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Kahane Memorial Dinner in Jerusalem

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Meir Weinstein with his award


On November 3 we attended the annual dinner in memory of Rabbi Meir Kahane. It took place at the Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea (Yeshivat Ha’Raayon Ha’Yehudi) in Jerusalem. This religious institution was founded by the Rabbi in 1987, three years before his murder by an Al-Qaida terrorist.


The stage at the yeshiva


Here is the place to say a few words about Rabbi Kahane. Without any doubt, he was a controversial leader, equally hated by the anti-Semites and the Jewish establishment. Many didn’t agree with his tactics and found them unusual and controversial. But the problem is that almost everything related to the Jews is unusual and controversial – anti-Semitism is an irrational hatred, which simply cannot be confronted with reasoning. Explaining the logical fallacies of that “doctrine” to those who practice it has saved very few Jewish lives (nothing illustrates that fact better than the Holocaust).

Rabbi Kahane changed the image of the Western Jew from a meek weakling to a tough fighter, who is not afraid to confront his enemies. His Jewish Defense League successfully confronted the black anti-Semitism in the inner cities in the 1970’s (yes, even if it is not politically correct to say it, the Black Panthers were quite a nasty bunch of racists). Later, after moving to Israel, he confronted in the same way the Arab terrorism.

The central idea in his teachings and practical work was the survival of the Jews as a tightly knit community based on the principles of the Torah. Despite his death, the idea still lives on, and a testimony to that was the presence of so many people at the dinner.

All of the speakers at the event emphasized the need of protecting Israel as a Jewish state, which was the initial idea that the international community supported when it was decided to restore Israel. A few of the speakers were rabbis, but we also heard people, who confronted the problems daily in person. A fascinating woman shared her story about how the Israeli authorities persecuted Jews to accommodate the Arabs. Her family home in the territories had been demolished six times over the last few years (in addition to Arab attacks).

Another prominent guest was Michael Ben Arie, a Member of the Knesset from the National Union Party. His work in defense of the Jewish state didn’t bring him many perks either.


Michael Ben Arie (left)


He has been arrested for confronting the Arab extremists.  A passionate and outspoken person, he discussed his work for stopping the illegal immigration to Israel. For the last few years, thousands of African immigrants (mostly Sudanese Muslims) had been smuggled illegally into Israel. In a way similar to the USA, many leftists and “progressive” people and organizations had fought against their deportation.

To show their hypocrisy, he did a public stunt, which caught the attention of the national television. Ben Arie went to an upscale swimming pool frequented by well-off leftists, and then he offered a few Sudanese immigrants free swimsuits and paid their entrance fee. It was very entertaining to watch how the lefties, who otherwise wanted all illegals to stay in Israel, go ballistic over seeing Africans swim in their pool.

After all the speeches ended, the yeshiva honoured the Director of JDL-Canada Meir Weinstein with a special award in recognition of his contributions in the struggle against anti-Semitism in North America.



The award was presented by Garth Kravath, who served as a head of the JDL security in the early 1970’s.


Garth Kravath and Meir Weinstein


In his short speech Meir Weinstein shared his impressions from the meetings with Rabbi Kahane. He also mentioned an important fact – according to the statistics, the Jewish population of Israel would reach 6 million within the next few weeks. That is equal to the number of the Jews, who perished in the Holocaust. The number is symbolic, because due to the Iran threat and the threats from other countries, the Israeli Jews are in a similar danger, but this time they can rely on their own strength and achievements to confront their enemies.

The great food contributed to the good mood of everybody who attended.


The dinner has just started


The good mood also spilled over naturally into music and dances.




Notice the gun carried by one of the men in the picture. He was a rabbi from the yeshiva. It is a sign of the tense reality in the country – many ordinary Israelis are licensed to carry guns. Almost all security guards at hotels, malls, schools, etc. are armed. The vigilance and the realistic approach of the Israeli authorities to the Arab terrorism have paid off – there haven’t been terrorist acts for years in the most parts of Israel.

It was almost midnight when the event finished.

Next I will cover the Old City of Jerusalem. It is so rich in history that I’ll probably need several posts to cover everything…


© 2012

Feminazis Confront Jews at the “Women Won’t Forget” Event

On December 6, 1989, Gamil Ghabri (a.k.a. Marc Lepine) shot and killed 14 women at a Montreal university. It was an action of a deranged individual, a product of an upbringing influenced by the mysogynic and violent character of his Muslim father.

