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England – Death by Multiculturalism – The School Where Nobody Speaks English

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Your friendly Punjabi principal (photo The Guardian)


Leave it to The Guardian to turn Great Britain’s disastrous loss of cultural identity into something that is supposed to be cherished.

In a recent article the progressives who write for the paper take us to the Gladstone Primary School.

This educational institution has a dubious claim to fame – none of its 450 students speaks English as a first language. Most of them don’t even speak English when they are enrolled:

This fact fascinates and repels media commentators. “If you wonder what’s gone wrong with Britain look no further than Gladstone Primary School, Peterborough, where not one pupil speaks English as a first language,” thundered Peter Hill in The Express, without actually explaining why. Is Gladstone Primary a vision of a dystopian future or a triumph of multiculturalism? And what is it like to be a pupil and a teacher there?

The Guardian journalist brings in more statistics to refute that reactionary statement. The fact that the school feels more like a post-war refugee camp than a place of learning is quickly reframed as an exciting challenge:

Across Britain, schools are becoming more multicultural. Just over one million primary and secondary pupils spoke a first language other than English in 2012 compared with around 800,000 in 2007. On average, one in six (17.5%) primary school pupils in 2012 spoke another language at home, up from 16.8% in 2011. The challenges facing Gladstone primary, though, seem particularly acute. About 80% of its pupils are from a Pakistani background: most speak Punjabi but the school’s 20 other languages include Dari, Pashto, Gujarati, Kurdish, Arabic, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Polish, Slovakian, Czech, German and French.

Nothing explains better England’s self-disintegration than that Tower of Babel, hastily built by the politically correct authorities, who never found a primitive culture not worthy of setting foot on the country. The fact that most new immigrants don’t speak English doesn’t appear to be a problem. Social services steal enough money from the taxpayers to take care of the problem.

As of their children, putting them in a school where nobody speaks English guarantees that they won’t adapt. Most of the time is spent trying to learn “sophisticated” words such as “distressing” (and that’s for the bright students):

Not speaking English as a first language could amplify differences of ability within classrooms but in the Year 3 lesson with the thesaurus, pupils are engaged in vastly different tasks, according to their linguistic attainment. While some are learning sophisticated words such as “distressing” those who are currently less proficient in English are sorting words according to their place in the alphabet.

With such phenomenal achievements, it is safe to project that in a few years many of the pupils will be standing next to their parents on the welfare line. Or if they do better, they’ll dedicate their lives to bringing down “wealth disparity” by expanding the sharia courts.

Ms. Parker, the school principal, loves the situation, because she is one of the numerous left-leaning public servants, who are responsible for bringing England down to its current sorry state:

“Although I have socialist leanings, if somebody offers me something that benefits the children, I’ll take it,” jokes Parker.

She has a very politically correct CV, which lists multicultural teaching work in Pakistan. She even went as far as sticking an Urdu sign on her office door. That makes perfect sense – why should the illiterate immigrants learn English when we are ready to bend over to accommodate their ignorance?

No sugar-coating could hide the fact that such a weird place can’t function normally. The reporter grudgingly admits that there is bullying, but is quick to clarify that it’s the same as everywhere (no, it’s not):

If Gladstone has problems, they seem fairly typical of any school. When I arrive, a mother has turned up to discuss her daughter being bullied. (When I ask about racist bullying, Parker says the school addresses any incidents in the same way: “We are very open with children and we believe in restorative justice,” she says.) The repeated Ofsted scrutiny was enormously stressful. “There is no doubt it has a negative impact on staff health and wellbeing, and it wouldn’t be fair to gloss over that,” admits Parker.

I bet it has negative health impact. Otherwise Ms. Parker wouldn’t look as distressed as a Pakistani girl hiding from an arranged marriage.

I appreciate the sincere attempt of the lefty newspaper to convince us that self-destruction should be cherished as a new salvation. And I am sure that neither Blair, nor Cameron, nor the staffers of The Guardian would ever enrol their children in that Pakistani triumph of educational multiculturalism. They’ll be sure to get their kids as far as possible from that destructive environment, which will guarantee their failure. A place dominated by primitive cultures reproduces those cultures.

The progressives know that and their children are safely removed from that environment.

What about the rest of us?


© 2013

When Multiculturalism Takes Over the Police Force – a Reader’s Opinion

About a month ago I wrote about the efforts of the Toronto Police to recruit hijab-wearing Muslimas. Despite the outrage of the ordinary people and a few media outlets, it doesn’t seem like the police have figured out how absurd the idea is. One of my regular readers, “The Lone Ranger”, expressed his opinon about the issue. As it frequently happens, many more people hold the same views (although they often don’t have the time or the courage to write it down).

That’s why I think it is good to have The Lone Ranger’s opinion quoted in its entirity:


OK, I’m going to be controversial here. The slide in policing standards began when they accepted homosexual officers. Political correctness and moral relativism has caused enormous damage in almost all Western societies over the past 25 years. A little later, sprinkle in a large helping of multiculturalism and social engineering to the brew and you end up with an explosive concoction. The very idea of Muslim veiled women walking around Toronto in police uniforms and with high caliber Glock semi-automatic pistols strapped to their hips is a nightmare waiting to become a reality.

