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Downtown Losers Rally against Rob Ford

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Criticizing our politicians has always been considered strength of our democracy, but when one of them is viciously condemned over something personal that may or may not have happened and another one gets a free pass after squandering hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money and lying about that, it seems we have a problem.

Mayor Rob Ford won his position with overwhelming voters’ support and became the first mayor in the recent history to deliver on his promises. Premier Kathleen Wynne tried to cover up the huge losses from cancelling the gas plants and spent her first few months of her term as an unelected premier drumming about what a cool dyke she is.

There is something odd about the people who evaluate the politicians in such a strange way. The mystery is quickly resolved when we look at who they are. Most of them come from the unproductive core of Toronto and have never had real jobs – professional protestors and “anti-poverty” activists; militant homosexual activists; government union employees; talentless hacks promoted as artists, and simple bums. The Toronto media tends to support those people presenting them as some unbeatable and morally superior force.

They all are united in their feeling of superiority over the people who actually work for a living. They know exactly what changes have to be done in the society and, most importantly, they know better than anybody else how to spend other people’s money. When somebody like Rob Ford tries to limit their free access to the public cookie jar, they strike back violently.

Yesterday’s rally at Nathan Phillips square was a great opportunity to see samples of that segment of our society. Over 4,000 people signed up on Facebook for the event to demand Rob Ford’s resignation. Only a few hundred showed up and their numbers quickly dwindled. Of course, the mainstream media lied that thousands were at the square.


The anti-Ford super rally


It was a disorganized and boring event and the participants spent their time writing with chalk slogans and condemnations urging Rob Ford to go away. Many of their writings were rude, obscene or hostile and none of them showed any traces of common sense. It never occurred to them that in Canada we have a due process before convicting somebody (of course that doesn’t apply to the human rights commissions).

The public employees’ unions skipped the event (maybe they were too embarrassed to be there) and that left the usual Toronto downtown suspects. The old activists reliving their glory days were a large part of the event.


Proof that not everybody gets wiser with age



Maggots clean infection… wrote a maggot


Some real and some wannabe reporters tried to get a story from those people, but even for the manipulative Toronto media that was like squeezing water from a stone.


Signs replace thought



The same sign, the same empty minds


As I said, the occupy types spent their time scribbling slogans on the ground. That was probably the hardest work they have done in ages.


The new craze – weight loss through writing


The homosexual community, which has been hounding the mayor for many years, did also have a presence at the rally.


Gay bar power


Their indignation was well represented in the writings, like this one:


“The least you could do is thank the gay people for their money, you hateful homophobe!”


That is quite typical, because in Toronto the homosexuals have the idea that the whole country should revolve around them. Everyone, who has even the slightest disagreement with the propaganda that promotes their peculiar lifestyle, is sued, silenced and obligatory called “homophobe”. I am not aware of Rob Ford getting any money from them. If they mean the mythical riches that the gay parade brings in, if that was true, how come the organizers show up at City Hall each year to beg and whine for public grants?


A weird guy with a weird sign


Most of the writings were unimaginative, repeating the same demands in the same language.



That practice of the lefties to write condemnations, which are displayed in public, has a striking resemblance with the practices of the Cultural Revolution in China. The Hongweibing (Red Guards), Chairman Mao’s army of young idiots, did exactly the same to condemn and dispose of the enemies of the “progressive forces” who have never been tried and convicted. Seeing this in Canada is a sign that the lefty stupidity is more resilient than the worst weeds.

The Torontonian Red Guards didn’t shy away from charging Rob Ford with murder – the weird guy in the picture above hinted at that in his sign – “Etobi-murder.”

Other scribes were more direct:


“Did you Rob sent to kill Smith?”


In the best traditions of the Toronto Star innuendo Rob Ford turns into a shady figure of the underground crime world. That’s not strange, because the Star and the Globe and Mail blackmail was highly valued by the participants:


So you admit that Star and Globe are maggots


The artsy downtown had problems with the fiscal policy of Rob Ford:

“The Fords have not saved the city a billion dollars! Liars!” (Written by a liar)



“Anybody can cut taxes. Toronto deserves a leader.”


