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Howard Grief Memorial Held in Toronto

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A memorial service was held last night for Howard Grief, a prominent Canadian and Israeli lawyer and legal scholar. His decades-long work on the legal aspects of the Jewish State made a unique contribution to the issue of its legitimacy. Before, Israel’s restoration was usually seen as justified solely by the Biblical history or as an act of mercy by the Europeans, who tried to redeem the feeling of guilt for the Holocaust.

After years of painstaking research, Howard Grief reached the conclusion that the Jews have inalienable rights to the land of Israel established by international laws and agreements, which have never been revoked. He published his findings in his monumental work (over 730 pages) “The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law: A Treatise on Jewish Sovereignty over the Land of Israel.”

The full hall of the Toronto Zionist Centre, where the event took place, was a clear sign that Howard Grief’s life and contributions are remembered. The memorial was led by Renanah Goldhar-Gemeiner, who has worked for a long time on publicizing a petition to the House of Commons to reaffirm the Jewish rights over the land of Israel, which Canada affirmed in 1922.

Renanah Goldhar-Gemeiner

Renanah Goldhar-Gemeiner


Many attendees – relatives, friends and supporters – shared their memories about Howard Grief. From their words emerged the picture of a gentle and attentive man, who had an utmost respect for the people around him. His work was the meaning of his life and despite his failing health in his later years, he never stopped promoting his ideas.

Goldi Steiner and Salomon Benzimra from Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights shared their impressions from the contacts with Howard Grief. He fully supported their work to make the information about the rights of Israel widely available, specifically in the education system of Israel. Despite the attempts of various forces to belittle those issues, they were encouraged by Mr. Grief, who was confident that when you work hard on spreading the truth, it will eventually reach everybody.

Salomon Benzimra

Salomon Benzimra


Salomon Benzimra explained how Howard Grief’s research inspired him to get involved in the legal issues surrounding Israel. When he wrote his own book intended to popularize the truth about Israel, he sent the manuscript to Mr. Grief, who meticulously examined it and made numerous remarks.

Mark Vandermaas (from Israel Truth Week) told us how he discovered the work of Howard Grief. Some time ago he attended an event by Tahir Gora’s organization of Muslims combatting anti-Semitism, where Salomon Benzimra spoke. The only objection came from a representative of a certain Jewish organization, who stated that the issue of Israel’s legal rights shouldn’t be discussed, because it will hurt the two-state solution.

Mark Vandermaas

Mark Vandermaas


After talking to Salomon, he learned about Howard Grief’s work. He saw its importance in the fact that it provided an antidote to the lies and deceptions that have surrounded the restoration of the Jewish State. Before that, like most people, he thought that Israel was created by a single act in 1947. His own experience as an activist taught him that those, who deny the legitimacy of Israel and promote anti-Semitism under the disguise of criticizing the “Israeli apartheid,” are basically the same people, who defend illegal occupations and breaking the rule of law in Canada. In that sense, opposing anti-Semitism (regardless of its stripes) is also a struggle for preserving the democratic values of Canada.


Prayer for Howard Grief and Israel

The memorial concluded with a prayer for Howard Grief and Israel.

You can see highlights from the event in this video:

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Israel Truth Week Event at Ryerson University

On March 14 Israel Truth Week, an initiative dedicated to educating Canadians about Israel, held its first event at a university. Toronto’s Ryerson University hosted a presentation by Salomon Benzimra on the legal rights of the Jewish people to the land of Israel.

Organized jointly by ITW, Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights (CILR) and the Ryerson Israeli Student Association, the lecture’s goal was to confront the propaganda spread within our universities during the Israeli Apartheid Week.



In front of the audience, which included students and visitors from outside of the university, Mark Vandermaas introduced Salomon Benzimra and his work. Goldi Steiner from CILR provided information about the activities of the organization, which include spreading the truth about Israel not only in Canada, but also in Israel, where not enough has been done to communicate that truth to the younger generation. The targets of the tireless work of CILR are not limited just to individuals and organizations; they also include politicians like Moshe Yaalon, a supporter of CILR, who recently became the new Defense Minister of Israel.



Goldi Steiner introduces CILR


In his lecture Salomon Benzimra covered the most important facts about how the rights of the Jewish people over the land of Israel were recognized.


Salomon Benzimra speaks


The audience listened with interest the concise presentation, which covered the history of the issue from ancient times to the most recent developments. I am not going to cover the presentation in detail in this post – I have done that before when writing about his other appearances (including the Israel Truth Week conference talk on March 5, 2013). Besides, you can find everything explained in his book “The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel” (available at Amazon).


