Introducing the Consulate of the United Homosexual States of America in Toronto

With the world gay week and parade approaching in Toronto, it’s amusing to observe the fierce competition among the local businesses, institutions and corporations, which try to “out-gay” each other by showing more homosexual-compliant decorations and ads.

I was surprised to see that the USA representatives in Canada have also become part of that politically correct frenzy. While passing by, I noticed a huge homosexual rainbow flag hanging from the roof of the Consulate General of the United States of America in Toronto.


Notice the difference in the sizes – the rainbow flag is probably over 10 times bigger that the tiny US national flag. At first I was shocked, but after some thinking I realized that the situation reflects perfectly what has become of the USA. Before, the flag symbolized a powerful and rich country with traditions and moral principles. Now the national banner is dwarfed by something that represents a tiny and vindictive, yet powerful special interest group.


The country is torn apart by Obama’s lies and scandals: IRS acting like progressive storm troopers against the conservatives; catastrophic loss of influence and authority abroad; alien invasion of unmatched proportions, helped by the government; crumbling economy, etc. etc. It all doesn’t matter as long as the homosexuals can marry each other and fire and shut down anybody, who disagrees with them.

Despite the urgent problems, which remain unresolved, the Obama administration finds new ways to act like total fools abroad (Canadian politicians are not much better). I guess that was planned to cement Obama’s legacy as the Lord Protector of homosexuality – after all, Newsweek perceptively called him “America’s First Gay President.”

Maybe he will be remembered longer, if before the end of his disastrous presidency he changes the name of the country to United Homosexual States of America and removes the little star-spangled banner. The values and principles the latter stood for are all but gone. The homosexual rainbow represents much better the disarray in today’s America.


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  1. Matthew says:

    I was in downtown Toronto the other day. Every business seems to have 8 gay pride flags in its window.

    Apparently there’s no better PR move in Toronto than wrapping yourself in the rainbow flag.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Soon they will be forcing flags to be displayed on everybody’s window.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    No wonder the Muslim world hates America. The recent threats against Obama by ISIS fanatics only highlights the facts that they hate him and everything he stands for, including homosexual “rights.”

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