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Protestor Arrested in Toronto for Mocking Islam

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It was only two weeks ago when the Supreme Court of Canada declared the criticism of homosexuality to be a hate crime. It seems that in Toronto Islam is also under the same high protection. Today, at a protest somebody was arrested for mocking Islam.

As I wrote earlier, a protest event was scheduled for March 20 at the offices of the Liberal Party of Ontario. It was caused by the fact that the Minister of Labour of our ruling party, Yasir Naqvi, endorsed an Islamic book, which (in accordance with the Koran) recommended wife beating as a tool for solving family problems. Despite the public outrage, the Liberals chose to ignore the issue and turn a blind eye on Muslim misogyny.


The anti-Islamic protestors


The protest attracted a tiny group of participants carrying signs like:

“Beat wife only for honour & discipline, Holy Koran 4:34”

“Those that deny Islam will be killed, Holy Koran 33:16”

“Expose jihad with free speech or die”

However, what they lacked in numbers, they made up for with their creativity. Eric Brazau, who was one of the organizers, was dressed like an imam and accompanied by a woman in a full Muslim niqab.


The mock sermon


Using a microphone, he gave a mock Muslim sermon, assisted by the veiled woman. He was “praising” Canada as a place, where you can beat your wife with impunity. Reading from sheets of paper, he also counted all the benefits you would get here if you are a religious fanatic. It was a satirical performance, which still focused the attention on the flaws of Islam.


In the beginning the people didn’t pay much attention. Then two police women stopped by and a police van for transporting people under arrest parked in the side street.



Many of the people who were passing by found the event amusing – laughing and stopping to take pictures. Then some Muslims started to argue with the protestors, although everything was kept peaceful.

At certain point the police decided that the mockery of Islam is getting dangerous and sprang into action. Even more officers arrived and Eric Brazau, along with the other organizer, Ron Banerjee, were led to the police vehicles in the side street.


Brazau is being searched


After the customary processing, Brazau was handcuffed and led away in the van. After some questioning, Banerjee was released.


The handcuffed Brazau



Everybody is in the van – it is safe to be Muslim again!


Although the police measures against a peaceful protest were outrageous, they didn’t surprise me. Now every special interest group is beyond reproach regardless of how despicable their positions or actions are.

But truth is truth, no matter what the Supreme Court of Canada says. Islam is a barbaric religion, because it openly promotes violence against women and deprives them from their rights. Of course, the police can arrest me for saying that, but that is not going to make Islam more likable or acceptable.

And we also have a double standard applied here. There is a similar type of protest going on in front of the Israeli Consulate every Friday. A tiny group of lefties, Muslims and self-hating Jews stands there handing out flyers and holding signs. They are also peaceful, but the materials they give away are virulently anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish. And yet I have never seen police talking to them; none of them has ever been arrested.

It looks like the critics of Islam are lesser people who can be on the receiving end of the police wrath for no apparent reason.

Welcome to the new Toronto, where the Canadian values mean nothing and their defence becomes a dangerous business.


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Toronto Police Reveal a Sharia Uniform


There's a new sharia cop in town...


A few months ago I wrote about the decision of the Metropolitan Toronto Police to actively seek recruits among the Muslim women wearing hijab.

I thought that the outcry generated by that weird intention would be enough to make the police board and the Chief to reconsider it.

I was wrong. In an interview of SUN TV with Tarek Fatah it was revealed that not only didn’t the police give up the hijab issue, but they also went further and are now considering the niqab (or the veil), one of the worst garments that the fanatical Muslims wear. Here is the interview (h/t BCF):


That made me think that I can help to design the new sharia-compliant uniform – you can see it at the top. I should tell the lefties and the Muslims that the picture is a satire (that’s necessary, because the sense of humour in the politically correct lefties and the Muslim fanatics is usually excised at birth).

It is very odd that in a highly developed and democratic country like Canada somebody could seriously contemplate adopting one of the most barbaric symbols of Islam. And it is horrific when that somebody is the police force of the largest Canadian city.

If the members of the police board think that a woman could wear that body bag voluntarily, they must be out of their minds. The niqab is the piece of clothing designed to reduce women to a non-entities – without face, without shape, without presence.

The worst part is that they want to make such non-entities, which can’t even be identified, control the free citizens of Canada.

Even in those countries, which have adopted the most awful and primitive forms of sharia (like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan) they don’t allow veiled women in the police force (if they allow any women there at all).

So the Metropolitan Toronto Police want us to look even worse than Saudi Arabia. Are these changes disguised as an “accommodation” a preparation for the future takeover of Canada? It is hard to believe that a woman who appears in public in those weird clothes would come from a family that yearns to accept the Canadian values and customs as their own.

