Black Supremacists Lead Toronto “Trans” Parade 2016

The tranny parade in Toronto has always been known for its odd characters. The common denominator that unites all those people is their conviction that they are something they are not. That’s why every year we watch, as a part of the “pride week” or “pride month” as it is called now, a procession of men who sincerely believe they are women and vice versa.

Normally, that could be seen as a harmless quirk but, with the active help of politicians and educators, we are forced to consider that madness an unquestionable truth. Soon things are going to get much worse. A law has been proposed at federal level that will force all educational and other institutions to treat men like women if they sincerely believe they are women, regardless of the presence of a penis.

Even worse – everybody who questions that insanity will be liable under the hate speech laws for trying to stop those burly “women” from showering with their little girls. It is a sad sign of the complete deterioration of our civilization. From a beacon of progress and prosperity, we are turning into a poorly managed mental institution where the inmates run the asylum.

This year’s tranny parade wasn’t different, as you can see in the pictures below. A new twist was the inclusion of the group Black Lives Matter in the event. This racist fringe group is responsible for riots and looting in the USA, where they have been generously supported by the former Nazi apprentice and current globalist hell raiser George Soros. In Canada their activities haven’t reached such magnitude. However, some of their leaders have openly expressed racist views. They have also dedicated their time to sabotaging the work of the Toronto Police by accusing them of racism. As a result, the violent crime in Toronto has skyrocketed and as of this writing has nearly doubled compared to the last year.

It is ridiculous to have those people lead a homosexual event, especially when homosexuals use every opportunity trying to convince us how peaceful they are. It is hard to reconcile that opinion with the obnoxious narcissists of Black Lives Matter who sincerely think that the world revolves around them.

You can see this in the video:

And here are a few pictures:


Black Lives Matter play Black Panthers


Leading the parade



Politicians would support any insanity – the NDP leader Andrea Horvath


NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo followed by her own portrait just like Kim Il Sung


Breathtaking ladies


100% woman


No comment


Tranny communists


Classy messages


“Tits don’t make me a fucking girl”


Exploited children…


…and their teachers


Moderately successful sexc workers


Tranny Anglicans

© 2016

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  1. Sharon Isac says:

    “Pride month”now? Gasp!

    1. admiwrath says:

      It will soon become a “Pride Year”.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Black Lives matter in Pride? They are both full of posturing narcissists and people of questionable Sanity. Now that JT is in charge, we can expect Canada to continue its death dive into complete madness, while importing hordes of Third World “immigrants” who hate us.

    1. admiwrath says:

      The parade is dominated by clueless freaks who can’t stand up to a fringe racist group like Black Lives Matter.

  3. Fran800 says:

    The most disturbing in the elementary school teachers.

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