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Downtown Losers Rally against Rob Ford – the Video

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In addition to the previous post about the wonderful people, who want to destroy the Mayor of Toronto, here is a video of the event. Raging anti-Ford-mania in the downtown Toronto teapot:

Downtown Losers Rally against Rob Ford

Criticizing our politicians has always been considered strength of our democracy, but when one of them is viciously condemned over something personal that may or may not have happened and another one gets a free pass after squandering hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money and lying about that, it seems we have a problem.

Mayor Rob Ford won his position with overwhelming voters’ support and became the first mayor in the recent history to deliver on his promises. Premier Kathleen Wynne tried to cover up the huge losses from cancelling the gas plants and spent her first few months of her term as an unelected premier drumming about what a cool dyke she is.

There is something odd about the people who evaluate the politicians in such a strange way. The mystery is quickly resolved when we look at who they are. Most of them come from the unproductive core of Toronto and have never had real jobs – professional protestors and “anti-poverty” activists; militant homosexual activists; government union employees; talentless hacks promoted as artists, and simple bums. The Toronto media tends to support those people presenting them as some unbeatable and morally superior force.

They all are united in their feeling of superiority over the people who actually work for a living. They know exactly what changes have to be done in the society and, most importantly, they know better than anybody else how to spend other people’s money. When somebody like Rob Ford tries to limit their free access to the public cookie jar, they strike back violently.

Yesterday’s rally at Nathan Phillips square was a great opportunity to see samples of that segment of our society. Over 4,000 people signed up on Facebook for the event to demand Rob Ford’s resignation. Only a few hundred showed up and their numbers quickly dwindled. Of course, the mainstream media lied that thousands were at the square.


The anti-Ford super rally


It was a disorganized and boring event and the participants spent their time writing with chalk slogans and condemnations urging Rob Ford to go away. Many of their writings were rude, obscene or hostile and none of them showed any traces of common sense. It never occurred to them that in Canada we have a due process before convicting somebody (of course that doesn’t apply to the human rights commissions).

The public employees’ unions skipped the event (maybe they were too embarrassed to be there) and that left the usual Toronto downtown suspects. The old activists reliving their glory days were a large part of the event.


Proof that not everybody gets wiser with age



Maggots clean infection… wrote a maggot


Some real and some wannabe reporters tried to get a story from those people, but even for the manipulative Toronto media that was like squeezing water from a stone.


Signs replace thought



The same sign, the same empty minds


As I said, the occupy types spent their time scribbling slogans on the ground. That was probably the hardest work they have done in ages.


The new craze – weight loss through writing


The homosexual community, which has been hounding the mayor for many years, did also have a presence at the rally.


Gay bar power


Their indignation was well represented in the writings, like this one:


“The least you could do is thank the gay people for their money, you hateful homophobe!”


That is quite typical, because in Toronto the homosexuals have the idea that the whole country should revolve around them. Everyone, who has even the slightest disagreement with the propaganda that promotes their peculiar lifestyle, is sued, silenced and obligatory called “homophobe”. I am not aware of Rob Ford getting any money from them. If they mean the mythical riches that the gay parade brings in, if that was true, how come the organizers show up at City Hall each year to beg and whine for public grants?


A weird guy with a weird sign


Most of the writings were unimaginative, repeating the same demands in the same language.



That practice of the lefties to write condemnations, which are displayed in public, has a striking resemblance with the practices of the Cultural Revolution in China. The Hongweibing (Red Guards), Chairman Mao’s army of young idiots, did exactly the same to condemn and dispose of the enemies of the “progressive forces” who have never been tried and convicted. Seeing this in Canada is a sign that the lefty stupidity is more resilient than the worst weeds.

The Torontonian Red Guards didn’t shy away from charging Rob Ford with murder – the weird guy in the picture above hinted at that in his sign – “Etobi-murder.”

Other scribes were more direct:


“Did you Rob sent to kill Smith?”


In the best traditions of the Toronto Star innuendo Rob Ford turns into a shady figure of the underground crime world. That’s not strange, because the Star and the Globe and Mail blackmail was highly valued by the participants:


So you admit that Star and Globe are maggots


The artsy downtown had problems with the fiscal policy of Rob Ford:

“The Fords have not saved the city a billion dollars! Liars!” (Written by a liar)



“Anybody can cut taxes. Toronto deserves a leader.”


Yes, taxes… They are a minor issue if you are a welfare bum of any kind, who doesn’t pay any taxes. The typical downtown inhabitant cannot figure out that the majority of people don’t want their taxes wasted on useless causes.

It was nice to read the lament of one of those people:


“”Mr” Ford, I never realized how much a mayor mattered or could fuck up my life until you. You are a shitty mayor. RESIGN NOW!”


And I never realized how a mayor could fuck up somebody’s life. To suffer that much, you must be a complete loser, who can’t do anything on his own. That sounds like a confession of a disgruntled unionized garbage collector or a homosexual activist, who lost his grant.


“Stop the Cocaine Train!”



That’s clever… So far there is no proof of link between Ford and cocaine. If you remember, Ford’s rival during the last election, George Smitherman, was a self-confessed cocaine junkie. Other than the lying dyke at Queen’s Park, Smitherman is the second prominent politician that the homosexual community of Toronto managed to produce. As an integral part of McGuinty gang of crooks, he was responsible for squandering billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money (eHealth anybody?).

Nobody on the left raised the issues of his addiction and incompetence during the campaign. Verily, verily I say unto you – if you are a homosexual in Toronto, you can do no wrong. If you’re a fat heterosexual guy who wants to cut taxes, all you do is wrong. Speaking of being fat, that didn’t escape the attention of the progressive people:



Ford is a pig – that’s very classy. Speaking of classy, take a look at this:


“Rob fuck you”



And what does Keith Richards think?


Looking at the losers who attended the rally, it’s more than clear that a mayor whose campaign slogan was “respect for the taxpayers” is not their guy. I remember at a reception during the mayoral campaign I asked Joe Pantalone about his platform. He spent a few minutes explaining with excitement how he was planning to build in Toronto the largest cricket field in North America.

