Kindergarten Kids Dragged to the Toronto Gay Flag Raising 2015

Last Monday (June 22) marked the beginning of the “pride week” – the annual homosexual festival in Toronto. As it is customary, the event started with raising the rainbow flag at City Hall. It was the first time the event was held under the new administration of Mayor John Tory. The difference from previous years was clear, because the ceremony looked and sounded like a homosexual victory party. The shadow of the former Mayor Rob Ford was indirectly invoked as a frightening memory of the homosexual past (never mind that the personal opinions of Ford neither harmed nor slowed down the “queering” of Toronto during his mandate).

To show that he is turning a new page in the relations of the City Council with the most privileged minority in Canada, John Tory tried to project his most fabulous gay self. He was wearing a tie with the colours of the gay flag and an apparently homosexual assistant was giving away little stickers with the words “PROUD MAYOR” – “proud” coloured in the flag’s colours and “mayor” included a little heart expressing his inclusivity. The Mayor even shared a passionate kiss with the lefty Councillor Gord Perks (which he mentioned in his speech). One could’ve thought that it was Tory’s coming out party.

I should give credit to John “Queer” Tory, who managed to fool everybody during the last election that he was the true conservative alternative to Olivia Chow. Had they known that, the social justice warriors from Now Magazine would’ve saved some of the ink that went into articles, which trashed him. His actions as a Mayor are not that different from Chow’s platform, especially on the latest “anti-poverty” initiative.


John Tory goes gay


The new masters of City Hall

Naturally, the usual Councillors joined Tory in the event – as they did even under what they perceived as the horrific homophobic dictatorship of Rob Ford. Every one of the speakers was excited about how unstoppable the homosexualization of Toronto was. And as the proudly lesbian Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam stated in her speech, what happens in Toronto is later followed by the rest of Canada. (Is it any wonder that Toronto is the most hated city in Canada?) Some of the speakers (including Tory) suggested that all Councillors should join the event next year (that would probably mean that Rob Ford and Giorgio Mammoliti will be dragged to it gagged and chained).


NDP’s Andrea Horvath swears allegiance to the homosexual community


Councillor Mike Layton in conversation with a fruit

In the speeches delivered by Wong-Tam, Tory and the homosexual activists it was constantly emphasized how their community is taking over. The Mayor explained how Wong-Tam has become one of his most trusted advisers. Repeated visits by two prominent tranny activists (even before he became a boss of the city) allowed him to learn a lot about the “trans” community. He was planning to march proudly with his whole family in the main parade. The organizers of the “pride week” covered with fabulous excitement all the great fun Toronto is supposed to enjoy – this year they will have the biggest tranny parade. There will be a huge downtown performance event with tranny and drag queen performers. That seemed highly inappropriate for children, but that didn’t matter to the TDSB. Just like at the last year’s ceremony, they brought a bunch of kindergarten kids to participate.

I don’t know if this is changing under the new rules to be introduced by Wynne’s Ministry of Education, but it is very unlikely that such small kids would express an enthusiastic desire to attend an event promoting homosexuality. Who and for what purpose dragged those kids to the event? I know that it is dangerous to ask such questions – anybody who questions situations when kids are exposed to homosexuality risks being sued (as the Peel District School Board is planning to do with the Christian Life Site News for reporting on the covert indoctrination by a lesbian math teacher, though the TDSB is not much better, especially when it management tried hard to charge the trustee Sam Sotiropoulos with hate speech after he questioned their participation in the gay parade where naked exhibitionists expose themselves).

I guess we can figure out what kept the kids interested – they were led to City Hall by two fruits. Here I don’t refer to the sexual orientation of their chaperons – the two guys were dressed like fruits, sporting little rainbow flags, in costumes recycled from last year’s parade. Taking advantage of children’s naivety is nothing new.


The fruits bring the children


They’re in

The kids were asked to sit on the ground, in front of the audience. Then the teachers distributed among them little homosexual flags – judging from their quality, it looked like they were designed by the kids themselves. Then the kids were shown how to wave the little flags at the appropriate moments.


Flag distribution


Flags in action


Using the kids for photo-op

The worst part was that nobody – neither the Mayor, nor the Councillors and the activists saw any problem in exploiting the kids to promote the homosexual lifestyle. Did the TDSB have the permission of the parents to bring the kids? In her speech Wong-Tam acknowledged that the kindergarteners were from the Clinton Street Public School. That may explain the event – among the progressives infesting downtown Toronto, their kids’ mental wellbeing takes a second place, if a sufficiently weird social cause needs to be promoted.

In her speech, when addressing the children, Kristyn Wong-Tam said that the little guys are expected to continue the struggle of the homosexual community. I bet the TDSB fully shares her expectations. No age is too early for grooming.

Here is a short video with the highlights from the event:

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  1. JENNY says:

    These councils, their care themselves, the young kids are very innocent just like a virgin white papers. I doN’t mean to hurt no one, everyone have personal life nothing to do with the young kids. If no one speak up the city soon became like Asia, white old male having sex with the young boys. To become city council of course they must have well educated, where all about. Also ms. Chow before election, she playing very dirty too. My daughter is one of her fan, she said to me thatMs. Chow bought the girl accessories for gifts, I wasn”t sure for boy side. I just want to know what she try to do. When they need your vote because of their own benefit they don’t care what they done. I am not perfectly good English grammar not fluently speaking English, I am not watching TV, neither reading papers, I am not politician. But I see a big change for people involved with political, nothing worth much for the city’s or non for young generation. They strongly support for gay and les. Just for the seat. Is this how they use this for living

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    I’m socked that the Queers new-best-friend, the flip-flopping Michael Coren wasn’t there. or was he? In a way, I wish every Muslim in Canada would move to Toronto where they can vote in their own city council, that way we’ll see a rapid end to “pride” and this vile indoctrination of innocent young children. Every GBLTQWERTY would do well to heed the warning of Jesus, our soon and coming King:

    “If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” (Matthew 18:6)

    1. admiwrath says:

      I didn’t see him there, but he may show up in some other event – the tranny parade, the dyke march and the main parade are to be held the next three days.

  3. G.E.Ramirez says:

    SHAME John Tory YOU did NOT say anything about the USE of children. Did you agree with that?, see how they followed the clowns. (Adult manipulation).

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