Mark Vandermaas in the audience


I want to write about another important thing – under the ITW time constraints, Salomon had to limit his talk to the time allotted, there wasn’t much time for communication with the audience. The Ryerson event provided plenty of time for a dialogue with the people present.

While answering the questions, Salomon had the opportunity to share his extensive knowledge about the problems facing Israel.

As it has happened before, a question came about the discrepancy between the emotional and rational approach toward those issues. While the lecture covers convincingly the facts, many people, especially activists, tend to ignore them and act upon emotions that are difficult to confront.

From that point of view, an elderly gentleman shared the case of his family. His eldest son is trying to convert everybody to the idea that Jews and Palestinians are going to live in peace and harmony, if both sides compromised enough, especially if the Jews admit that they are occupiers. The father’s attempts to show that this is a utopian idea disproved by the history of the conflict, fell on deaf ears.

Salomon’s reply was that regardless of the emotional issues involved, facts remain facts. The restoration of Israel was not a random whim, but part of extensive negotiations after World War I. Those international treaties shaped the borders of many countries and so far nobody has questioned that. The Versailles treaties reshaped Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey. They also created the new country of Yugoslavia. The League of Nations’ Mandates, one of which was supposed to be the new Jewish state, also resulted in the creation of Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.

It is impossible to question the legality of Israel without putting in doubt the whole legal framework, which affected so many countries. Logic requires the admission that if Israel’s creation is illegal, so is everything else in those treaties. Of course, only the provisions affecting Israel are seen that way. It’s not difficult to figure out that in this case we are dealing with an emotion – pure hate for the Jews and Israel, which has no place in international relations. It should be refuted in the same way in conversations, because regardless of the emotions felt, facts eventually prevail, though not as quickly as we wish.

Another interesting question concerned the peace negotiation between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, specifically the demand that Israel withdraw to the 1967 borders.

Salomon methodically showed the absurdity of that demand. Although the Jews reluctantly agreed to the division of the Mandate land by the UN in 1948, the Arabs rejected it and even tried to destroy the Jewish State. That voided the partition resolution and the so-called 1967 borders are nothing but armistice lines. PLO, founded in 1964, had no demands for those territories while they were under Jordanian and Egyptian control.

It is absurd to push cease-fire lines as official border of a country without negotiations and reaching an agreement by all sides involved. But what is unacceptable in any other part of the world, seems to be the rule  when dealing with Israel – the demonization and questioning the legitimacy of the Jewish state seem to be the “normal” approach in that area.

One of the attendees expressed the frustration that such important historical facts, like those covered by Salomon Benzimra, get such a little attention in the media. I fully share that frustration, although I think that the truth would eventually prevail albeit in a long and slow process of education.


© 2013


Salomon Benzimra at Israel Truth Week 2013

After his retirement Salomon Benzimra has chosen a difficult line of work – educating the Canadian public about the legal rights of the Jewish people to the land of Israel. It is difficult, because there are very few areas of historical research, which are more saturated with ignorance and deception than this one.

For the first time I attended one of his lectures in 2010. At the time he and Goldi Steiner had already created an organization to promote that issue – Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights (CILR). Since then the word about his work has spread. CILR published a book outlining his findings in a simple and concise way – “The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel”.


Salomon Benzimra and Goldi Steiner with Mark Vandermaas at ITW 2013


So it was natural that he was invited to be one of the keynote speakers at Israel Truth Week 2013, which took place in Hamilton. Since “truth” was the main theme of the conference, Salomon started his presentation with a curious, though disturbing observation.

In the 1771 edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica, truth was defined as a term that “…answers, or accords, to the nature and reality of the thing [which is] affirmed or denied.” Two hundred years later, in a 1971 edition of the Webster’s New International Dictionary, one of the definitions of truth is “…a notion having wide and uncritical acceptance among a group or in a field…”





That’s the “fluid” truth we are dealing with when Israel is discussed. Fabrication and outright lies, which are “widely and uncritically accepted”, are common in that field, all of them created by Palestinian Arabs, academics and forces hostile to Israel. Not only are they accepted uncritically, but they are also perpetuated by the media and politicians, including some in Israel.

The long succession of legal decisions and documents affirming the Jewish rights has been ignored and replaced by a view that sees the creation of Israel as an act of charity designed to absolve the Western guilt over the Holocaust. However, regardless of any “creative” interpretation of the truth, the real facts can’t be suppressed forever.


