but because this government and this minister, in particular, do not like their political views.”

If this is the advice she gives to the Canadian Arab Federation, they should get back their money from her. Ms. Jackman must decide whether she is a lawyer or a “progressive” activist. Following her logic, a neo-Nazi group has all the rights to apply for government funding, if they start an educational institution. I find it odd that I have to explain to a lawyer that political views matter very much, especially for organizations that rely on tax-payers’ money. If Palestine House wants to support Hamas, they can do it on their own dime, as long as they don’t cross boundaries of funding terrorism.

For some strange reason, another huge violation of the law remained out of the attention of everybody involved. A few months ago the Canadian government started a crackdown on people who obtained their citizenship by fraud; there were over 1,000 of them. In the course of the investigation, it was revealed that:

“More than 300 people who claimed to live at the same address in Mississauga are being investigated by the RCMP in what police suspect may be a massive case of citizenship fraud. The case revolves around an address located in the same building as Palestine House, a Mississauga centre that offers language classes and settlement services to new immigrants and also acts as an advocate for Palestinian and Arab causes.”

What’s going on? Is this a part of the “misunderstood” political views of Palestine House, to which different laws should apply? Or do they have some underground dwellings (like in Gaza) where they have accommodated those 300 “new Canadians”?

I don’t expect any answers from Haroon Siddiqui and Barbara Jackman on the issue, but as usual, the government keeps us in the dark about that massive fraud. Don’t the taxpayers deserve an explanation?


© 2012


Happy Hanukkah!



Happy Hanukkah!

Let the Wall always be a part of the undivided city…

“Hopes, Dreams and 10,000 Missiles”

It was a rocky week at the United Nations, dominated by the Palestinians’ offensive to bully their way into statehood.

Aside from the frantic diplomatic work behind the scenes, focused on advancing the viewpoints of the both opposing sides, we were treated to many speeches by world leaders. We even witnessed some genuine action – the people of the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan got into a real fight with the security of UN. Obviously, the Sultan of the New Ottoman Empire wanted to remind the kaffirs who calls the shots.

The “historic” speech of the Palestinian “President” Mahmoud Abbas (whose term had expired long time ago) was nothing more than the usual whining about the “plight” of his people, mixed with meaningless phrases designed to avoid the discussion of any real issues about how his organization sabotaged every attempt to resolve the conflict through negotiations.

The little madman from Tehran, who employs the worst barber and tailor in the world, managed to attack in his speech again every Western value.

With his speech Barack Obama reminded everybody why he is totally unfit to be the President of the USA. His wishy-washy presentation, which he read, was carefully crafted to present no real opinion. While giving a lip service to the cause of Israel, he was careful not to offend his newfound Muslim friends.

It was sad to watch the leader of the once most powerful country in the world speak like a Swedish Green hippy.  I don’t know who advises him, but the advice he gets is bad – by trying to stay in the middle with no opinion, he is guaranteed to be disliked by both conservatives and lefties.   

Sadly, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was the only one to bring up clearly all the issues the other leaders carefully avoided. It was an emotional speech, which showed his strong personal position behind the questions discussed.

He bluntly pointed out the real intentions of the Palestinians, which they hide behind the peace mask:

“President Abbas just said on this podium that the Palestinians are armed only with their hopes and dreams. Yeah, hopes, dreams and 10,000 missiles and Grad rockets supplied by Iran, not to mention the river of lethal weapons now flowing into Gaza from the Sinai, from Libya, and from elsewhere.”

Then he went on to state the real issue Israel had with the Palestinian behaviour – the Arabs never wanted to give any guarantees about the safety of Israel. They don’t even want to acknowledge the Jewish state. While over a million Arabs live in that country, who are citizens, Abbas pledged that when the Palestinian state is established, he won’t allow a single Jew to live there.

That hostility is precisely the issue, which doesn’t allow the Palestinian leadership to be trusted. When coupled with the pathological anti-Semitism in the Muslim countries surrounding Israel, it is impossible to believe in the good intentions of the Palestinians if they don’t offer any tangible steps to resolve the security issue.

Every concession that the Jewish state has made, had been seen as a weakness and mercilessly exploited by the Palestinians. When the army withdrew from Gaza completely, it was taken over by the fanatics from Hamas, which resulted in thousands of rockets sent into Israeli territory.

If the Palestinians achieve the same independence in Judea and Samaria, that means even more problems. The terrorists will be able to shoot easily at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The promise that it would never happen is just a bunch of empty words – the Palestinian leadership has never, ever kept its word.

At first sight, such an attitude looks bizarre – PLO has rejected several offers made by Israel, which would’ve provided them with everything they wanted. However, the attitude becomes perfectly understandable when you look at it from the point of view of the real Palestinian goal, which is the destruction of Israel.

The other Arab nations tried to achieve that goal several times and the Palestinians are not different. Why should they accept peaceful solution, if they are sure that they’ll get the whole country? Of course, such a position is delusional, but most of their leaders are stubborn enough to perpetuate it.

