City Elections 2014 – the Stench of the Annex Permeates Toronto



One of the unforgettable events of David Miller’s rule was the garbage strike in 2009. At the time, the city tried to negotiate the union contracts and save money. One of the issues was to abolish the little scam of cashing the unused sick days upon retirement, which kept the taxpayers on the hook for millions and millions of dollars, but the public union parasites decided that the arrangement was their sacred right and went on strike. Its most visible effect was the garbage.

They stopped collecting garbage – in the Annex, where I live, it started to pile up and the stench was unbearable (it was July). The progressives inhabiting this Toronto enclave kept stoic silence about the problem and eventually their man in City Hall capitulated and accommodated the union demands. All the garbage was picked up, but the stench remained.

The stench of the Annex is eternal – you can’t remove it like a pile of garbage; it comes from the ideology, which controls the thinking of those people. Its results are the moral decay; support for bizarre social engineering projects and dangerous experiments in education. Moral norms like decency and humility are ignored and the politicians elected here to put into practice that ideology are equally bizarre.

The stench of the Annex was especially strong during the last municipal elections. Near the end of the campaign, on October 24, the CBC scandal of Jian Ghomeshi erupted. The national broadcaster covered up for years the sadistic escapades of their favourite Muslim sex pervert. And why not? In the downtown hierarchy a progressive Muslim trumps everything, even his own perversion.

Every progressive idiot rushed to support him. Margaret Atwood, the Canadian Literary Duchess of Yawn and a fellow Annex dweller, sent a supportive tweet.

ghomeshi-atwood-620x295In her world the hatred is reserved for Christians as she shows it in her boring epic The Handmaid’s Tale. However, there is always a place in her heart for a violent Muslim.

Under that climate it was not surprising that every bizarre downtown politician was elected – the councillors Joe Cressy, Layton Jr. and even the notorious Ausma Malik. Olivia Chow lost Trinity-Spadina to John Tory – she must be really terrible politician to lose an area, which was considered her castle.

Still the progressives were whining that the city didn’t fall under their wise control. A letter to the editor published in this week’s Now Magazine, Toronto’s most reliable whore directory, lamented Tory’s win:

Somewhere Mike Harris is laughing

Mike Harris wins T.O. mayoral election! Of course, history has no place in the headlines, but with 750,000 votes for conservative candidates in the mayoral race (NOW, October 30-November 5) out of almost a million ballots cast, I’m sure the cockles of Mikey’s black heart are glowing white hot. And old papa Stephen Harper? He’ll be able to take a few moments away from furrowing his brow over all those pesky terrorists and smile at the prospects of further inroads into Ontario’s radical heartland next year. Pass the Tums, please.

This is a refreshing perspective, if you assume that Flip-Flop Johnny is a conservative.

One thing is true – when going through the election results, it is not hard to see that very little has changed. And if it weren’t for the unfortunate turn in the health of Mayor Ford, he would’ve been re-elected. Johnny’s pep talk about “uniting” the city, which he gave just after his victory, remains a curious fantasy, but not because the unification is impossible. The problem is that “unification” in the downtown lingo means complete submission of the suburbanites to the whims and wishes of the deranged “bike-riding pinkos,” as Don Cherry once perceptively defined them.

The election results showed that not only isn’t Ford Nation finished, but it has been invigorated, especially when they see how the downtown is sinking even deeper in its own stupidity.

Ausma’s election as a school trustee was a living proof – the NDPers were crazy about her, despite her lack of abilities and accomplishments and her shady past. Despite all the information revealed about her, the Annex sheeple stubbornly voted her in. Her opponents were blackmailed in the media. I and other people published screenshots of her attending a pro-terrorist rally for Hezbollah. The NDP gang responded with threats of legal action for showing the pics. At the same time, they kept the whole gallery showing who-is-who of the Muslim anti-Semitism and extremism, on Flickr, where you can still see what kind of people the NDP associates with.

Ausma’s questionable role in rigging a university election (covered in the U of T paper Varsity) didn’t stop the Annex from voting for her. There’s nothing new here – socialists support people who screw the rest of us.

So the progressive Islamists made a breakthrough into the Toronto school system. Something like that seems too weird to be true, but don’t forget – we are talking downtown Toronto here. Now, Ausma appears to be a devout Muslim – I can’t see why else a young woman would wear that hideous hijab and baggy clothes, which make her look like a Russian babushka, who has come straight from Siberia. (Are we still allowed in Canada to critique fashion?) Also, in her previous career as a student leader (was that election rigged as well?) she fought for more prayer space and halal food. The promoters of the website placing her platform had a great sense of humour, claiming that vote for her is “voting progress.”