Salomon Benzimra speaks at the conference


Not only the Biblical records, but also the archaeological research prove that the Jews have had a continuous presence in those lands since antiquity. The necessity of the restoration of the Jewish state was articulated acutely by Theodor Herzl, who saw the Captain Dreyfus trial as a sign of the coming backlash against the Jews in Europe.

The European politicians realized that necessity. In 1917, while World War I was still raging, but it was already clear that the Ottoman Empire, which occupied the Holy Land, will lose, Lord Balfour issued the famous Balfour Declaration, which stated the intent to establish a “national home for the Jewish people in Palestine.”

After the war that intent was followed by real actions – with the support of the USA and following the decisions of the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, the newly established League of Nations adopted in its Article 22 the concept of Mandates. Then in 1920, the San Remo Conference established Mandates, one of which, under British control, was supposed to become the newly restored Jewish state.

The practical handling of the Mandate was marred by the British betrayal and disregard for the initial agreements. Large pieces of the land were chipped off and given away to the Arabs. Even the Jewish immigration was curtailed, which after the infamous White Paper of 1939, severely limiting the number of Jews allowed into the Mandate, had catastrophic consequences for the European Jewry. However, regardless of the turbulences, the rights of the Jews to those lands were never revoked or even questioned. All of that is covered in detail in Salomon Benzimra’s book.

He didn’t want to go into all the details – his goal was to emphasize why knowing all that is so important. The college campuses are one of the major battlefields where the truth about Israel is constantly under attack.

He made his point by presenting the dialogue of two imaginary students – Ahmed and Yossi – who argue about the conflict between Israel and the Arabs. The arguments they use are very real and could be heard in conversation on campus or read in university publications.



The main Arab arguments are that the whole land, where Israel is located, has been occupied illegally and the Jews have taken away the Arabs’ rights. That is used as a reason to justify terrorism and all other forms of fight against Israel.

In such situations Jewish students often feel lost, trying to justify their counterarguments by focusing on the democracy in Israel. Although that approach has its merits, the knowledge of the decisions and events, which firmly established the legal rights of Israel, provide much more powerful background, from which the Arab deception can be confronted.

Still, this is not an easy task – just like in the story about David and Goliath, the tiny state of Israel is confronted by the huge ocean of Muslim fanaticism, which is supported by politicians and anti-Israeli media. Courage is required to overcome fear and tell the truth. Everybody, who possesses that courage, should be supported.

The organizers of the Israel Truth Week Conference definitely helped their audience to get a deeper knowledge about Israel by inviting Salomon Benzimra.


© 2013

A Day at Israel Truth Week 2013

This year’s edition of the Israel Truth Week conference took place on March 5 and 6 at Victory International Church in Hamilton. Started two years ago by Mark Vandermaas as a response to the intimidation of Jewish students at a local university, the event has grown in popularity despite the fact that the mainstream media haven’t paid enough attention to it.


Mark Vandermaas with participants


Unlike other Israel events, which try to keep the discussion in the realm of the political correctness, ITW is unabashedly polemical. It coincides with the notorious Israeli Apartheid Week, which might have lost its lustre over the last few years, but still provides platform to people hostile to Israel, who use the “anti-Zionism” as a mask to hide their disdain for Israel and the Jewish people in general.

That became very clear in Mark Vandermaas’ opening presentation. He explained how his awareness about the issues of anti-Semitism grew out of his activism in Caledonia. In that small town native extremists occupied illegally land and terrorized the local population for years, emboldened by police inaction in the name of “keeping the peace.”


Mark Vandermaas speaks


The occupiers have been actively supported in many different ways by communists, anarchists, union activists and other assorted leftists. In 2006 the Palestinian flag was flown over the occupied site along with the Mohawk Warrior and Six Nations flags. The comparison between the fight of the native militants and the Arab fight against Israel was used in the native propaganda at the time.



In other pictures that Mark showed I saw a few old “friends” who had been involved in several causes simultaneously. There was Tom Keefer, a union activist at York University, a place known as a hotbed of anti-Israeli activities. Tom is an almost constant presence at most of the demonstrations in Caledonia.



Then there was Ali Mallah, marching with Mohawk “warriors” and Hezbollah supporters. That may seem a strange choice of an event for a CUPE and Canadian Labour Congress official, who also has a high position at the Canadian Arab Federation, but those who are familiar with these organization the support for extremist causes shouldn’t be a surprise.



