Exhibitionist Invasion – Toronto Dyke March 2014

The second key event of the homosexual pride week took place last Saturday. That was the famous Dyke March. Regardless of the fact that it was promoted as a world event, it was actually dominated by the usual Toronto lesbians and their supporters. We need to add to the mix the politicians trying to sell their platforms and plenty of corporations, which compete with each other to show how homosexually-compliant they are.


They put some effort into making the sign


The Dyke March

The march started with the traditional noisy motorcycle ride performed by the “dykes on bikes.” And those dykes were truly rough.


Nothing says “Welcome to Toronto” better than an ugly butch giving you the finger

That type of a scary lesbian didn’t dominate just the bikes – they were well-represented in the march.


They’ll tell you that everybody is beautiful


Leather and heat don’t go together


Don’t break the bike!

As every year we saw quite a few weird people, just being themselves or sporting some cause, which in their minds is extremely important.


The Big Baby is a big freak


Fighting corporate greed at a corporate sponsored event


A tranny from Iraq

The constant confrontation in that type of events – between Jews and those who hate Israel – was presented here again. The Jewish group, led by the Jewish homosexual organization Kulanu, included many people with flags and signs. They made the point of defending Israel, the only country in the Middle East, where homosexuality is legal.


The Jewish group


Making a point about Israel

On the other hand, the anti-Israeli group was presented by just a few people carrying the same sign they use every year – Queers Against Israeli Apartheid.


The anti-Semitic freaks

Even the Indians were cashing in on the dyke frenzy by placating their “two-spirited” scam. For some odd reason, most of the people they sent to the dyke event were men.


The infighting in the lesbian movement also found a place in the march. Obviously, the trannies are trying to hijack the movement by insisting that they should be included in it as well. A guy, who looked like a woman carried a sign: “Some Dykes Have Dicks – Stop Excluding Trans Lesbians.”


Dyke with a dick


That creepy guy must be a trans dyke

The classic type of lesbians doesn’t trust the trannies, who want to crash their little world. Many lesbians consider them agents of the patriarchy, who want to subdue the free-spirited and anti-male lesbian crowd. Maybe they have a point – if a tranny lesbian with a dick is in a relationship with a vagina lesbian, won’t that make them a heterosexual couple?

They never follow the logic of the normal society, so it doesn’t make sense to ask them.

What kind of a politician is the best fit for those circus freaks? Olivia Chow, of course. She would do anything to show her contempt for people with traditional values. Then it would be Kristyn Wong-Tam, the person who once supported financially the website of the Queers Against Israeli Apartheid.


Olivia Chow inspires the dyke crowd


Sarah Thomson relentlessly promotes herself

However, the most interesting part of the march was that it was dominated by lesbian exhibitionists (fortunately, no dykes with dicks followed the trend). Some of the dykes exposing themselves should’ve considered doing that in the privacy of their own homes.

The purpose of the exhibitionist is to attract attention, but some of the participants tried to have it both ways – getting naked and fighting attention. A topless girl carried a sign: “Why Is a Random Guy Taking My Photo?” I already said that normal logic doesn’t apply to those people.


Do you really need to ask this question?


Exhibitionism with police protection


More guys with cameras


No comment


Double no comment


It was a hot day


Moving on


The trio



I hope she was a real girl

The march started at Allen Gardens on Carlton Street, continued along Yonge Street and finished in a small park near Isabella Street. There was a music performance with Japanese drums.


The Raging Asian Women

Naturally, that didn’t put an end to the exhibitionism or the weird behaviour:


“Suck My Dyke”

Even Olivia Chow got into the exhibitionist spirit. Fortunately, she didn’t get naked or even topless, but felt the urge to schmooze with her half-naked fans.


Olivia Chow is liberated


She continues

It was just another regular day in Sodom and Gomorrah. And when you think of all the fun Rob Ford missed by skipping the Dyke March…


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  1. Winston says:

    Ugly and nasty. Calling it ‘Mental illness’ won’t even be an appropriate thing to describe these ppl. Sick!

  2. Brian Jones says:

    On the plus side, it’s nice to see some of them getting some exercise, which most of them clearly are in desperate need of.

    The annual dyke march, in partnership with Participaction. Because heart disease and diabetes are equal opportunity health risks.

  3. Benedict says:

    You are a disgusting little fuck! Post a picture of your stretch-marked beergut so we can all say ‘no comment’. Fucking dork.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Is it my fault that those people chose to parade their ugly physique in a large public event?

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