Islam and Media Lies Dominate Toronto School Trustee Candidates’ Debate



The people of Toronto are blessed to live in a dull city. Most of the catastrophic events that the local fighters for social justice lament are nothing more than a tempest in a teapot. Even the municipal elections most often have been a yawning experience. Things started to change only after the rise of Rob Ford, when the hysterical reaction of the Toronto Left sounded like the gobbles of a whole turkey farm in panic.

But even then I couldn’t imagine that a school trustee election could provoke the same passionate reaction. It wasn’t just the corruption and incompetence of the Toronto District School Board (like the plagiarism of its chairman or the Nazi methods they tried to use against one of the trustees or the accommodation of Muslim fanaticism in at least one of its schools). The clash in Ward 10 came from promoting Ausma Malik, a Muslim candidate with questionable past and views, who nevertheless was the favourite of the NDP elite.

Last night’s debate (which otherwise would’ve gone unnoticed) attracted a large crowd with opposite views, media, and even the police. It took place at the Bloor St. Trinity-St. Paul United Church. The United Church is a unique Canadian invention, which proves that Christianity is capable of killing itself by association with shady movements. I had “fond” memories of that church – in 2010 it hosted George Galloway, the notorious anti-Semite, financier of Hamas’ terrorism and, recently, even a charity thief.

This church rents offices to the International Socialists, Canadian Peace Alliance and scores of other lefty groups (I will tell you later why this is important). Near the entrance they had a table with flyers and pamphlets of the candidates and also some church literature. But that wasn’t your grandmother’s church bake sale invitation – they wanted you to join the 7th Annual Socialist Action Trotsky School.

trotsky-schoolWhen inside, it was hard not to notice that all Christian insignia has been removed (and I have to mention that this is a church, which still operates and has pastors). At both sides of the organ, where the icons should’ve been, you could see two poorly made paintings, which had nothing to do with Christianity. The only place, where the name of Jesus was noticeable, was at the base of the central pipes of the organ (it was probably too expensive to remove the carving).

I am sure Lenin and Trotsky would’ve approved wholeheartedly the new arrangement. In their times the Orthodox Churches were forcefully converted into storage spaces and the priests exiled or killed. At the United Church the pastors turn voluntarily into communists and their churches become socialist clubs.

bloor-united-church-torontoNaturally, the socialist castle was packed with Ausma Malik’s fans. All candidates were already at the table at 7 p.m. Ausma entered the hall 20 minutes later, with the grandeur of a heavy-set Saudi princess. Her cheerleading squad gave her a standing ovation.


Four of the candidates: Sabrina Zuniga, Ausma Malik, Tony Aires, Richard Klagsbrun

The debate started with introductions and a few questions asked by the organizers. An urgent local issue quickly emerged – it was about the playing field at Central Tech, for which there was a proposal to be converted into a dome with artificial grass. There were quite a few students from that school, who came to support the project, because it provided more options for sports. The candidates were deeply divided, with some of them supporting the natural grass and others making the argument that after intensive use the grass can’t recuperate quickly enough under our climate.

By the way, here is the video of what happened, in case you want to compare it with the deceptive media coverage:

There were also questions about the use of substitute teachers; violence in schools, etc. I should mention that of all candidates, Ausma Malik was the worst prepared, which was easy to spot in her answers. She knew for sure that there were 33 schools in the ward, but beyond that her answers revolved around meaningless buzzwords like “diversity,” “equity,” “inclusivity,” “multiculturalism” and other vomit-inducing clichés picked up from the OISE sewer.

Her time to shine came when a small group with different opinions started to ask the tough questions. Prof. Nitkin asked about the opinion of the candidates on the use of religion in public schools. Almost all of them (with the exception of Tony Aires, who said he liked religion) said that they wanted a secular school. It was funny to watch Ausma saying that with all clichés, while wearing a full Muslim garb. (Unfortunately, nobody asked her about the Valley Park School taken over by Muslim fanatics.)

The next question was about the darkest spot of her public office biography – the rigged student election at the University of Toronto. That crooked election was extensively covered by the Varsity newspaper and the articles are still online.

Ausma said that she was asked to take care of the election when somebody quit and she did the best she could with the information she had. I admit she is a master of deception – if the damaging information in the articles were wrong, she could have a fabulous libel case against the University of Toronto, but she never sued them or asked to remove the “false” information. I guess it’s not hard to tell why… Nobody, except Richard Klagsbrun, wanted to touch that lack of integrity – he was the only one to suggest that everybody can easily find the real truth about the case.

The trouble started when somebody asked about Ausma’s support for Hezbollah and condemnation of the Canadian government in 2006 (that was covered in my previous post). Her response was comical and could be taken seriously only in a communist church with gullible downtown audience. She said that she was at a Canadian Peace Alliance rally, noting that the organization is supported by people like the pastors of the Trinity-St. Paul church and Judy Rebick (she is one of the weirdest lefty loons of Toronto, staple at any lefty anti-Semitic rally). Again, Klagsbrun tried to explain what the Alliance really was, but the moderator shut him down immediately in a very rude way, for a very simple reason – the organization is a tenant of the church.

The person, who asked the original question, wanted to explore further the Hezbollah connection, but he was shouted at by the moderator, booed by Ausma’s gang and kicked out by the police. Another person, who tried to ask another question, was interrupted and his microphone disconnected.