And things are not limited just to words – the militant native rhetoric can become the starting point of the transition to Islamic terrorism. An example Mark gave was with a Saskatchewan Cree young man, who started as a Mohawk Warrior militant at Caledonia and ended up as an Islamic jihadist.


Mark’s position about the connection between native extremism and anti-Semitism was shared by the other activists in Caledonia – many of them took part in the conference.


Jeff Parkinson and Gary McHale from CANACE


The program was intense, with many featured speakers, and it would be difficult to cover everything, but I’ll try to provide some highlights. Two students, Zachary Paikin (from The Student Israel-Advocacy Program) and Atara Messinger (from McMaster University) covered the issues of campus anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish activities and the tools and measures to combat them.

Two of the speakers made the case for defense of Israel from two different points of view. Rabbi Jonathan Hausman (Ahavath Torah Congregation, Stoughton, MA) spoke from Jewish perspective, although his point of view was broader than that. Israel is not only the land of the Jewish people, in which they have restored the state taken from them. It also plays a special role as a beacon of democracy in an area dominated by theocracy and dictatorships. The tolerance and openness in Israel have provided a fertile ground for development of science. The achievements of the Israeli science exceed everything achieved in the neighbouring countries.


Rabbi Jonathan Hausman


The Christian case for Israel was made by Pastor Kingsley Osei from Victory International Church.


Pastor Kingsley Osei with Stuart Laughton (the conference Emcee) from Never Again Group


He traced the common ground of Judaism and Christianity, as outlined in the Bible. He also talked about the support of the Christian groups and churches for the state of Israel and praised the way in which the Christian holy places are guarded there.

An important part of the conference was fundraising for ALYN Hospital. I have never heard of that place before and it’s no wonder why – the existence of such institutions doesn’t fit the narrative about Israel as an evil militaristic country and it’s naturally ignored.



ALYN is Israel’s main rehabilitation centre for physically disabled children. The acronym stands either for Aguda L’ezra Yeladim Nechim (Organization to Help Disabled Children, in Hebrew) or All the Love You Need. Thousands of children with different, often severe, disabilities are helped every year.

In videos presented by Cathy Lanyard, President of Canadian Friends of ALYN Hospital, we saw the work and the everyday life at the hospital. Frankly, that was painful to watch – many of the kids come to the hospital after accidents or suffering from neuromuscular and congenital diseases, which make simple activities like walking, standing, eating or even sitting nearly impossible.


Cathy Lanyard from ALYN Hospital


The hospital provides rehabilitation through expensive technology designed to aid every particular health problem those kids may have. They also have highly qualified staff of doctors, nurses, and therapists, who provide multi-disciplinary rehabilitation. But that’s not the only care provided – taking into account the unique emotional needs of the children, the management puts in an effort to reduce the hospital “feel” of the institution. The spaces are made to look like playgrounds and the therapists are helped by clowns and pet animals that create an environment which speeds up the recovery.

It’s ironic that while Israel is demonized as an “apartheid state”, that hospital shows a very different picture. It accepts children in need from all nationalities, religions and races. Due to their disabilities, the children often stay at the hospital with other family members. You can see here Jewish, Christian and Muslim families staying together and helping each other.

There were other speakers, who covered the problems of Israel and the Middle East. Salomon Benzimra from Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights (CILR) spoke about the Jewish people’s rights to the land of Israel from historical and legal perspective. A very interesting presentation on IAW on campus made Prof. Lawrence Hart from McMaster University. As a South African, who grew up under the apartheid, he provided a convincing perspective on how absurd it is to compare Israel to South Africa. Lt.-Col. Jonathan D. Halevi covered in detail the issue of the peace in the Middle East. These presentations will be covered in separate posts.

The first day concluded with a video lecture by Dr. Bill Warner on political Islam. His scientific approach to the Muslim scriptures showed why he is hated so much by the US Muslim fanatics. After the lecture he responded to questions from the audience.

Urgent issues prevented me from attending the second day, but I heard that many prominent speakers appeared on that day as well, including Rev. Majed El Shafie (from One Free World International), a fearless fighter for the rights of the Christians in Muslim countries.

The event was impressive and well organized, though like with everything else, there is always room for improvement. Maybe next year the organizers could consider moving the main event to Toronto. That would make it easier for the foreign speakers to attend. It will also attract a larger audience, thus spreading the truth about Israel among more people. And when more people are present, a worthy cause like the ALYN Hospital would get more attention, more popularity and naturally, more money.


