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This year’s Caribana Carnival was held right in the middle of the Mayoral campaign in Toronto. It was natural to expect most of the candidates to show up. And they did! Rob Ford’s presence wasn’t a surprise – he had said many times that he loves the festival and he attends it every year.

And why shouldn’t he? It’s a cheerful event with normal people, who really enjoy fun and dancing. As usual, the Mayor blended quite well in the festivities, surrounded by all those girls, who were happy to dance with him.


Dancing with the girls


The fun continues

And surely, the same thing happened as at every place where Rob Ford goes – people lined up to take pictures with him.

2014-08-03 22_49_13-Rob Ford, mayoral rivals draw attention at Caribbean Carnival parade - The GlobeHow did the rest of the candidates for Toronto’s top job fare?

Well, David Socnacki was present. In the picture from his tweet (included along with some of the other pictures in the Globe and Mail coverage) we see him posing with three guys. I am not sure whether he paid to pose with them. With the charisma of a wooden Indian totem pole, which his personality emanates, attracting girls is probably out of the question. Maybe the guys felt sorry for him and decided to show up in the photo before joining the girls.

The old charmer David Socnacki

The old charmer David Socnacki

John Tory didn’t fare much better. He didn’t attract even guys, maybe because, with the odd jewelry he was wearing, he looked like a reject from a voodoo school. Unfortunately, if a stiff white guy tries to look like a Rastafarian, the harder he imitates a black guy, the more ridiculous he gets.

All dressed with no place to go

All dressed with no place to go

I should admit that I secretly hoped that Olivia Chow would miss the festival. Something or somebody maintains in her the delusion that she is an artistic and creative person. She apparently designs her costumes, which look atrocious (like the one she wore last year). In the picture that the hijabed correspondent of the Globe and Mail tweeted (didn’t her imam informed her that the Caribana is a godless haram festival?), she says that Olivia got up at 6:30 a.m. to put together the top of her costume.

I could’ve assembled that monstrosity in twenty minutes.

The Caribana scarecrow

The Caribana scarecrow

It seems that Rob Ford was the only person, who didn’t pose and had genuine fun just being himself.

The other stiffs are simply not suited for such environment. They felt much better at the homosexual parade, where many people just like them tried very hard to look happy. It is not easy to have fun when you are surrounded by naked fat guys with pimples on their asses, who find it perfectly normal to flaunt their penises in front of children in downtown Toronto.


The parade that Chow, Tory, and Socnacki loved

The floats that the three of them paid for with campaign money competed with those naked perverts. The fact that Rob Ford has always said that he felt uncomfortable in that freak parade, has been constantly used against him.

In the comments to the article the grumpy lefties expressed their displeasure with Ford having fun.

“Junction citizen” complained: “Middle of the afternoon on Saturday, beautiful day… Where were Ford’s wife and kids, again? Oh, no, he’s busy grinding on half-naked strange women… Class act, that Rob Ford.”

Of course, if Ford was grinding on naked homosexuals (like Chow or Tory), he’d become the downtown idol. And were Ford to skip the Caribana, the same guy would comment that he is a racist. Speaking of racism, another Globe and Mail leftard didn’t miss the opportunity to throw that accusation at Rob Ford.

Somebody, who perceptively calls himself “Ratbag1,” says:

Well, Ford is either very brave or extremely stupid, or perhaps both. But anyone who’d show himself at Caribana after having been videotaped using the “n” word possesses a minimum of one of these qualities.

Another ignorant idiot – the stupid accusation of racism deserves a separate article (coming soon).

Seeing the Caribana parade and Rob Ford in it, is a pleasant distraction from the dreary politically correct reality in Toronto.


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  1. Esteban says:

    This blog entry is full of ignorance and homophobia… so sad to see people think this way, and use every opportunity they get to spread hate
    Shame on you, man

    1. admiwrath says:

      So when somebody disapproves of seeing naked perverts exposing themselves to children, that’s called “homophobia”? Criminal exhibitionism is not a basic human right. Are you going to send to jail the parents, who try to protect their children, for not cheering homosexuality?

    2. Shobhna Kapoor says:

      Explain what is homophobic about this post. I refuse to go to Gay Pride parade because of the vicious antisemitism and the nudity. Am I also a homophobie. Grow up.

      1. admiwrath says:

        This is interesting – their usual reaction is to cry “homophobic” expecting that the other person will retreat in fear and panic.

  2. Nina says:

    Love this article!

  3. Domni says:

    I really think you should take that picture of Rob Ford down. I don’t want to see his naked backside.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Which one? There were plenty of naked perverts at that parade. Rob Ford definitely wasn’t one of them. (Or maybe at the Centenial College your statement passes for a superb homosexual toilet joke.)

  4. The Lone Ranger says:

    Rob Ford obviously had a good time. The other three candidates couldn’t even fake it. What WAS Olivia Chow wearing?

    1. admiwrath says:

      She always manages to make herself look ridiculous.

  5. Harjot says:

    Rob Ford rocks.
    The Defender of the Tax payer.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, it looks like he is the only normal politician among the thieves and idiots at City Hall.

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