Homosexual Bullies Crash Rob Ford’s Family Fest

The vicious media war against Mayor Rob Ford is alive and well. The constant attempts to embarrass and discredit him follow every event he is part of. Yesterday’s BBQ, thrown by the Ford family, wasn’t exception – a small gang of homosexuals came with offensive signs to cause a public outrage over his “homophobia.” It was not clear who stood behind that – probably a certain candidate-mayor, who adores drag queens, but can’t attract voters outside of the downtown core (and tries to look for more of them in China).


Ford Nation


But let’s start from the beginning – as it happens every year, Ford’s BBQ attracted thousands of people of all colours, ethnicities and backgrounds that you can find in Toronto. On my way to the event I heard several times in the news that Rob Ford was banned from campaigning in a public park and special city officers were supposed to watch whether he complies. I was late for the beginning of the event, so I missed Sarah Thomson’s arrival – she made a grand entrance riding a horse. I hope she won’t come up with another tall tale about how Ford tried to molest her.

Rob Ford was already in the tent, surrounded by his security, with hundreds of guests patiently waiting to take a picture with him.



Rob Ford with fans

There were also long lines for the food and the kids’ playground.

As usual, you could see a few eccentric characters:


The Rob Ford lookalike


The snake man


The Ford Nation dog

However, the real freaks came later – a small group of homosexuals, determined to disrupt an event attended by thousands of Rob Ford’s supporters. The leader of the group carried a large sign: “Ford #1 Hater.”


It’s the other way around – the homosexuals hate Rob Ford. He is one of the few city politicians, who don’t cater to special interests groups. That obnoxious minority wields an enormous power in Canada through the mainstream media; the education system and the kangaroo courts known as Human Rights Commissions. Being accused of “homophobia” means an end to someone’s career.

The refusal of Rob Ford to submit to those detestable bullies is simply driving them crazy. I don’t recall any Rob Ford supporters crashing a tranny or homosexual parade with their own message.

They were definitely surprised by the total lack of support for their lies about Ford. People are smarter than that. However, they attracted immediately the attention of the CBC reporters, who always look for anti-Ford dirt. Those pathetic people, who are the major supporters of the homosexual agenda, cynically ignored the thousands of ordinary people and decided to listen only to the hateful freaks. Is it any wonder that the CBC is in such a sorry condition?

As you can see in the movie below, the crowd didn’t take the slander lightly. They made their support clear, but that reaction was what the mini-demonstration wanted – any reaction different from full acceptance of their agenda is considered “homophobic.”

Here is the movie:

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  1. Blind Druid says:

    In the words of the Toronto cop talking to the Pro Israel supporters who were attacked by the muzz. “What did you think would happen, coming down here with a flag like that?” What’s sauce for the goose —

  2. Zach says:

    Using the term “obnoxious minority” makes you sound like an awful person.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Gotcha – the guests of Rob Ford should’ve been grateful that the homosexuals disrupted their party. And the militant homosexuals are truly obnoxious.

  3. Bastion of Common Sense says:

    Jesus Christ you people are fucking retarded.

    Please take your homophobia and leave this country you hateful Ford worshipping fucks.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Priceless advice – a tiny group (2%) of perverts tells the rest of the Canadians to leave their country. Homosexual arrogance knows no limits. That’s why nobody likes you – you are an impenetrable Bastion of Stupidity.

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