© 2013




March 5-6, 2013


Victory International Church

Dr. Peter R. Marshall, Pastor

2799 Barton Street East, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8E 2J8

Conference Keynote Finale:

Reverend Majed El Shafie, One Free World International


IN SUPPORT OF: the children of ALYN Hospital

Jerusalem, Israel

- Online Donations -


Mark Vandermaas





Tuesday, March 05, 2013, 1:00 – 5:00pm (doors open 12:30)

Victory International Church,

2799 Barton Street East, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8E 2J8



  • · Emcee: Stuart Laughton, Never Again Group (5)
  • · Welcome – Victory International Church (4)
  • · Blowing of shofar – Rev. Joe Campbell (4)


MARK VANDERMAAS, Israel Truth Week/Caledonia Victims Project: ‘Israel Truth Week: Born of Nazi-occupied Holland And The Caledonia Crisis’ (15)


CATHY LANYARD, President, Canadian Friends of ALYN Hospital, Jerusalem: ‘The Secret To Middle

East Peace is at ALYN Hospital: The Compassionate Israel, The True Israel, The Israel You Never

See On The News’ (15)


Announcement: Children’s book ‘Israel – Repairing The World’ by Rabbi Stephen Wise (Shaarei-

Beth El Congregation, Oakville) for sale. 40% of sales will be donated to ALYN Hospital. See Tibor

Choleva at Matovu Productions table.




RABBI JONATHAN HAUSMAN, BA, MA, JD, Ahavath Torah Congregation, Stoughton MA, USA: ‘The

Jewish Case for Israel’ (15)


ASSOCIATE PASTOR KINGSLEY OSEI, Victory International Church: ‘The Christian Case for Israel



SHOBIE KAPOOR, Canadian Patriotic Society: ‘An East Indian-Canadian’s Case for Israel’ (15)


RENANAH GOLDHAR-GEMEINER, Jewish Activist, Toronto, ON: Announcement re ‘Petition to House

of Commons of Canada For the Reaffirmation of Jewish Legal Rights to the Land of Israel…(5)




DR. LAWRENCE HART, Professor, McMaster University: ‘Israel Apartheid Week On Campus: A Jewish

Faculty Perspective’ (15)


ALAN HERMAN, Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (CIJR, Toronto Chapter)


ZACHARY PAIKIN, Program Graduate: ‘The Student Israel-Advocacy Program (SIAP): Equipping Students With Knowledge And Skills To Confront Anti-Semitism On Campus’ (20)


SALOMON BENZIMRA, P.Eng., Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights (CILR), Toronto: ‘The Jewish

People’s Rights to the Land of Israel’ (30)


Q&A (30)


5:00 – 6:30 DINNER/NETWORKING BREAK (food not included, restaurants nearby)




Tuesday, March 05, 2013, 6:30 – 9:30pm (doors open 6:00)

Victory International Church,

2799 Barton Street East, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8E 2J8



  • · Emcee: Stuart Laughton, Never Again Group (2)
  • · Welcome Back – Victory International Church (2)
  • · VIDEO: ‘Star Spangled Banner’ (2)


BRENT BELESKEY, The Intelligence Summit, ‘Knowledge is Power’ (5)


VIDEO: ALYN Children’s Hospital: ‘The Breath of Life’ (4:09)

CATHY LANYARD, Executive Director, Friends of ALYN Hospital, Jerusalem (USA office): ‘The Heroic

Children of ALYN Hospital’ (5)


Announcement: Children’s book ‘Israel – Repairing The World,’ by Rabbi Stephen Wise (Shaarei-

Beth El Congregation, Oakville) for sale. 40% of sales will be donated to ALYN Hospital. See Tibor

Choleva at Matovu Productions table.


VIDEO: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Minister Danny Ayalon, Sep 12/11: The Truth

About The Peace Process (5:59)


ATARA MESSINGER, Student, Arts & Science Program, McMaster University: ‘Israel Apartheid Week at

McMaster University: A Jewish Student’s Perspective’ (15)


VIDEO: Palestinian Media Watch: Translation of Palestinian TV (PA TV) broadcast of Oct 23/11

interview w/terrorist Ahlam Tamimi (1:17)


VIDEO: Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) translation of Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

broadcast of May 11/11 interview w/Hamas MP Yunis Al-Astal: ‘Jews were brought to Palestine for

the great massacre.’ (2:19)


LT.COL. (ret) JONATHAN D. HALEVI, Orient Research Group: ‘Peace In The Middle East: Fiction Or

Attainable Reality? (15)




