Toronto Dyke March with QuAIA, Black Lives Matter and the NDP

For many years, Israel has been an obsession of the homosexual community in Canada. The country has been regularly blackmailed and accused of numerous crimes. That has always looked odd because it is the only place in the Middle East where homosexuals have guaranteed rights. Many Muslim countries in the area treat that lifestyle is considered criminal and is often punished by death.

It seems illogical that Israel has been singled out for such a treatment. However, logic is non-existent in the minds of the “progressive” urban lefties. That’s why they, year after year, carry the same signs and spread the same lies during the “pride” week. Even the attempts to defund the event due to the anti-Semitism it spreads have been futile. Our spineless politicians are scared to death that they could be called “homophobic” for doing the right thing.

The most active of those anti-Semitic activists have been the members of Queers against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA). Naturally, their views about the destruction of Israel are masked as “anti-Zionist” demands. Two years ago, they announced that the organization has been disbanded. That didn’t stop them from marching last year.

This year they did the same. The new surprising twist was that they appeared together with the provincial NDP’s group and Black Lives Matter. It was puzzling that a parliamentary party would not make the effort to distance itself from such questionable fringe organizations.

Even more puzzling was the fact that the person who led the NDP group, MPP Cheri DiNovo, didn’t do anything to get rid of the group. They marched together from the beginning of the event to the end. At many Israel-related events, I have heard what a great friend of Israel Ms. DiNovo is. It was hard to make that conclusion from her behaviour earlier today.

Here is the video. Other than the QuAIA march, it also includes an annoying guilt-inducing lecture by one of the Black Lives Matter activists. Considering the recent Muslim terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, which left 49 people at a gay bar dead, one could expect some recognition of the Muslim extremist problem, but you are not going to find it at the Dyke March.

And here are a few pics of the group:


Cheri DiNovo behind Black Lives Matter


“We stand with queers in Palestine”


QuAIA and the NDP


More of the same


Lecturing the white people

Other than that, the Dyke March included the same odd characters who were supposed to be inspiring and uplifting.



Communist dykes


Olivia Chow awakes from hibernation


A well-aged Pippi Longstocking


“Queer daughter of lesbian moms”


A sophisticated dyke: “The patriarchy can suck my dishwasher safe dick”


More sophistication: “Rug muncher”



Fat and proud


Queer dogs


Slutwalk dykes

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