The idea of veiled police officers patrolling the streets of Toronto is not only stupid; it is horrible, hideous, atrocious and dreadful.

Dear Toronto Police, what have we, the ordinary citizens, done to deserve to be policed by scary Muslim fanatics?!


© 2012

Toronto Police, the Hijab Squad

The Torontonians were treated to a new chapter in the never-ending saga of the destructive Canadian political correctness. The Toronto Police announced that they are going to accommodate Muslim women, who want to serve as police officers and wear their hijabs.

It’s just another blow against the Canadian traditions and values. It has been probably orchestrated by the powerful Muslim lobby with the cooperation of our dhimmi politicians (and can even see Barbara Hall’s long shadow lurking behind).

Instead of preserving everything that unites us, those people are bound on fragmenting and destroying our country. We have sheepishly bent over to accommodate another minority that doesn’t want to adapt and doesn’t give a damn about Canada’s values.

Unfortunately, that’s not the first attack – the way was paved by the Sikhs much earlier. If you remember, in the 1990’s they demanded that the Sikh Mounties wear turbans instead of hats. That was forced on RCMP, then on the local police. Seeing those turban policemen in Toronto makes me feel like I am in colonial India. Then they went against the veterans from the Royal Canadian Legion, which didn’t allow people wearing headgear to enter their buildings. The Sikhs managed to wrestle down the veterans on this issue. Last year, Canada’s ultimate freeloaders, Jack and Olivia, engaged in a campaign to let Sikhs carry their big knives in government building, while nobody else is allowed to bring weapons there.

As you can see, this is a very successful model of bullying – people don’t dare oppose any weird culture, otherwise they’ll be branded bigots and racists.

So the Muslims are following the same path. Nothing new here…

If all this was going on in some corporation, it would’ve been much easier to ignore. But we are talking police here – policing, i.e. maintaining order, is one of the most important functions of the government. In a democratic country, the police are supposed to treat everybody in the same way according to the law.

Their uniforms symbolize that equality and impartiality. When you try to “diversify” them, you get into problems on many levels. So you call the police and a weird woman with a gun wearing a hijab shows up. How would you feel if you are a Jew or a Christian refugee from Egypt? Wouldn’t you be traumatized by the suspicion that you won’t be treated fairly?

The hijab is not just a rag covering one’s head – it is a religious and political statement (both are inseparable in Islam). When a woman wears it, it means that
she is either a very devout Muslim or under a strong pressure by her family to wear it. In both cases, her priorities could be questioned. What would she do,
if she has to arrest a suspected Muslim terrorist? Whose side would she take if there is an altercation between a Christian and a Muslim?

In case you’ve forgotten, Major Hassan, the military psychiatrist, who killed 13 people at Fort Hood, was a proud “Soldier of Allah”.  Then the soldier who was praised by the US Army as being the model devout but moderate Muslim was arrested right before he was going to kill many people. Needless to say, not all devout Muslims are those characters, but like it or not, the reality shows us that we must be vigilant.

The whole notion of allowing that outfit to be part of the police uniform is beyond ridiculous. Do you think that they’ll accommodate a cop who wants to wear a huge cross as a symbol of devotion? Of course not, Christians are second-class citizens when their religion is concerned.

We also must take into account that a religious Muslim woman is not supposed to be left alone with a man, who is not a member of her family. So when she is patrolling, she must be paired with a female officer. That would be another accommodation.

And what about dogs? Police dogs are loyal and hard-working members of the police force, while to Muslims they are dirty animals, from which they should stay away. In Great Britain Muslims are willing to ban police dogs. How would the hijab police woman handle them? Do we need to exterminate them? Otherwise, if a dog licks her, she would run crying to Barbara Hall and her commission.

What if somebody at the station has a ham sandwich? She could easily sue for violation of her delicate sensitivities.

Then come the safety issues – a criminal big enough can easily overpower such a woman and strangle her with her hijab. The latter is not allowed during sports games for safety reasons – then why should it be allowed in a much worse situation, when dealing with vicious criminals?! Or maybe if the worst happens, the Muslim police woman’s family would sue the police force for not protecting her?

It’s unbelievable how low the West has fallen in its self-destruction. If a Muslim woman demands the same from the police in Japan, South Korea, China or Russia, she’ll be laughed out.

Yet our politicians have no problem ruining our police force.

I am posting this, but maybe I should be watching for a hijab woman with a big gun showing up at my door. Never mind…


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