The World’s Most Misunderstood Cult Kills Again



Another day, another Muslim terrorist murder. This time in Denmark. The target was a free speech event organized by the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks. Among the attendees was the French Ambassador to Denmark.

It becomes more and more difficult to hide the fact that Islam is a club dominated by murderers, sadists, child rapists, and other subhuman scum, who perfectly reflect the personality of their founder. Of course, there are also the hundreds of millions of mythical moderates, who are supposedly much better, but their silence confirms that they quietly support the violence (otherwise they could’ve rounded up the thugs long time ago). Even the silver-tongued operative of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House can’t make the followers of the Muslim death cult look better.

That menace is advancing in Canada as well, as shown by the recent court decision to allow Muslim gargoyles in full body bags to attend the citizenship ceremonies. It is only a matter of time before some of those repulsive fanatics smuggles a bomb underneath the body bag (naturally, none of the judges who made the decision would be harmed).

The terrorist act in Copenhagen shows how all concessions provided by the Brussels pansies to the Muslim barbarians make them only stronger and more violent. The news report says:

At least one gunman opened fire Saturday on a Copenhagen cultural center, killing a man in what authorities called a likely terror attack against a free speech event featuring an artist who had caricatured the Prophet Muhammad.

The shooting, which also wounded three police officers, came a month after extremists killed 12 people at a satirical newspaper in Paris that had sparked Muslim outrage with its depictions of Muhammad.

Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who organized and attended Saturday’s event but escaped unharmed, told The Associated Press he believed he was the intended target of the shooting.

“What other motive could there be? It’s possible it was inspired by Charlie Hebdo,” he said, referring to the Jan. 7 attack by Islamic extremists on the French newspaper in Paris. The 68-year-old Vilks has received numerous threats for drawing the Prophet Muhammad with a dog’s body in 2007.

Danish police said the gunman used an automatic weapon to shoot through the windows of the Krudttoenden cultural center, which TV footage showed were riddled with bullet holes. The gunman then fled in a carjacked Volkswagen Polo that was found later a few kilometers (miles) away, police said.

Of course, the obedient Western press won’t miss the opportunity to call the stinky desert pedophile “prophet” – that’s why we are in our current situation. Lars Vilks is known for his artistic depiction of that sorry excuse for a human being.

The good dog Mohammed

The good dog Mohammed

It is scary that I now know two people, defenders of free speech, who have survived assassination attempts by Muslim animals – Lars Hedegaard and Lars Vilks. In 2011 they both came to Canada for public appearances, but most of them were cancelled because the venues couldn’t provide the necessary security. The only organization able to do that was JDL-Canada in Toronto – the event went on as scheduled and no Muslim murderers showed up.


Lars Hedegaard speaking in Toronto

A couple of years later Hedegaard was attacked at his home by a Turkish Muslim barbarian, who fired at him, but in the struggle that followed, Lars was able to overpower the attacker, despite his age. When the wannabe murderer later made his way to Turkey, another Muslim animal, Sultan Erdogan, refused to extradite him.

While Hedegaard was quite reserved at the event, Lars Vilks joked about his situation, especially the attacks against him and his daily routine of crawling under his car to check for planted bombs (as the police advised him).


Lars Vilks in Toronto

He also joked about a bunch of Muslims from Kosovo who set his house on fire. I am not sure if he is going to joke about the latest ordeal that he barely survived.

As usual, there is not a peep from the “moderate” Muslims – and that’s not a surprise, they always admire the murderers who help them get more compromises from the pussified governments in Europe. Bushra Qasim Khan, a semiliterate Pakistani Muslim whore, who brands herself “Freelance & Impartial Journalist” (thank you BCF for discovering that creature on Twitter) expressed perfectly the sentiments of the “moderate” Muslims.

Bushra Qasim Khan (@BQ_Khan) _ TwitterShe tweeted: “Copenhago: Firing is continue. May Allah help those gun men. End the blasphemers.” It’s a pity that such dumb retards form the intellectual elites in the Muslim shitholes, but that shows what we are dealing with.

Muslim-reaction-to-Copenhagen-shootingThen she added (note how many people retweeted her messages):

2015-02-14 13_40_29-Bushra Qasim Khan (@BQ_Khan) _ TwitterAt the same time she urged the Muslims to remember their “sisters” on Valentine’s Day. This dumb whore is playing with fire – she should know that celebrating that wicked day, invented by the decadent West, would send every Muslim animal directly to hell.

2015-02-14 13_43_12-Bushra Qasim Khan (@BQ_Khan) _ TwitterHow much longer will our government pretend that nothing is happening? What is the purpose of allowing those fanatical murderers into our countries? Islam is not a religion, it is a vile murderous ideology and it should be treated as such.

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  1. John the Mad says:

    Valentine, of course was a Catholic priest and is a saint of the Catholic Church. He was martyred in 269 AD by the Roman Emperor Claudius for caring out his priestly duties by looking after his parishioners. He was beaten, stoned and ultimately beheaded. Today is the Feast of Saint Valentine or, as it is more commonly known, Saint Valentine’s Day.

    It’s odd that a supporter of Muslim violent jihad would celebrate the feast day of a holy Catholic martyr and saint. But then, as Pope Francis says, who am I to judge? Perhaps it was Saint Valentine’s stoning and beheading that attracts Ms Khan so.

    Saint Valentine pray for us.

    1. admiwrath says:

      The Muslim mind is a mystery (a very dangerous mystery).

  2. Bill Gibbons says:

    It’s only going to get worse. The leftists in Europe will not wake up to the danger facing them until they are personally facing the same fate as the 21 Coptic Christians who were beheaded in Libya by ISIS psychopaths. Even then, they will blame themselves for not being more “accommodating” to the Mohammadian hordes that destroyed once-liberal Europe via the Trojan Horse of immigration.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    And the Mohammedians are gaining ground in our schools as Sharia “adjustments” continue to be accommodated.

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