Mohamed Elibiary – How Muslim Terrorist Supporters Control Homeland Security

The stubborn efforts of Barry Hussein to bring back to power his buddies from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, after they were ousted for their total incompetence and murderous way of governing, are not surprising to anybody who has followed the passionate love affair of the President with the cult of Islam. For a long time, information about the Muslim Brotherhood operatives being part of the US Government has circulated the internet.

It’s not just Hilary’s dyke girlfriend Huma the Wiener. There are people with much more power, like these pictured here:


One of the fine Muslim gentlemen pictured there is Mohamed Elibiary, one of the Muslim Brotherhood operatives appointed to the US Government thanks to Obama. The problem is that those people feel now so confident and powerful that they don’t even hide their affiliations anymore.

A few observant people noticed that on his Twitter profile picture, Elibiary  added the notorious sign of the Muslim Brotherhood adopted by the organization after their attempted sharia takeover of Egypt failed and they started a terrorist war against the Egyptian people. It is a symbol of the terror they unleashed against the army, police and civilians to regain their influence (h/t BCF).


What makes him particularly scary is that this repulsive Muslim terror supporter works for the department of Homeland Security. With “protectors” like him, the Muslim terrorists would soon have a free reign over the USA. Maybe that’s what Barry the Muslim wants?

Another hilarious piece of information comes from one of Mohamed’s tweets. Obviously replying to a remark about the MB sign he put on his picture, he says that he is not a member of the organization. In fact, he worked for over 10 years as a GOP official. He even endorsed McCain for president in 2008.

Sorry, Barry, for judging you too harshly. You are just one part of the problem – the whole American political class is rotten, if they can jointly advance the career of this Muslim traitor. Let’s not forget that John McCain, whom Mohamed loved so much, was one of the two senators that Barry sent to Egypt to try to bail out his friend Morsi.

It’s scary when it turns out that the politicians, who are supposed to have different opinions, but also have the obligation to defend their country, turn out to be just well-fitting pieces of giant jigsaw puzzle of treason, which benefits only Islam, the most barbaric religion in the world.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    One day Americans will look back at the imploded mess that their country became under Barry Soetoro and ask themselves: “Why did we let this happen?”

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