Will these Muslim female officers have to police the annual gay pride deviants fest? What will they do when they encounter naked homosexual men and lesbian women on the streets? Or will they be assigned desk duties during gay pride month so as not to be offended by the sight of naked adults on our streets? Will they be excused duties to attend Ramadan, while Christian officers are obliged to work through Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving? Will they be given sick leave when their husbands beat them black and blue as all “good” Muslim men are supposed to do when their spouses step out of line?

I can see nothing but trouble here. This experiment with Muslim & Sikh officers in the UK police has already floundered badly due to the enormous cultural and religious differences. Indeed, the created of separate ethnic police forces within police forces will ultimately lead to the destruction of any cohesion within the rank and structure of our city police services, and the break up of our society along religious and cultural lines.

” “Police in London already give victims the right to ask for a Sikh officer to be involved in an investigation, but the scheme could be introduced for other religions elsewhere.

Chief Supt Joanna Young, from the Met’s Criminal Justice Policy Unit, said: “If it’s a success, I would encourage the other (police) associations to do likewise.”

The project is intended to help investigate “honour” killings and forced marriages but Metropolitan Police Federation chairman Peter Smyth said: “We’re stretched thin enough already. Are Sikh officers going to have their rotas changed so there’s always one on duty?

“It’s political correctness gone mad. We talking about the creation of a separate force within a force.”

But Palbinder Singh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Sikh Association, said: “I don’t believe a white officer is ever going to be fully conversant with a Sikh.”

And this from Jihad Watch:

“You remember when far-right extremists blew up those bombs in London on July 7, 2005. This “rebellion” should induce authorities to wonder which side these Muslim police are really on. But it won’t. “Muslim police say Islam not to blame for terror attacks,” by Robert Winnett in the Telegraph, January 20 (thanks to Pamela):

Muslim police officers have rebelled openly against the Government’s anti-terrorism strategy, warning that it is an “affront to British values” which threatens to trigger ethnic unrest. The National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) claimed that ministers were wrong to blame Islam for being the “driver” behind recent terrorist attacks. Far-Right extremists were a more dangerous threat to national security, it said.

The officers told MPs that Muslims were being “stigmatised” by the Government’s attempts to tackle terrorism, which was adding to “hatred” against entire communities.

In the official intervention, the association said the Government’s anti-terrorism policies could not “continue unchecked”.

The comments, made in a seven-page memorandum to a parliamentary committee investigating extremism, are embarrassing for Gordon Brown. They indicated that Muslim officers may be reluctant to take part in “hearts and minds” anti-terrorism campaigns.

The organisation, which represents more than 2,000 officers, was previously publicly backed by Mr Brown. The Prime Minister said the association was crucial to bridge the historic divide between Muslims and the police….

In an analysis of the Prevent strategy, which is a set of policies designed to stop radicalisation, the organisation claimed: “The strategies of Prevent were historically focused on so-called Islamist extremism.

“This has subjected the biggest black and ethnic minority community, and second biggest faith group, in an unprecedented manner, stigmatising them in the process.

“Never before has a community been mapped in [such] a manner … it is frustrating to see this in a country that is a real pillar and example of freedom of expression and choice.

“Our British system is a model for the world to follow, yet we have embarked on a journey that has put this very core of British values under real threat.”

The association warned there were “echoes” of the racism of the 1970s and 1980s which led to inner city riots. “We appear to have ignored the lessons learnt from these dark days,” the officers said….

The Muslim officers believe the Government is wrong to blame Islam as the main driver of terrorist activity.

Research by “those convicted of terrorism acts shows Islam was not, and is not, a real driver but all our strategy seem to focus on is this un-evidenced view of Islam being the driver,” they said. The Government said that confronting Islamic terrorism was one of the key priorities of the anti-radicalisation strategy. Last night, the Foreign Office admitted that funding for counter-terrorism policies in Pakistan had been cut….”

The Lone Ranger

Tamil Tigers Party at Queen’s Park (with the Help of McGuinty and Occupy Toronto)


Tamil rally at Queen's Park, Toronto


On my way to the Occupy Toronto camp last Saturday I passed by a large Tamil rally at Queen’s Park. I should explain to the readers who are not Ontarians that Queen’s Park is the place where the Ontario Parliament is located.

Being a person who never misses the opportunity to improve his knowledge about the rich tapestry of our multiculturalism, I stopped to soak up more of the diversity the Tamils were offering. That was a rally demanding Tamil self-determination. The demand was displayed in the banner on the stage, which was supposed to be the main message supported by the Occupy Toronto folks who showed up to express their full support for the cause. Apparently, that was the reason why Jim Karygiannis, a Liberal MPP, was there as well.

However, the very first impression I got was that the whole thing was organized to promote the Tamil Tigers, a very well-known terrorist organization, which is supposedly illegal in Canada. The participants were proudly displaying hundreds of the organization’s flags. To make absolutely sure what their intentions were, activists were handing out thousands of large-size photographs of the Tigers’ notorious leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.


The flags of the Tamil Tigers, proudly displayed



Respect for the terrorist leader


Prabhakaran was marketed in the pictures as the “Tamils’ Leader”. OK, the stinky losers from Occupy Toronto are ignorant, and Karygiannis doesn’t care which multicultural bunch he supports, but the rest of Canada must be aware that Prabhakaran was one of the most despicable creatures who ever lived. He was a terrorist responsible for the death of tens of thousands of people.

He belongs in the same circle of hell where Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot reside. He killed many more people than Osama bin Laden. He has had warrants against him issued by Interpol, he had been sentenced by various courts to death or 200 years of prison.