They used to follow every power, which would promise help in the destruction. In the 1970’s Arafat was a secularist, true to the Soviet Union. He also sought the support of secular Arab leaders like Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein.  When in 1990 he supported the Iraqi aggression against Kuwait that caused the suffering of hundreds of thousands of his own people, who were expelled from the Arab countries.

 When communism collapsed and it became clear that the secular help would not work, the Palestinians turned to the Muslim fanatics. That’s how Hamas became so powerful.

At the same time Palestinians are trying to delegitimize Israel through falsifying its history. With the help of the useful lefty idiots and organizations like UNESCO, they make pathetic attempts to deny the long and unquestionable record of the Jewish presence in the Holy Land.

Last year UNESCO went as far as denying the Jewish character of ancient Israeli holy sites. The old terrorist Abbas went even further and denied the historical and religious importance of the Western Wall for the Jews.

I am not sure if the Palestinian leaders sincerely think that they can destroy Israel, but the impasse caused by their stubbornness affirms their image of victims, which results in hundreds of millions of dollars sent to them, most of which end up in their personal banking accounts.

At the same time, millions of ignorant Palestinians are led to believe by the PLO and Hamas propaganda that the destruction of Israel is the only path toward solution of all their problems. Many of them still live as “refugees” in other Arab countries. They are used like pawns by their Arab hosts to discredit Israel and aggravate the conflict. And those are supposedly their Muslim “brothers”. Imagine what the outcry would be if Canada treated refugees the same way…

The West pretends that it doesn’t notice the absurd situation. The refusal of the Palestinians to recognize Israel is not the only problem they have. They can’t even stop quarrelling with each other before demanding statehood – there is no real reconciliation between Gaza and the West Bank.

The fact that the whole circus is played at the United Nations is a good indication of the bias and uselessness of that organization. Founded by delusional politicians to serve as a beacon for mankind’s progress, now UN is a cesspool of corruption and hatred controlled by the Muslim fanatics from OIC and the African dictators. Yet 75% of its budget comes from the contributions of five civilized countries, which often are attacked by the backward countries, which keep most of the budget money.

But the Muslims and their Western supporters fail to notice a very important fact – Israel must survive regardless of the sinister political games of UN. Simply there’s no other option. The demolition of the Jewish state would bring the same disaster that happened seventy years ago (especially when you consider the frightening levels of the modern anti-Semitism).

When a country is in a position of life or death, losing is out of the question. Israel is in such position. The troubling results of the “Arab spring” are more fanaticism and war, democracy is as far from the Arab countries as ever.

Israel must be supported, because the Muslim hostility that threatens it is going to turn against the West very soon.  

© 2011



Thousands of People, Including Jason Kenney, Attend a Stand with Israel Rally in Toronto


The crowded hall of the Canada Christian College



The crowd cheering in support of Israel


It was an incredible evening – over 3,000 people attended tonight the rally at the Canada Christian College. Organized by B’nai Brith, its purpose was to express the protest of those who stand for Israel against the unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood.

The hall was completely packed, the balcony was full and despite the fact that they brought in extra chairs, there were many people who had to stand the whole time. That was a real multicultural event, with people from every race and many nationalities represented in Toronto, all of them united for a great cause.

Most of the people signed a petition in support of Israel:


The participants are signing the petition


Among the guests were Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism; Dr. Frank Dimant, Executive President of B’nai Brith Canada; Amir R. Gissin, Consul General of Israel in Toronto; representatives of Dalton McGuinty and Tim Hudak; Mark Adler, York MP; other guests and many Christian pastors.

The common thread in all speeches was the full support for the sovereignty of the state of Israel. It was stated that we need to take a firm stand against all the forces, which a trying to destroy Israel.

Here are some highlights from that memorable evening.

The hall is almost full half an hour before the event begins:


Waiting for the start...


Meir Weinstein (JDL) speaks with the Consul General of Israel:


Meir Weinstein and Amir Gissin


Representative of the Canada Christian College introduces the guests:


The guests are already on the stage


The large crowd of Christians and Jews cheers:


Cheering for Israel


Jason Kenney (in the middle) with the businessman Nathan Jacobson (left) and the representative of Dalton McGuinty:


Jason Kenney


Amir R. Gissin, Consul General of Israel, speaks about the challenges his country is facing. He delivered a message from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stating that Canada is one of Israel’s truest friends.


Consul General Gissin speaks


A representative of Tim Hudak delivers his message (even Hudak is against the separation of Jerusalem):


A representative delivers Tim Hudak's message


People expressing their support for Israel:


Support for Israel


The speech of Dr. Frank Dimant from B’nai Brith:


Dr. Frank Dimant


Even more support:



Two Jewish students deliver a prayer for the Israeli soldiers:


A prayer for the Israeli soldiers


Jason Kenney delivers his speech. You can see his whole presentation at Blazingcatfur. I suspect that tomorrow the lefties and the Muslim fanatics would try to crucify him for it.



Jason Kenney speaks...



The end of the speech...

One of the pastors says a prayer for the wellbeing of Israel:


Prayer for Israel...


The public reacts:



And here a few more photos of people I met right after the event ended.

The Pakistani Christians support Israel:


The Christian Church from South Asia


Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man:



Proudly waving the flag of undivided Jerusalem:


Jerusalem's flag


Kingdom Covenant Ministries stand with Israel:


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The friendly Filipino supporters of Israel

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JDL Protests Theodore Bikel


Meir Weinstein speaks at the protest against Theodore Bikel

4:9 Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor.

4:10 For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow; but woe to him who is alone when he falls, and doesn’t have another to lift him up.

4:11 Again, if two lie together, then they have warmth; but how can one keep warm alone?

4:12 If a man prevails against one who is alone, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.
(Qoheleth / Ecclesiastes).



It is sad when people forget the Bible’s wisdom, which is readily available to everybody, who is able to read.  The words of the Preacher clearly say that it is impossible to survive without unity and mutual support (and almost everybody’s experience would confirm that).

It is strange that in the case of Israel there are so many people, who, for one reason or another, are willing to distance themselves from the country and even show hostility. Under normal circumstances, during peace, one may overlook their blindness, but right now such a position is unforgivable.

After the advance of the Muslim fanaticism in the Arab countries in the last few months, Israel is under an imminent threat. Every foolish call for boycott coming from prominent Jews, which they think would make them more popular among their lefty friends, is actually a blow against the safety and integrity of the Jewish state.

The purpose of today’s event, organized by JDL-Canada, was to reinforce that point of view. JDL protested the appearance of Theodore Bikel and his group in Toronto.

Although a great entertainer, Bikel in the last few years has descended into attacking and defaming Israel, calling it an “apartheid” state and demanding its boycott.




In his speech, Meir Weinstein, the JDL Director, reminded everybody that such a position is destructive to the future of Israel. The country is under attack. Just a few days ago terrorists killed seven Israelis at the southern border.

Israel’s enemies are ready and willing to start an invasion. There are over 50,000 rockets pointed at Israel from different countries, which could be fired at any moment. Over the last several days, Hamas has fired over a hundred rockets into Israeli territory.

The Hamas leaders recently stated that they want to “restore” the borders of 1948, which means that they want the total destruction of Israel. The whole charade with the “Palestinian independence” is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide their aggressive intentions.

People like Bikel may think that they somehow “contribute” to peace, but their actions actually contribute to the demonization and weakening of Israel during one of the crucial moments of its history.

And here is the question we need to ponder: isn’t it time those intellectuals thought more about the consequences of their actions? The Arab terrorists may find them useful at the moment, but once Israel is destroyed, they’ll be the next to be slaughtered.

“If a man prevails against one who is alone, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Yes, we can’t withstand, if we are not together. Is this so difficult to understand?

© 2011



Hello Kitty Martyr Brigades

The European division on the Japanese company Sanriojust announced that they were expanding their operations in Israel. The company owns the wildly popular Hello Kitty brand. Israel was the first Hello Kitty franchiser in the world, through the LDI company of Mapal Communications with CEO Yossi Fox.  In Israel Hello Kitty is present on over 200 products of local manufacturers, and is dominant in clothing and school accessories, but this is the first time stores are being opened.

When asked about the reason for the expansion, Roberto Lanzi, the president of the division, said: ”You [Israel] are one of the only countries which have survived the global financial crisis so well.” It’s no wonder – Israel is the only country in the region with a decent work ethics, where the government doesn’t have as a main objective stealing as much money as they can.

To be honest, Hello Kitty is one of those things that make me scratch my head and wonder who would buy those trinkets. However, the kitschy cat is a major obsession among the mighty Japanese girls, who move billions of dollars (or yen) of merchandise every year. Everybody who has visited Japan has probably noticed the power of the kawaii culture – the cult of cute in all of its expressions, which makes any cute products highly successful. Apparently
that culture is contagious, because now the Kitty could be found almost everywhere in the world.

Judging from the totally innocent merchandise, which, according to Lanzi, never conveys negative messages or violence, it would be hard to imagine that anybody could object the move. However, it attracted the attention of the BDS gang (the folks, who want to boycott, divest and sanction Israel).

In the past they used to go after serious targets like Hewlett Packard, which through their computers have some involvement in the defence of the country. Going against a company that sells plastic tchotchkes and has no involvement in anything substantial is not a sign of a strategy – it is a sign of anti-Semitism and pathological hatred for Israel.

In a letter to Sanrio’s management a certain Sarah Colborne, Director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (based in England), makes a passionate plea to keep Hello Kitty out of Israel by regurgitating the same old tripe about the UN resolutions and the settlements, which we have heard many times before.

“We believe it is time now for all companies including Sanrio to take a clear stand and refuse to be complicit in the occupation and war crimes committed by Israel. By trading in Israel, you are not only helping to maintain the financial viability of these illegal constructions, you are also lending them legitimacy.” She doesn’t elaborate on how the little kitten is complicit in the occupation. The myth of the war crimes is so discredited that it’s not even worth discussing.

That letter bears a striking resemblance to the letter of their Japanese BDS brethren, published in the Palestine Forum (many thanks to Toshie who translated the text for me). It’s not a wonder – those lefty fanatics act and think in the same way regardless of their colour, race, nationality or location. Their ultimate goal is to subjugate all of us to their dreary world where success is seen as a deviation from the collective spirit; humour is an offense; fun is prohibited since the planet is dying, and a hairy butch is the beauty queen.