Such events are usually exploited by political extremists of different stripes. The Montreal mass murder wasn’t an exception – it was a God-sent (or rather devil-sent) event to be used by the emerging Canadian militant feminism as an excuse to launch a monstrous men-bashing campaign, which started in 1990 and hasn’t subsided yet. During the campaigns that followed within the next 20 years, the Canadian men learned that they were a despicable bunch of murderers, wife-beaters and spiritual or physical rapists.

The only way men could redeem themselves was to turn into sexless eunuchs (in the 1990’s Michael Moore managed to master that art to perfection). James Bond was out, in was the timid hippy, following his fiery female object of desire, and carrying her heavy bag full of propaganda flyers, tampons, and copies of the S.C.U.M. Manifesto.

Very little has changed since then. This year’s Women Won’t Forget event in Toronto wasn’t much different. The tone was set earlier during the commemoration at Parliament Hill in Ottawa and it was strictly political. Justin, Pierre Trudeau’s dimwitted metrosexual son, firmly stated that the Conservatives were not welcome at the event. Later Nycole Turmel, NDP’s harpy-in-chief, ended her speech hysterically yelling: “Shame! Shame! Shame!” That was supposed to make Harper feel bad about ending the pricey and useless long gun registry.

Toronto had its own controversy – when the Jewish Defence League stated that they would take part in the event, they received a letter from the University of Toronto kindly telling them to get lost (h/t BCF):

“Dear JDL Canada,

It has come to our attention that your website indicates you are planning to host an event next Tuesday, December 6th in Philosopher’s Walk. The property in question is owned by the University and is not available for groups to book. As well, Philosopher’s Walk will be the site of the annual Women Won’t Forget candlelight vigil on the same date at the memorial location.

I would kindly insist that you relocate your event and not use Philosopher’s Walk.


Steve Bailey

Steven Bailey
Director, Office of Space Management
University of Toronto
McMurrich Building, 4th Floor
12 Queen’s Park Crescent West
Toronto, ON
M5S 1S8”

Nice, eh? Those people are sophisticated – although it remains a mystery how the group of Women Won’t Forget managed to book the place, if it is not available for groups to book.

Another thing you shouldn’t forget is that the Office of Space Management kindly provides plenty of space to Canada’s largest annual anti-Semitic event – the Israeli Apartheid Week. For some reason, anti-Semites are more than welcome at the University, while the Jews are not.

JDL found it necessary to explain the situation:

“Dear Steve Bailey,

The Women Won’t Forget candlelight vigil is a public event. I believe it is important for the public to attend. JDL is part of a multi faith coalition that respects and supports events for Dec 6th. The victims of Marc Lepine should be remembered. We are asking our supporters to attend and light a candle.

Meir Weinstein
National Director Jewish Defence League of Canada”

If you think that a civilized explanation was enough, think again. When the JDL members appeared at the event wearing their white ribbons, they were confronted by a bunch of angry young people with hippy-sign pins (the kind we saw at Occupy Toronto), although the one with the goofy Tibetan hat looked quite absent-minded.



The feminazi-in-chief confronts the Jews


The Jews were subjected to a humiliating lecture by a blonde leftard woman, who, with a condescending and contemptuous tone told them that they will be kicked out if they speak loudly, chant or do anything else feminazis don’t like. She even went as far as to state that she visited JDL’s website and considered it racist. The male feminazis surrounding her looked at us with a silent reproach (“How dare you disturb our man-hating sanctuary?”).

As soon as we got into the “sanctuary”, we were handed programs for the event. I should say that one of the organizers said in her speech that even though this was a non-political event, they had to mention favourably Jack Layton, who used to come there before and stand with them in the cold (as if the other men standing in the cold don’t count). Jack’s cult was prominently reflected in the program. They had on the first page a quote from his fake testimony (“Love is better than anger, hope is…” etc., etc.).


I understand their infatuation with Jack – he has wasted millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to finance useless leftist organizations and programs. But at the same time he and his wife Olivia swindled the Toronto housing authority out of thousands of dollars by living in subsidized housing while making large amounts of money as city councillors (I guess when lefties steal it means noble redistribution of wealth).