Yet the Tamils in Toronto, to whom Canada provided hospitality, shelter and welfare payments, chose to worship that sorry excuse for a human being.

The funny thing was that none of the Tamils or the other people present questioned the legacy of that terrorist. I asked one of the blocks handing out the pictures who that guy was. He replied with anger (as if I had stolen his dessert) that this was their revolutionary leader. Being the only white person in this part of the crowd, I found it wiser to retreat. (Note to the Tamil activists – you look always nasty and angry and you are quite unlikable. If you want anybody to take your tripe seriously, adopt some PR strategy that fits the West. Just ask the Tibetans, they know how to handle those things).

Another “pleasant” surprise was to see Krisna Saravanamuttu at the rally. He was one of the speakers introduced as the spokesman for the National Council of Canadian Tamils. Well, I have not so pleasant memories of that individual. Previously he was the president of the student union at York University. Last year he was one of the organizers of an event where George Galloway spoke (which I covered).

Galloway is a vicious anti-Semite and a material supporter of Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist organization for which he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because of that he was totally disgraced as a member of the British Parliament and ended up as a participant in Big Brother and correspondent for Press TV, the station run by Iranian Muslim fanatics.

Obviously, this is the type of person Krisna admires. During the event, there was a large group of Jewish students protesting Galloway. At certain point, Krisna infiltrated the group with a gang of Muslim students and tried to start a fight (an I have the pictures to prove it), but fortunately the police escorted them out.

At this rally Krisna supported even worse terrorist group than Hamas – the Tamil Tigers, but that wasn’t a problem – he is used to doing that. He and the angry Tamils with the flags and Prabhakaran’s pictures were a perfect match.

And that brings me to my main point – the pathetic condition of Canada caused by the insane politics of multiculturalism. Here we have thousands of people, who escaped Sri Lanka to get away from the violence incited by their own organization, the Tamil Tigers. And yet, when they came here they continued to support the same terrorists.

When in 2009 Prabhakaran and the top of his gang were finally exterminated by the Sri Lankan army, the Tamils organized noisy protests all over Canada. In Toronto, over 2000 of them blocked a major highway for several hours. None of those criminals was ever arrested.


Even more flags...


They wanted Canada to get involved in their stupid civil war. Of course, we had politicians who were eager to deliver to get a few more votes. In a press release issued at that time, NDP stated:

“With the end of the Sri Lankan civil war in 2009, New Democrats urged the Conservative government to take the lead with the international community to help rebuild the country. Specially ensuring the protection of all civilians, full access for humanitarian workers and media, and initiate internationally mediated efforts aimed at achieving a durable political solution to the conflict in Sri Lanka.”

What a great solution! To stop the Tamil protests and prevent illegal immigration (you probably remember the rusty boat with phoney Sri Lankan refugees that arrived last year) we must spend billions of dollars to “rebuild” a third-world shithole. And it never occurred to NDP that all the money will be stolen by local Sri Lankan crooks (it’s not a secret that in those third-world countries they laugh at the Canadian gullibility).

That’s the reason why that swindler Jack Layton was so highly regarded by the Tamils and other third-world freeloaders.

Am I the only person in Toronto who finds this horrifying? There were nearly 5,000 people gathered in front of the Provincial Parliament waving flags of a terrorist organization and carrying portraits of its leader and nobody in the press condemned that. What’s next? Nazi party and KKK rallies? O, that would not be politically correct – in Canada only dark-skinned people are allowed to openly support terrorism (the anti-Semites from the Iranian Muslim organization called CASMO were allowed to do the same two months ago).

I’ve never hidden the fact that I am an immigrant. I came to this country for a very particular reasons – I expected to live in an environment where the individual rights are respected, where a murderous organization can’t be promoted openly. Yet, what I see now is that in the name of multiculturalism, a barbaric terrorist organization is openly supported with the help of the provincial government and the Occupy Toronto lunatics.

The latter would support anything, even a monkey convention, to get more exposure for their dying cause, but I expected more from the Ontario government. If the Tamil extremists are encouraged to do that, what would their next step be? Bombings? Resurection of the Tamil Tigers here and in Sri Lanka? Killing everybody who is against their cause?

And this is a message for the Tamils – nobody in Canada gives a damn about your civil war and anything that happened while it was going on. If you are so eager to resolve your issues, don’t get us involved. You can buy the rusty steamer on which your fake refuges arrived last year and go back to Sri Lanka. Once you reach it, you can rebuild it, fight against anyone you want, but just stay there. Nobody cares about your country’s problems. Why stay here, if your only use for Canada is to force it into your bloody civil war?

And this is a question for every Canadian, for whom this country still means something: isn’t it time to scrap completely the refugee program, which fills Canada with hostile people, who would never see it as their homeland?


© 2011


Salim Mansur in Toronto: The Failure of Multiculturalism


Salim Mansur and Raheel Raza last Sunday in Toronto


Salim Mansur was in Toronto yesterday to give a talk on his new book Delectable Lie: A Liberal Repudiation of Multiculturalism”. The event was organized by Forum for Learning (presented by Raheel Raza) and the International Free Press Society (IFPS).

He is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Western Ontario (in London). His specialty would raise a big red flag in the minds of many people. The political science departments usually are swarming with delusional “scholars” who, instead of doing real research, use their positions to spew whatever leftist dogma they have been indoctrinated in.

