Muslim Terrorism in Australia and the Trashy Left That Enables It



The satanic cult has struck again, this time in Australia. After over 16-hour long ordeal, during which a Muslim terrorist held dozens of hostages in a Lindt coffee shop in Sydney, the case was ended after heavily armed police stormed the place. Three people are dead; fortunately the violent Muslim animal is one of them.

As usual, the mainstream media went out of their way to downplay the terrorist attack and present it as some kind of an odd occurrence that is not so important. The independent internet sources followed the crisis diligently. The Canadian blogger Blazingcatfur pointed out early on, while the events were still unravelling, that this was a terrorist attack:

In a blow to the left wing narrative of denial and the MSM in general the Muslim(s) holding hostages at a Sydney cafe has demanded the media call the event an attack by the Islamic state.

The Muslim(s) have further demanded an Islamic State flag be supplied in return for the release of hostages and that a meeting be arranged with the Aussie PM.

That was a classic case of Muslim terrorist attack.

It was quite amazing that the leading papers had “questions” about what was really happening, while one of the first pictures taken after the hostages were trapped inside showed two staffers forced to hold at the window a black Muslim flag with Arabic script.

The supposedly conservative Canadian newspaper National Post released an article with a large headline comforting its readers that that wasn’t actually the ISIS flag, but another type of Muslim banner:

That isn’t an ISIS flag that hostages are forced to hold up in the cafe window. It is the Shahada

What a relief! Don’t you feel great now? It is so much better to know that the hostages are threatened with murder by somebody carrying the Shahada flag, instead of being threatened with murder by somebody who carries the ISIS flag. Wait a minute, aren’t both options the same? Not in the imaginary world of the media…

The article goes further into diminishing the terrorist danger and even praises the craftsmanship of the beautiful flag:

MacQueen said if the siege “was centrally organized from Syria or Iraq” by ISIS, the hostage-taker would not have used the Shabadah.

The people holding hostages “may be young guys, maybe not savvy,” he said. “They’ve got their hands on a bit of paraphernalia to suggest they have aligned themselves with the IS.”

A translation by Australia’s Fairfax Media found the cafe-window flag was remarkable for the precision of the classical Arabic script.

Mass-produced flags typically skip the more complex grammatical notation – such as short vowel signs – because they are hard to reproduce. But this flag was precise in detail, suggesting it was not mass-produced.

Again, it appears that the poor hostages could be grateful for being held by a terrorist knowledgeable in complex Arab grammatical notation, instead of a bunch of ignorant young guys with a hastily made flag. It obviously doesn’t matter that in both cases you would be dead in the end.

The CBC, which defended its own Muslim sex pervert Jian Ghomeshi to the bitter end (the hostage taker in Sydney also turned out to be a sex pervert), also did their best to obfuscate the real nature of the horrible events. A commenter (Solo712) summarized their coverage quite well:

CBC coverage summary of the hostage taking: 1) motives of the kidnapper are unknown, 2) flag displayed in the window is an ‘Islamic declaration’ (in fact it is ‘shahada’, oath of faith saying ‘There is only one God, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet’), 3) 90,000 Australian responded to the hashtag “Illridewithyou” offering to act as shields for people dressed as Muslims riding trains against insane Islamophobes, 4) the second group of 5 hostages “has been released”. This contradicts the earlier item that the first five escaped and made the hostage taker “very angry”. You gotta love the CBC spin on this.

The unintended positive effect of the Muslim terrorist attacks on the West is that they reveal weaknesses, omissions, and even scandalous incompetence in the way our countries are governed. The Sydney terror wasn’t an exception. While the events were unfolding, the information about the Muslim terrorist that started to trickle in, revealed a few shocking facts about how the Australian government is dealing with the Muslim extremism.


The Sydney Muslim terrorist in happier times

The Sydney Muslim terrorist in happier times

The terrorist was the 50-year old Iranian “refugee” Man Haron Monis. He was one of the thousands of parasites, who came in 1996 to take advantage of the generous Australian welfare state. He was also a self-styled “Sheikh” and a preacher.

The police revealed that they had been very familiar with that Muslim creature. There was a long laundry list of criminal charges against him, including accessory to murder and sexual assault. According to the information, he was currently out on bail for 47 sexual assaults. The murder charge is related to the death of his wife.

Well, I have never been to Australia, but I know that its judicial system is governed by the British common law, which is also applied in the UK, USA and Canada. Australian precedents are sometimes quoted in Canadian courts. If that is so, how the hell a Muslim sex maniac suspected of 47 assaults could walk out on bail?!

It seems that the Australian courts had been heavily influenced by the sharia rules that are lenient to Muslims, who sexually abuse kaffir women (after all, the Koran says that they are slaves that don’t deserve much respect). Right now, as I wrote before, the free speech activist Eric Brazau is held for a fifth month in Toronto without bail for criticizing Islam on the subway. The difference in treatment is self-evident.

But wait, there’s more! The Iranian Muslim animal is known in Australia for sending hundreds of defamatory letters to families of soldiers, who have died in the war against terror. In full compliance with the sharia law, all he got for that despicable activity was 300 hours of community service.

He also ran an extremist website and used Twitter to preach his barbaric views.