2014-08-26 16_04_00-VOTEPROGRESS - Elect Ausma Malik!And now we have another problem – everybody who follows the TDSB knows how important the sex curriculum and especially the promotion of homosexuality are. Years ago, in 2004, the NDP ran another Muslim experiment. Monia Mazigh was their MP candidate for Ottawa. She is the wife of Maher Arar, the Muslim, who won a $10 million jackpot from the “war on terror” by suing the Canadian government for something that the USA did (but despite his wealth, which can buy any lawyer, he still can’t solve his alleged Islamist problems in the USA). So lo and behold, like a good Islamist Monia found herself on the NDP list. At the time, the NDP and the Liberals were pressing in the Parliament the issue about the legalization of the homosexual “marriage.”

It turned out, Monia was against it. Now, I am also against it on religious grounds – I find it a ridiculous charade, but I am not a progressive legislator (neither do I want to be one). Despite that, the NDP was going to betray its homosexual backers by promoting her:

The Ottawa Citizen, 2004.06.05

In an unconventional alignment, both the Conservative and New Democrat candidates for Ottawa South have declared their positions on same-sex marriage — an unequivocal no.

NDP hopeful Monia Mazigh told a meeting of the Citizen editorial board that she cannot support her party’s position on the issue because as a Muslim, she is prohibited from doing so.

“I’m going to tell you my position is clear on same-sex marriage — I’m not the best person to support it because of my religious beliefs,” said Ms. Mazigh, whose decision breaks with NDP policy of equal marriage rights for all Canadians.

If elected, Ms. Mazigh said she would abstain from voting on the issue in Parliament, saying, “I cannot tell you that I am going to vote for same-sex marriage because I cannot contradict my religious beliefs; however, I’m not going to vote against it.

“For me, it’s very clear. I’m going to remain neutral.”

Ms. Mazigh said she would not vote against gay marriage because the NDP position of respecting equal rights amongst all minority groups is a good one — just not one that she can support if forced to vote.

What is Ausma going to do in a similar situation? Next year Kathleen Wynne is planning to introduce in the schools the highly explicit sex curriculum (with heavy homosexual elements). Is the pious Ausma going to resist it? Is her imam going to stone her, if she resists it? Is she ever going to march in the homosexual parade? I am very interested in her response.

Unlike the shy Ausma, her guardian angel Joe Cressy (elected a councillor for Ward 20) had no problem taking part in the homosexual parade. He was at this year’s freak show, jumping up and down like a palace fool on the NDP float, behind the socialist royal couple of Horvath and Mulcair.



The freak trio

Another bit of information that this clown doesn’t give a damn about anybody outside of the special interest groups was in his pamphlets, which flooded the neighbourhood almost every day. Some of the endorsements contained in them were in Chinese.

That was a show of total disrespect for his country, where the official languages are still English and French (China Joe may not know that). But that’s normal for that treacherous political party – NDP – the interests of the Canadians are the least important on their agenda. Early in her campaign, Olivia Chow even went to China to solicit votes for her mayoral bid.

joe-cressy-pamphlet-2Another candidate for councillor, Terri Chu, who is Chinese, had all of her promotion literature entirely in English, which deserves admiration. Thanks to pathetic opportunists like Chow and Cressy, who cater to the multicultural madness, we now have ghettos in Toronto, where people speak only their mother tongue, lack employment opportunities and become an easy prey to fellow Chinese exploiters.

Dr. Joseph Wong, whose endorsement in Chinese Cressy didn’t bother to translate, heads a political organization – ALPHA – disguised as a historical research society, which keeps alive animosities between China and Japan over events that took place over 70 years ago (like the ridiculous “comfort women” issue). His group also endorsed Olivia Chow:

Addressing the modest crowd mostly in Cantonese and Mandarin (they added comments in English for the benefit of one reporter), the speakers touted Ms. Chow’s record of pushing for Toronto’s multilingual 911 service, helping the Vietnamese boat people, and pressing Japan to apologize to its “comfort women” of the Second World War.

Lead organizer Joseph Yu Kai Wong called on the Chinese community to stand united behind Ms. Chow.

“We are not asking people to vote Olivia because she is Chinese,” Mr. Wong, a prominent figure in the community, said in an interview. “We are asking people to vote for her because she has the quality, the integrity, and the honesty and the leadership, and the heart in the right place to bring the city forward. And because she is also a Chinese woman it would also reinforce my belief that we should have someone from the minority community [as mayor]. It’s about time.”

As you can see, every minority group is pushing its own stooge and in that frenzy the idea of Canada is totally lost. However, they wouldn’t be able to do that if it weren’t for the stupid white people from the Annex and the rest of downtown, who’d rather vote for an incompetent member of a minority out of white guilt than bringing in someone who can get the job done.