Prof. Mansur stated in the very beginning of his remarks that his major premise about multiculturalism is that it is a lie, without any basis in reality or philosophy. His position made the mainstream media wary; they tried to avoid any coverage of his views. He had the hardest time in the “Republic of Toronto”, which is like a different country, where McGuinty and his people could get re-elected, while losing elsewhere in Ontario. The major papers (Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and National Post) refused to touch the theme in any way. At the same time, he got offers for discussions and meetings from many different parts of the country.

He has been working on that issue for years, but the final push came after a Maritime think tank commissioned from him an essay about multiculturalism. When he tried to put all his findings into the essay, he found out it was impossible to cover the topic in such a short paper. The think tank asked him to present the essay and told him that if there is anything extra, he should put it into a larger work. That’s how the book was born.

From that point of view, Mansur is a rare bird – although he is an Indian Muslim, who came to Canada in 1973, he didn’t go the easy way of spreading propaganda on “racialization”, “oppression”, “minorities issues”, etc.etc. , as the Canadian elites expect somebody like him to behave. He chose to do real research of real problems. That made him a real scholar, but getting out of the Liberal Party box didn’t play well with the establishment.

In her introduction, Mary-Lou Ambrogio, Vice-President of IFPS, specifically mentioned that – Mansur has never been politically correct. He was one of the first scholars in Canada to write about the radical Islam after 9/11 and he is also a columnist for Sun Media. It’s no wonder that he receives hate mail. The controversy followed him when he tried to publish his new book. Although it was well researched and covered very real problems, many Canadian publishers were afraid to get into an open discussion of multiculturalism.

It didn’t help that Salim Mansur refused to change or soften his positions to make the book less controversial (from their point of view). That’s why the IFPS firmly stood behind the book and sponsored its publication.

Then Raheel Raza made an introduction to his views by reading a column he recently wrote about multiculturalism.

The concept of multiculturalism is supposed to make us feel good, so the elites, in the name of stability, don’t want to allow any criticism or even discussion about it. The legislation on multiculturalism was imposed on us first by Trudeau and then by Mulroney without any discussion. If it were put up for a vote, it would’ve been most likely defeated.

The government never bothered to present any factual or conceptual justification for it. All the government-issued documents on the topic are just fluff – you can read in them about “celebrating differences”, “diversity” and many other empty phrases, but you’ll never find any explanation of the context or necessity of

Salim Mansur wrote his book to fill that gap. He thought it was important to explain the meaning of “liberal” used in the title. He is a firm supporter of the small-letter liberalism, a concept, which advances the individual freedoms, developed by Adam Smith, Tocqueville, and many other thinkers. That’s opposed
to Liberalism with a big letter, which hijacked the word, but is using it to endorse a political party system, which defends collectivism and a powerful state.

Multiculturalism disposes of the individual rights and freedoms and puts in the centre of its values the groups united by different cultures, claiming that all those cultures are equal. That is a totally false claim. Canada is great not because of multiculturalism and diversity, but because it is a liberal democracy, where the rule of law guarantees the freedoms of the individual.

Cultures are not equal, never have been equal, and never would be equal. It would be absurd to claim that the culture of the Huns was equal to the Roman culture (even in its years of decay). The same applies to the Islamic culture and the Western democracies.

The individuals are those who should be equal in the sense of being treated equally. The classical liberalism is all about the individual rights.

It’s absurd to equate cultures, but that’s what multiculturalism does. In doing so, that doctrine aims to destroy free speech, because it is hostile to criticizing any cultural differences.

The issue of immigration is the most acute public policy issue affected by multiculturalism. That became a pressing issue after in the USA they adopted the Open Immigration Act (in 1965), which was mirrored in Canada a few years later.

Decades before that, immigration was much more difficult. Due to the more primitive means of transportation, it required a significant commitment and expenses. Once people arrived in their new countries, they felt grateful and did their best to fit in and contribute. They embraced the culture of the USA and Canada and adapted quickly, considering themselves Americans or Canadians, without hyphens.

Now conditions are very different, changed by the revolution in transportation. Moving around the globe is much easier. The situation creates new problems – the old immigrant mentality is being replaced by the migrant worker’s point a view. The migrant workers always consider themselves temporary guests, who don’t plan to change their ways. The new immigrants are under no pressure to become Americans or Canadians, on the contrary, they are even encouraged to “celebrate their culture” and isolate themselves in the new country, no integration is required. Eventually, that leads to fragmentation of our society, where those ethnic islands are protected by government legislations and human rights commissions.

This is a very touchy issue, but we will have to face it. While the elites ignore it, the ordinary people are very well aware of it. Then Salim Mansur said that when he came to Canada in the 1970’s, he was attracted by the liberal democracy and the protection of individual rights. A few decades later, he sees the country divided, with a government and media that don’t allow discussion of the differences. And that’s not a good sign – when people’s thoughts and grievances are bottled up and suppressed, they tend to explode in unpredictable ways. We should avoid that.

During the Q&A session, Prof. Mansur had the chance to express his strong opinion about the Human Rights Commissions in Canada. It’s disgraceful that they want to control free speech through Section 13 (1). Canada is one of the most developed and important countries in the world. There is absolutely no reason to have in our democracy a gag law enforced by the unelected members of those commissions.

