John Tory – the Corporate Puppet and His Generous Donors



The major candidates in Toronto’s mayoral election released their donor lists. The initiative came from Olivia Chow’s campaign – the other two candidates were challenged to reveal how much they received. Olivia released such a list earlier this week – until that day, she managed to raise more than $1.7 million from 6,848 donors. Doug Ford was the last to release his list, but he had collected the modest amount of about $300,000.

Of course, the most interesting piece of information is John Tory’s list. None of the lists provide information about the amounts donated; they include only names. Nevertheless, looking at the names and calculating the amounts raised per capita, it is not hard to notice that the darling of the Toronto media and the corporate elites has the most generous donors:

John Tory is heading into election day having raised $2.48 million from more than 5,000 donors.

Tory’s campaign released his donor list on Saturday — a few hours after rival Olivia Chow called him out for failing to make the list public on Friday.

The list includes several high-profile names from politics, business and sports including former Ontario Premier David Peterson, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment chairman Larry Tanenbaum and grocery magnate W. Galen Weston.

But the list, like Chow’s list, doesn’t reveal how much money each person donated.

Going through the names, one can foretell flip-flop John’s municipal policy. People donate money to politicians in order to see their views and interests implemented in budgets and legislations. The penniless taxpayers, who must think hard where to spend their dollars, simply have no chance of confronting successfully the massive media blackmail against those, who express their interests. They have only their votes to use in the fight (unless the vote is compromised).

On the other hand, silver-spoon Johnny has behind him the whole mainstream media machine and the wealthy corporations. If he wins, there will be a lot of favours to be repaid. How else could it be? The corporations are businesses and they expect a tangible return for any money spent, whether they buy goods or influence. (It’s true that Tory has lost all previous elections, but the elites have to choice, he is the only one capable of delivering their “goods”).

A review of the donors fields of business or influence, tells us what we can expect if Tory is elected and who will benefit from his rule (thanks to Alax Martin and Linda Walsh for publicizing that on Facebook):

Look at all the billionaires, millionaires, heads of corporations, developers and lobbyists who donated to Tory’s campaign. These aren’t people who give $10. Why are they all so eager to buy Tory the Mayor’s seat? Under the guise of “reporting”, he’s had free political ads throughout the campaign courtesy of the Bell/Rogers TV stations.

All the newspapers backing him. Wynne’s Liberals are working on his campaign. Bay Street is onside including some of the wealthiest families in Canada. (Bitove, Bronfman, McCain, Weston). The one thing you notice about Tory supporters is how few ordinary people there are.

Courtesy the Star:

Politics: John Carmichael, Martha Hall Findlay, Linda Frum, Ernie Hardemann, Chin Lee, Darcy McKeough, David Peterson, Frank McKenna.

Broadcasting: Phil Lind, Edward Rogers, Allan Slaight, Ivan Fecan, Richard Stursberg.

Real Estate Development/investment: Shane Baghai, Andrew Barnicke, J. Lorne Braithwaite, Rudolph Bratty, Mitch Goldhar, Cary Green, Jon Love, Alan Menkes, Albert Reichmann, Bryan Tuckey, Silvio De Gasperis, Leo Del Zotto, Julie Di Lorenzo, Steve Diamond, Stuart Lazier.

Business/Bay St.: Brent Belzberg, John Bitove Jr., John Bitove Sr., Michael Bregman, Paul Bronfman, Gordon Nixon, W. Edmund Clark, John E. Cleghorn, Jack Cockwell, J. Trevor Eyton, Anthony Fell, George Fierheller, J. Bruce Flatt, Ira Gluskin, Peter Godsoe, Blake Goldring, Richard Ivey, Henry Jackman, Michael McCain, Michael Nobrega, Seymour Shulich, Barbara Stymiest, W. Galen Weston, Charles Winograd, Dennis Fotinos.

Law: Mary Flynn-Guglietti, Brian Greenspan, Clifford Lax, Roy McMurtry, Jane Pepino, Arthur Scace.

Lobbying/government relations: Paul Christie, Terry Mundell, Harry Near.

Theatre: Aubrey Dan.

Tomorrow we are faced with a choice. You can vote for the corporate puppet John Tory, who will do anything to satisfy his masters – providing incentives to the corporations with taxpayers money doesn’t usually result in more jobs.

You can vote for Olivia Chow – another puppet, who is controlled by different masters. Her union bosses and special interest groups are parasites that have sucked the taxpayers’ blood for decades. Under her rule that will continue until nothing is left.

The desperation of her camp brings out more and more lies. In a comment to the Toronto Sun article quoted above, a person who goes under the name Trained Harper Seal #815, says:

Food for thought, the Ford’s catastrophic financial policies will leave Toronto with an estimated 1.2 million dollar surplus this year (vs. the hundreds of millions of dollars Miller left). Tory and Chow’s excess donations, combined, when handed over to the city will more than double that surplus.

Miller’s surplus?! Olivia’s backers truly have no shame.

The only person, who could continue what Rob Ford started, is Doug Ford. Chow and Tory have no use for anybody outside of their circles, comprised of corporate, union, and street bums.

With Doug Ford the taxpayers have at least the chance that their voices will be heard.

He is the only choice.


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    No Toronto will see what it’s like to have a mayor who will put big business before the voters.

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