Pathetic Toronto Councillors Launch Gay Flag War against Rob Ford

The pathetic Toronto Councillors have found a new way to attack Rob Ford. Apparently the money-grabbing budget voted despite Ford’s objections is not enough to get them the votes they need to keep their positions. Like tiny mice around an elephant, they keep screeching and biting with the hope that they’ll get noticed.

Now they use the latest “controversy” with the homosexual flag raised at City Hall. Mayor Ford correctly observed that it has no place there at this time. If it is supposed to symbolize the protest against the homosexuals’ treatment in Russia, it definitely is missing the mark. In Russia homosexuality is legal and only its propaganda is illegal (unlike Toronto, where homosexual propaganda is official policy of the TDSB). At the same time in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran and many African countries homosexuals are treated much worse – yet we never hear a peep from them about those violations.

The Daily Brew (Yahoo’s lefty propaganda blog masked as news) reports that the Mayor’s objection has been met with backlash. Rob Ford has displayed the Canadian flag on his office window and for the leftards that’s the worst thing one can do (after all, we live in Turtle Island). A well-known Toronto Star reporter is quoted:

The Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale further reported that Ford hung a Canadian flag from his office window in protest. Because apparently you can be patriotic or support gay rights. But you can’t be both.


So now the Canadian flag is a target of sarcasm. How long will it take to replace it, along with the city flag, with the homosexual one?

Our old friend Josh Matlow was more than willing to kill the Scarborough subway a few days ago. He was ready to literally throw those people under the bus in the cold. Now we see that his bleeding heart aches for Russia’s homosexuals. He tweets:


I think I’ll cry…

Not to be outdone, Sarah Doucette and Gord Perks are quick to fish for more gay bar votes. They go out of their way to assure the homosexuals how obedient and inclusive they are:


Great, Perks – flying the Rainbow Flag is the only action Norman Kelly has put any thought in after ousting Rob Ford.

But it looks like the winner in this ass-kissing campaign is Paula Fletcher. Not only did she display the homosexual flag, but she also made the effort to take a picture and send it through Tweeter:


“Showing my pride for Canadian athletes at City Hall.” I had no idea that all athletes are homosexuals and the only way to honour them is to hang that odd flag.

The Toronto City Council has become a subsidiary of Barnum & Bailey. While Rob Ford is concerned about saving money, the Councillors, just like circus monkeys, are inventing more and more tricks to get more bananas… I meant gay votes. The way things are going, we may see Perks and Matlow dancing in leather on a float at the “World Pride” parade, after they steal hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to subsidize it.

It is scary to watch how those people are obsessed with such irrelevant things. Could it get any worse?

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    First off, the Russians couldn’t care less what the world thinks of them, never mind the empty-headed Canadian politicians and Toronto city councillors. All they are doing is making Canada a laughing stock, just as the army decided to do by flying the “pride” flag over a Canadian forces base in Edmonton last year – something that our veterans past and present did NOT fight for.

    I imagine that Rob Ford will win tons more votes over this – hopefully!

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