He recalled a talk he had with the rights lawyer Allan Borovoy years ago. Borovoy told him that when the human rights commissions were established in the 1960’s, the idea was to defend people from real discrimination by employers and when looking for housing. The commissions were supposed to be alternatives to courts, which provide conflict resolution at much lower price. Now they have deteriorated to the point where they try to censor media and curtail personal freedoms.

You can’t have a commission protecting your feelings – if you don’t want to be offended, don’t listen to that radio station, don’t read the book or the magazine, etc. Nobody can be legislated into liking somebody else. The Human Rights Commissions are kangaroo courts. He ironically remarked that despite his confrontational position, HRC is afraid to go after him because he is a brown guy, while the white people like Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant are considered a fair target. With so much evidence about the destructive role of the commissions, we must hope that the government will finally take the long-promised action against them.

Overall, that was a great presentation. I suppose that for as long as people like Professor Salim Mansur, who are not afraid to voice their opinion, are not silenced, our country has the chance to remain a real democracy.

© 2011

Swedish Teen Gang Loots Ottawa Store


Didn’t see any Swedes? Oops, it’s my fault, I didn’t want to put any video without the obligatory white man guilt admission. After all, you can get away with any slanderous statement against white people.

Yes, you can see a large crowd of black kids (most of them probably Somalis), but according to some of the comments to the Toronto Sun article, where the video appeared, if you look carefully, you can see towards the end three white guys. Of course, that’s great – the white boys must have inspired the little black scumbags to attack the store.

To be frank, if it wasn’t for SUN TV, we would have never seen the video and would’ve been left with the impression (like they say in France) that the attack was conducted by unidentified “youths”. Amish, Mormons, Mennonites? Who knows…

The Ottawa police have the same vague opinion about the perpetrators. Such mob attacks are usual in Ottawa. On June 17 this year a gang similar to those
lovely kids, swarmed and beat up an Ottawa man leaving him unconscious for several hours. Eventually, he suffered from broken skull and hearing loss. The
article in Ottawa Sun where the case was reported, mentioned numerous similar cases.

Yet the opinion of the police is that the perpetrators are some kind of unidentified space aliens, for this is the warning they issued:

Personal Robberies and Swarmings

The Ottawa Police Robbery Unit recommends the following safety tips concerning personal robberies and swarmings:

Be alert to your surroundings and avoid isolated areas, in particular after dark and when withdrawing money from ATMs;

Travel with multiple friends whenever possible;

Be wary of inadvertently displaying possessions such as cell phones and personal music devices; and,

Let someone know where you are going and when you can be expected home.

Should you become a victim of a swarming or personal robbery, the following steps are recommended:

Do not resist your attackers, they may be armed and this could lead to serious injury or death;

Try and memorize their faces, clothing and licence plates if they leave in vehicles;

Call 911 as soon as possible, or if you are around an OC Transpo facility look for an emergency call box; and,

If you are a student and are robbed at school or by someone from your school, report the event to the office and to the Ottawa Police Service.


Hey, that’s perfectly fine – if you identify those little black punks, you would interfere with our generous multicultural program that is guaranteed to let any
minority do whatever they want as long as it is directed against “The Man.”

That scheme has been in force in the USA for many years with predictable results:

Recently, editors for the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune have all publicly admitted to censoring black crime. They all said they justified it to protect blacks from being stigmatized. In his recent undercover videos, LA Lawyer Ben Shapiro recorded the creator of the TV show COPS stating the same thing.

All have decided that political correctness is more important than public safety.

No one has ever claimed that censoring information about crime makes the public safer. So why are major media bosses justifying all of this censorship? It is time to put public safety above political correctness and confront crime as it happens.

If media, police, and politicians do not openly and honestly confront the growing trend of brutal black on white crime things will only get much worse. It will also severely poison race relations in this country. Censorship is never justified when it puts the public in danger.

If you look again at the video, you’ll see that most of those little pieces of garbage laugh when they are grabbing merchandise and running out of the store. The whole exercise is fun for them. Why not? They feel like little Robin Hoods who stuck it up to the evil exploiter who owns the store.

And that’s the point of this post.

The times when Canada carefully selected the immigrants coming to our country on the basis of the potential contributions they could bring here to improve their own lives and the lives of everybody else are long gone.

Now Canada, under the pressure of the corrupt UN, accepts all kinds of backward people from third world countries. That wouldn’t have been a problem if we had an integration system that made sure the immigrants adapted to our country.

That’s not the case – the social services and schools are dominated by lefty dimwits, who go out of their way to make sure that the newcomers remember that they can demand whatever they want. After all, according to the lefties, all immigrant crimes could be excused because of the “colonialism”
that ended over 60 years ago.

So we have scores of refugees from a failed continent (there isn’t a single successful African country), where lawlessness is the normal state of the society. Killing, robbing, and looting are the only entertainment available. And thanks to our socialists, those people are allowed to keep their vile ways, instead of adapting to our civilization.

And everybody, who tells them that they should respect that little thing called “law”, is branded a “racist” and chased by the Human Rights Commission hounds.

Yes, it’s much easier to collect welfare and steal instead of working. It’s nice to punish the horrible white colonizers. In this particular case, the small problem is that the store owner’s name is Mohammed, a Muslim and probably a minority himself, and he doesn’t fit into the colonialism paradigm.