And that’s not all – the feminazis chose to forget that Jack was also a low-life philanderer, who got caught by the police with an Asian hooker at a massage parlour. I would like to remind them that feminists were those who alarmed us about the human trafficking – such women are lured from Asia with false promises for jobs and end up being abused by pimps solely because sex-deprived losers like Jack Layton are willing to pay for their services.


What brings even more hilarity to using “Whorehouse Jack” Layton as an inspiration is the fact that the entire last page of the program includes a large quote from Eve Ensler (of The Vagina Monologues fame).


“I am over this rape culture where the privileged with political and physical and economic might, take what and who they want, when they want it, as much as they want, any time they want it

I am over the endless resurrection of the careers of rapists and sexual exploiters – film directors, world leaders, corporate executives, movie stars, athletes – while the lives of the women they violated are permanently destroyed, often forcing them to live in social and emotional exile.

I am over years and years of being over rape.

And thinking about rape every day of my life since I was 5-year-old.

Well, let’s ignore the fact that “Ms.” Ensler is a paranoid psychopath, who sees rape everywhere (probably that’s why the Women Won’t Forget feminazis use her writings to promote their men-hating crusade). Talking of rape in her writings, it’s worth mentioning that a part of her main opus, titled The Little Coochie Snorcher that Could (in its original performance) included a rape scene, in which a 24-year-old woman used alcohol to lower the inhibitions of a 13-year-old girl whom she raped. Ensler even found it important to include in the end a monologue of that grown-up girl, in which she mentioned nostalgically the rape, which supposedly helped her grow as a woman. Apparently, homosexual rape is always a good rape.

However, if you take seriously Ensler’s ramblings, there is no way to miss the point that St. Jack neatly fits into the gallery of horrible enemies of women she describes. He is the politician, who uses his “might” to exploit sexually third-world women, whose lives are destroyed by the traffickers, who bring them here to satisfy the sexual appetite of people like him (he even used his influence to cover up the incident for years).

Were the organizers that dumb that they failed to make that connection or did they think the attendees wouldn’t read the program?

Other than that, the event proceeded according to the classical lefty standards. I spotted a guy (a miniature version of Michael Moore) holding a sign stating among other things: “We love trans women.” There was the obligatory Native introduction with two women wailing a traditional song (not surprisingly, the Native women abuse on the reserves wasn’t mentioned at all). We listened to few narrative poets, who didn’t think too high of men. Even Harper didn’t get away – they condemned him for scrapping the long gun registry. One of the speakers said it was important to keep it, because 80% of the crimes against women were committed with shotguns. That was a despicable lie, but everybody cheered, because that’s what they are supposed to do when Harper’s name is mentioned.

The evening’s bombshell was the appearance of two women (an Indian and a Muslim), who in their talks presented some very real and tangible problems. I am not sure how they could infiltrate that post-modern-structuralist-deconstructing-feminist-otherness event. But they clearly raised the issue of the culturally-based violence (with emphasis on the honour killings). Unfortunately, they had to suppress the fact that those killings are most common among Muslims (but obviously you can’t reveal the whole truth at a feminazi event).

All in all, it was a depressing event, not just because of the memory of the killed women. The main feeling of depression came from the sorry state of the Canadian feminism, which the organizers supposedly spoke for.

Long time ago, the feminism was represented by larger-than-life figures, who fought for true equality of women. Today, the movement has deteriorated into a sect of cranky pseudo-intellectual lesbians, who do their best to shun the problems of the ordinary women. Instead, they proudly manifest their anti-Semitism, defend the niqab, the most barbaric Muslim garment, and are happy to degrade and insult men.

At the same time, they have no problem enlisting the weird Eve Ensler and the philandering Jack Layton as their moral authorities.

It is sad to watch the agony of a once great movement…


© 2011


Toronto 9/11 Candle Light Vigil to Protest Public School Muslim Prayers




The Torono candle light vigil



The Pakistani Christians


Today, September 11, a coalition of Christian, Jewish and Hindu organizations held a candle light vigil to commemorate the massacre, which happened in New York ten years ago, and to protest against allowing Muslim prayers in public schools. In Toronto such prayers are conducted at Valley Park Middle School, there are similar schools in other parts of Ontario (in Alberta they even have a real madrasah, a publicly funded school under the complete control of Muslim fanatics).

