Ford Nation – Rob Ford Brings His Message to YouTube

The Toronto media have little time for presenting the views and ideas of Mayor Rob Ford. They hate him so much that when they are not digging any real or imaginary dirt to destroy him, they even try to put down the Canadian flag just because Ford chose to display it on the window of his office instead of the gay rag that everybody at City Hall is willing to impose on the city.

When most of the papers, radio and TV are either controlled or afraid of homosexuals and semi-retarded lefties, there is no other way to make a point except by using the internet that the snobbish elitists still despise. As a result, we now have the Ford Nation channel. completely free from perverts and metrosexuals, who are always too busy to say how awkward, unsophisticated, fat or embarrassing the Mayor is. The people who voted for Ford have very little interest in what the grumpy lefties have to say, but it is hard to ignore them in the mainstream media.

So now you have the chance to hear exactly what the Mayor has to say, without the lefty distortion.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I’ve said this before. If Rob Ford was openly gay, or embraced GBLTQABCXYZ freaks and marched in their parade, the media would be far kinder and more forgiving towards him.

    The reality is nothing more than Double standards all the way.

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