The next person had a better luck with her question – she asked about Ausma’s involvement in the report about implementation of Islam at the university a few years ago. Would she do something like that in the public schools? Well, our girl revealed herself again as a master deceiver – she said that she was just one of the twelve people, who worked on the report. They wanted some minor improvement relevant to the academic environment. It was all lies – in the official press release (where she was listed as the main contact), it was reported that they required major sharia-compliant changes to accommodate the Muslim students:

“A general ‘failure to accommodate’ was the most frequently identified problem by Muslim students in many facets of campus life,” said Ausma Malik, Task Force member and student at the University of Toronto. “From a lack of appropriate foods on campus and inadequate prayer space to inflexible academic policies that are often at odds with religious obligations, Ontario’s Muslim students often face a fundamentally different learning environment than other students.”

High tuition fees and the overwhelmingly loan-based student financial aid system are particularly problematic for Muslim students. “Interest-bearing loans are forbidden in Islam, which means that provincial and federal government loans are simply off-limits for many practicing Muslims,” said Mohamed Sheibani, Task Force member and the President of the Muslim Students’ Association National of the U.S. and Canada. “The Task Force is asking whether an inadequate system of need-based grants contravenes the spirit and intent of the Ontario Human Rights Code.”

No other religious group, other than the Muslims, has such far-reaching demands, which are often fulfilled at our expense.

Thanks to Ausma and her clowns, the debate turned into a farce. The few people, who had different opinions, were intimidated; other than being kicked out, they had their pictures taken many times in an intrusive way. A creepy old woman even sat close to me to do that (but maybe she had a crush on me).

OMG, she really likes me!

OMG, she really likes me!

Things didn’t end with the debate – the Global News crew, which covered the event, made a report, part of pro-Muslim coverage later that night. They found two Muslims to interview – Ismaili and Sunni Arab – both were pissed off at Harper for using the word “terrorism” to describe the attack against the Parliament. Then the reporter said that bad things happened at the debate – showing the person who was kicked out without providing reasonable explanation. Is it any wonder that we have Muslim terrorists with such dishonest and deceptive media?

Later that night another candidate for trustee, Michael Sims, was accused in the comments to a post in Reddit that he didn’t do anything to confront the “racism”:

I noticed you said silent while Ausma faced a series of racist attacks last night at the debate. Things got so bad that the police were forced to remove someone from the venue. Yet, you stayed silent. You may be a great guy otherwise but last night you looked like a coward. Take care.

That was a shameless and disgusting lie, which Sims confronted in his response:

Hurray, I think you’re the first person ever to start posting political bullshit about me. Congratulations! I must be doing something right.

In actuality, the moderator had it well in hand, and the disruption was minimal, lasting less than a minute. None of the six candidates present needed to say or do anything to restore order and the meeting proceeded in an extremely orderly fashion. I talked to at least two voters after the meeting who were disappointed that the questioners were cut off so quickly; they wanted Malik to actually answer more of the questions put to her.

And I would note for the record, that being present for the entire meeting Thursday night, I didn’t hear a single racist word spoken. The questioners wanted to ask Malik about her fixing an election at the University of Toronto; about a report that she co-wrote calling for universities to change how they teach classes to add more Islamic influences; about a demonstration that she spoke at in 2006; and about whether she supports Hezbollah, given that she spoke at a pro-Lebanon rally. None of those questions are racist.

It’s nice to see that still there are honest people running for office.

Earlier today, Joe Cressy (who is pushing the candidacy of the hijab candidate) appeared at CP24 and stated again with a devious grin that the people, who distribute flyers criticizing Ausma’s record, will be reported to the police. That’s the type of people we deal with – evil, deceptive and ready to destroy anybody, who tries to hold a different opinion.


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  1. […] But even then I couldn’t imagine that a school trustee election could provoke the same passionate reaction. It wasn’t just the corruption and incompetence of the Toronto District School Board (like the plagiarism of its chairman or the Nazi methods they tried to use against one of the trustees or the accommodation of Muslim fanaticism in at least one of its schools). The clash in Ward 10 came from promoting Ausma Malik, a Muslim candidate with questionable past and views, who nevertheless was the favourite of the NDP elite. […]

  2. sanwin says:

    Whats the name of the douchebag ‘moderating’ the debate ?

    1. admiwrath says:

      I missed it, but he is linked to the fake church.

  3. David Edelstein says:

    It’s hard for me to square your comments with Richard Klagsburn’s who says on his blog “ecently some idiots attended a debate in which they heckled and tried to shout down Ms Malik, at which point I and other Trustee candidates had to intervene and stand up to tell them to respect her right to speak.

    Some idiots have been distributing inflammatory flyers in Trinity-Spadina trying to link Ms Malik directly to Hezbollah. The prevention of a candidate from speaking at a public debate and the flyer distribution are deplorable and reprehensible. Ms Malik is not a member of Hezbollah or any terrorist group. Moreover such actions are counterproductive to shedding light on the real issues facing Trinity-Spadina.”

    1. admiwrath says:

      Are you Jewish? It’s a shame you supported a Muslim who hated Israel and was keynote speaker at a pro-Hezbollah rally. Do you have any evidence that she was not involved with that terrorist group, other than her statement? Malik was an ignorant and unqualified candidate, much less capable than most of the other candidates. The lefty retards from Trinity-Spadina voted for her and that’s what those idiots and their children deserve.

  4. The Lone Ranger says:

    George Galloway can visit Canada but Michael Savage can’t?

    1. admiwrath says:

      It’s a twisted system.

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