That’s the kind of guy the left loves – who spends our money on useless feel-good projects. I think they have that guy, or rather gal, now. Judging from the newsletters she sends me, Olivia Chow is ready to become the new mayor of Toronto.

She and the anti-Ford people are a perfect match made in hell. Just like them, she has never done a day of honest work in her life. Her late husband Jack Layton, known for his escapades in gay bathhouses and affinity to Asian massage hookers, was a virtuoso in the art of separating the taxpayers from their money. I can see Jack and Olivia’s fans salivating at the prospect of Olivia approving millions and millions in grants for useless art projects and equally useless special interest groups.

The fight for Toronto rages on…

© 2013


City Hall Idiots Declare Toronto Sanctuary for Illegal Criminals

The notorious Toronto City Council, known for its strange decisions like banning shark fins and plastic bags, brought us one step closer to the self-destruction of our once great city. Last week they voted (37 to 3) to turn Toronto into Canada’s first sanctuary for “undocumented migrants”.

Council voted Thursday to consider how to make it easier for undocumented migrants to access municipal services, such as public health, shelters and food banks. It also reaffirmed its role as Canada’s first “sanctuary city.”

In the long-forgotten times before the political correctness took control over Canada, the authorities had the strange idea that the citizens and those residing legally in the country deserved full protection of their rights. Not anymore. Now every criminal, who crossed the border illegally; all phoney refugees, who failed to scam the system and everybody, who came here but didn’t feel like going back to his or her country, have the sacred right to exploit the taxpayers.

Toronto Star goes on to twist the truth by interpreting the illegal status in their own “enlightened” way:

“Q: Then aren’t undocumented residents here illegally?

A: True. They have no legal status in Canada and face removal or deportation for violating immigration laws. Migrant advocates use the terms “undocumented” or “non-status” to reframe the public debate over this precarious population.“

No matter what they call them, those people are violating Canadian laws.

Criticizing that unfair decision is not safe. The multi-culti progressives are ready to brand as racist everybody who refuses to shut up and pay. Bernie Farber, the Lord Protector of the Hungarian gypsies, tweeted a warning to those who don’t rejoice: “Kudos 2 To Council 4 voting our city as a safe harbour for immigrants. Naturally blogger bigots & racists r vomiting usual bile.”

Apparently, we can’t be allowed to “vomit our bile” without consequences – the “blogger bigots’” opinions are collected and stored away for future use. (Everybody who has lived in a communist country knows how those things work.)



It is not a surprise that Toronto is going down the drain. The city is more and more dominated by people who don’t produce. The army of all imaginable levels of government workers and overpaid crown corporation employees get their income from redistribution of taxes. If they are not happy with the pay, their unions would go on strike paralyzing the city. They never lose. Why should they care for 200,000 illegals when someone else is paying?

We can add to them the army of regular bums, failed artists and countless activists, who get their money from us for doing nothing.

It’s no wonder that the leftards from Rabble are ecstatic about their achievement and now want more:

You called, wrote, met, and pressured your Councillors and they were forced to listen. The first step is complete, and we have a new mission for you. We need you to go out and make sure that Toronto services are now actually accessible. Sign up here and we will get in touch with you on exactly how. There is a lot of work still to be done, and together we will make it happen. 

 City Hall instructed Chris Brillinger, Executive Director, Social Development, Finance and Administration to put together a report on how to improve access to services without fear including training, a complaints protocol and a communications blitz by September 2013.

 That means we need to spend the next six months ensuring the right recommendations get on this report and that these recommendations actually pass at City Hall after that.

There is no way to escape, they’ll bleed us to death.

Politicians always reflect the thinking of the majority of their constituents. That’s why it’s no wonder that many of the councillors voted that way: my councillor, the strange Mr. Adam Vaughan, who doesn’t represent me; the fiery lesbian Kristyn “Shark-Fin” Tam-Wong; Layton Junior, who early on figured out that the freeloading ways of his parents will guarantee his success. It would never occur to them that the taxpayers want to keep at least some of their money.

Their lefty minds are uncomfortably transparent. They are just being true to their wacky beliefs.

However, the unpleasant surprise came from those, who assured us that they were going to defend the interests of the working people. When I heard that three people voted against, I automatically assumed that two of them were Mayor Rob Ford and his brother Doug. Boy was I wrong!

They supported the motion. In 2010 I actively supported Ford’s campaign, believing that he would stop the robbing of the taxpayers. The slogan he had painted on his van was: “Respect for Taxpayers”.


Mr. Ford, why did you forget what you promised?

Rob Ford betrayed the taxpayers. I am not aware of his motivation for supporting the illegal immigrants.

However, Councillor Paul Ainslie from Scarborough, whom Toronto Star defines as a Ford supporter, said in an interview:

Ainslie added that while some members of the public he spoke to after the vote espoused views about “sending the illegals back home,’’ he believes doing so would have a negative economic impact on the city. “If you want to send them home, maybe you should think about how that’s going to impact our economy, because there are lots of undocumented workers doing some pretty crummy jobs, with very little protection,’’ Ainslie said, adding council should do a better job of telling the public why it voted this way.

Those are shameful arguments; it seems that the illegal immigrants contribute to Toronto’s economy by taking crummy jobs for little pay. That’s the way they think in the USA near the Mexican border – and Canadians from all political stripes have always considered themselves morally superior to the Americans. Why don’t we deport illegals and let the market bring the pay for those “crummy jobs” to a fair level?

Providing all those services to illegal immigrants (and they consider expanding them at a federal level) is a slap in the face for all legal immigrants. The City Hall retards and the anti-poverty bums may not know, but there are millions of immigrants, who have applied to immigrate, covered the requirements, paid all the necessary fees, then waited patiently for months or years to have their applications processed.

Now they are told by politicians and activists that every criminal, hooker, drug dealer or any other person who barely speaks English and has no chance to immigrate legally, can just go hiding and get all the services that the regular citizens get.

Besides, now Toronto, as the only criminals’ sanctuary in Canada, is going to become a magnet attracting even more criminals from other cities and provinces. But the lefties don’t have a problem with them – if you remember, over a year ago CBC refused to show the pictures of convicted war criminals sought for deportation. We should be prepared for even more crime.