Unlike the previous two events, this evening I didn’t see a single Muslim in front of the TDSB main office, where the event took place. The first two times, Muslims with different degrees of fanaticism did their best to disrupt the events. If it wasn’t for the police and JDL, they would’ve been successful. I suppose this time the Muslims were afraid to show up, because someone might have thought that they came to commemorate the memory of the victims of the Islamic terror.

That was one of the issues Meir Weinstein talked about in his opening remarks. He started with praise for the courage that Prime Minister Harper displayed when he stated that Islamicism is the major external threat that Canada faces.


Meir Weinstein speaking


He pointed out as an example two people, who were very active in the August protests. The first one was Omar Quyum, a teacher. He wrote an article defending the Islamic prayers in public schools. He is also a “volunteer” for NAMF (North American Muslim Foundation), which hosted “iftar lectures” featuring terrorism supporters:



Here he is at the first event, trying unsuccessfully to start an argument with Ron Banerjee:



At the second one he picked a verbal fight with Raheel Raza and insulted her (she left upset and even found it necessary to mention the incident in an interview after the event):



The next Muslim activist is the little Miss TDSB (she is from York University). Here she is trying to bully her way through the crowd to disrupt the speakers:




And here is how the policeman, who was looking at her in the first picture, stopped her:



In the end of August, Miss TDSB proudly attended the anti-Semitic rally organized by the shia organization CASMO, which took place at the steps of the Parliament in Queens Park, with the blessing of the McGuinty government.

(Sorry for going into details and photos, but after I covered the first two events a few Muslims tried to accuse me of lying, so the pictures need to appear again.)

Anyway, back to Meir’s speech. He pointed out that both of them have been highly praised on Islamist websites for fighting against secularism in the public schools. The same people and their other Muslim friends are organizing a “victory rally” on September 17 in front of the TDSB offices. It is our duty to show up and state our opinion against the destruction of our school system in Ontario.

The speakers, who followed, represented several different organizations: Canadian Hindu Advocacy, Egypt for Christ Ministry, Costa’s Christian Mission, Evangelical Asian Church, and other Christian groups.



They all considered it very important to confront the hijacking of our schools by Muslim extremism. Rev. Costa urged everybody to contact their MP and MPP – without pressure, the politicians are not going to do anything about the situation. They are too afraid of losing a few votes. Both Dalton McGuinty and Tim Hudak tried to distance themselves from the issue, claiming that it’s up to TDSB to decide what to do.

Ron Banerjee was alarmed by the soft jihad, which is penetrating the school system. A barbaric religion is trying to take over and replace our values and traditions, which took centuries to build. He pointed out at shocking information released by Fraser Institute – since the times of the Liberal governments, over 90% of the Muslim immigrants from countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan have not been subject to any detailed background check. We are probably exposed to dangers from people linked with terrorism. People with such ties should be hunted and stripped of their Canadian citizenship, the same way the Nazi war criminals were treated.


Ron Banerjee


Two representatives of Pakistani Christian communities talked about their ordeal. They came to Canada to be free from rapes, murder and tortures, which are common tools of dealing with religious minorities in Pakistan.  Yet now they are faced with schools controlled by Muslim fanatics. One of them even asked: if Canada turns into Pakistan, is there any place where we could go?


Christians speak...


We should listen to them – the Christians in the Muslim countries are those who REALLY know what persecution is. Most of the people who have spent their whole lives in the peaceful and sleepy Canada, often don’t understand how easy it is to ruin a country.

Frequently, in the name of misguided “multicultural” tolerance, we and our politicians are willing to compromise our values and traditions to accommodate medieval cultures and ideologies, which bring only destruction. There isn’t a single successful Muslim country in the world. Over the centuries, Islam has advanced through terror and aggression. Now, for the first time in history, a civilization is allowing Islam to take over without a fight. One doesn’t need to go farther than England to see the catastrophic results of such “multiculturalism”.

It is up to us to adhere to our traditions and values, and defend our civilization, if we don’t want to see the Nathan Philips Square turn into a field where sharia judges would perform stonings and beheadings.




Fighting Islamism with a smile...



JDL provides the security



The event is coming to an end


© 2011






JDL Protests Theodore Bikel


Meir Weinstein speaks at the protest against Theodore Bikel

4:9 Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor.

