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Last night I attended the first fundraiser of Doug Ford’s mayoral campaign. Having taken the place of his brother Rob, who battles cancer, he hopes (along with many other people) to continue the struggle against the organized tax theft in our fair city.
It was a pleasant evening, starting from the volunteers, who registered the guests and collected the donations. It was nice to see well-dressed, smiling and attractive young people, who differed substantially from Olivia Chow’s vegan losers that roam our neighbourhood. Their grumpy faces, expressing dedication to redistribution justice, make them look as if lemons are the main part of their staple diet.


Doug Ford


The guests

Since we arrived early, I had the time to check the news in the newspaper apps on my phone. Sure enough, I found something related to the campaign. It was Christie Blatchford’s report about Doug Ford’s first debate the other day. In the article she penetrated the mind of John Tory with am empathy to his difficult situation:

I suspect, rather, that he was so stunned and disheartened by this debacle of a debate that he didn’t know how to respond, that on some super-secret level he probably couldn’t believe that he was expected to engage with Mr. Ford, his intellectual inferior by a country mile and a dishonest yahoo-cum-snakeoil-salesman to boot, and Ms. Chow, a perfectly nice person who kept ineffectually mewling about “the children” with the abrasive piety that was the hallmark of the old New Democratic Party with which she has been aligned much of her life.

I love the National Post’s rules of style – it requires that people be called “Mr.” and “Ms.” but allows Ms. Blatchford to describe their actions with the hysterical language of a drunken sailor, who just found out that the harbour whore he picked up has a penis. This is not her first escapade in the campaign – when Doug Ford announced his run, she compared the Fords with the murderous Kim dynasty of North Korea.

I wonder what turned Christie, once one of the most respected Canadian journalists, into a bitter harpy, who doesn’t seem to be in touch with reality, especially when she describes Doug as a semi-retarded crook who inexplicably stumbled into the campaign. Maybe she is compensating for her fall out with the Left after she published “Helpless” – about the struggle of the heroic people of Caledonia against a gang of Indian junkies, who terrorized the town for years with the protection of Crook-in-Chief McGuinty and his OPP praetorians. She took a lot of beating from the “progressive” crowd, which thinks that the reserve Indians should be provided with all tax money they want regardless of what they do.

Taking a revenge on Rob and Doug elevates her status in the downtown maze of gay bars, struggling art galleries (which always need more of your money) and unions that have built their own private communist paradise with our taxes. She continues:

…A child of considerable privilege himself, whose notion of its rightful burden is to hand out $20 bills to the poor when the spirit moves him or God forbid “meet with the youth” — if Doug Ford doesn’t fell a tree personally, apparently it doesn’t fall — Mr. Ford nonetheless accused Mr. Tory of having “everything handed to him on a silver platter,” urged him to “bring your chauffeur down” and get down with the people, and was dropping his Gs (“We ended up stoppin’ the gravy train”) with abandon.

Another dishonest opinion; another failure. Doug’s family worked in a business that was built from nothing. Everybody had to work their butts off to make Deco survive and expand. John Tory has always been a corporate employee (most of the time under the benevolent protection of Big Papa Rogers). Survival has never been an issue and whenever he had to lead (especially as a politician), he failed.

Besides, the “liar” accusation with regard to Ford’s financial record is hard to maintain. The Mayor always claimed the he saved $1 billion of city money and the Left always laughed at him.

However, in a recent report released by Roberto Rossini, DCM & Chief Financial Officer of the City of Toronto, it was officially stated that the Ford administration saved $972 million. Truth can never shake the fraud of the Left – they may

say that the report is another devious scheme, which Rob Ford hatched from his hospital bed. But those, who support him, can’t be fooled about what he has achieved financially.

doug-ford-fundraiser-2014-3However, Christie and her circle simply can’t understand that. They live with the perception that Ford’s supporters are a bunch of ignorant imbeciles, incapable of understanding the grand plans that the downtown party has for their money. It is incomprehensible to Christie’s type that people actually want to be taxed less, when in downtown Toronto you can see many idiots wearing pins saying “Tax me to end poverty” (tax money never ends poverty).

Those who attended the fundraiser paid at least $125 each – professionals, small business owners and others, about 200 people in total. Unfortunately, their views are not hip and not politically correct enough to get a sympathetic coverage in the Toronto Star, but the Fords understand them and that’s why they have their support.


Giorgio Mammoliti


Frances Nunziata

The event started with an introduction by Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti (I guess Christie could write another vitriolic article about him). He spoke about the health problems Mayor Ford is facing and why Doug took his place in the race. He was followed by Doug Ford, who presented his simple and straightforward platform: keep taxes low and spend responsibly whatever is collected from the taxpayers. He announced in the end that the next Ford Fest is going to take place next Saturday.

After him on stage appeared John Nunziata and Councillor Frances Nunziata and Vincent Crisanti. They declared their support for Doug Ford.

You can see Mammoliti and Doug Ford in the video.

The event showed that the silent majority that wants respect is not afraid to make its views known, regardless of how hard the mainstream media tried to prove that such people don’t exist.


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  1. Viviane Spiegelman says:

    Miroslav, excellent piece — one of your best!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you.

  2. Alexandra says:

    “… Olivia Chow’s vegan losers … lemons are the main part of their staple diet.” Doug Ford was a vegetarian and he still does not eat red meat; what does that make him, a loser wannabe?

    1. admiwrath says:

      I don’t care whether people eat meat or not, but the veganism is an extreme movement, which resembles an equally extreme religious cult with its passion for halal meat. Your attempt to use Doug Ford’s name in your attempt to push vegans is pathetic.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    Go Doug, go!

    1. admiwrath says:

      He is going strong.

  4. Max Palmer says:

    $125 a plate. Only the elites can truly afford to pay that much. I did not know that a rich guy like DF was such an elitist.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, Doug can’t hold a candle to “Whorehouse” Jack and Olivia, who charged tens of thousands of dollars to the Canadian taxpayers as MP’s (don’t tell me it’s not true, it’s documented). Olivia said several times that she wanted to make Toronto a “trading hub” for the Chinese yuan, the most manipulated currency in the world, controlled by the murderous Chinese government. Is that corrupt woman, who promotes Chinese communism, your ideal? Of course, the Chinese Communist Party can pay the downtown bums to vote for her. Tell Olivia she is a pathetic loser (Indians should know better).

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