What the West Never Learned from the 9/11 Terror


A Day of Infamy...


Exactly ten years passed from that gruesome day of September 11, 2001, when a gang of 19 Muslim fanatics used four hijacked US airplanes to commit the worst mass murder in the history of the United States.

More than 3000 people of many nationalities, races and religions died that day. Many were burned alive, many jumped to their deaths from the Twin Towers to escape the fire, and the rest perished under the weight of the concrete and the steel, when the towers collapsed.

While most the world was watching in horror, the Palestinian savages danced in the streets of Gaza and the West Bank, celebrating the mass murder of the people who provide the welfare money, which pays for the existence of those parasites.

That shows why the Muslim cult is so dangerous.

So what did we learn from that tragedy? The German philosopher Georg W.F. Hegel once said that the only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.

Unfortunately, I must agree with him, especially when evaluating the actions of the politicians, which followed 9/11.

George W. Bush started two wars against the people who harboured terrorists. Maybe he had the good intentions of bringing democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan, but nothing good came out of that.

Now Afghanistan, a country at caveman-level, is ruled by Karzai and his crooks and there is no chance of democracy ever being established there. Iraq is in the same situation – Bush ousted the only person who could maintain some sort of order (there is no order without dictatorial power in any Arab country).

I don’t know if he was naïve or sincere, but he thought he could turn the country into a Western democracy. It’s not going to work – Iraq is an artificial country, which won’t survive a month without dictatorial rule. Even Joe Biden, during his presidential campaign, was telling everybody who would listen, that Iraq should be divided into three countries to avoid civil wars.

Bush should have bombed the countries and sealed them off, concentrating on the internal threats. He should have stopped Muslim immigration to the USA. Instead, Bush from the beginning got involved into the “healing and understanding” scam, claiming that Islam is a religion of peace, which is hopeless nonsense.

That attitude was mirrored by the lefties, who claimed that we were attacked because of the US foreign politics and we should accommodate Muslim in every possible way to avoid such attacks in the future. Those idiots could afford to say that – most of them never work and none of them was killed in the towers, like the company managers, workers, maintenance men, cleaners, janitors, firefighters, policemen, etc.

The Muslims took advantage of that fear and stupidity right away – obscure organizations like CAIR and many others presented themselves as middle men between the American people and the Muslim world. They collected tens of millions of dollars tax-free and funnelled large amounts to terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah.  Those fanatics blocked through courts all legitimate attempts of different states to stop the implementation of sharia law.

There were several terrorist plots within the USA which even the government was afraid to call what they are.

When the incompetent non-entity Barack Hussein Obama swindled his way into the White House, the Islamists found another staunch defender of their cult. Raised as a Muslim in Indonesia, Barry made sure that the US lost all of its positions of influence in the Middle East. He betrayed Israel, he betrayed his allies in Egypt and gave the whole area to the terrorists against whom he was supposed to fight.

Shady Muslims infiltrated his administration, for example Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s top aide, whose parents are a part of the Saudi Islamist propaganda machine. We would’ve never known that if it wasn’t for Huma’s husband Anthony Weiner’s weakness of sending pictures of his wiener, which caused a scandal. Huma kept her position. How many more are in similar positions in the Obama administration?

Instead of respecting the sacred ground where the Twin Towers stood and thousands lost their lives, Obama and his New York cronies allowed a Muslim gang of a slum landlord imam, a financial swindler and insurance fraudster to build a victory mosque. The desecration of that place is one of the lowest points of his
useless presidency.

While Mubarak, the person who maintained peace in the Middle East for decades, lies in bed in a cage in a Cairo court, yesterday crowds of Muslim Neanderthals attacked the Israeli Embassy, and the police didn’t even attempt to stop them. Does that ring a bell? There is not much difference from the time when Carter abandoned the Shah of Iran and let Khomeini’s barbarians occupy the US Embassy in Tehran. Obama is well on his way to match Carter’s failures.

Obviously, his efforts to destroy the USA are highly appreciated – in a recent Pew Research Center poll, 56% of the American Muslims said that they were very
satisfied with the current direction of the country. Only 23% of the other Americans have the same opinion, but why should Barry care about them?!

The situation in Europe is not much better. Instead of being cautious about the danger, the sissy elites went out of their way to convince Muslims that they are nice and obedient. That ensured the safety of the bureaucrats of Brussels, but cost the lives of hundreds of their citizens killed by Islamic terrorism.

Tony Blair, who supposedly fought terror, allowed hundreds of thousands of semi-literate backward Muslims to immigrate to Great Britain. He provided them with large houses to accommodate all of their wives, generous welfare payments and sharia courts to ensure that they can practice their barbarism undisturbed. His wife Cherie made sure that the Islam is strongly entrenched in public schools. Her retarded sister Lauren Booth even converted to Islam and became one of the strongest supporters of the Hamas terrorists. What happened in that family, summarizes very well the decay of the European political class.

Rampant anti-Semitism is a norm in many European countries (like Sweden and Norway) conveniently disguised as an acceptance of the “cultural norms” of the Muslim immigrants.

Canada is not that far behind – the desire to look nice and accommodating provided a fertile ground for the Muslim religious aggression. Muslim fanatics started to press for establishing sharia courts like in England. They were supported by many lefties and it was up to a group of Muslim women, who went
through the sharia nightmare, to lead the struggle against that primitive ideology. By some miracle, the Premier McGuinty decided that the religious court is not acceptable. I say miracle, because only a few years later, he called Islam a “beautiful, peaceful and loving faith.” He also didn’t object to Muslim prayers conducted in Toronto public schools (and supposedly our school system is secular). I guess anything goes, if he wants to get a few more Muslim votes.

Just two weeks ago, the McGuinty government allowed a gang of Muslim fanatics to conduct a rally right in front of the Parliament, where they condemned the Canadian and the US governments. The anti-Semite Zafar Bangash even called Israel a “cancer” that should be removed.

The rally was organized by CASMO, a Canadian shia Muslim organization, which worships Ayatollah Khomeini and has posted anti-Semitic videos on its website. Influential politicians like the late NDP leader Jack Layton and Barbara Hall, the head of the Ontario Human Rights commission, received awards from that organization.

And they didn’t disappoint – Jack Layton insisted on negotiations with the Taliban and bringing back to Canada that piece of garbage named Omar Khadr. Barbara Hall went against Maclean’s magazine and Mark Steyn just because they criticized Islam. She was even willing to expand the hate crime definition to accommodate Muslims.

I know – everything I said looks too pessimistic… It looks like we are condemned to go through the same tragedies all over again. At least that’s what all of those politicians are trying to push us into – Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bloomberg, McGuinty, Layton, Hall and countless others. They are more than willing to sell their souls to gain the approval of a bunch of sadistic criminals.

But what gives me hope is that they are not us – if we maintain our common sense and think for ourselves, their schemes would eventually fall apart. They’ll have nobody left to deceive.

So let’s use that day for contemplation on which actions and values would make us strong as a civilization. (And I can assure you that the acceptance of a medieval Arab cult is NOT one of them.)

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