Condescending “Now Magazine” Article Attacks Rob Ford’s Black Supporters



Last month I, along with thousands of other people, attended the Rob Ford Fest in Scarborough. It was widely publicized that city officers were going to watch like hawks whether he campaigns (hoping to get him into trouble with the election laws). It didn’t work. A small group of homosexuals also showed up, determined to disrupt the event. That worked.

Carrying insulting and slanderous signs they managed to enrage Ford’s supporters. I caught and filmed some of the altercation that followed, but had to leave earlier and missed the rest.

Otherwise, I would’ve caught the breaking of the signs and the moment when one of the homosexuals and Ron Banerjee (a Hindu activist) got confrontational. In the article that I wrote later, I expressed my displeasure with the way the homosexual group intruded and showed complete contempt for the guests of the event.

Shortly thereafter somebody going under the name “Bastion of Common Sense” from Richmond Hill (IP: expressed very succinctly what he/she thought about my article:

Jesus Christ you people are fucking retarded. Please take your homophobia and leave this country you hateful Ford worshipping fucks.

I am not complaining – after writing a political blog for a few years, I am as immune to criticism as a cat to chicken pox. I simply want to illustrate the way of thinking of those people – instead of feeling embarrassed to have ruined a family event by promoting their peculiar lifestyle, they throw fire and brimstone on somebody, who thinks that the action wasn’t a good idea.

Obviously, kicking out all “Ford worshipping fucks,” so that the tiny 2% rainbow minority could reign over the country from Nunavut to Windsor, is not a realistic task. But they have been very successful on a smaller scale. Last year, Andrew Ciastek, a REMAX real estate agent, was fired and deprived from livelihood, because in his newsletter he quoted research stating that children raised in heterosexual families are much more likely to be employed than those from homosexual families. Those few lines ignited a vicious homosexual campaign against him and he naturally lost. (Truth doesn’t matter when dealing with special interest groups.)

Something similar has been feeding the vicious campaigns against Rob Ford as well. My little blog wasn’t the only target – the mainstream media also got involved by making the point that people are fools for following Rob Ford instead of the homosexuals.

That’s how I found Now Magazine’s coverage. The downtown rag, which has been engaged in a vendetta against the Mayor for years, published two of the most condescending and racist articles I have ever seen in a mainstream Canadian publication to cover the Ford Fest events.

For those of you, who live outside of Olivia’s bunker, let me explain that Now Magazine is a free newspaper that lists daily events in Toronto, mixed with a few VERY progressive articles covering our city’s issues. However, the most distinct feature of the paper is its adult section with classifieds and space ads. Thanks to the hard work of the Now staff, in it you can find a hooker to satisfy (for a fee) any perversion you may like – straight, homosexual, tranny, chick-with-dick, BDSM, dominatrix, you name it…

I probably shouldn’t use the word “hooker” – Now may accuse me of “hookerophobia.” They call those people “sex-trade workers” in the beginning of the section. I suspect that Karl Marx is banging his head against his coffin’s lid for not coming up with such a clever term to justify his philandering ways. Saying that you do “sex work” with somebody definitely makes cheating sound better.

The largest part of the adult section – over two pages – is occupied by ads for “Asian Escorts & Massage.” It is known that another prominent Marxist – the Glorious Leader of the NDP Jack Layton – had a sweet spot for that group of the sex proletariat.

Everybody familiar with human trafficking knows that the women from the Far East are some of its main victims, even in Canada. Often brought here illegally, many of them don’t even speak English. Now Magazine has in the section “resources for sex-trade workers,” but somehow I doubt it that the pimps and the gangs that place the ads care to explain those to their Asian victims.

With practices like these, Now Magazine has no authority to make any moral judgments, but they do and they do it loudly. The front page was intriguing: “News – Ford Nation: it’s a black thing; it’s an anti-gay thing.”

now-magazine-ford-fest-2So what was on page 12? Two articles.

now-magazine-ford-festThe one at the top – “Queeruption at Ford Fest” – was trying hard to convince the world how stupid the Ford followers are. The one below – Breaking Ford Nation’s Colour Code” – was doing exactly the same thing, but applied to Ford’s black supporters.

In the first piece the author Jonathan Goldsbie comes up with a revolutionary revelation about the nature of the people, who vote for Rob Ford:

… Ford is, if anything, more of a religious figure around whom his fans’ cosmology revolves.