2014-12-15 14_21_10-AUSTRALIA_ Tweets from the Muslim terrorist Sheikh Haron, hostage taker, ISIS su2014-12-15 14_22_01-AUSTRALIA_ Tweets from the Muslim terrorist Sheikh Haron, hostage taker, ISIS su2014-12-15 14_22_47-AUSTRALIA_ Tweets from the Muslim terrorist Sheikh Haron, hostage taker, ISIS suThe mainstream Muslim organizations tolerate such behaviour and try to present it as some kind of a harmless, though overzealous passion. The notorious booklet United Against Terrorism, released by the RCMP, the National Council of Canadian Muslims and other organizations, tried to paint jihad (Islam’s terrorist element) as a “noble concept” and suggested that Muslim radicalization is not a big deal (on page 9):


Radicalization is a more advanced form of extremism and can find itself manifesting in the political and social views. Radicalization, just like extremism, does not always necessarily translate into terrorism or other related forms of violence. Radicalism becomes problematic when it causes hatred and manifests itself through violence that can harm individuals or society. In the more common use of the term, radicalization implies the recruiting and brainwashing of individuals (especially youth) to take up such violent narratives.

For more information refer to:


Anyone can hold radical views or opinions on geo-political, economic, environmental, social or religious matters. The challenge is to distinguish them from calls for violence, believing and acting on these calls to violence either against individual civilians, groups or the state and its government. The call for violence includes promoting hate that may lead to violence and inciting violence and hate through the spoken or written word or through one’s actions.

It’s all nice, but with the rampant radicalization, which is so common in Islam, you never know which crazy follower will snap out with tragic consequences for all of us.

However, despite the government support for violent Islam, the latter won’t be able to make serious advances, if it weren’t for the thousands of deranged lefty useful idiots, who hate our civilization and are ready to support anyone who wants to destroy it. They are willing to distort any event and make vile terrorists look like innocent victims. While the hostages were still held and nobody knew what their fate would be, the useful idiots were up in arms defending Islam without a single word of compassion for the real victims.

As it is customary in these crazy times, the main battles for “social justice” are fought with hashtags on Tweeter. (Do you remember the hashtag war against Boko Haram calling for release of the abducted Christian girls? Despite Moochelle Obama’s holding a paper with the hashtag, looking like a wounded puppy, the girls are still being raped by the Muslim savages.)

This time the newly-invented hashtag was “I’ll ride with you,” offering protection to the Muslim fanatics in religious attire, who will supposedly be targeted by violent Australians the next day. The creature below came up with the idea:

2014-12-15 12_25_59-Sir Tessa (@sirtessa) _ TwitterIt is not clear if “Sir Tessa” is a man, woman or a simple tranny, but he/she/it will scare the hell out of any Muslim willing to ride with it. Tessa hasn’t probably bathed since Gillard’s administration. He/she/it made an offer to the Muslims in a tweet:

2014-12-15 12_27_55-#illridewithyou_ Australians offer support to Muslims after Sydney siege _ ToronLater Tessa needed to clarify that it won’t be a pleasant ride, because the creature can communicate in the morning only through a phone. Obviously, the brain activity kicks in late after a regular hangover or too much of coke snorting.

2014-12-15 12_26_46-Sir Tessa (@sirtessa) _ TwitterOf course, if it is something designed to put down Australia, it doesn’t matter if a junkie or a drunk is proposing it. It will be supported by all means. The Twitter army of deranged lefties adored the idea and embraced it:

2014-12-15 12_13_43-#illridewithyou_ Australians offer support to Muslims after Sydney siege _ Toron“Let muslim Australians know you’ve got their back.” (While they are shooting other Australians in the back.)

It is so much better to ignore the ugly truth about the Muslim barbarism and pretend that we are a huge, happy, shiny family.2014-12-15 12_14_21-#illridewithyou_ Australians offer support to Muslims after Sydney siege _ ToronI am sure that most of the idiots supporting the idea would ecstatic to read Sir Tessa’s racist rants against the race that comprises Australia. That person runs a blog, where you can find a long post with the following pearls of racist wisdom:

You are not doing anyone a service. Just as we are never able to not be PoC [Person of Colour], you are never excused from being white. You will always hold the balance of power, and there is nothing in the current circumstances that absolves you from your privilege. You are kicking down.

The message is that people like me are lesser. The message is that you, the hegemony, just like the idea of being progressive. You love the idea of being good and active and part of the rebellion. You love that idea. But you’re not prepared to think of non-white people as anything other than lesser. You’re not even prepared to admit the possibility of this unconscious bias.

To dismiss this as ‘online drama’ is an exercise of white privilege. To call for everyone to ‘get back to work’ is an exercise in white privilege. To ‘stay out of it’ is an exercise in white privilege. I’m repeating myself because for fuck’s sake this is repeating because the problem is not being addressed.

The usual insane orgy of spiritual self-mutilation… That pathetic piece of trash thinks that its self-humiliating ramblings will win the benevolent support of those who invaded Australia. It obviously is impossible to comprehend that the veiled Muslim gargoyle willing to ride with this creature will still hate it – there is no place in her world for somebody like it. And this is the unfortunate truth about those people – they never realize they are being used.

Sir Tessa and the Iranian terrorist are a perfect match. The terrorist despises Tessa but is willing to use his/her/its help to drag down the Western civilization. Then it will be over – there will be no place for such creatures in a Muslim Australia. For starters, there will be nobody to write welfare cheques anymore and in the Mad-Max-like Muslim world, Tessa’s art creativity won’t be a good match to the brutal survival skills of an average Muslim jihadist.

Such useless white trash like Tessa wants nothing less than destroying the only world they can survive in. It is up to us to stop them.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I will never understand why this psychopath wasn’t deported back to Iran 10 years ago. Two good people have paid for the inaction of the Australian government with their lives.

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