Anti-Semites March at the Annual Homosexual Parade in Toronto 2014

The representation of the anti-Semites in this year’s homosexual parade in Toronto (which was supposed to be an international event) was as lackluster as usual. In certain aspects it was even worse, because they didn’t even bother to reproduce the signs with photos and quotes from well-known haters of Israel like Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky, Desmond Tutu, Mahmoud Abbas and countless others.

Even the grandiose intentions of John Greyson, the York University homosexual film professor, who last year got stuck in an Egyptian jail on his way to help Hamas in Gaza, didn’t materialize. In an interview with a major Canadian news magazine he described how he was going to build a big anti-Israeli float, with a drag queen dressed like Scarlett Johannson on top. The popular actress earned his rage (and animosity from all other anti-Semites for becoming a spokesperson for the Israeli company Sodastream).

There was no Scarlett and no drag queens. Instead, the homosexual anti-Semites completely missed the tranny parade. At the dyke parade they presented a few well-aged dykes with a recycled sign and a large “Palestinian” flag. At the main parade they added two more large recycled signs and a sad semblance of a float.

Although the black truck of Palestine House showed up as a sign of discrete support, it didn’t help with the float. The latter consisted of a large bedsheet with the map of the “vanishing Palestine” on it, carried by a few anti-Semitic queers, who used the dubious help of large pink balloons attached to it. Obviously, the balloons didn’t help that much, because by the the time they reached Yonge/Dundas from Yonge/Bloor, the queers were too tired and their “float” was almost touching the ground.

Here is the sad picture:


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