This Is the Movie Which Makes the Muslim Savages Kill

The U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three other other officials were killed… A crowd of 2,000 Muslim fanatics attacked the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and ripped the American flag… Thousands of muzzies rioting in various countries…

And all that because of the movie above. I admit that before I found the clip, I thought the movie was a documentary. It turned out it was a story with actors. The lefties have the habit to denounce as a pathetic hack job every art piece, which contradicts their agenda.

After you watch the clip, I hope you will agree with me that this is a really bad movie. The actors are far from good, the script is below any standards, and it looks like it was produced with software, which combined the studio action footage with a generic desert clips. The result is that the actors look as if they are floating over the sand.

With that said, I should say that from a historical point a view, the story is correct with respect to Old Mo’s life as derived from the standard Muslim sources.

The only reaction such a movie may cause in the West is a few laughs at a wannabe Ed Wood, who wants to make it big in the cheapest way possible. And that proves the abyss between us and the Muslim world – if the Muslims can take an opus, which at best could be classified as a below-mediocre comedy, and turn it into a reason for a murderous spree, we have a problem.

Obviously, a religion, which causes such a violent reaction is nothing more than a dangerous mental condition. The schizophrenic inability to tell the differnce between a mediocre movie and reality poses a very important question. How can the Muslims integrate in the Western societies when they respond like primitive animals to a bad comedy?

I am writing a longer post about those horrible events, but one thing needs to be emphasized now – why did the Kenyan Muslim support all those savages when they took power? Under Mubarak or Kaddafi at least the fanatics would’ve been under control.  Now all we get is Obama’s apology to the barbarians who killed Americans and destroyed U.S. property.

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