9/11 – The Muslim Atrocity They Want You to Forget

It has been 12 years since the barbaric cult of Islam perpetrated its worst terrorist act on American soil. The attack on the World Trade Center caused the deaths of nearly 3,000 people.

Have we learned anything from that disaster? No. It just confirmed the old saying that the only lesson we can learn from history is that people never learn lessons from it. Shortly after the event, George W. Bush started two wars hoping to transform magically the bloodthirsty Muslims into peace-loving democrats.  In the process he never missed an opportunity to repeat ad nauseum that Islam is a religion of peace (and I don’t think that even he believed it).

He was replaced by Barry Obama, who combined in his warped mind worship for Marxism with dedication to the Muslim dogmas he grew up with. He went even further and worked actively to give the opportunity of the vilest fanatics from the Muslim Brotherhood to take over the Middle East, while killing a few of the terrorists to keep the impression that he is doing something right.

Meanwhile, there is not much going on at Ground Zero. Nothing has been built so far. A group of shady crooks and Muslim extremists is trying to build a mosque near the site. The Muslim infiltration of the US Government continues without much of an opposition. When a Muslim terrorist kills 13 military men and women shouting “Allahu Akabar,” that is now considered a workplace incident by the Obama administration.

Any criticism of Islam is opposed and persecuted as “Islamophobia” because it is seen as a blow against the cherished “multicultural diversity.” The terrorists are winning and the victims are being gradually wiped out from the collective memory.

So let’s on this sad day remember those who died. The video below is gruesome and difficult to watch. It shows people, to whom the Muslims gave two options – to either burn alive in the buildings or jump to their deaths. Unlike the fake Palestinian documentaries, where the “dead victim” gets up and walks away when the session is over, that video is real.

There is no way to “build bridges” with the people, who did that in New York, no matter how convincing Obama and his cronies try to sound. And now, to add insult to injury, he wants to send US troops to die as mercenaries for the Muslim savages, who slaughter each other in Syria.

The lackluster mediocrity, who usurped the US Presidency through the “power” of affirmative action, will soon be a memory, but the ideas that make him tick will live on. They will help the Muslim terrorists to shape the society in their image and destroy our civilization. It is up to us to save it.

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  1. Mark Harding says:

    We should never forget.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    I have it on good authority that when the 9/11 attacks occurred, Muslim cab drivers were dancing for joy with their arms in the air shouting “allah Akbar!” Was this in Mecca, Cairo or Islamabad? No, it was in Calgary, Alberta. At work, we were forced to sign a statement that we would not discuss this atrocity with Muslim employees, lest they become “offended.”

    Nice to see the kind of people we are letting in to Canada. They plot terrorism against us and we have to RESPECT them so as not to cause offence?

    political correctness at its finest.

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