… He offers straightforward answers to difficult questions, not knowing or caring about facts. To contrast what he says with observable reality is to miss the point: for him and his followers, truth is derived from conviction

What a stupid statement! It is the author, who misses the reality; unlike the people who spend their lives in gay bars filling out grant applications, the regular family people are very conscious about where their tax money goes. Rob Ford has consistently followed a policy of cutting unnecessary expenses in all areas. People have been noticing that ever since he has been a City Councillor. Every penny not spent on extravagant useless projects is one penny more in the pockets of those who actually work for their money.

This is incomprehensible to the downtown parasites, who rely on the socialist generosity of Olivia Chow and Kathleen Wynne’s gang of crooks.

Next, Goldsbie laments the rude way, in which Crazy Sarah’s entrance on a horse was accepted. Then he moves to “Queeruption” – he is not afraid to say that the homosexual group went to the fest with the specific goal to disrupt it:

The Queeruption folks, however, aren’t prepared for the worst-case scenario. The half-dozen activists, who arrive after Thomson has left, wear rainbow leis and carry signs on colourful paper: “Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid,” “Ford #1 Hater,” etc.

Then he describes with disbelief how badly the homosexuals were treated (did he expect Ford Nation to meet them with open arms?). After that comes something worse:

… In 2012, a different group of queer activists contemplated a similar intervention at Ford Fest, which that year was held in the Ford family’s Etobicoke backyard. Once they arrived, they had second thoughts, sensing it wouldn’t be a safe space for a visible action.

Can you imagine that? The obnoxious homosexuals were planning to take advantage of Ford family’s hospitality to trash the Mayor. It’s hard to imagine anything more disgusting – it’s no wonder nobody likes them.

Back to Ford Fest:

…After a 10-minute buildup, the confrontation turns physical when a man grabs a sign from an activist’s hands and tears it to pieces. The crowd goes wild.

The word “faggot” finally emerges, from Ron Banerjee, best known for conducting anti-Muslim activism under the banner of a “group” called Canadian Hindu Advocacy.

…Cameras capture Banerjee putting his hand around the neck of an older man draped in a rainbow flag.

…Eventually, police step in to extract the Queeruption protesters and escort them away from the mob.

When somebody reacts to the arrogant behaviour of the intruders, it’s time to belittle him. All of them were white; Banerjee is a brown Hindu. If it was the other way around, Now Magazine would cry racism. In this case the only option is to insult him – they hint about his anti-Muslim activism (implying “Islamophobia”) relying on the fact that few know how much the Hindus have suffered (and still suffer) from the Muslim extremism. And of course his group is “group”, something fake. If it was called Canadian Hindu Queer-Advocacy, they would probably call it THE GROUP.

There was not a single word of condemnation for the behaviour of the arrogant homosexual group.

The second article is much worse. As I said, I have never seen such a racist approach. Maybe to avoid the accusation of racism, Now Magazine has picked a black guy – Desmond Cole – to do the dirty job of putting down Ford’s black supporters. The downtown Left has always been perplexed that the minorities don’t flock after its progressive, enlightened, socialist, homosexual ideas.

The subtitle sets the tone:

At Ford Fest, low expectations among black supporters make Ford a hero for offering a hamburger and a little attention

So, it appears that the black supporters are a monolithic group of idiots, who sell their votes to a guy, who offers them once a year a picture with him and a hamburger. I had no idea that the secret of politics was so simple. Then Karen Stintz can easily beat Rob Ford – just offer a hamburger once a month and a picture every week. This is not some random conclusion, the author supposedly made it after many interviews:

I set out for Ford Fest on July 25, the latest in a series of public picnics held by Mayor Rob Ford, with a mission: to engage black Ford supporters, and only them, in conversation about our mayor’s consistent expressions of anti-black racism.

First he tried to instigate outrage over Ford’s “racism” – Ford doesn’t have the finesse of a member of Academie Francaise, and he speaks like the common people who vote for him. They are not picky about the language and care much more about the job he does:

But of the 30 or so I spoke with, very few were willing (or able) to problematize Ford’s use of the word “nigger,” his description of blacks as “fucking minorities” or his claim that no one has helped black people more than him.

… A young man named Mark and his friend Steve were similarly eager to explain away Ford’s bigotry.

