Olivia Chow Promotes a Law That Harms Canadian Women

One of the pet causes of the Canadian progressives is to push for universal acceptance of the so-called “transgender” rights. The issue affects a tiny fraction of one percent of the population and it’s not just about people with hard-to-define sex (like hermaphrodites). According to the absurd rules introduced by the Ontario Human Rights Commission and affirmed by the ignorant members of the Ontario Parliament, any mentally disturbed guy, who thinks he is a woman, is considered a woman, even if he has a penis and doesn’t wear a dress.

That means that he has guaranteed access to women’s changing rooms, bathrooms, and showers. Thus, in the name of the protection of the “rights” of those sick people, millions of women have become potential victims of rapists and predators. Olivia Chow has been a vocal promoter of the law, trying to impose it everywhere in Canada.

Last year she gave a speech on this topic at the Toronto tranny parade.

Below is her speech – transcribed – it makes you wonder what she did all her life. According to her biography, she came to Canada at the age of 13 and she even has a university education. Yet she speaks English like somebody who has spent her whole life in a sweatshop in Chinatown.

It’s not just the pronunciation, her grammar is awful. That wouldn’t be a handicap, if she had some real thoughts to express. There are many people, who are capable of great communication despite the language limitations. The problem with Olivia is that she talks nonsense (on top of that, she was reading it – the speech was typed on a few sheets of paper). She can’t even see the consequences of that horrible law:

Thank you for coming out, because this is an historic moment, a great moment for trans people and for everyone! I am here with my colleague member of the parliament, right there. And who cares about whether – we all can have bad hair day, it may rain, but nobody can rain on your parade today. Yeah!

Nobody can say you don’t belong. Nobody can take your rights away. And for the first time Yonge Street is yours! And that’s something to celebrate, isn’t it? A year ago we were able to celebrate a very special pride here in Toronto, because Toby’s law became the law of Ontario. Isn’t that amazing? That was a great and historic victory with unanimous support of all parties of the legislation, that is stunning. And that is thank to the courage and the determination and the leadership of so many of you and this community. We thank you for making Toby laws possible. It’s not just the politicians, all of you that made it possible.

We are so proud of your activism and leadership that made this possible and permit me to mention a very special person that might responded to special good friend of mine – Susan Gapka. Yeah!

Over ten years ago I think, over ten years ago Susan came to my office, he was George for the first week. OK, I shouldn’t mention, never mind, sorry, sorry, OK. Susan was coming out as a placement student in my office and she face discrimination, there Councillors that has “washroom issues.” We got dealt with that. We had so much barrier, but Susan’s they are the more down [???] and says “I belong here! I belong to City Hall!” And she became an amazing activist. And thank you to her and all of you.

And speaking of the advocacy, let me tell you what’s happening up in Parliament Hill. It’s not good enough just to have Toby law in Ontario, we want a law across Canada that trans people cannot be discriminated. Right? Yeah! So in 2005 New Democrats my colleague we started a bill to introduce legislation back then. We worked with a lot of opposition parties and we reached out to people of all political stripe and that time was under the former leader and my dear ex… past…part…past… OK

Voices: Jack!

Olivia: Yes, Jack, Jack Layton! The former leader of the NDP. There was a long time ago! We passed the bill in the House of Commons against all odds when we had a Conservative minority government. But passing it in the House of Commons is not quite enough, it has to get passed the Senate. Uuuuh… Then the election happened. So the bill it came so close and then it didn’t happen, OK? So in 2011 after we came back, after the election, we said we gonna do this again, we own it to the trans community, we own it to everybody, we gonna try in again, so what if is a Conservative majority government, we together, we can do this.

So we reintroduced the bill and this time with my wonderful colleague Garrison out of B.C. and we got the support of 18 conservative Members of Parliament. Yeah! That’s good! And those that don’t really support it, we told them to have a nice dinner, have a glass of wine, just don’t show up to vote. And because of that, those who didn’t show up, plus those that voted with us, plus over 100 New Democrats, we got the bill passed one more time in the House of Commons!

I tell you, that was a proud moment. After the vote we came in to the lobby and we just huge celebration, in fact, we had huge celebration in Ottawa. Now I would’ve hoped that we could proclaim it as law so that we can change the code right before the pride, so that all Canadians can be proud, every single can be proud. But, but, it got stuck in the Senate again… I know… So we do not have the law again, it is in the Senate. The House have adjourned, the Senate have adjourned, however, we will be back, the Senate will be back after September. So when you spot a Senator anywhere, tell them: get this bill through the House of Commons and through the Senate, because we want the law now that no trans should be discriminated. We wanna be hold World Pride so that Canada can stand strong, stand proud and nobody would be discriminated. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

I know we will prevail and we will prevail this justice because it is right and is fair and is just. Yonge Street is yours, Toronto is yours, Ontario is yours and Canada is yours! So march with pride!

So, as you can expect, that terrible law allowed some very bad people to get access to places reserved for women. In the beginning of this year, the Toronto Star published a letter by a woman, who was exposed to such horror. In a dressing room she encountered a guy, who was ogling the women. On top of that he was naked and with an erection. The staff told her that the guy was “transgender woman” and they couldn’t stop him from accessing the facility. The case with that disgusting pervert attracted the attention of the Commissioner of the OHRC Barbara Hall, but not for the reasons you think:

Re: Transgender man’s ogling behaviour unacceptable, Jan. 4

Recent references to a transgender person in a column and in letters to the editor are of concern to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, because they advance some common misinformation that has caused serious harm to the transgender community.

