Dyke March and Erotic Sideshow – Toronto 2015 Edition

Yesterday I covered part of the Toronto Dyke March, specifically the re-emergence of a well-known anti-Semitic group, which used the venue to start trashing again Israel and its people. Other than that, the gloomy weather that reduced the number of participants and audience even below the usual low numbers, helped make the event more boring than it has been before. The drizzle (which from time to time deteriorated into heavy rain) reduced the quantities of the topless lesbians – the main attraction of the event – and turned it into a strictly political demonstration with not much fun, the only exception being the Caribbean group that kept jumping and singing from the beginning to the end. An interesting distraction was a sideshow at the side of the march’s itinerary, which showed some kind of erotic interaction between boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife. As it has become normal during the “pride week”, that was poorly conceived, because of the many children forced to walk in the march, but the bad impression was softened by the fact that the actors were quite unattractive.

Here are a few pictures from the march, with the video of the erotic performance coming in the end.


Dykes on Bikes in the rain


A hard act to pull


“Fight for the Right to Be Ugly” – you don’t need to fight, we agree you’re ugly


“Asexual Love Is also Real Love” – whatever you say


“Allah Loves Everyone” – that’s not what your imam thinks


“El-Tawhid Toronto Unity Mosque, Allah Loves Us All” (don’t forget to check for bombs when you go in)


The wind blows in your brain


Kulanu (I wonder if they noticed the anti-Semitic dykes)


NDP – the rotting orange


Dildo girl


Queer elementary teachers


“Some Dykes Have Dicks” – that’s more than we want to know


A voice in the wilderness

And here is the video:

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  1. Jason says:

    The Dyke Pride March – also known as the only time each year Myroslav gets to see breasts without paying.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Lame, very lame, trans-Jason – your queer army should be more creative in offending people to get noticed.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    They just can’t help making utter fools of themselves, can they?

    1. admiwrath says:

      That’s given – they can’t even imagine that anybody would question their circus.

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