But as Lenin would say, we must look at things from a dialectical point of view – although Mohammed is not a colonizer, he still operates from within the dreaded capitalist system, and thus he must be punished. Instead of “exploiting” people he could’ve collected welfare cheques and provided manpower to the poverty activists’ demonstrations.

My crystal ball tells me that thanks to our government, police and progressives we will be enjoying hundreds more of those third-world-people committed lootings and swarming for many years to come.

Congratulations, Canada! Enjoy your diversity!

© 2011

Feng Shui Multiculturalism

The Canadian multiculturalism has delivered another blow on common sense. It was announced few days ago that the University of British Columbia has put on hold the plans to build a hospice on its campus. The reason for that were the objections of a group of Chinese people, who live in condominium building nearby. They believed that a building full of dying people will disturb the feng shui balance – their daily lives will be put in disarray due to the negative energy emitted by the hospice.

This incident may look insignificant, but it is symptomatic of the level to which our country has descended since the time when the philandering Mr. Trudeau shoved multiculturalism down Canada’s collective throat. At the time the issue wasn’t discussed widely, maybe people thought that he was opening the country to the best and brightest of the world cultures. Instead Canada was flooded with bizarre believes, which according to the dogmas of multiculturalism must be treated as equal to the Western culture.

In this case, according to the press, the Chinese condominium residents probably had two reasons to do what they did. The first one was the fear of dropping property values. Reportedly each one of them paid over one million dollars for their condominiums and they won’t be able to get that much when reselling them to the next sucker. But since you can’t count this as a legitimate reason, they played the multicultural card. Whatever the real reason, their behaviour is beyond appalling: to deny dying people a facility for your selfish reasons doesn’t put them very high on the scale of morality. If the developers were proposing a strip club or an Irish pub they might have had a legitimate objection, but to oppose a hospice that will be guaranteed to be quiet is really low.

But that’s the way the Chinese parvenus act: after making their money by selling substandard junk to the West produced by child labour or severely exploited workers, they think that the money they have gives them a free pass to do whatever they want. In China they would’ve dealt with the issue in a simple way by just making the demand to the local authorities who are dependent on them. Since China still hasn’t bribed enough politicians in Canada to follow the whims of those “Canadians”, they put into play the most stupid and primitive elements of the Chinese culture.

The funny thing about their demand is how they defended it. The Globe and Mail in its coverage of the case quotes a certain Ms. Janet Fan, apparently a spokeswoman for the group, who says: “It is all about cultural sensitivity. We came here as new immigrants with our own belief system. And in our beliefs, it is impossible for us to have dying people in our backyard.”

I want to stop for a minute and think about that statement. Saying that the woman is viciously arrogant would be an understatement. She and the people behind her can serve as a poster child of the essence of multiculturalism and what’s wrong with it: a group of low-life opportunists come to Canada with the goal to exploit it misguided tolerance with a primitive, stone-age worthy belief and they have absolutely no intention to adapt. The stupid Canadians must accept their belief, no matter what.

Feng Shui is a primitive superstition with no basis in reality. The fact that millions of people in China believe in it doesn’t make it more valid. And the fact that enterprising swindlers are selling it to naïve Canadians through the Learning Annex or the web doesn’t add more credibility either. After all, don’t forget that many millions in medieval Europe believed in witchcraft and you probably remember what was the result of that.

My first encounter with feng shui was long time ago when I used to work for a small hotel in Toronto owned by a Taiwanese family. They were Canadian citizens, but lived in Taiwan just like many other “Canadians” who live in their respective countries and remember Canada only when they need something from her. At least the Taiwanese family was paying taxes on their Toronto property.

One day we found a large kitschy painting in the hotel’s storage room.  It showed a picture of a river flowing toward the observer. We decided to hang it in the lobby facing the front door. The next month, the owners came from Taiwan for their regular visit. Upon entering the lobby and seeing the picture, the matron of the family started to yell something in Chinese. The Chinese girl who worked there explained to me that according to feng shui, water flow meant money. And by pointing the flow toward the door, we let the money go away. The picture must be facing the front desk where the money should go.

We moved the picture within minutes. Did it change anything? Not at all. And I didn’t need feng shui to tell you why. The hotel was run on a shoestring, with repairs done only if absolutely necessary, after finding the cheapest possible company in Chinatown. It was no wonder that we couldn’t charge any decent price for the stay.

You may say that the westerners are no better with their astrology and palmistry, but can you imagine how the authorities will treat anybody here who tries to justify his or her objection to something through astrology and palmistry? They will laugh them out. Yet they cave in when feng shui is used as a reason even though it is exactly as stupid as astrology and palmistry.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t the universities supposed to be temples of science and truth created to destroy the darkness of ignorance? Why then the University of British Columbia backed off under the pressure of an ancient superstition? Where they bribed by them? The answer is simple: if the condominium Chinese had gone to complain to the Human Rights Commission, it would have cost the university a big chunk of money.

Those commissions act exactly like the medieval inquisition, upholding the most bizarre beliefs and actions and charging institutions, businesses and individuals thousands of dollars just because they dared to oppose those beliefs.

Of course, the university should know that they may have a chance of winning because in the reverse discrimination scale of the Human Rights Commissions, the rich Chinese don’t have a very high status. They are not deprived enough, even though they are higher than the whites.

If the hospice was designed for overweight white Christian men with Anglo-Saxon names who have voted for Harper and they are dying of diabetes, there will be no chance of winning. The dying will probably be shipped in cattle trucks to the deepest rain forests of British Columbia to die in obscurity.

