Homosexual Bullies Trash Rob Ford for not Applauding Their Parade at City Hall – a True North Korean Moment



The homosexual lobby in Toronto demanded a new sacrifice. Not only does every politician need to march in their parade to express loyalty, but he or she is required to bow to the powerful though unappealing woman, who presided over it (sorry, Kristyn Wong-Tam is not attractive, I hope we are still allowed to say that).

During a City Council session, everybody was supposed to stand up and give an ovation (twice) to Wong-Tam for her allegedly great job done during the homosexual week. The fake mayor Kelly presented her with some kind of a diploma or award. Exactly the same type of event, as it was under Stalin or the series of Kims, who ruled North Korea – the enthusiasm for the party line must be expressed by loud and cheerful clapping; it’s a mortal sin not to follow the party directive. As you may expect Mayor Rob Ford failed the test and the homosexuals and their admirers unleashed on him a new tide of raw sewage:

Toronto councillors expressed outrage on Wednesday after Toronto Mayor Rob Ford intentionally slighted World Pride organizers at city hall, refusing stand for two separate ovations while councillors and city staff celebrated the successful international festival.

According to reporters and several councillors, Ford declined to stand while everyone else in the council chamber gave two ovations, sitting stoically in his chair until the congratulations had concluded. Following the ovation, Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly presented openly gay Coun. Kristyn Wong-Tam with special recognition for her role in the World Pride event. Council and city staff gave Wong-Tam a standing ovation, with Ford again declining to participate.


Under the wise guidance of Kristyn Wong-Tam

The usual suspects registered their manufactured outrage in their quest to win the coveted downtown homosexual votes. Of course, everything was done through the tool that allows you to hide your lack of thought or brains behind 140 characters – Twitter.

“Subway Enemy #1” Josh Matlow twitted: “As council and city staff stand to congratulate Toronto’s World Pride organizers, Rob Ford remains sitting & silent.” (Translation: vote for me, gays, I jumped higher than anybody!)

Layton Junior expresses outrage in the Miss Goody-Two-Shoes style: “Everyone in the council chamber gave a standing ovation to @PrideToronto for their hard work on World Pride, except the mayor. Disgraceful.” (It’s not more disgraceful than his step-mother’s promotion of drag queens.)

A fellow named Adam Goldenberg went as far as calling Ford “racist” over his refusal to clap:

2014-07-10 03_36_45-Adam Goldenberg (adamgoldenberg) on Twitter

How can you be racist against homosexuals when they are not a race? Why is everybody in downtown Toronto so stupid?

Then every leftard recalled what a horrible person Rob Ford was:

The excuse was met with immediate derision, and many incredulously pointed to his history of voting against LGBTQ assistance, raging against pride flags at city hall and vocally opposing Toronto’s annual Pride Parade. Ford’s claim that addiction was responsible for his negative behaviour toward marginalized communities was again panned online after he refused to stand to congratulate Wong-Tam and World Pride organizers.

The immediate reason for that new wave of mud was another attack from Wong-Tam. She demanded that he release a motion involving building a homeless shelter for homosexual youth. It looks like now that already privileged group would have its own institutions – they can’t be discussed, you are expected to simply shut up and pay.

Further on, Yahoo News’ Daily Brew, where the report was published, goes as low as quoting a fake Twitter feed from “Rehab Rob Ford.” (Of course, Ford could be insulted in every possible way. We will never read tweets from “Whorehouse Jack Layton” or “Public Housing Leech Olivia Chow.”)

2014-07-09 22_52_48-Rehab Rob Ford (RehabRobFord) on Twitter2014-07-09 22_53_18-Rehab Rob Ford (RehabRobFord) on TwitterSo what kind of a job did Wong-Tam do? She managed to collect the most ridiculous freaks (including politicians) to march in the three parades. The rainbow crowd included the Communist Party of Canada and the anti-Semites from Queers Against Israeli Apartheid.


From homosexuality to communism

Queer anti-Semites

Queer anti-Semites

Wong-Tam helped the latter establish their propaganda channels by financing their website. She admitted that before the previous election:

Wong-Tam finally responded to me by e-mail late Thursday afternoon after I’d left a half-dozen phone messages with her over a period of more than 24 hours and wrote an equal number of e-mails requesting an interview.

She responded that she has a “reputation” as someone who supports groups large and small and as such she is frequently approached for support.

“When I was asked by a QuAIA member to lend my credit card number so that they can register a domain name because no one has a credit card in the group, I said okay,” Wong-Tam wrote.

I could not reach her by phone to ask why she continued to be registered as the website owner for 14 months, if she was simply lending someone a credit card number.

She also indicated in her e-mail that while she did not march with QuAIA in this year’s Pride parade, she supports “free speech” and not “censorship” – meaning QuAIA should continue to have a presence in the parade.

Nothing new here – principles and morals mean nothing to the lefty Toronto politicians.

As I mentioned, Wong-Tam’s fellow lefty Olivia Chow demonstrated during the “pride week” her expertise in evaluating drag queens.
olivia-chow-drag-queen-party-9She was even caught in the topless frenzy during the dyke march:


Olivia Chow is liberated

That wouldn’t have made a significant impression among the crowd of freaks and weirdos, who dominated the parades. Surely, all those exhibitionists violated several sections of the Criminal Code, but as we all know, the homosexual saints are above the law. They can’t be charged, while people like Rob Ford would be routinely attacked, smeared, ridiculed and abused. That’s how “progressive” Toronto works.


I almost envy that Mayor Ford was in rehab and missed the freak show. Some were even insinuating that this was his sneaky way of skipping the homosexual parade. There was nothing sneaky about it. Otherwise he could sneak out of the Wong-Tam award circus, but he didn’t and he made his position known.

Ford may have personal problems and shortcomings, but he also has integrity, which he is not going to surrender under the pressure from the new politically correct fascists. Unlike him, the other spineless slugs from the City Council, probably have never known what integrity is.


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  2. Chris says:

    Hey, great blog. I’ve been following Europe the past few years and have seen what decay and pc correctness has done to them. Is there anyway I can get in contact with Eric Brazeau?? I stand with fearless men and woman that get the true ideologue of the extreme Muslim sector and the leftists brainwashed hippes that add flame to the fire. Europe is lost and will hopefully soon awake with ferociousness and stand for what there fathers fought for. Unfortunately it was a matter of time but it has spilt onto canadian soil now. Please keep me posted on anything that pertains to the radical elements of islam and there jihad.

    Best site for the truth on radicals is jihadwatch.org spread the message and keep blogging.


  3. stevieb says:

    Once you understand the homosexual agenda is simply an arm of the all-powerful Israel/Jewish Lobby …it all makes sense. Including the timing and extent the ‘mainstream’ or the ever popular “corporate” media pushed the crack video allegations..

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