Another “warrior” in that special interest group crusade is Kristyn Wong-Tam. She was re-elected as a city councillor in Ward 27. Just like Joe Cressy, Layton Jr., Ausma and Olivia, she is not qualified to do any honest work, let alone rule, but being linked to the right groups has helped her hit the political jackpot.

While we are still on the Chinese wave, I would like to get back to an event from Wong-Tam’s career. In December 2012, the already mentioned Chinese organization – ALPHA – had an event commemorating the so-called “Nanking Massacre” of 1937 at OISE (Toronto’s Marxist heart). The massacre has been a subject of bitter dispute between China and Japan for decades. China and its supporters abroad didn’t care much about it until the country became a major industrial competitor of Japan. Then China started using the 75-year old event as a way to discredit Japan. The offensive was led by Iris Chang – a mentally disturbed US journalist (she eventually killed herself), who wrote a poorly researched book, which included many factual inconsistencies and fake pictures.

I know that I am boring the readers with this expose of something that happened between two Asian countries 75 years ago. I don’t care about that either – let the historians of the two countries sort out the truth among themselves. And what is the most disgusting in this case is that the Chinese (and many other nations for that matter) bring to Toronto all their hatreds, quarrels and animosities to the streets of the city. If this continues, eventually Toronto will explode.

But that’s not how the supporters of China like ALPHA, Olivia Chow and Kristyn Wong-Tam see their destructive activities. They want to shove the whole faraway Asian mess down our throats. At the ALPHA event Wong-Tam held a long, whiny and pathetic speech about how she harassed Mayor Ford to sign a proclamation about the “massacre.” (I recorded it, so if he denies it, she is out of luck.)

The Mayor was very reluctant to sign such a proclamation, because that was a controversial political event with arguments still raging about it. And actually there is a clause in the rules that prevents announcing proclamations on controversial issues. However, the Chinese lobby and Wong-Tam kept bombarding the Mayor with videos, booklets, and books that he was expected to read or watch. In the end he was forced to give up and sign the proclamation, which only created more animosity between the Chinese and the Japanese communities in Toronto. I have information that Japanese children at Toronto schools were assaulted and harassed by Chinese kids over the publicized event.

That’s another evidence that creatures like Wong-Tam plant only hatred in Toronto. I wonder why ALPHA, Olivia and Kristyn didn’t lobby for a proclamation against the policies of the Chinese fascists in Tibet. The genocide there is well documented and there are thousands of Tibetans in Toronto, who can testify.

But that is your typical downtown politician – if he or she is not a part of a certain ethnic minority, they at least have contempt for the interests of the ordinary people. Wong-Tam has another special group advantage – she is a professional lesbian. That means that whatever criticism she receives, she can easily dismiss it as “homophobia.” That idiotic term scares almost every journalist or mainstream politician.

Wong-Tam has been pushing the homosexual card for as long as she has been a “politician.” We will never forget how she publicized the hoax threatening letter from “Ford Nation” that she revealed during the campaign.

Also during the campaign she tweeted an interesting picture from the conference of homosexual political activists:

2014-09-30 23_42_35-Kristyn Wong-Tam_ Twitter

Seeing Flip-Flop Johnny, who according to the Now rag is conservative, is quite a surprise. But even bigger surprise is the presence of Barbara Hall, the commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission. I know that the OHRC is a kangaroo court, but it still is a judicial institution, which has the power to impose punishments in the form of big fines and even jail, if you ignore their decisions. As such, it should at least create the impression of being impartial. Yet Ms. Hall openly supports a homosexual political group (the same way she supported in 2008 the three Muslim extremists, who tried to extort money from MacLean’s Magazine). If you don’t support the homosexual agenda, which she defends, Hall has the full power to destroy your life. And of course Wong-Tam is a major part of the plot again.

And the famous lesbian has insured her political life by supporting many other special groups – like financing the anti-Semites from Queers Against Israeli Apartheid or inviting the lice-ridden bums of Occupy Toronto to move their tents to City Hall.

wong-tam-city-hall-occupyCompare the useless downtown parasites to Ford Nation. The latter may not be that educated in knowing the principles of Marxism or the names of the nine fluid genders or the fifty positions of homosexual anal sex. However, they know one thing for sure – we are in this city together and regardless of our races, ethnicities and nationalities, it is our job to make things work no matter what the downtown perverts say.

And we need to find our solutions in the reality we live in. Rob Ford is not a sophisticated hipster, but he knows what we need to make things work. The gallery described above, comprising of unemployable ignorant losers and their equally ignorant electorate are not going to solve a single problem for the city. If we let them have their way, we will end up like Detroit.

It’s time we woke up. Open your windows, get rid of the downtown stench.

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