However, if the hospice was to be used by lesbian Haitian converts to Islam, who are dying of AIDS, the commission may decide that the luxury Chinese condominiums nearby are a far better option to house them.

That’s not funny. Things in our country have deteriorated to the point where the traditional Western culture is pushed systematically into the sewer of history and the quasi-cultures that are trying to take over have to fight with each other to establish supremacy.

Actually it will be funny for the Westerners to watch how those “cultures” devour each other. Many Muslims can firmly state just like Ms. Fan that they came to Canada with their own “belief system”. How long would it take before the Muslims demand shutting down Chinese restaurants, because the fumes of the pork cooked there offends their cultural sensitivity? And since they also have a strong belief in their righteousness, their demand should be granted. The anti-pork belief is as stupid as the feng shui belief so it will be hard to decide which stupidity is superior from the viewpoint of political correctness.

From the same point of view, an African witch doctor may ask for the same license as a Western medical doctor. That will be easy to justify: the Western doctor is a servant of “big pharma” who poisons his patients with useless chemicals, while the witch doctor is an oppressed shaman close to nature who mobilizes the natural forces to cure people (and he fights colonialism as a side business).

Isn’t anybody bothered by that monstrous travesty of justice?! Using primitive beliefs to fight dying people is a disgrace to that part of the Chinese community, which is involved in this incident. Where are the educated Chinese scientists and engineers to condemn what happened? It is natural to think that they would be above the superstitions. Their silence implies that they are not against the attack on reason. They probably feel comfortable when the culture that created the country they were willing to immigrate to is destroyed as long as their homeland’s superstitions are doing the job of destruction.

And what about the politicians? Olivia Chow, the most prominent Canadian politician of Chinese background hasn’t said a word either. Last year she went out of her way to confront the statements of the CSIS director Richard Fadden and even managed to censor his book, in which he stated that China is spying on Canada.  Everybody knows that China is doing that in many countries, including here. China maintains spies in all industrialized nations.

In her propaganda materials that she sends me often (I am her constituent), Olivia champions the cause of the underprivileged. Here is her opportunity to take the side of the dying people against the arrogance of the rich Chinese parvenus. Is she going to do it? Of course she won’t, if she keeps silent, she will keep getting those donations and would never be deprived of the precious Chinese votes.

Her son (or stepson or whatever) Mike Layton recently joined the family NDP business as a Toronto councillor from Trinity-Spadina. His first action in his new position was to waste the council’s time by involving it in a harassment campaign against MacLeans Magazine for publishing an article that supposedly offended the Chinese.  That is the second attack against the magazine after the Arabs sued it few years ago. Obviously, the multicultural police don’t like any objective discussion. Jack and Olivia must be proud of him for maintaining the family legacy of fighting against our country’s traditions.

Maybe we should remind those feng shui enthusiasts that it is not acceptable in Canada to justify your greed and arrogance with superstitions (at least for now, until the Human Rights Commission outlaws reason and logic). And as for the Layton-Chow family, they should be aware that their Chinese masters are not the only people who live in the Trinity-Spadina area. Catering to greedy parvenus who think that they can turn Canada into a miniature China is not a political strategy that will ensure the family’s political future, unless the thinking Canadians lose their minds.

Opening the door to that insane Chinese superstition will definitely bring a flood of even more insanity coming from many other parts of the world, which will eventually obliterate everything that our country stood for.  But probably that’s the not-so-deeply hidden plan of multiculturalism.

The Religion of Peace Strikes Sweden

It was bound to happen – the Great Religion of Peace hit Sweden. It was reported tonight that in Stockholm a person was dead and two injured after a bomb exploded. At the same time car parked in a nearby street also exploded.

Police forensics experts examine the remains of a suspected suicide bomber

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi - The Dead Muslim Bomber

The dead man was the perpetrator, who tried to detonate several bombs strapped around his waist amid a crowd of Christmas shoppers. Fortunately, only one of them worked, enough to kill him. Before doing it, he shouted out something in Arabic, as the witnesses say.

Before the explosions, the police received messages that something like that is going to happen because of the Lars Vilks’s cartoons depicting Mohammed and Sweden’s involvement in Afghanistan. Read the rest of this entry »

Should the Whites Feel Guilty about the Aboriginals in Canada?

In July we published a story about a Canadian white woman who was denied a government job because of her race. It was an appalling case of discrimination, which would never make it to the Human Rights Commission. Few days ago we received a letter from a reader, which made some great points about that post.

Since those are issues that need to be discussed in public, below we show the full text of the letter, followed by our comments. The only change made was to omit the reader’s name in order to protect his/her privacy:

I was reading the post from July 26th, 2010 entitled “Get Lost Whitey” by admiwrath and I had the following response. You want to discuss institutional racism? Have you even considered the consistent marginalization of aboriginal peoples in this country is the ultimate example of this practice? Maybe before you start complaining about the hiring practices of the Canadian government you should consider why it is that you are here in the first place.


Where ever you are in Canada right now, you are on stolen land. This land was stolen from aboriginal people through a completely absurd treaty process which was forced upon First Nations. Or perhaps you think this sort of blatantly racist treatment of aboriginals in Canada is relegated to the history texts. Not so, my friend. Many native communities have inadequate infrastructure: poor and over-crowded housing, over 100 reserves are on a “boil water” advisory or are without basic sewage and electricity. Aboriginal health is also generally poorer than that of the average Canadian: higher infant mortality rates, lower life expectancy, tuberculosis rates 8 to 10 times higher than the rest of Canada.