First, let me be clear: unwanted sexual behaviour is never acceptable. We all have the right to be free from this, and we have a responsibility to report it when it happens.

At the same time, look at the reality for the transgender community. There is a stereotype of connecting transgender people with wrongdoing and being sexual predators. We have never seen a documented case of a heterosexual man gaining access to a woman’s change room by posing as transgender. In fact, in washrooms and change rooms, and in society at large, transgender persons are more at risk than anyone else of being harassed, abused, assaulted, or even killed.

Also, there is no new transgender “bathroom” policy. For more than 15 years, transgender people in Ontario have had the legal right to use the washroom – or change room – according to their lived gender indentity. The elected Ontario legislature, not the human rights tribunal, put these laws in place. These laws were reinforced by Toby’s Act, in June 2012.

We also see continued calls to segregate transgender people into separate bathroom and changing spaces, for the good of the larger majority. This is a practice based on fear and stereotypes, and is exactly opposite the vision of Ontario’s Human Rights Code, which is to build an Ontario based on inclusion, where everyone feels a part of and is able to contribute to the community.

The Ontario Human Rights Code exists to benefit all Ontarians, including transgender people, who often have a daily battle to overcome the barriers that misunderstanding, fear and intolerance cause.

Barbara Hall, Chief Commissioner, Ontario Human Rights Commission

What a callous and repulsive woman! She has no compassion for the women exposed to the filthy pervert, whom Hall respectfully calls “transgendered person.” She and her friend Olivia Chow are more than willing to trample the rights of millions of women to accommodate a tiny minority of mentally disturbed men.

And I am sure that if you ask them, both Olivia and Barbara would say that they are feminists.

But wait, there is more!

In her letter Hall said: “We have never seen a documented case of a heterosexual man gaining access to a woman’s change room by posing as transgender.” She was either covering the truth or showing ignorance about the real situation – at the time there was at least one case of such a man.

That was the rapist Christopher Hambrook.


100% woman – according to Olivia and Barbara

In an article Christina Blizzard commented on Barbara Hall’s letter and the terrible consequences of the stupid tranny law (h/t BCF):

The shocking case of Christopher Hambrook shows just how wrong Hall is.

Hambrook was not transgender, but used the law to prey on the most vulnerable women in our midst — the homeless, the disabled and people living in shelters.

Calling himself “Jessica,” Hambrook was accepted into two women’s shelters in Toronto. Imagine the shock of a woman surviving domestic abuse and finding herself sharing a room with a sexual monster.

In February 2012, one of his victims went to bed wearing tights, a bathing suit and a lightweight shirt in an attempt to cover herself. She awoke to find Hambrook assaulting her.

“Her tights had been pulled down past her bottom and her bathing suit had been pulled to the side,” court documents reveal. “She yelled at the accused, demanding to know what he was doing. He simply covered his face with his hands, said ‘Oops!’ and started giggling.”

In a second incident, he stalked a deaf and homeless woman living in the shelter and her on a landing.

“The accused grabbed the complainant’s hand and forcibly placed it on his crotch area while his penis was erect,” court heard.

The woman was so terrorized, she couldn’t sleep.

…Psychiatric reports say Hambrook is not transgender. He lied about hormone treatments and told his psychiatrist he had only intermittently been dressing in female clothing and that his psychiatrist was, “unaware of his gender dysphoria and that he hoped to pursue a relationship with an adult female in the future while he remained in the male role.”

…This is a bad law that allows heterosexual predators access to women in their most personal moments. Extra care should be taken to protect at-risk women in vulnerable situations, such as homeless shelters.

The sex pervert was so dangerous, that a judge decided to lock him up indefinitely:

A sexual predator who falsely claimed to be transgender and preyed on women at two Toronto shelters was jailed indefinitely on Wednesday.

Justice John McMahon declared Christopher Hambrook — who claimed to be a transgender woman named Jessica — was a dangerous offender. The judge said he imposed the indefinite prison sentence because there’s a great risk that Hambrook will commit more sex crimes and require strict supervision if he returns to the community.

…Hambrook served four years in prison for sexually abusing a five-year-old girl and while on bail for that crime, raping a 27-year-old intellectually-challenged woman in Montreal. The prosecution asserted Hambrook, a former stripper and escort from Quebec, simply cannot control his deviant sexual urges and that locking him up indefinitely is the best way to protect the public.

This year Olivia Chow is trying to become a Mayor of Toronto. This position requires at least a minimum level of sanity and intelligence. It looks like she lacks both. In her clumsy passion to promote the trannies’ laws, she is absolutely incapable of figuring out what would happen to millions of women in Canada, if the doors of their safe places are wide open to every pervert, who claims he is a woman. Or maybe she just doesn’t care.

Of course, as it is always the case with the socialist elites, Barbara Hall and Olivia Chow would never be exposed to this or other bad things that the women, who actually work for a living, experience.

I can imagine how many lives Olivia is going to wreck, if she ever becomes a Mayor (and that on top of the billions she would spend on idiotic projects).


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