Said Mark, “I use the same words and I’m black, so how am I going to knock him for it?”

When I asked if white people have licence to call blacks “nigger,” he said, “It depends on what context they use it in.”

Then Cole moved to another seemingly impossible case – a successful black teacher, who likes Rob Ford:

… Kevin, who came across the city from Etobicoke with his wife and young children, said he’s supported Ford since his early days on city council. His son clung to his leg and listened as I asked about Ford’s discriminatory remarks.

“I’m a teacher, and I’ve heard a lot of other teachers use the N-word at school,” he offered. “I say it’s more ignorance… a lack of knowledge. Rob Ford probably doesn’t know the meaning of the word. People use it as a friendly term.”

Kevin added that the media are out to get Ford “because he opposes gay marriage,” a stance the teacher said he appreciates.

Horror! A black teacher, who is expected to admire our progressive masters doesn’t care much about “gay” marriage!

Cole doesn’t miss the opportunity to trash the “Man”

Everyone who spoke with me suggested that our politicians and the system they serve are generally corrupt and specifically racist or indifferent toward black people.

Such low expectations of public service make Ford a hero for offering his black supporters a hamburger and a little attention. A woman who gave her name as Flavour told me passionately, “I’ve been living in Scarborough for many years, and this is the only mayor I’ve ever gotten to shake hands with.”

The magical hamburger appears again as the elegant and simple solution appreciated by the black people, who don’t know any better. If a white person wrote this article, he would’ve been fired.

But Cole is not done yet – he finds two more occasions to throw the race card:

… Black Torontonians are, we cannot forget, facing a disproportionately grim set of social and economic circumstances: as children we’re more likely to be kicked out or suspended from school; as adolescents we’re the targets for non-investigative stops by police; as adults we’re less likely to find good jobs. Many blacks identify with Ford as victim, as someone whose behaviour is over-scrutinized, and they jump on his bandwagon.

Another paragraph of whining that is passed for social analysis. A black kid is as likely to be suspended from school as a white, yellow, blue, orange or green kid, if they do something very wrong. If a black person is qualified, he or she can find a good job, especially when in Ontario numerous commissions watch like hawks over any potential violation of the rights of the minorities. Cole creates the impression that Toronto is governed by cruel Jim Crowe laws. Now Magazine’s race baiting is beyond disgusting.

The last attempt at race baiting takes the cake:

This is civic engagement Ford-style, and the mayor has employed the same rallying cry against black people in different circumstances. Only two years ago, he used a shooting in Scarborough to propose his race-baiting suggestion that the city deport people convicted of gun crimes. This is how Ford repays the unwavering loyalty of his black supporters, but many of them are too caught up in his game of patronage to fight back.

I also want people convicted of gun crimes deported. How is that a black problem? There are only two ways to understand Cole’s statement. The first is that all black people are members of armed gangs and all of them would be deported, if such a law is enforced. The second one is that black people enjoy so much gun violence and being shot at, that they find it unthinkable to deport any of those criminals. Both meanings are quite offensive.

But the most offensive is the way, in which institutions like Now Magazine try to “help” the minorities. The article painted the black people as a mass of idiots, who can’t think for themselves and sell out for a hamburger. The progressives from Now are furious that their picture of the minorities doesn’t work – instead of accepting with gratitude the progressive solutions prepared for them, they follow a rube whose only message is to save taxes. The downtown elites have such grandiose plans for people’s taxes – they can go toward building lesbian express bike lanes, buying hundreds of ugly sculptures, or just stealing it.

The urban elites can’t imagine that people are individuals, who follow their interests and dreams, and don’t give a damn about how the world is perceived from a gay bar or an art gallery. And the same applies to the black people – they are all different and don’t want to be confined to the Procrustes bed that those elites have prepared for them. As of Rob Ford, this shameless attempt to humiliate his supporters speaks volumes about the forces he is up against.

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  1. I don’t know if we have ever met or not, but I owe you a beer. Great article. Keep up the good work.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you, great idea.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Great article! You summed up the disgusting “progressives” own hatred quite admirably. Let’s hope Ford wins and give them all apoplexy!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you. The most disgusting thing is how little respect they have for other people’s opinions – to the point that the Left is ready to belittle and destroy them.

    1. admiwrath says:

      You mean Now Magazine? I agree.

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