Many reserves also lack proper educational facilities (see Attawapiskat or Kasheshewan, Ontario). In fact, 1 in 4 First Nations children live in poverty compared to 1 in 6 children in Canada. Overall, the average Canadian gets services from the federal, provincial and municipal governments at an amount that is almost two-and-a-half times greater than that received by First Nations citizens. If you really believe that whites are somehow being treated unfairly, perhaps you should read the article, “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” by Peggy McIntosh, followed by “The Color of Supremacy: Beyond the Discourse of White Privilege” by Zeus Leonardo.

If these are not your thing, try researching the UN Human Rights Council’s condemnation of Canada’s treatment of aboriginal and other marginalized people. Canada was one of 4 nations which refused to endorse the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (the other 3 being Australia, New Zealand and the US…all of whom have substantial indigenous populations and essentially the most to lose from giving aboriginal people the same rights as everyone else). Now, do you really think that the government’s hiring practices are unfair? Don’t aboriginal people deserve some sort of leg-up after centuries of devastation? Just a thought.

C****** from Ottawa


Dear C******,

You make some excellent points, which need to be discussed openly for the benefit of the Canadian public.

I am not complaining about the government hiring practices per se. What bothers me is that the government ignores a document called Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Supposedly, it was introduced to ensure the equal treatment of all Canadians, yet the Left with remarkable ingenuity violates the Charter by introducing more and more minority right, for which the silent majority is supposed to pay. Read the rest of this entry »

The Bitter Fruits of the Danish Multiculturalism

The following is an interesting case of what happens when a good-meaning liberal goes beyond the bleeding-hard phraseology and tries to actually help the poor “victimized” people. A recent article in Jyllands-Posten (H/T Fivefeeotfury) tells the story of Michelle Hviid, a good-hearted Danish leftist, who tried to make a difference in the lives of the predominantly Muslim immigrant population in Denmark.

Few years ago she came up with the idea to move into one of the largest Copenhagen ghettoes. To be fair to the Danish authorities, they didn’t designate the area as a ghetto, where they wanted to isolate the “poor” immigrants. They had the noble intention to provide affordable housing to those people, but as it always happens, giving something for nothing to those who are hostile to the West and refuse to adapt, turned the area into a hotbed of crime.

So Michelle decided to help those people by starting an initiative of sharing a meal with the ghetto’s inhabitants. She organized nearly 1,500 Danes willing to do that in the name of mutual understanding. However, the other side wasn’t that responsive, only about 500 of the Muslims were willing to take part. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to Canada, Tamil Tigers!

A ship carrying 490 Tamils, among which smugglers and possibly people linked to the Tamil Tigers, a known terrorist organization, had no problem arriving in Canada last week.  Now we have another batch of freeloaders, who for a long while will be getting free food, free housing, and free healthcare. The government showed us once again that illegal migrants’ interest come far above the interests of its citizens and the people who wait for years to immigrate to Canada. What were they thinking??? Read the rest of this entry »

Your Friendly Multicultural Exploiter

Recently Toronto Star ran a story about the labour conditions in Toronto’s Chinatown. Their main example was a woman, who came from China in 2006. Apparently, she didn’t start work until this year, because she was raising two young children. She didn’t speak any English, so her only option was working in Chinatown.

She found a job at a manicure salon, but then was asked to pay $400 deposit for the privilege to work there. On top of that she agreed to work seven days a week, ten hours a day and receive for that $25 daily wage. Eventually, she had to leave the job due to exhaustion.  Read the rest of this entry »


Several weeks ago “Toronto Sun” reported about another mind-blowing decision of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. They decreed that a Sikh security guard, who was required to wear a hard hat during construction work at Home Depot and refused to do so, has been discriminated against.

The incident happened in December 2005, and as usual has been dragged for years. The security guard (named Deepinder Loomba) was asked to replace his turban with a hard hat to ensure his safety while the repair works were done at the store and so was everybody else. Read the rest of this entry »

Get Lost, Whitey! How the Canadian Government Uses Institutional Racism in Its Hiring Practices

It is strange that somebody finally realized that the hiring policies of the Government of Canada are plagued with racism. That’s nothing new. Everybody with even a modest IQ level has been painfully aware of that while applying for any government job.

The strange thing is that the Government finally stated that they plan to do something about it. All that commotion was started few days ago by Sara Landriault. Being a stay-at-home mom she was out of the work force for few years. After raising her children she decided to look for a job. She was interested in the position of an administrative assistant at citizen and immigration, but the friendly multicultural racists from the human resources department had a nasty surprise for her. It turned out the job was open only to aboriginal applicants. Read the rest of this entry »


It’s official! We already have the first sharia-compliant decision in Canada. Last week a judge in Calgary set free a devout Muslim woman who strangled to death her “promiscious” and unrully 14-year old daughter.

Aset Magomadova came to Canada in 2004 with her daughter, son, and sister. She was sponsored as a refugee by Canadian organizations, among which was the Anglican Church, in settled in Calgary. They arrived from Chechnya, where the local Muslim militants have been fighting with the Russian government for many years. Read the rest of this entry »