BILL WARNER, PhD, Center for the Study of Political Islam, Nashville, USA: VIDEO LECTURE: ‘A

Rational Study of Radical Islam’ [22:56] (LIVE Q&A TO FOLLOW



VIDEO: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, May 2011: ‘Israel’s Critical Security Needs for a

Viable Peace’ (5:27)


MATTHEW M. HAUSMAN, BA, JD, Connecticut, USA: ‘Israel’s Land Rights And The Question Of

Annexation vs. a Two State Solution’ (30)




BILL WARNER, PhD, Center for the Study of Political Islam, Nashville, USA: Live Q&A (30)


Q&A (30)


9:45 END OF DAY 1



Wednesday, March 06, 2013,

1:00 – 5:00pm (doors open 12:30)

Victory International Church,

2799 Barton Street East, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8E 2J8



  • · Emcee: Stuart Laughton, Never Again Group (2)
  • · Welcome Back – Victory International Church (2)
  • · Blowing of shofar – Rev. Joe Campbell) (2)
  • · VIDEO: Hatikva (‘The Hope’), National Anthem of Israel (2)


VIDEO: ALYN Children’s Hospital: ‘Wheels of Love – 10 Years of Riding’ (4:46)


MONICA DI FRANCESCO, Return Ministries


EVELYN DI FRANCESCO, B.Kin.(Hons.), MSc(OT): ‘Baptism By Wind, Rain And Fire: Riding Under

Missiles From Gaza for ALL The Children of ALYN Hospital – Jewish, Christian And Arab‘ (20)


RABBI/AUTHOR STEPHEN WISE, Shaarei-Beth El Congregation, Oakville: Announcement re his

children’s book for sale, ‘Israel – Repairing The World’ for sale. 40% of sales will be donated to

ALYN Hospital. (5)


VIDEO: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Minister Danny Ayalon, July 12/11: The Truth

About the West Bank(6:17)




JACOB PERETZ, Jewish Activist, London, ON: ‘Responding To The Gaza ‘Children’s Art’ Tour in

London, Ontario’ (15)


MARK VANDERMAAS, Israel Truth Week/Caledonia Victims Project: ‘When Police Refuse To Uphold

The Law: Protecting Civil Rights And National Security From Illegal Peacekeeping Missions on

Canadian Soil’ (15)


STUART LAUGHTON, Never Again Group, Hamilton, ON: ‘Defending Liberal Democratic Values

Via Self-Empowered And Virtual Team Synergies’ (15)


MEIR WEINSTEIN, Director, Jewish Defence League of Canada: ‘Defending Israel Via Activism,

Education And Relationships’ (15)




GARY MCHALE, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality, Hamilton, ON: ‘Dr. King’s ‘Letter From

Birmingham Jail: A Handbook For Effective, Principled Activism(15)


RABBI JONATHAN HAUSMAN, BA, MA, JD; Ahavath Torah Congregation, USA: ‘Building International

Unity In Defence of Freedom’ + Tribute to fallen comrades: Rose Lax (Never Again Group) and

Merlyn Kinrade, RCN (ret) (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality) (30)


Q&A (30)


5:00 – 6:30 DINNER/NETWORKING BREAK (food not included, restaurants nearby)



Wednesday, March 06, 2013

6:30 – 10:00pm (doors open 6:00)

Victory International Church,

2799 Barton Street East, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8E 2J8


Conference Keynote Finale



  • · Emcee: Stuart Laughton, Never Again Group (2)
  • · Welcome Back – Victory International Church (2)
  • · VIDEO: Hatikva (‘The Hope’), National Anthem of Israel (2)
  • · VIDEO: ‘Star Spangled Banner,’ (2)
  • · VIDEO: ‘O Canada(2)


CATHY LANYARD, Executive Director, Friends of ALYN Hospital, Jerusalem (USA office): ‘The Heroic

Children of ALYN Hospital ’ (5)


Announcement: Children’s book ‘Israel – Repairing The World,’ by Rabbi Stephen Wise (Shaarei-

Beth El Congregation, Oakville) for sale. 40% of sales will be donated to ALYN Hospital. See Tibor

Choleva at Matovu Productions table.


REV. MAJED EL SHAFIE, One Free World International, Toronto: ‘Religious Persecution – Why Does

The World Not Care? Risking Everything To Give A Voice To The Voiceless

  • · Rev. El Shafie intro to ‘Freedom Fighter‘ documentary film (5)
  • · Screening of ‘Freedom Fighter(1:20)




  • · Q&A w/Rev. El Shafie (45)