4:10 For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow; but woe to him who is alone when he falls, and doesn’t have another to lift him up.

4:11 Again, if two lie together, then they have warmth; but how can one keep warm alone?

4:12 If a man prevails against one who is alone, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.
(Qoheleth / Ecclesiastes).



It is sad when people forget the Bible’s wisdom, which is readily available to everybody, who is able to read.  The words of the Preacher clearly say that it is impossible to survive without unity and mutual support (and almost everybody’s experience would confirm that).

It is strange that in the case of Israel there are so many people, who, for one reason or another, are willing to distance themselves from the country and even show hostility. Under normal circumstances, during peace, one may overlook their blindness, but right now such a position is unforgivable.

After the advance of the Muslim fanaticism in the Arab countries in the last few months, Israel is under an imminent threat. Every foolish call for boycott coming from prominent Jews, which they think would make them more popular among their lefty friends, is actually a blow against the safety and integrity of the Jewish state.

The purpose of today’s event, organized by JDL-Canada, was to reinforce that point of view. JDL protested the appearance of Theodore Bikel and his group in Toronto.

Although a great entertainer, Bikel in the last few years has descended into attacking and defaming Israel, calling it an “apartheid” state and demanding its boycott.




In his speech, Meir Weinstein, the JDL Director, reminded everybody that such a position is destructive to the future of Israel. The country is under attack. Just a few days ago terrorists killed seven Israelis at the southern border.

Israel’s enemies are ready and willing to start an invasion. There are over 50,000 rockets pointed at Israel from different countries, which could be fired at any moment. Over the last several days, Hamas has fired over a hundred rockets into Israeli territory.

The Hamas leaders recently stated that they want to “restore” the borders of 1948, which means that they want the total destruction of Israel. The whole charade with the “Palestinian independence” is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide their aggressive intentions.

People like Bikel may think that they somehow “contribute” to peace, but their actions actually contribute to the demonization and weakening of Israel during one of the crucial moments of its history.

And here is the question we need to ponder: isn’t it time those intellectuals thought more about the consequences of their actions? The Arab terrorists may find them useful at the moment, but once Israel is destroyed, they’ll be the next to be slaughtered.

“If a man prevails against one who is alone, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Yes, we can’t withstand, if we are not together. Is this so difficult to understand?

© 2011



The Spoiled Jew-Hate Fest


JDL protests the hate fest

The heavily advertised anti-Israeli event titled SPEAKING THE UNSPEAKABLE: EXPOSING ISRAELI APARTHEID AND THE VIOLATION OF PALESTINIAN RIGHTS took place this evening in Toronto. At the last moment, the location was changed from OISE to the George Ignatieff Theatre. As promised, JDL was there to protest.

The audience consisted of mostly white middle-aged people and students. There were very few Arab men and not a single hijab-wearing girl, who are usually a fixture at such events. That was very surprising: did even Muslims abandon that movement?

During the whole presentation, the voices of the JDL protesters who were determined to make their point, could be heard clearly inside.


The speakers were sitting at a table on the stage covered with a white tablecloth with blue one on top of it. Ironically, the combination resembled the Israeli flag although it probably wasn’t done on purpose.

Originally there were 5 speakers scheduled to appear, but the only one who possessed some resemblance of credibility, the Toronto Star columnist Antonia Zerbisias chickened out and didn’t show up. Maybe she had the revelation that appearing with a bunch of loons was not in her best professional interest.

However, the rest had no problem appearing. They were Khaled Mouammar from the Canadian Arab Federation, Tim McCaskell (Queers Against Israeli Apartheid), Jenny Peto (Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid), and Vivian Douglas, activist from Students against Israeli Apartheid.



The moderator, a feminist teacher of sociology from the Mississauga campus, started by stating that even after the Gaza “massacre” ended, the Palestinians are still discriminated, which caused the boycott against Israel to continue (at that moment Peto started to applaud followed by the most of the audience). The BDS movement expanded after the Gaza events. Then she read the list of the organizations, which endorsed the event, an odd collection of extreme leftists, self-loathing Jews, unions and Muslims.

To make sure that everybody understood that the insanity was the main rule of the gathering, she announced that she would conduct “equity chairing” – meaning that during the Q&A session in the end the first ones allowed to speak would be women, queers and “persons of colour”. Everybody caught using a camera or interrupting the speakers will be kicked out. Well, it was nice to know that the feminazi thinking is alive and kicking at the University of Toronto.

