Homosexual Mosque in Toronto

Next week Toronto is going to host the world homosexual week. During the last few days you could see the fierce competition among city’s banks, museums, restaurants and other corporations frantically trying to bend lower and lower to accommodate that peculiar lifestyle. This is my first post documenting the totalitarian influence of a tiny minority, which has the ambitions to control what you say or what your children are allowed to do and learn.

In the calendar of the homosexual week, it was easy to spot a bold initiative that tries to reconcile homosexuality with Islam.


Nice stunt, but the barbaric cult of Islam has been against homosexuality since the very beginning (unless it involves little boys, in which case they often have a common ground). Trying to make Islam accept regular homosexuality is like attempting to operate a fridge on the surface of the sun.

Just using the crescent on the homosexual flag is enough to piss off enough Muslims to start doing what they do best. I hope the homomosque has enough security guards to survive if the savages start a Muslim-homosexual “dialogue.”


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  1. The Lone ranger says:

    I’m sure the Toronto Islamic population are delirious over being “included’ in world filth day.

  2. Kevin Brown says:

    Apart from the fact that a gay mosque is absolutely ludicrous – I was curious about where this mosque was located and I have determined that it is in the offices of “Women’s Health in Women’s Hands” offices.

    This is an organization that is funded mostly by the Ontario government with minor contributions from the federal and municipal levels. In other words taxpayer funded space that ostensibly used for health care is being turned over once a week to be used as a make-shift mosque? I wonder if other Muslim groups are are using this space as a mosque?

    The organization itself “Women’s Health in Women’s Hands” is repugnant itself. It is a health agency that is for the exclusive use of “racialized” “women of color”. Who says we don’t have a two-tier health care system in Canada?

    It’s not clear from the website what if anything in the way of real healthcare it provides for its 5 million dollar a year budget although they have 3 physicians on site.

    Imagine the outrage if we were to set up a clinic for White women only or White men only?

    This group might be a good topic for your future blogs. I notice for example they have diabetes councilors. I wonder what would be the reaction if a white male were to turn up asking for counseling on diabetes? They would be turned away I suspect and yet a “women of color” will never be turned away from any government service.

  3. Kevin Brown says:

    I forget the link ( you can see the space used as a mosque in the gallery)


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