The Japanese BDS folks lose all of their credibility in the very beginning, because they start with the whiny Kitty pasted on a photo of one of the most stupid and primitive hoaxes in history. The al-Duras (father and son)  shown in the picture, were supposedly shot at by the Israeli army – the father was hit by 12 bullets and his son was “killed”. In fact, nobody was killed or wounded, it was a scam to demonize Israel once again. It took a really brave man, Philippe Karsenty from France, to confront the hoax despite all the threats and harassment. You can read the detailed explanation here (h/t BCF). Last year I had the privilege to cover his lecture in Toronto on the same topic.


The Kitty sheds a tear for the al-Dura swindlers

Please click on the GIF image to see the alternating message.

After that they invoke the Sanrio’s moral “charter”, which is supposed to outline the company’s ethical principles. They are against stealing other people’s possessions, they oppose violence and lies and strictly adhere to the law.

The purpose is to show that Sanrio violates its own principles in Israel. Then the Japanese BDS loons ask several “devastating” questions to unmask the evil Hello Kitty tactics in the Jewish State.

They ask how they can open stores in a country, which has been condemned for its war crimes. (Only an organization like the UN, dominated by Muslim fanatics and African dictators can consider a war crime the self-defence from bombing.)

Then they want to know how Sanrio is going to operate in the settlements and deal with the Palestinian “discrimination” within Israel. It becomes even more interesting when they ask very specific questions.

How is the company going to respond, if they receive an order from the settlements? Are they going to deliver to the West Bank and Gaza? (Of course, if the buyers chip in to get their trinkets delivered by an armoured vehicle backed up with tanks.)

Is the company going to open stores in the settlements? Are they going to employ residents from the West Bank and Gaza? (Yes, if Sanrio wants to see the Hello Kitty junk flying around after a bombing, mixed with their customers’ body parts, they should consider an employee recruitment drive in Gaza.)

The question that takes the cake is about the possibility of Sanrio’s involvement with the Israeli military in a broad sense – either directly or through affiliated companies that conduct military research. Even the wildest imagination can’t picture the Israeli army adopting pink Hello Kitty themed tanks or soldiers in frilled uniforms wearing pink helmets decorated with Hello Kitty ribbons or any other similar atrocity.

But maybe those Japanese BDS loons are nice people who care about justice and are willing to hold Sanrio to their high moral standards.

The company operates stores in a few other countries in the region. It would be interesting to see what the BDS people think about that involvement.

The good people from Sanrio have provided us with an online shop locator in the Middle East. To save you time, I am going to tell you exactly how they are presented. They have 1 store in Bahrain, 2 in Kuwait, 1 in Lebanon, 3 in Qatar, 4 in Saudi Arabia, and 13 in the United Arab Emirates.

It looks like they are doing a very “good” job in adapting to the Muslim customs. In the article quoted in the beginning, the author writes that the owner showed him “an iPhone application for Muslims, requiring a subscription fee. It includes a prayer time alert, five times a day. Kitty plays the role of muezzin.” What a pious Kitty! Excellent! (As Mr. Burns would say.)

So how does Sanrio’s moral chart apply in those countries?

Let’s start in alphabetical order – during the “wonderful” Arab Spring scores of protesters were shot and killed in Bahrain with the help of their good neighbours from Saudi Arabia. How is that for not associating the company with violence?

Despite of its oil wealth, Kuwait is still a backward Muslim country. Just recently, an Islamic witch and politician, who is considered a Kuwaiti women’s rights activist, openly advocated the official re-introduction of the sex slavery laws as a way to fight adultery (h/t BCF). Young Christian slaves are supposed to be brought to the country to quench the appetites of the oversexed Kuwaiti brutes (of course, Muslims can’t be put in that position). For centuries, that was a common practice of the Turkish barbarians in the Balkan countries they occupied. If a woman defends that practice openly in a Muslim country, it means that there are many thousands of people there who support the idea. What does the Kitty think about that?

Lebanon’s government now is controlled by Hezbollah, which is a violent terrorist organization. Saudi Arabia is the poster boy for everything that’s wrong with the Muslim world – after all, Old Mo, the pedophile who established the cult they follow, left his footprint in the countryforever. Raping little girls in the form of marriage is still very popular. No Jews are allowed to reside there. The foreigners who practically run all the services and industries in the country are treated like vermin. The arrogant brutes from the UAE emirates are no different than Saudi Arabia in the way they treat non-Muslims. Last year their airlines even wanted to get a deal from Canada that would’ve put them in control of the air transportation in Canada. When the government refused to give them the rights, they kicked out the Canadian Air Force from their base in UAE.

Isn’t the whiny Kitty going to shed a tear as well for the people who suffer in those countries?

You may expect that the Japanese and British BDS idiots are aware of those problems and condemn Sanrio’s presence there. And you’ll be wrong. There is not a single remark about their involvement in countries where murder, child abuse, sex slavery, and oil-wealth induced arrogance are “nice” parts of the rich tapestry of the Muslim culture. So the BDS crowd doesn’t have problems with violence and sex abuse per se – it may attract their attention only if they could use it against Israel.