The first one to speak was Khaled Mouammar. He was presented as having been an activist for over 30 years. He even served at the Refugee Board and now he is the head of the Canadian Arab Federation. I suppose he is a Canadian citizen, but recently he lobbied openly against his own country when Canada took steps to get a seat on the UN Security Council (that was probably the best thing Khaled has done in his life, because Canada has no place in an organization controlled by religious fanatics and third-world thieves). Read the rest of this entry »

Is Free Speech Worth Defending? Blazingcatfur Fundraiser

“Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value.”

Dean Steacy, one of the CHRC’s lead investigators

The statement above, which comes from the Human Rights Commission, should resolve the free speech issue in Canada once and for all. After all, they are the ultimate arbiter on that issue.  However, there are few annoying little bugs, who refuse to be subjugated by the Commission’s wisdom. One of them is the blogger Blazingcatfur, who is currently sued by a “prominent Canadian lawyer” for expressing his views. On December 1 JDL-Canada organized a Chanukah party to raise money for his defense.

So maybe we should ask:  is it that important to spend money to fight the case? Wouldn’t it had been easier if he just stopped publishing his blog?

The short answer is that defending what he is doing is vitally important to all of us.

To give a detailed answer, I should begin with the statement that the current situation in Canada is strikingly similar to the situation in the communist countries in the 1980’s. Although freedom of speech was written down as an inalienable right in the Constitution of the country where I came from, in reality it didn’t exist.

There were no censors and theoretically you could publish anything you want. However, if anything even remotely deviated from the Party line, it was reported immediately (everybody had the duty to do so). That put into motion the scary government machine. Those were not the Stalin’s times, so nobody got shot, but the magazine or the book with the offending material were confiscated and destroyed and everybody involved in the publication was either fired or demoted. In addition, you could lose some of the socialist “perks”: they could strike you out of the 10-year government waiting list for the coveted Lada (“the best car of the socialist camp”). And you could forget about that trip to Czechoslovakia, because the police would deny your application for “international passport supplement” (trips to the “semi-capitalist” Yugoslavia and the rotten West were out of the question). Read the rest of this entry »

Shame on York – Anti-Galloway Protest in Toronto


Students protest George Galloway's speech at York University

A remarkable protest against a speech by George Galloway took place last night at York University in Toronto.

The speech was sponsored by Muslim organizations and approved by the university administration. York University is known for tolerating Muslim fanaticism. There have been cases, where Jewish students and organizations have been harassed. It even hosts the Israeli Apartheid Week, which is an excuse for promoting anti-Semitism and distorting the reality in the Middle East.

This time, however, York University sank to a new low. Hosting George Galloway, and open supporter of Arab terrorism, is totally inexcusable.

He is a man, who doesn’t have the best taste in choosing clothes:


George Galloway is irresistible in this outfit

His behaviour often crosses beyond the borders of sanity:


His choice of friends talks loudly about his ideas and convictions:


George Galloway receives a Hamas passport

But above all, his maniacal hate for Israel and the desire to help those who want to destroy that country have put him in hot water on numerous occasions. It is hard to believe that such a person could have any following, but he does.

The Left must have totally lost its ways, if a person like Galloway can serve as its moral compass. Karl Marx said in one of his books that “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” After the scary tyranny of Lenin and Stalin, the left descended to worshipping Galloway the Clown.

This is Galloway’s second visit to Toronto. Last month he spoke at Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church and promised that he would be back. At the time, there were fewer protesters, however, this time the protest was better organized.
There was a large group of people (probably nearly 300) in the building where Galloway was scheduled to speak. The majority of them were students, but there were also concerned citizens and people from Jewish organizations, like the Jewish Defence League.


Message for Galloway: Terrorism is not Activism


Galloway supports terror


A large crowd


Meir Weinstein at the protest


JDL in action


Calling Galloway

The event was supposed to take place in secrecy, no cameras or recorders were allowed inside: Read the rest of this entry »

JDL Protests Against the Toronto Star

Jewish Defence League’s protest against the Toronto Star took place today at noon. Its purpose was to bring to public’s attention the anti-Israeli bias of Canada’s largest newspaper. The message was delivered loud and clear. Here are some photos: