Toronto Film Festival – Junkies and Narcissists Condemn Rob Ford


Toronto elites continue their crusade against Rob Ford. They usually rely on local journalistic blackmailers, but this time of the year they can also get to use some Hollywood power. The possibility that Ford may show up at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), has thrown their minds into complete disarray, as an article in Hollywood Reporter tells us:

Ford (mainly) has been keeping out of trouble and out of the headlines these past few months. But to the horror of many in the city — and the delight of tabloid journalists and late-night comedians everywhere — the mayor is back to resume campaigning (the election is Oct. 27) after a two-month stint at GreeneStone, a clinic in northern Ontario. That is making some in Toronto, and at the festival, very nervous. In cable TV terms, the festival is Masterpiece Theatre: all prestige and high-end class. Ford — who has admitted to smoking crack, hangs out with prostitutes and known gang members and has been known to swear and discuss oral sex in news conferences — is Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: Canadian Edition.

“The last thing anyone wants is to see the fat red face of Mayor Ford on the red carpet,” says one festival regular and prominent Torontonian. “Everyone will be seeing TIFF and thinking ‘crackhead mayor.’ “

It’s strange to hear this “noble outrage” from an industry that has done everything in its power to undermine what’s left of our values. Our own Atom Egoyan glorified the incest involving father and daughter in “The Sweet Hereafter”. Hollywood movies regularly admonish straight males that they lack the grace and moral superiority of the homosexuals. For the low-brow crowd they provide an endless supply of “Hangovers” convincing them it is perfectly normal to act like a pig or flood them with regurgitated fantasies in masterpieces like “Resident Evil” or “The Fast and the Furious” 2,4, 8 or 23.

Calling TIFF “high-end class” is a gross exaggeration. Selling the point that the appearance of the sweaty Rob Ford would bastardize that superior event is an even worse exaggeration. The author wants to leave us with the dubious impression that the “crack-smoking” Mayor wants to crash a saintly festival, organized by Carmelite nuns.

Ford, with all his personal vices, can’t hold a candle to most of the pillars of the movie industry. Many of the actors, producers, writers and countless others have snorted more cocaine, smoked more pot and injected more heroin than Ford has ever seen in the movies. Outstanding Hollywood luminaries like Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and numerous lesser known have spent more time in rehab than Ford in his office.

The infatuation with the movie stars lets them do more stupid things than anything Rob Ford has ever done. Climate experts like Matt Damon and Leonardo di Caprio still make fools of themselves by peddling the global warming scam. Wise women like Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten think it is a good idea to keep their nude photos on a cloud server (if they intended to “leak” them, I apologize).

Among these people Rob Ford looks like a boring oversized character from “Leave It to Beaver.”

But the author is not done yet. He lists more reasons why the downtown narcissists hate the Mayor and some of them are priceless:

Aside from his reality-TV-star persona, Ford has politics that are antithetical to the festival’s cosmopolitan image. The mayor has boycotted gay pride events in Toronto, been caught on video spouting apparently racist and homophobic slurs and advocated slashing city funding for the arts, including money for the fest. In fact, Ford’s whole political strategy has been to pit conservative voters in the city’s suburbs against the supposedly liberal downtown core.

There is evidence that too much Rob Ford already is hurting Toronto’s international image. At the height of Ford’s scandals in 2013, Canadian analytics group Cormex Research found that the mayor and his troubles accounted for nearly half of all coverage of Toronto on U.S. news networks.

I see no reason why a straight family man should attend the “gay pride events.” Despite the best efforts of the media to cover up the truth, those events have been known for years as demonstrations of debauchery, where buck-naked men expose themselves to kids or simulate sex acts. Neither Ford nor anybody else misses any “fun” by skipping the events.


This is the fun that Mayor Ford skips

As of slashing the city funding for the arts, it should be slashed even more. The problem is the lax definition of the term “artist” – the vast majority of the Toronto “artists” are unemployable losers, who won’t be able to sell their works even if the hell freezes over. The generous grants they get are the only thing that prevents them from getting real jobs.

It is funny when such people, who are not known outside of their community hostel, complain that Ford “has hurt” Toronto’s image. I hate to break it to them, but very few people outside of our fair city care about Toronto. If Ford were to suddenly disappear, the world press won’t start writing more stories about the Toronto art grants recipients. Despite what Jimmy Kimmel says about the “embarrassing situation”, the number of tourists has increased. And if somebody wants to invest in Toronto, they are more interested in the new taxes charged by the “progressive” Council than in what the Mayor smokes.

That’s the trouble with the “progressives” – in order to preserve the mythical image of Toronto, they’ll rather have at the helm somebody like David Miller, who instead of clearing the garbage piles would rather kiss the hairy asses of the garbage collectors’ union. Unlike them, we want to live in the real world, where it is more important to get the job done. It would be nice, if TIFF comes to the realization that it also operates in the real world.


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  1. Who Cares says:

    Hey, check out this photo from the CHIN bikini contest, which is promoted as a family event.

    Let us know when you’ll be scribing an angry, bitter rant about the pervs at the CHIN picnic.

    And maybe if your life was better you wouldn’t be so mad because your man Ford turned out to be a total loser who chooses to smoke crack with dangerous gang members on Family Day long weekend rather than actually spend time with his kids.

    You sure can pick ’em. Nice role model you’ve latched onto there.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Nice try – the fact that Ford has problems doesn’t make the Hollywood crowd look better. They are much bigger embarrassment than he will ever be. The same applies to your picture – the wacky guy it shows doesn’t make the thousands of freaky exhibitionists marching in the homosexual parade look better.

      Why are homosexuals so touchy? You have all possible privileges and you lifestyle is forced in the Canadian schools through the “Gay-Straight Alliances”. Yet you still want to shut down and destroy anybody, who dares to express a different opinion. You can’t get many friends and supporters that way.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    If I may be ungracious for a moment: The vast majority of fakes, flakes, fruits, freaks, fags and fairies that pass themselves off as “actors” and “entertainers” would be completely unfit to occupy a mayor’s office anywhere in the western hemisphere. That is, unless they can find some Democrat hamlet in southern California and bribe the 50 or so bath salts-addicted residents to vote for them.

    1. admiwrath says:

      That’s their problem – they live in an imaginary world, yet they feel qualified to lecture the rest of us.

  3. Who Cares says:

    Your reply only serves to further demonstrate your extremely flawed reasoning and stupididy.

    Is your world so pathetically narrow and sheltererd that you assume who doesn’t spew your anti-gay rhetoric must themselves be gay?

    Do you live in a world so pathetic that you don’t know a single heterosexual person who stands up for unfair criticism of gays?

    Maybe you should leave Scarborough a little more often. Maybe get out of the basement, go see the world, explore something beyond the tip of your own nose and flawed judgmental, reasoning.

    Also, how do you know that there are “thousands” of individuals at gay pride behaving in the manner shown in your photo? Have you ever gone down the pride parade yourself? Or are you just inventing a fantasy world, full of ignorance by deducting that if there’s a photo of a few people behaving in the manner depicted in the photo of day pride then there must be thousands?

    Yet you choose to believe that the photo of the male swimsuit contestant at CHIN picnic must be a one-off anomaly.

    Nice bias. How incredibly unfair and unbalanced of you.

    Did you read the commentary under the photo from the photographer who took the shot?

    Or will you simply dutifully ignore that editorial because it doesn’t fit with your perceived worldview? Just throw out any facts that burst the bubble of your fantasy world.

    And how can any actor, regardless of how they behave, be a bigger embarassment to the city of Toronto vs. the mayor who is the mayor, hired to represent the city, voted in by its citizens to represent the city?

    How the hell can an actor be more of an embarrassment than an official public servant municipal representative?

    You’re an indiot. You feverishly write your blog, surrounded in your own self-righteousness and judgment without realizing how very flawed, illogical and hypocritical your pseudo-intellectual rants are.

    There’s a reason why people have been ignoring you all your life. It’s because what you say doesn’t matter, doesn’t make any sense and is just plain dumb.

    Writing your pointless blog won’t change that. It only reinforces that you should be dutifully ignored by all.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Did you write that long tirade to insult me? If you believe that my say and my writings don’t matter, you should’ve joined the flow and ignore me. That would’ve saved you the time you wasted writing that drivel. Yes, I have been to the homosexual parade and have posted many pictures and videos about what is really going on. Of course, the Canadian media had tried hard to cover that up. If you think that most people are ecstatic about seeing naked exhibitionists exposing themselves in front of their children, you should get of your basement more often.

      Sorry for missing the photo of the CHIN guy, but cruising the web in search for pictures of aroused half-naked men is not my cup of tea.

  4. Who Cares says:

    So you went ahead and deleted my reply to you.

    On your “about” page you discuss coming from a former eastern European communist nation and became concerned with observations about Toronto culture and political correctness, lack of free speech, etc. so you started this blog to spout off.

    But then in very communist style, you censor and delete comments from others.

    Seems like you’d fit in perfect back in those old, communist eastern European nations.

    Maybe you should start looking in the mirror before spewing your nonsense about society at large.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Hey, I thought my opinions didn’t matter, why do you keep writing? You apply the age-old trick of the Left – the only good immigrant is the immigrant, who follows what the “progressives” demand from him or her. When they refuse to follow your destructive prescriptions for our society, they become the enemy. This “nice” touch of racism and bigotry says a lot about the homosexual movement.

  5. The Lone Ranger says:

    Don’t bother replying to him, Admirwath, he’s just another queer attention seeker. If all they want is to “live their lives” and be “treated like everybody else,” then why do they make such disgusting spectacles out of themselves every time their garish freak show “pride” parades come round?

  6. stevieb says:

    “Who Cares”; you really have embarresed yourself with your crude, nonsensical hysterics. Not that you’d understand that. And you are gravely mistaken to adopt an attitude that assumes your’s is both a moral and the majority position. It is neither.

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