Come to think about it, the BDS people might be right – Israel is basically a peaceful and boring country (when it doesn’t retaliate against the Arab terrorists, who try to destroy it). What if Sanrio adapts to the Israeli culture? Here is what they get:


Yeshiva Kitty


See? It’s a yeshiva Kitty with a book. How boring!

Imagine the exciting opportunities that will open to them, if they expand their business into Gaza:


Jihad Kitty


Isn’t this great? That’s a kitty that can kick every kaffir’s ass and fight all Zionist oppressors it can get hold of.

But why stop there? Hello Kitty can transform the whole Hamas business. It might become the cute face of those savages:


Introducing the Hello Kitty Martyr Brigades


Who could get mad at that cute face? Wouldn’t you feel better if the insane Palestinian sadists, who blew up your school bus, are now called the Hello Kitty Martyr Brigades? Leaving that sticker on site will provide the cute, nearly human image that the terrorists so desperately crave.

Joking aside, the vicious campaign against Sanrio brings the BDS movement to a new low. Fighting cartoon characters has never been a sign of good mental health.

With their European headquarters located in Germany, the company exposes itself to the growing wave of anti-Semitism, which the hippy leftovers, who rule Western Europe, pretend not to notice.

Maybe it’s worth to remind everybody that over 60 years ago, Germany had a chancellor with a funny moustache, who was the undisputed pioneer and master of the early BDS movement.

The new BDS idiots appear to be very worthy and diligent pupils of their teacher.

How long would it take before we see the second edition of the Kristallnacht?

© 2011


Protest against the London Ontario Mosque’s support for the Gaza Boat

The boat Tahrir (a.k.a. The Sea Hitler) is the latest venture of the Israel haters in Canada. Bound to sail for Gaza, it is supposed to break the blockade in a symbolic move that plans to embarrass Israel as a callous country, which refuses to let humanitarian aid into Gaza.

The conveniently hidden truth is that the Jewish state allows such aid as long as it is inspected and found to comply with the safety and security of its people.

Thot provocation has been financed by individual loons, unions and some religious organizations. One of the latter is the mosque in London, Ontario, which has been supporting uqestionable causes for years. The mosque, which received $39,000 for security from Harper’s government in 2010, found enough money to donate to Tahrir and send their Operations Manager on the anti-Semitic cruise.

Mark Vandermaas is organizing a protest against the mosque (more details here). He is a former Blue Baret, who served Canada in the Middle East in 1978. He is also one of the lone heroes who stood up against the lawlessness and native extremism in Caledonia, long before the media and the government realized that there was a problem in that town. Despite the recent

Now, once again, he stands up against the hatred and fanaticism, which media and government curiously still haven’t noticed.

Let’s give him our full support…

Barry Rubin in Toronto


Prof. Barry Rubin speaks at a Speakers Action Group event in Toronto


Thanks to the efforts of the Speakers Action Group last Friday we had the opportunity to listen to a remarkable speaker – Professor Barry Rubin. He is the director of the Global Research in International Affairs Center (GLORIA). He is also author of many books on the Middle East issues.

He started with the statement that a titanic battle is going on in the Arab countries and the Middle East, which became more visible with the recent revolutions in the area. There are three groups, which define the face of that battle – the first one is Al Qaida. Although it is often in the news, it is not
the most important one. Its importance has diminished in the last few years.

The second one, which is very important, is Iran and its alliance – Syria, Hezbollah, the Shia movements, etc. The third chief group is the Muslim Brotherhood, especially in Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. Despite of having been suppressed for years, now the movement is rising into a prominence.

Right now this is the most important struggle in the world, although most governments and the mainstream media don’t recognize that fact. An example of that blindness is the situation in Lebanon, where recently they formed a new government with 60% representation of the Muslim extremists from Hezbollah. The change was mentioned in New York Times, but with the remark that the movement is gaining “some influence” in the government.

The situation is not much better when they discuss Turkey – the creeping Islamism of the Prime Minister Erdogan is usually ignored and its potential consequences never analyzed.

Reality is often distorted – recently TIME magazine carried an article explaining how well the Christians are treated in Egypt.

The Islamists are definitely making advances, although in Prof. Rubin’s opinion, they will be eventually defeated.

The forces involved and the indifference of politicians and media create the background for the events that took place during the last six months. While everybody was praising the “Arab Spring”, the Muslim Brotherhood declared a war against the West. They openly said that the West will be defeated, because it is weak. With the prospect of gaining real political power, they will be able to put their threats into practice.

The first country we need to watch is Egypt. Read the rest of this entry »

Obama Throws Israel onto the Train to Auschwitz

There was a time when Barack Hussein Obama looked like a wonderful guy ready to bring happiness and prosperity to everybody. It was in 2008 when he needed the support of every imaginable ethnic or political group, because the outcome of the upcoming presidential election wasn’t clear at all.

Jews were one of those groups. Trying to get their donations and political support, Obama was throwing at them generous promises for unconditional support of Israel, guarantees for the indivisibility of Jerusalem, lasting peace, fair to all sides, etc. etc.

Of course, even then there were lonely voices, which doubted his rhetoric and pointed out his lack of principles. After all, he spent years at the church of
the racist Jeremiah Wright, he got and endorsement from the anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan and he counted a former Marxist terrorist among his friends.

But the desire to have the first politically correct black President blurred the vision of the US voters. And now they are paying for that. It’s not only the horribly mismanaged economy, forced to pay for unsustainable programs, it’s also the disastrous foreign policy.

Case in point is Obama’s Mideast speech this week.  It was strange, to say the least – all those promises to Israel and the Jews made in 2008 are gone. He paints a picture of the Middle East, its problems and their solutions, which is in a striking dissonance with reality.

Obviously, he is urged to react to the so-called “Arab Spring” in a way that would please the “revolutionary masses”. After praising what happened over there as the best thing since the sliced bread, he mentions what measures we need to see applied in those countries:

“We support a set of universal rights. Those rights include free speech; the freedom of peaceful assembly; freedom of religion; equality for men and women under the rule of law; and the right to choose your own leaders – whether you live in Baghdad or Damascus; Sanaa or Tehran.”

Is this some kind of dark humour? Free speech and freedom of religion are totally incompatible with the Muslim tradition. The people of Egypt overwhelmingly support the death penalty for apostasy and total sharia control. The only country where those values were applied to certain extend was Turkey and only because Ataturk practically banished Islam from public life. However, the Islamist government of Erdogan is working very hard to “correct” the situation.

Then Obama makes sure that the previous paragraph shouldn’t be taken too seriously. America need not interfere too much, in fact it must stay in the shadows while allowing the Islamists to do whatever they want: Read the rest of this entry »

JDL, Nakba and the Kilted Scotsman with Kafiya


JDL and its supporters protest the Nakba demonstration




Meir Weinstaein speaks




Yes, we still remember what happened to the Jews

A Scotsman wearing a kilt with kafiya (the Arafat scarf) wrapped around his neck waves a Palestinian flag attached to a bamboo pole…


The progressive Scotsman...


A strange guy with a Steelworkers Toronto jacket waves the Cuban flag with a tiny Palestinian banner on top of it…


Taking Castro's flag out of mothballs...


A crowd of hijab women protesting Nakba, an imaginary event that took place in 1948…


Not very impressive...


Cursing Israel...


Unfortunately, that’s not a Monty Python sketch – it was a very real event that took place today in Toronto. The Arab demonstration was supposed to commemorate Nakba, the so-called “catastrophe” that happened in 1948. According to the mythology, on May 15 of that year, after Israel was founded, the evil Jews kicked out 750,000 “Palestinians” from the Israeli land to have the whole territory for themselves.


Stick the Nakba up your wazoo



Nakba - just another Arab myth


As with many made up events in the Arab history, that’s not exactly what happened. The next day after the independence of Israel was declared, all of her Arab neighbours attacked it from all sides. The Arabs living there were urged by the invaders to leave temporarily in order to make the extermination of the Jews easier.

As it usually happens with people who have nothing to lose, the Jews fought back and won. The Muslims, who were duped into leaving, still reside in camps on the territories of their Arab “benefactors” in conditions not much better than a human zoo. The zoo conditions didn’t prevent them from breeding to the point that their number increased to over 7 million.

At the same time in the late 1940’s as an act of revenge for their defeat, the Arab countries kicked out over 900,000 Jews, who eventually settled in Israel.

Fast forward to modern times – now Israel is a highly developed country with enormous achievements in science (with over 100 Nobel Prize winners) and many branches of industry and agriculture. Most of the Arab countries are still cesspools of ignorance and fanaticism, with one Nobel Prize winner – the terrorist Arafat.


What's wrong with Hollywood and Pallywood?



That's why we can't trust Abbas



Nothing new under the sun...


It is customary that the losers scheme to take away what the winner has achieved. This situation is not an exception – not only do the “Palestinians” want their state, but they also want the 7 million descendants to return to Israel. That’s a neat way to wipe out the Jews, destroy their achievements and confiscate everything they have.

That was the purpose of the Arab rally today – to show the world that they want everything and they want it now (although the number of participants wasn’t that impressive). Unfortunately, people on the other side are not dumb. JDL-Canada organized a counter-rally in front of the Israeli consulate on Bloor Street.

The turnout was great – it was nice to see people of different ages, races and nationalities gathered to confront the madness. They made their point in a peaceful, but firm way. The Toronto Police made sure that everything went on smoothly – both demonstrations took place on opposite sides of the street.


A Blue Beret for peace



United we stand...


But even they couldn’t predict all the variables – at certain point, near the end of the event, three Muslims crossed the street to start confrontation and possibly a fight. The police quickly interfered to neutralize them. It’s interesting that during the anti-Galloway rally at York University last year, the Muslims attempted exactly the same type of provocation.


Things are under control...



They have some explaining to do...



The revolutionaries are escorted to the other side...


