Mayor Rob Ford Charms the Japanese Festival in Toronto

Yesterday, after attending the large Israel rally at Queen’s Park, we decided to go to the Japanese Festival held on Dundas Square. The place was crowded. On the stage you could see different bands and dance troupes performing traditional Japanese music and dance (although some of the groups included not only Japanese, but also people from different nationalities).


Japanese dancers on the stage

The place was packed with people checking out the stands with Japanese art and other merchandise and lining up for traditional Japanese food. Many even went for the Japanese look, wearing kimonos or being dressed according to the fashion popular in Japan.


Japanese “Noh” masks and prints


Going for the kimono look

At certain point I noticed in the crowd Mayor Rob Ford, he just entered the square with a small entourage. (For the record, I didn’t see Olivia – she is not very fond of the Japanese and prefers to look for voters in China. Sarah Thomson didn’t bring her pony either.)


Rob Ford has entered the place

It took about a minute for the crowd to notice his presence. After that he was literally swarmed by many people, trying to talk to him and take pictures. There was no doubt about the level of his popularity.

His appearance must’ve been unannounced, because the Downtown Party didn’t have the time to prepare for his trashing. Otherwise, they would’ve brought a bunch or queer rainbow clowns or shirtless aging men to shout in his face what a monster he is. (All that with the desperate intention to win a few more votes for Olivia.)


Waiting to take pictures

Not a single person attacked or insulted the Mayor or acted like a jackass. Obviously, that was the normal reaction of normal people having fun, which is a condition foreign to the self-hating bitter lefties, who usually follow Ford everywhere.


Rob Ford with a “kawaii” girl


Mingling with the kimono crowd


With IDF supporters

Here is a short movie with some of the fun at the festival with Mayor Ford:

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  1. Man with Hat says:

    I’m sure as soon as I leave this comment and go to the stars’ site I’ll read all about it.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    I hope Ford wins. Chow must never be allowed to take control of Toronto.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I hope the same – Olivia is a walking disaster.

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