Yes, taxes… They are a minor issue if you are a welfare bum of any kind, who doesn’t pay any taxes. The typical downtown inhabitant cannot figure out that the majority of people don’t want their taxes wasted on useless causes.

It was nice to read the lament of one of those people:


“”Mr” Ford, I never realized how much a mayor mattered or could fuck up my life until you. You are a shitty mayor. RESIGN NOW!”


And I never realized how a mayor could fuck up somebody’s life. To suffer that much, you must be a complete loser, who can’t do anything on his own. That sounds like a confession of a disgruntled unionized garbage collector or a homosexual activist, who lost his grant.


“Stop the Cocaine Train!”



That’s clever… So far there is no proof of link between Ford and cocaine. If you remember, Ford’s rival during the last election, George Smitherman, was a self-confessed cocaine junkie. Other than the lying dyke at Queen’s Park, Smitherman is the second prominent politician that the homosexual community of Toronto managed to produce. As an integral part of McGuinty gang of crooks, he was responsible for squandering billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money (eHealth anybody?).

Nobody on the left raised the issues of his addiction and incompetence during the campaign. Verily, verily I say unto you – if you are a homosexual in Toronto, you can do no wrong. If you’re a fat heterosexual guy who wants to cut taxes, all you do is wrong. Speaking of being fat, that didn’t escape the attention of the progressive people:



Ford is a pig – that’s very classy. Speaking of classy, take a look at this:


“Rob fuck you”



And what does Keith Richards think?


Looking at the losers who attended the rally, it’s more than clear that a mayor whose campaign slogan was “respect for the taxpayers” is not their guy. I remember at a reception during the mayoral campaign I asked Joe Pantalone about his platform. He spent a few minutes explaining with excitement how he was planning to build in Toronto the largest cricket field in North America.

That’s the kind of guy the left loves – who spends our money on useless feel-good projects. I think they have that guy, or rather gal, now. Judging from the newsletters she sends me, Olivia Chow is ready to become the new mayor of Toronto.

She and the anti-Ford people are a perfect match made in hell. Just like them, she has never done a day of honest work in her life. Her late husband Jack Layton, known for his escapades in gay bathhouses and affinity to Asian massage hookers, was a virtuoso in the art of separating the taxpayers from their money. I can see Jack and Olivia’s fans salivating at the prospect of Olivia approving millions and millions in grants for useless art projects and equally useless special interest groups.

The fight for Toronto rages on…

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Ford – Mayor by a Landslide but the war goes on

Rob Ford is the new mayor of Toronto!

It is not a surprise for those of us who supported him all the way, from the first uncertain months of his campaign when nobody believed in him to the last days when the mainstream press still insisted that he was still “neck in neck” with Smitherman.

Well, that shows how much our world is distorted by journalists.

Rob Ford won by a landslide, with 50% of the votes of a 50% voter turnout (as opposed to a 36% turnout in the previous election).

It was a loss for the flamboyant metrosexuals who thought that the tax-paying masses are too unsophisticated to know how to spend their own money.

It was a loss for those who thought that you could spend all your life mooching money off of those who work and make them feel guilty for not giving you enough.

It was a loss for the unkempt socialists who will be more than willing to send all our money to any bunch of non-working savages somewhere in the world.

But of course Ford will still need our support and we should keep watching his back, those who oppose him are already quite vocal about what they are going to do against him.

In a discussion panel at CityTV tonight they went out of their way to collect people who were direct in their intentions to stop him. Olivia Chow said that Ford has hard time collaborating with other people (translation: we at NDP will do everything to sabotage you).

Rocco Rossi and Warren Kinsella appeared next to each other (and Rocco didn’t try to strangle Kinsella!).

Somebody from the panel said that Ford must make any financial agreements with McGuinty’s government before their term expires, another one responded that they are going to lose the elections anyway.

Kinsella’s sharp reaction was: “That’s mythology. The Liberals are fine.”

What a wonderful response! If he sees the provincial Liberals’ catastrophic position in such rosy colours, we can only hope that they will entrust him with their re-election. Judging from his disastrous management of Rocco Rossi’s campaign, we can only hope that with his help we can rid of MacGuinty much faster.

Now, THAT will really help Rob Ford.