If there is a lesson to be learned from the event – it is that not all people are mindless Chomsky zombies, most of us think and remember history. The lefties
can’t dupe everybody into believing their mythology. We know the truth and we are not afraid to stand for it.



The students are here...



Making a point loud and clear


The call of the shofar...







The truth hurts...

Ethics in the Field – the Truth about the Israeli Defense Forces


Colonel Bentzi Gruber during military action



The Israeli army is one of the most demonized entities in the world. With the false information fed to the gullible Western media by Palestinian terrorists and baby-killers we have reached the point where the right of Israel to defend herself is widely questioned.

That’s why I found admirable the initiative of The Speakers Action Group to let somebody first-hand experience cover the issue. The speaker they had on April 7 was Colonel Bentzi Gruber, a veteran of IDF, who served as a commander for over 30 years. Now he runs a computer company in Israel.



Colonel Gruber speaking in Toronto


He started by stating the propaganda, which comes from the left – that there are a lot of lies about IDF, which are presented as units for killing babies in Gaza.

To make the truth easier to understand, he continued with laying out the framework, which determines the many decisions that must be made in field by the IDF. The time to make a decision is very short, in most cases you have only 8 seconds. Then he showed a video to support his point.

In the first few frames we see a suicide bomber in a jeep near a Gaza crossing point. At that moment we don’t know if he is a bomber, he is a smiling, happy looking fellow, but the experienced members of the military know what is going to happen. He is coming from Gaza and his purpose is to cross the border toward the road on the other side, where a school bus is about to pass by as scheduled. That road is very close to Gaza, only 200 m away. The bomber’s goal is to hit the bus and blow it up with the explosives loaded in his jeep.

The border is well protected by soldiers who are supposed to shoot. Some of them are observing the area from a tall tower-like structure. In order to cross, a car should go through something like a ditch, thus slowing down its speed. As the school bus approaches the crossing area, terrorists in the Gaza village start to shoot at the soldiers in order to distract them and let the jeep cross. They are partially successful: during the shooting   the jeep manages to cross the border. But it’s too late, the bus is already about two miles away, so the driver has to change plans – he decides to hit a target in the nearby Israeli village.  Anything is good – store, school, whatever…

The army alerts the village that a possible terrorist is headed in their direction. A villager, who is a lawyer by profession, decides to confront the terrorist. He gets on his Hummer, driving toward the terrorist’s jeep. We see both cars getting closer to each other. The Arab figures out that he is not going to reach his goal, so he decides to make the “best” of the situation – he hits the Hummer and blows up his load. In the explosion, both cars are destroyed. The terrorist is  blown to pieces, but the lawyer miraculously survives. However, that local hero loses his legs.

This is not a thriller, this is the everyday life in Israel, courtesy of the Palestinian terrorists. Read the rest of this entry »

Israeli Medics Help Japan

Israel was the first country to offer help to Japan less than an hour after one of the strongest recorded earthquakes followed by tsunami devastated parts of the country. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the Japanese government with his offer for assistance.

Of course, you can find that reported in the Western mainstream media, at the time they were more interested in the propaganda of the Palestinian terrorism (under the code name Israeli Apartheid Week).

Shortly after the offer was made, Israel sent a delegation, which included 50 medical staff and 18 tons of aid for the victims of the disaster. Israel was the first country to send medical aid. The medics set up their field hospital in Kurihara, in Miyagi prefecture.

The country delivered 10,000 coats, 6,000 blankets and several thousand pairs of gloves. It also sent 300 Geiger counters to help monitoring the increased levels of radiation after the nuclear plant disaster. The counters were supplied by Rotem Industries, a firm that supplies technology to Israel’s nuclear reactor in Dimona (I wonder if they are on the lefties’ boycott list).

Without any doubt, the help will be highly appreciated by the Japanese people. No need to deliver the goods in unmarked containers (something the Muslim fanatics in Pakistan wanted done for the US aid).

Hopefully, the Japanese mainstream media would learn something from those events. They are notorious for their bias against Israel, based mostly on ignorance and partially influenced by the Palestinian lies.

It is a surprise to those journalists that the help came from a highly developed and prosperous country, which owes everything to the labour and ingenuity of its people. Israel is not the military camp they erroneously believe it is.

Even the poor people from Kandahar, Afghanistan, after being abused and killed for decades by Taliban savages, found a way to collect donations to help Japan.

No help is coming from the Hamas and PLO terrorists (although they have more than enough money). Neither the rich and lazy Gulf Arabs are sending anything (they didn’t send anything to Pakistan either). Wait, I forgot, there is not a single Arab university capable of educating specialists qualified to work in the difficult conditions in Japan. The oil money buys all the engineers, teachers, drivers, and slaves needed in the Gulf. Too bad you can’t export them.

JDL Protest at Palestine House

On Sunday, March 20, the Jewish Defence League of Canada organized a protest at Palestine House in Mississauga.

The reason for it was the appalling crime committed by Palestinian Arabs against Jews in Samaria. Five members of the Fogel family from Itamar, including a 3-month baby, were slaughtered in cold blood. The world’s political leaders virtually ignored the crime, the mainstream media barely covered it.

Nothing new here – with the rampant anti-Semitism taking over the “progressive” media, you can’t expect anything different.

That’s why JDL-Canada decided to confront the indifference and remind the world that killing children is wrong. The protest took place at Palestine House. Officially defined as an “educational” and “cultural” institution, this sinister place has been the flagship of anti-Israeli bigotry for years.


The Palestine House building in Mississauga


Founded with the help of Mississauga’s ancient mayor Hazel McCallion, Palestine House has hosted scores of speakers with poorly disguised anti-Jewish views. It has raised money for questionable Arab causes. It is also a proud sponsor of the annual Jew-hate fest – the Israeli Apartheid Week. Despite all that, Palestine House hasn’t had troubles mooching money from the government in the form of subsidies.

The protesters gathered across the road from that place, under the watchful eye of the police. Waving Canadian and Israeli flags, carrying signs condemning the Palestinian atrocities, they made their message very clear.

Meir Weinstein, JDL-Canada’s Director, gave a short speech about the murder of the Fogel family. He called for more attention for the plight of the Israeli people. He also condemned organizations like Palestine House, which support the anti-Israeli bigotry and anti-Semitism and demanded that the government defund them.


JDL-Canada's Director Meir Weinstein speaking


While the protest was on, several cars with Arabs arrived at the House parking. After getting off, most of them looked at the protesters, pointed at them and laughed. It looks like no matter where they are – Gaza, Samaria, or Canada – they always carry their savagery with them.

Here are some pictures from that great event:







Please click below for more pictures… Read the rest of this entry »

Palestinian Savages Slaughter a Jewish Family

It is hard to imagine that anything can surprise us in the violent history of the Middle East. However, there are events that may shock even a callous person.

Few days ago a family of five, living in the Jewish village of Itamar  were brutally butchered in their sleep. Udi Fogel, 36, his wife Ruth Fogel, 35, and three of their children, Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and Hadas, who was only 3 months old, were stabbed by intruders in their home.

It was late at night on Saturday. The guards, who were protecting the village, registered intrusion twice – something jumping over the fence. They assumed that the problem was caused by animals. And they were partially correct. Animals really jumped the fence, but they were Palestinian animals armed with knives.

Once they reached the Fogel house, they quickly stabbed the two boys, and then killed the father and the baby who was lying next to him. Only the mother wasn’t asleep, when she came out of the bathroom, the killers confronted her and murdered her as well. Fortunately, they missed two children.

I thought what word to use in the title to describe those people. “Animals” would be offensive to real animals, because even the most vicious of them don’t kill the young of their own species. “Monsters” is way too abstract, and it looks like “savages” fits the situation best. Savages defy logic for they are ready to commit even the most heinous atrocities acting upon their primitive beliefs.

Shortly after the murders, the militant wing of Fatah, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, took responsibility, but then withdrew their statement. It is very possible that they did it. After all, they are a bunch of cowards, who specialize in killing women and children at close range. That shows how “peaceful”  the terrorist organization created by Arafat the thief is.

Hamas is not far behind. As soon as the news reached the world, the people in Gaza celebrated the murders – there are even pictures showing militants handing out baklava and other sweets to commemorate the atrocity.

All that shows how deeply rooted evil is in the Muslim fanatic’s mind. It takes a really perverted mind to do that – to enter a house and specifically target little children stabbing them repeatedly. And it takes even deeper depravity to rejoice and celebrate those killings. Palestinians are really a morally bankrupt group of people. Other than the pro forma condemnation by a minor official from the Palestinian Authority, nobody else expressed any condemnation.

The Arabs always complain that the Israeli Army does the same to the Palestinian children. But IDF has never targeted children. All of those casualties are carefully planned by the Palestinian militants to create an effect of outrage on the bleeding hearts, who send them money.

Children and students are used as shields by Hamas in Gaza, where missiles are launched from schools.  Children are sent to throw rocks against the soldiers in the West Bank, while the cowardly terrorists hide behind them. Many of them are groomed to be suicide bombers and we would’ve heard more about them, if it wasn’t for the wall that stops them from blowing themselves up. Israel has never targeted children, although the lefties use it in their propaganda:


The lies of the leftist propaganda


This is a really vicious and cowardly misrepresentation, but hey – what’s the problem? Such propaganda worked for Hitler, it will work for the Palestinian terrorists and their lefty supporters.

At the same time, the murders committed by Arabs are very real:


The grim reality of the Palestinian terrorism


The most disturbing fact is that the world leaders who support the Palestinian “cause” didn’t say a word to condemn the atrocity. The lefties didn’t respond either, but that’s normal in their case, even though they will be the next to die if Islam comes closer to dominance. This only confirms that the growing anti-Semitism is very real.

Hopefully, that would be a wakeup call for Israel – it is beyond clear that you can never achieve peace with such savages, they simply can’t be trusted.

This is what the supporters of the one-state solution secretly want – by uniting all territories and bringing in the 7 million descendants of the Arabs who left in the 1940’s, all Jews would end up like the Fogel family. Living in slumber and trusting cold-blooded murderers would only bring a new Holocaust.