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Lars Vilks in Toronto or Why I Miss the Cold War

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Lars Vilks, the “controversial” Swedish cartoonist, who showed a dog with Mohammed’s head in one of his works, thus causing a world-wide Muslim hysteria, visited Toronto last week.  It was a rather sad event, because out of four events scheduled in North America, only the one in Toronto wasn’t cancelled. Little bit later I am going to explain why I found sadness in it.

The presentation was fascinating, Lars Hedegaard from the Danish Free Press Society appeared together with Vilks. The event was unlike anything that I have previously attended in my life. It was little bit scary, because for starters, the cartoonist came with six large, not very friendly guards dressed in black suits, who dispersed around the hall and tensely observed every move of the audience. In addition to that, the JDL members kept their own watch, starting with checking everybody with a metal detector. Then they continued patrolling around the building.

I am not going to cover the event in detail, the Canadian blogger Scaramouche  has already done it in such detail that I highly recommend that you read his post on the topic.

I only want to comment on why I think this event was sad. Read the rest of this entry »