Fortunately, I am not the only person bothered by that travesty. Even the Toronto Star grudgingly admitted that most people are not happy:

“City council’s recent vote allowing undocumented migrants access to services regardless of their immigration status, doesn’t match how Torontonians feel on the issue, according to a new public opinion poll. A Forum Research survey of 806 respondents released Saturday found 51 per cent disapprove of council’s 37 to 3 decision Thursday declaring Toronto a sanctuary city.”

Of course, it is a totally separate issue whether at election time people would overcome their apathy and actually vote for city politicians, who really have their interests in mind.

The evil City Hall gang is ready even for that option – many of them are advancing the idea to give voting rights to the illegal immigrants. If by election time their number grows enough, the law-abiding citizens will be screwed no matter what they do.

In case we don’t stop the takeover of our city by freeloaders and criminals, it will surely turn into a Detroit-like wasteland abandoned by the scared taxpayers, where street gangs fight for redistribution of the meager resources left behind.


© 2013

Toronto – City Councillors with Plastic Brains

Earlier this month the City Council of Toronto decided to ban completely the use of plastic bags in the city.

Just like almost every other decision they have made before, this one looked more like something decided at the Mad Hatter’s tea table rather than a rational move for the good of the city. The dysfunctional policies of the Council are conducted with the sole purpose to discredit Mayor Rob Ford by all means possible.

On that day Ford introduced the long-discussed motion to abolish the 5-cent tax on plastic bags. As it is common in the bizarro world of Toronto, one of the councillors came up with a counter-motion to ban the plastic bags altogether. The majority supported it and starting from January next year the green fascists would be able to crucify everybody who uses those illegal bags.

The Council reminds me of a retarded kindergarten, where the kids are constantly plotting how to destroy the teacher they hate, but because of their limited thinking abilities, they usually end up burning down or flooding the whole neighbourhood. In this case, their attempt to spite Rob Ford makes our lives more difficult.

Let’s face it – we need those plastic bags. Maybe the councillors who have maids and servants don’t think about it, but the rest of us need something to put our garbage in when dropping in the high-rise chute or taking it to the front lawn. That wasn’t a problem before, when we could recycle the grocery bags, but now we will have to buy those expensive Glad bags (I hope they don’t ban them as well).

That means that the usage of plastic bags will remain at the same level. Where is the benefit of that idiotic decision? The things will turn even worse, because now we will have to use paper bags for our groceries.  Other than being unreliable (they simply break and leave you wondering what to do with the pieces of broken jars in front of you), the paper bags are going to “eat up” huge number of trees. Weren’t the environmentalists those who decided decades ago to save the planet from deforestation by introducing plastic bags?

Of course, there is another option they push – we will have to carry all the time big grocery bags, because you never know when you’ll need to buy something. Toronto will resemble Moscow of the 1970’s with its staple character – the Russian babushka who cruises the streets for a store line to join and carries an oversized grocery bag with a jar (for selyodka or kvas) in it. It is so nice that our lefty councillors will bring back the nostalgic realities from the dying days of communism.

The “progressives” are supporting the move – there is no question about it. When Ezra Levant wrote about the stupidity of that decision among the comments expressing outrage of his environmental insensitivity, I found the following pearl of wisdom:

“says the thoughtless moron…

Rwanda, despite its horrendous recent history, outlawed them long ago. The low-lying Bangladesh blew them off in 2002 after suffering a series of killer floods that officials determined were exacerbated, if not caused, by plastic bags blocking sewers. They’re restricted or banned in Italy, Ireland, New Delhi, San Francisco and Oakland, Calif, as well as parts of the U.K. and Australia. Seattle’s ban begins next month. Los Angeles banned them this year and added a 10-cent fee to single-use paper bags.A 2007 University of Queensland study showed that plastic bags are the leading cause of death for turtles. That research confirmed a 2001 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report that 61 per cent of marine turtles were being killed by plastic bags.”

Isn’t it amazing that the Left always wants to bring Canada down to the level of failed third-world countries? Rwanda is populated by savages who fought among themselves and managed to kill over 1 million of their own people. Plastic bags are the least of their problems. Bangladesh is an overcrowded cesspool, in which the bags are just a small part of the filth that is thrown out in the streets every day. I will leave without a comment the dysfunctional countries and cities listed further…

Why don’t we follow the practices of a civilized country for a change? At the Japanese grocery stores you usually get several plastic bags to wrap separately the stuff you buy. And in Japan everything is recycled – there are no plastic bags in the sewers or anywhere in the streets. The Japanese would never start cutting down their forests to replace something that’s cheap and reusable. Are the Canadians dumber than the Japanese? Definitely not, but that’s what that lefty idiot suggests – if we keep using those bags, we will end up like Bangladesh.

Unfortunately, that is not an isolated loon – the comment could’ve been written by any one of the delusional lefties, who roam downtown Toronto. Dysfunctional people always elect dysfunctional politicians. Once the great George Carlin bluntly explained how those politicians get chosen:

“They don’t fall out of the sky. They don’t pass through a membrane from another reality. They come from American parents and American families, American homes, American schools, American churches, American businesses and American universities, and they are elected by American citizens. This is the best we can do folks. This is what we have to offer. It’s what our system produces: Garbage in, garbage out. If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you’re going to get selfish, ignorant leaders. Term limits ain’t going to do any good; you’re just going to end up with a brand new bunch of selfish, ignorant Americans. So, maybe, maybe, maybe, it’s not the politicians who suck. Maybe something else sucks around here… like, the public. Yeah, the public sucks. There’s a nice campaign slogan for somebody: ‘The Public Sucks. F*ck Hope.’”

If we change “American” to “Canadian” we can get a pretty accurate description of Toronto’s politicians and those who vote for them.

The guy who puts Canada below Rwanda and Bangladesh is a perfect match for those councillors. I am sure Jack is tenderly smiling down on Mike Layton, touched by the fact that his son screws the city exactly the way he did. My councillor Adam Vaughan has never missed a crazy lefty idea that he could support. And how can we forget Kristyn Wong-Tam – the fiery dyke, who is the patron saint of the Occupy Toronto losers:



If you think about it – this is the only way things could work in Toronto. The majority of the progressives are different types of government employees, academics or mad artists. Besides, they are also unionized, which adds a whole new level of useless bureaucrats.

Their salaries don’t depend on the quality and quantity of their work. They are paid much more than the people in the private sector, with benefits that we the ordinary rubes can only dream of. And they are guaranteed to keep their jobs for life, no matter how dumb or incompetent they are (unless they are white). No accountability is required from them. They can’t figure it out that the money is not falling from the skies, that it is always a result of running a successful business, which is taxed so that the city elites could squander the revenue on dumb projects.

That explains why such an ignorant and incompetent woman like Olivia Chow can be elected time after time. No wonder that the two entitlement parties – the NDP and the Liberal Party – hardly ever lose elections here.

Being totally isolated from reality, they simply don’t understand what the ordinary people want. The only reaction we get from them is the elitist contempt that we cannot understand that any idiotic laws and initiatives they create, are all for our own good, but we are way too stupid to see it (Pan Am Games anyone?). They never deal with real problems, or if they do, it is in a way that usually makes things much worse.

It’s a sad picture and I don’t know how we could get rid of them…


© 2012

The Long March against Mayor Rob Ford – the CBC Hack Chapter

The news reports in Toronto over the last week have been dominated by the confrontation between CBC and Mayor Rob Ford. The crew of the show This Hour Has 22 Minutes trespassed on Mayor’s and ambushed him while he was about to take his little daughter to school.  The girl was traumatized, Ford had to call the police and that put into motion the events, which are subject of this post.

Frankly, when I first heard about the incident, my first thought was “Good Lord, is that show still on the air?!” I vaguely remember seeing it years ago – Mary Walsh (the perpetrator of the ambush) made an impression of a talentless hack, who recited the boring lines of the CBC writers and added her loud screams to create a torturous mixture, which was supposed to pass for humour. I thought they cancelled her show long time ago.

I guess you should never underestimate the power of the $1.1 billion blank cheque that CBC gets every year. With that much of dough they can easily afford to ignore the tastes of their viewers. How else would they be able to keep Little Mosque on the Prairie, the little Islamic show that even Muslims don’t watch?  No TV network, which earns its money, would’ve been able to pull that off, but with the unlimited amounts of taxpayers’ money they can spend without any accountability, the sky is the limit.

The arrogance of CBC revealed its ugly face in this ambush. It was noted that dumb Mary always attacked her victims in public places, usually at their offices. They could have easily done their idiotic skit at City Hall. Yet they chose to go to the Mayor’s home. Why not? A straight white male has always been the easiest target for any attack, especially if that’s a Mayor who wants to cut the city’s ballooning expenses. In this case even his little crying girl is a fair target.

Imagine if George Smitherman was the mayor and Mary showed up unexpectedly at his home. She could’ve traumatized George’s “husband” and earned the disgraceful label of being “homophobic” – the ultimate horror for CBC.

Mary Walsh and her stupid show were just another chapter in the long war against Rob Ford. CBC is simply one of the largest units of the large army of Downtown Toronto freeloaders, who are terrified when somebody threatens their “gravy train”. Those people consider themselves the elite of the city, who are
entitled to all the money they can get for free without providing any justification for their entitlement. Nothing new here – when somebody is used to getting paid to do nothing, they’ll fight to death to keep that going. It’s just the good old greed in action.

So CBC began a full-fledged frontal attack against Ford. Their trusty supporters started attacking the Mayor in online comments. The following “thoughts” are from Yahoo Canada, which is a favourite “meeting place” for rabid semi-literate lefties (I have preserved the original spelling):

“doesn’t he (rob ford) look like hermann goering? he’s a fascist that is falling out of favour with Glorious Leader harper…and he’s losing against the people now…sux to be his kids because as the Bible says…”the sins of the father are visited upon the sons””

“ford is an idiot and a fat slob. what the fk. did the people of toronto see in this dickhead. guess he’s so fat they could not see past him.”

“Everyone KNOWS this comedian and her outrageous costumes and chatter! Come on Rob youre such a sore loser. Heck your brother gave her a better interview when she *ambushed * him outside City Hall. Get over yourself and your ego. It was satire Rob not a *hit*”

“He is very ugly thats why he was runing away from a camera, he looks like a white monkey”

“Through the grape line he lives in a mansion with his brother, mom and dad. No wonder he wants to abolish land transfer tax. Sounds (and looks)like he got gravy on da brain. You become mayor of TO you have to know there will be media, gd or bad. Deal with it or get the hell Ottawa politics.”

“he is on the edge and ready to drop be careful folks if he jumps off the roof you will be smashed to nothing . that’s the price of telling everyone you can do the job . the suckers vote for you and support \harper and now that CANADAS RUINED we have to watch him blow up . i’ll give hime three more months he will be joining Gadhafi and ben laden IN HELL”

“Poor olf Fordie, he says he and his kide were frightened ! just peek into his past and you’ll find he’s led a sheltered life, well! not really”

“They are known for doing it, seen it on the show for years. If He can’t take a joke, or even play along, he shouldn’t of ran for mayor. After all he has been in the news several times now, and none of it is making him look good.”

We learn many useful things about Ford – he is a fascist, idiot, fat slob, dickhead, ugly, a white monkey. They even ridicule his kid and threaten him that in three months he would be dead. Are you surprised? These are the followers of “Whorehouse Jack” Layton, who teaches that you should never give up a welfare cheque.

To make sure that CBC supports those people, the broadcaster added its own profanities to their chorus. Right after his encounter with Walsh, Ford called 911 to report that somebody entered illegally his property. According to CBC’s “sources” Ford said the following during that call:

“You…bitches! Don’t you f–king know? I’m Rob f–king Ford, the mayor of this city!”

However, there was a little problem with that – Ford never said those words. The Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair unequivocally confirmed after listening to the recording that the Mayor didn’t use such language.

Did that statement shame CBC? Not at all – now the $1.1 billion parasite wants Ford to prove his innocence by releasing the tapes. How clever! The Human Rights Commissions in Canada use the same approach – when accused, you are considered guilty and it’s up to you to spend the money and effort for your defence.

The people who control CBC are supposedly educated wise men and women from the downtown elites. Yet it is hard to believe that they would push themselves into that blackmail mess when their organization is being scrutinized for money wasting.

As I mentioned above, that’s just the next chapter of the war against Ford, started because he was the only one to try to stop the downward spiral of useless spending. None of the previous mayors dared to attack the entitlements of the downtown “aristocracy”. A few years ago, when Ford was just a City Councillor, Xtra, the flagship publication of the Toronto homosexual press, published an opinion piece about him titled Deep Inside Rob Ford. You can read it for yourself, but I’ll quote a part of it:

“Maybe Toronto City Councillor Rob Ford just needs to take it up the butt. And I’d love to be the one to give it to him…

Learning to experience and embrace deeply internal pleasures would be the perfect antidote to the rage and confusion of Ford’s loudly externalized outbursts. It’s a healthier outlet for all that pent-up aggression and a primer in empathy. Through spreading his cheeks, Ford might finally spread his wings as a human being — and experience compassion for others.

Some might consider teaching Ford how to be a back-door man a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it. And I’m happy to volunteer — both for my own personal interest and for the broader public good.”

The author of this filth is offering his services to rape Councillor Ford. Imagine if a woman or a black person were the subject here – you can bet that the author would be chased by Barbara Hall and her army for the rest of his life. But since the person attacked is a white male and the piece appears in a homosexual paper, they don’t consider this hate speech. Yes, that might be lauded as superb humour in the dirty tents of Occupy Toronto and the Church Street gay bars, but it doesn’t make Xtra less of a filthy rag. Nevertheless, that may become mainstream – Dalton McGuinty’s education programs plan to teach the joys of homosexual sex to school children.

A few months ago, another Toronto rag took a shot at Ford. Now Magazine is known for having the most thorough whore directory in town, but they often dabble in “progressive” politics as well. On the front page they promised to reveal some startling secrets about Ford’s administration, which quickly turned into disappointment when I read all the pages about him. There were no secrets, just clumsy attempts at smearing him, written at a six-grader’s level.

I guess the main attraction were the demeaning Photoshopped pictures of Ford, probably published to attract more gay readers:



Here is how the tolerant Left sees Mayor Ford


I am asking again – if those pictures’ subject were a woman or a black person, how long would’ve taken for the lefty chorus to start yelling “Sexism!” “Racism!”? But the rag knows very well who can be safely attacked.

The next attack against Ford came around the time of this year’s gay parade. The elite of the homosexual community was sincerely surprised that the City wasn’t going to fund the event, if they let the anti-Semites march with them. Never mind the contradiction that the organizers claimed they were bringing millions of dollars to Toronto, yet getting the meagre grant from the City was a matter of life and death for their parade.

They never forgave that… When Ford decided to spend the gay parade weekend with his family, instead of joining Bob Rae, Jack and Olivia, he was once again viciously attacked. CBC and Toronto Star turned that into a sin of apocalyptic proportions. The homosexual rage knew no limits:


Sophisticated lesbian humour


A common phrase the gay activists used in the interviews when describing the event, was that “Ford didn’t know how much fun he was missing”. And here is the fun he was missing:


That's the fun Mayor Ford missed by spending the weekend with his family


Yes, it wasn’t just the picture of old perverts exposing themselves to young girls. He missed gays dry-humping each other, naked lesbians making out and much, much more!

The last ones to join the battle were the stinky revolutionaries from Occupy Toronto. Their vulgarity is a perfect match for the vulgarity displayed by the homosexual “elites” (they might even be the same people). Here is the best they could do when criticizing Ford:


Deep social criticism from the Occupy Toronto losers



Why single him out? You are robbing all of us anyway


But what else can you expect from a bunch of pathetic losers, who have never worked in their lives?

If anything, those attacks show how difficult it is in Canada to resolve any serious issues. The freeloaders are so deeply entrenched in their positions that nobody wants to touch them. When challenged, they don’t react in a rational way – they start to scream, squeal, threaten and bite until their critics go away.

Even the supposedly conservative Harper government still doesn’t have the courage to defund CBC. Rob Ford is one of the very few politicians who attempts to deliver what he promised. And he is paying for that – death threats, smears, lies is all that comes from the parasites whose nirvana he disturbed.

It’s no wonder Canada is going down the drains – for as long as there is any tax revenue left, those artistic scroungers will never stop their epic battle to steal it.


© 2011

Gay Hypocrisy at Toronto City Hall


The debate is about to begin



It was a gruelling experience – stuck for over eight hours with a bunch of mad lefties in a poorly ventilated City Hall committee room and forced to listen to their inane ramblings. Unfortunately, there was no other choice, it was May 24, the day they scheduled the debate over the report to the Toronto City Council about Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA).

The “progressives” and the activists of the “queer community” confronted the Jews and other people who didn’t like anti-Semitism.

So many signed up to make their points that Mayor Rob Ford had to cut the time of the presentations from 5 to 4 minutes. The issues to be discussed were whether the expression “Israeli apartheid” should be considered discriminatory and whether the gay parade must be denied funding if they allow QuAIA to take part in this year’s events.


Mayor Rob Ford and Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti



JDL bonding with the Trans Community (... or maybe not)


The opponents of that sinister anti-Semitic organization included university professors, lawyers, professionals, a representative of CJC, JDL’s Director Meir Weinstein, the Jewish organization Kulanu and many other people.

The common thread in all of their speeches was the absurdity of the term “Israeli apartheid”. Speaker after speaker emphasized that there is no separation by ethnic or any other principle in Israel. The hospitals treat equally Jews, Arabs, and Christians. All parks and other public places are used equally by everybody, while the Arab countries, which QuAIA supports, discriminate against non-Muslims, and especially Jews.

The Arabs in Israel can vote and even elect their own parties, there are Arab members of the Knesset. They can serve in the army, hold government positions and serve as judges in Israeli courts.


A rare specimen of York University professor, who is not an insane lefty



The points the professor made


Many facts were presented that while the gay movement accepts QuAIA, it ignores the plight of the homosexuals in the Arab countries, where they are discriminated, mutilated and killed. They have never been given any rights in those countries, while in Israel they are guaranteed full protection under the law. Israel even has two gay parades every year – in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

QuAIA is anti-Semitic in its nature – although they state they are anti-Zionist, they actively support the BDS movement, whose purpose is to destroy the Israeli economy through boycott and sabotage. The final goal of BDS is bring an economic collapse to the Jewish state, destroying it politically.


Meir Weinstein discusses the QuAIA's links with the BDS movement


One of the presenters even showed pictures from the last year’s parade showing people from QuAIA having swastikas on their shirts.


The evidence of swastikas used at the last year's parade


All of those speakers were very articulate and logical.

Unfortunately, that’s not a statement I can apply to the other side. The lefty menagerie wasn’t completely in touch with reality. Instead of logic, you could see only emotions, divided into two distinct styles of presentation – the sob story and the militant Jew-hatred.

The sob story people chose to ignore QuAIA and concentrated on how heartless it would be to defund the gay parade. The militants went into a direct attack against the Jews, spewing lies with the hope that nobody would have the time to verify their statements.


The Mayor's patience is running out...


Representative of the first group was a young man, who managed the volunteers at the parade. His point was that if there is no city money, many young people would never be able to get their volunteering experience at the gay parade. He didn’t mention QuAIA at all. Well, young men, women and unidentified, why don’t you get an experience by getting some REAL jobs?

Then we had that wacky Arab girl, who said that when Desmond Tutu visited Israel he said that the apartheid situation was ten times worse than in South Africa during the “real apartheid”. The statement caused a hearty laugh in the audience, but that’s the beauty of public presentation – nobody can check on
your statements. Is Tutu that senile now?


"I wish I was someplace else..."


In a class of her own was an elderly woman, who was representing an organization of parents of gay youth. She had the looks of the proverbial “sweet old lady”, but there was nothing sweet about her views. She chastised the Mayor that since he signed recently some kind of a proclamation (no idea what that is) he should support the gay parade. According to her, many young gays, when “coming out” are ostracized by their families. So during the parade, her organization provides meals to them in a family environment to make them feel good.

My question to the sweet old lady is why do you do that only during the parade at taxpayer’s expense? You can do that all year long with your own money or through any gay charity. And of course, she didn’t mention QuAIA at all. Here is another question: if the young gays are so dear to her heart, why doesn’t she have the same feelings for the Jews? After all, organizations like QuAIA, which demonize Israel, provide the hate justification for anti-Semitism (currently in Europe, but soon to come to Canada).


Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, the staunchest supporter of the QuAIA insanity


Another one in the class of the shameless liars was Ms. Moore (in the picture with the Gaza boat t-shirt). In the beginning of her statement she stated that she represented 6,000 people from the Ryerson University student union (a hotbed of lefty wackos , which I had the misfortune to observe). Right after that she stated that she represented other organizations not able to attend – Toronto University, York University and others, so by the end of the first minute she claimed she was the voice of 240,000 people from Toronto. It is rare that you can see such a profound idiot in public. She attacked Israel to the best or her limited abilities.

She was wearing a Gaza boat t-shirt – that’s a boat project intended to violate Israel’s sovereignty and supported by the terrorist supporter George Galloway, the Canada Post workers union and other idiots. Noticing her message, Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti asked her what she was trying to say. She said she was willing to answer question about that, but there was no interest.


The Gaza boat lady attacks the global Zionism


To acknowledge her stupidity, Blazingcatfur, who was standing next to me, booed her discretely. But that wasn’t discrete enough – the mainstream media reporters seated at the table in front of us gave him dirty looks expressing their utter disgust.

Another person from the sob story camp was “Susan”. The person had male physique, with male voice, but was wearing a dress and make-up. He/she/it identified himself/herself/itself as a “transgendered”. Unfortunately, she was the type of man who imagines that he is a woman – the horrible dress he was wearing and poorly designed make-up showed beyond any doubt that if you are a man who thinks he is a woman, the woman’s taste and finesse don’t come automatically with your delusions.

Anyway, “Susan” was upset that if the parade is defunded that would cause troubles for the “trans” – there will be no special housing for them. And if he had to go to a men’s shelter, he would be mistreated. Susan didn’t explain how the lack of parade money is going to send him/her/it to shelter. However, here is a suggestion for Susan – instead of acting like a freak, why don’t you acquire some skills and became gainfully employed? Then you won’t need shelters. And another message to the “queer community” – why don’t you lay down anti-Semitism and start educating the shelter bums and drunkards into accepting people like “Susan”?

It’s not going to work, because the Jews are a much easier target than the bums.

However, the most enlightening was the speech of Francisco Alvarez, who was a deputy manager of the gay parade. He also started as a sob story guy (at least he looked like a man). His iron-clad argument was that the parade must get funding, because the so-called Word Pride 2014 depends on it. That’s some kind of a world gay parade, which the Toronto homosexuals agreed to host (apparently without consulting the taxpayers).

The problem is that according to the rules of that parade, the host must have a balanced budget for three consecutive years. Without the city financing, they are not going to accomplish that. Next he went to state that the Toronto parade brings in $136 million to the economy, over 600 jobs, and $4 million in taxes.

At this point, Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti interrupted him with a question regarding their preliminary meeting. At that meeting, Alvarez was stated that he can’t guarantee the QuAIA exclusion from this year’s parade, so Mammoliti asked him to state the reasons in public.

Alvarez said that any group that wants to take a part in the parade must register. Since QuAIA decided not to take part, they are not registered. If they or someone like them decide to march anyway, they will be confronted by the marshals and referred to the police. However, if the group appears to be dangerous (probably like the guys with swastikas, this is my remark) or the police are not around, they’ll have no choice but to let them in. That’s why they can’t give guarantees. On top of that, they can’t police of their events during the parade week where QuAIA may decide to show up. When the councillor asked why they don’t just ban that group permanently, Alvarez replied that they cannot censor anybody.

That’s beyond pathetic. It reminds me of the “Seinfeld” episode where Jerry’s Uncle Leo was caught stealing books at Brentano’s and his excuse was “I’m old! I’m confused!” It’s the same situation here – the poor gays cannot oppose anti-Semites, because they are too defenceless.

What a piece of crap! A powerful minority, which successfully persecutes everybody who is against them and aggressively tries to impose the gay agenda in the school curriculum of Ontario can’t deal with a rogue anti-Semitic group. Do you really think that people are that stupid?

If their event really brings in $136 million, why can’t they extract $200,000 from it? If their parade’s management is so grossly incompetent, why don’t they hire some “affluent gays” or real promoters to manage it? If they do that, they’ll be able to get even Charles Manson’s family to march with them without any problems, instead of begging Rob Ford for a few thousands.

Speaking of Rob Ford, not so long ago Toronto’s gay paper Xtra published an article about Ford calling for his rape in order to get him under control. If such an article was about a homosexual or a woman, OHRC’s Barbara Hall and her squads would’ve destroyed the authors and the editors, but the white straight male is a fair target.  A few weeks ago, another rag, Now Magazine (the largest prostitute directory in Toronto), published another disgusting smear about the Mayor.

I am not sure how representative of the gay community are the staffs of those papers. But it seems to me that it is beyond arrogant to come to City Hall and beg for handouts in support of an anti-Semitic group when you treat the Mayor in such a despicable and disgusting way. But of course, homosexuals in our society are far above the law.

So I have a question – if that filth about Ford is acceptable in the gay press, why should we fund any “queer community’s” events? Such behaviour is below the moral norms of even the most savage tribes on earth.

It’s your move now to prove me wrong, dear gay compatriots… Just don’t try the old and tired “homophobia” line, we are dealing with the issue of anti-Semitism here.

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Toronto’s Largest Whore Directory Attacks Rob Ford

Toronto’s Now Magazine’s latest issue came up with a special report promising to expose Mayor Rob Ford.

I could never understand that publication’s desire to influence politics. As far as I remember, it has always been thriving as the city’s largest whore directory. In every issue you can find pages and pages with ads of shady massage parlours, Asian prostitutes (probably smuggled here for that purpose), scary transvestites who promise unmentionable services and male gay whores.

Doesn’t all that variety of services expose you to VD’s and fights with pimps? Never mind, I am asking too much.

As if this doesn’t make Now dirty enough, they feel compelled to smear somebody, who was elected with the overwhelming support of Toronto’s residents.

It is not an accident that the material appeared just days after the start of the federal election campaign. Probably the intention was to provide Jack and Olivia with any support they so badly need. But is this initiative something that is going to advance their cause?

The whole thing is a joke. It looks like something a 6th grader would write for a gay-enhanced school project. For starters, the writers relied too much on the gay imagery. Here is the front page:


Now Magazine's idea of respect for the Mayor of Toronto


Then on pages 14-15 there is another picture:


Soft gay porn for Now Magazine's readers


In case some readers think that those are actual pictures of Rob Ford obtained by Now Magazine, I should say that these are Photoshopped images that have been used to demean the Mayor. There is nothing new in that. Last year, shortly before the elections, a low-life “journalist” from the Globe and Mail, named Stephen Marche made a big issue of Ford’s weight. Of course, if the piece was about a fat Black woman on welfare (there are plenty of them), everybody on the Left would have been outraged, but you can get away with it if the case involves a white man.

I suppose those pictures were used to embarrass Rob Ford. But exposing yourself is a matter of pride for the “gay community”. Here is a picture I took. It shows an old pervert who proudly marched in the Toronto Gay Parade exposing himself to women and children (that’s said with apologies to my sensitive readers):


The sacred gay right to expose your junk in public


Isn’t he cute? And I wonder what’s he carrying…

So what are the horrible revelations about Rob Ford that would cause Toronto’s outrage?

The Ford family have always been good Tories, but outsiders, too. How loyal they are to provincial PC leader Tim Hudak’s crew is open for debate. Hudak adopted the Ford script, taking Ford’s signature Respect for Taxpayers and turning it into “Respect for Families”…

Oh, I see now, in the world of the morally elevated artists and gay activists, respect for taxpayers and families are dirty words.

Then they attack Ford’s “sinister” father, who taught his sons in 1999 to look for support in places where the conservatives are not supposed to go:

There were Team Ford Ts back then, too, and a somewhat untidy group of supporters – everything from the Sikh community to resident of the nearby Toronto Community Housing complexes that son Rob would mine for support when he decided to carry on the Ford legacy and run for council in 2000.

Yes, he didn’t know that all immigrants are supposed to be helpless vermin who have to kiss Jack and Olivia’s asses for getting them on welfare. And only three paragraphs below, the author states:

Straight up: Rob Ford is a pathological exaggerator. A bit of a hypocrite. Anti-gay. Anti-immigrant. All these have been justifiably thrown at him at one time or another.

So, in the previous paragraph, he sought the immigrant help and now he is anti-immigrant. Which one is the truth?

The truth is that he was elected with an overwhelming support from the immigrants. You can’t say the same about his rival Smitherman – the public appearances of Smitherman with his “husband” somewhat didn’t cause an ecstatic reaction among the Toronto immigrants. There is nothing weird about that – for decades Canada and the human rights police have encouraged the immigration of people from third-world countries, where gay rights have never been respected and probably would never will.

Few paragraphs later, Now manages to even make football a sinister game that contributed to Rob Ford’s wickedness:

Football is more than just a game of brawn. There’s order in the seeming disorder. It’s like chess on turf. Deception, diversion and the art of surprise are all part of the game. Little wonder, then, that the mayor prefers those with military backgrounds as staffers in his inner circle.

That’s a real revelation – if Ford was into figure skating, we would have had a better city for he could choose for his inner circle sensitive souls like Johnny Weir. Yes, Smitherman could definitely do that!

And the real dirt is reserved for Ford’s inner circle, where we get the following revelations about its members:

FRANCES NUNZIATA: The girl next door and council’s speaker comes from Ford’s neck of the woods on the York-Etobicoke border. Delivered important votes during the election.

And? What’s wrong with that? Do you think that Jack Layton would pick a Now Magazine transvestite over somebody who helped his campaign?

JIM FLAHERTY: The federal Finance minister is an old family friend and conduit to Kouvalis, who worked for Flaherty’s wife, MPP Christine Elliott, when she was vying for the Tory leadership.

Huh? What is that supposed to mean? Are you going to criticize Jack, Olivia, and their son for working together and getting cushy positions that let them collect huge amounts of public money for doing very little for the public?

The whole piece leaves many questions – there is not a single point in it that would make a rational person dislike Ford. After that spending lunatic Miller, his restraint is a breath of fresh air. Of course, that’s not an argument to the sophisticated artists and the flamboyant community who think they know much better how to spend the money of the “idiots” who still work and pay all the taxes.

Everything is so pathetic that with friends like those in Now Magazine, Jack, Olivia and Iggy don’t need any enemies. You can’t get lower than that…

Maybe the purpose of that piece is deeper – from the forced education provided by the Gay Parade I know that there is a particularly ugly gay category called “bears”. It has probably been neglected by Now Magazine and the second picture is supposed to act as soft porn to attract their readership. (Note to the Human Rights Commission – if you think that fat and hairy gays, wearing leather thongs and exposing their asses, are attractive, please sue me.)

So, Now Magazine, was all that a gimmick to get the “bears” to read you again?


Did “Homophobia” Contribute to Smitherman’s Loss?

Last week George Smitherman lost to Rob Ford in the Toronto mayoral elections. The margin in the results was very wide and well deserved. It was a no-brainer: Smitherman lacked any comprehensible plan. Beside that, he was supported by the mighty Liberal machine, which fact promptly reminded the voters that he was an inseparable part of the happy spenders, who are bankrupting Ontario.

His record as an Ontario health minister was difficult to ignore as well. Who can forget the eHealth money-squandering operation?

However, during the last days of the campaign another issue came up. It was Smitherman’s sexual orientation. Frankly, before that I didn’t pay much attention to it, but some bloggers already wrote about its possible implications (like Five Feet of Fury). So, the issue probably deserves further discussion.

An anti-Smitherman ad ran on a Tamil radio station, which specifically targeted his sexual orientation. There were also reports of flyers attached to election lawn signs, urging Tamils and Muslims not to vote for a gay man. (The attempts to blame them on Ford’s campaign were beyond laughable.)

Did homophobia play a role in Smitherman’s defeat? Yes, it did, but not in the way most people think. Read the rest of this entry »

Ford – Mayor by a Landslide but the war goes on

Rob Ford is the new mayor of Toronto!

It is not a surprise for those of us who supported him all the way, from the first uncertain months of his campaign when nobody believed in him to the last days when the mainstream press still insisted that he was still “neck in neck” with Smitherman.

Well, that shows how much our world is distorted by journalists.

Rob Ford won by a landslide, with 50% of the votes of a 50% voter turnout (as opposed to a 36% turnout in the previous election).

It was a loss for the flamboyant metrosexuals who thought that the tax-paying masses are too unsophisticated to know how to spend their own money.

It was a loss for those who thought that you could spend all your life mooching money off of those who work and make them feel guilty for not giving you enough.

It was a loss for the unkempt socialists who will be more than willing to send all our money to any bunch of non-working savages somewhere in the world.

But of course Ford will still need our support and we should keep watching his back, those who oppose him are already quite vocal about what they are going to do against him.

In a discussion panel at CityTV tonight they went out of their way to collect people who were direct in their intentions to stop him. Olivia Chow said that Ford has hard time collaborating with other people (translation: we at NDP will do everything to sabotage you).

Rocco Rossi and Warren Kinsella appeared next to each other (and Rocco didn’t try to strangle Kinsella!).

Somebody from the panel said that Ford must make any financial agreements with McGuinty’s government before their term expires, another one responded that they are going to lose the elections anyway.

Kinsella’s sharp reaction was: “That’s mythology. The Liberals are fine.”

What a wonderful response! If he sees the provincial Liberals’ catastrophic position in such rosy colours, we can only hope that they will entrust him with their re-election. Judging from his disastrous management of Rocco Rossi’s campaign, we can only hope that with his help we can rid of MacGuinty much faster.

Now, THAT will really help Rob Ford.

Rob Ford Triumphs Again – Hundreds Attend the Ford Fest Backyard Fundraiser

Rob Ford Fest Backyard Fundraiser

Rob Ford proved again that he could gather a large crowd of supporters. At the Ford Fest, which took place today at 7 p.m. nearly one thousand people showed up at his family residence to show their support.

Rob Ford Fest Backyard Fundraiser2

His street filled up with parked cars pretty quickly and soon the plaza parking across Royal York was packed with cars as well. Hundreds of people lined up along the street patiently waiting to get their nametags.

Rob Ford Fest Backyard Fundraiser3 Read the rest of this entry »

Smitherman Proposes a New Tax Grab

In its today’s issue, The Globe and Mail reports that George Smitherman, the Liberal who is determined to win the position of Mayor of Toronto, has proposed a new employment initiative.

His good intentions this time are directed toward solving the city’s problem with the youth unemployment. Yes, that’s a real problem, because the rate of unemployed among the people aged 15 to 24 was about 16 per cent in July (which is a drop from the high December rate of 18.5 per cent).

However, if we look closer at his noble proposal, we would find out that his idea is nothing more than meddling in the affairs of the Toronto’s businesses, which will hardly resolve the issue. Read the rest of this entry »

Smitherman and McGuinty on the Wagon of Doom

It looks like George Smitherman is really desperate. The Ontario’s Provincial Liberal Party just endorsed his mayoral campaign. In normal circumstances, that would have been a marvellous news for him, but Smitherman never ran under normal circumstances.

His whole campaign was designed to show him as a fiscally responsible candidate, who would change the way the city politics is conducted. It’s my guess that with his popularity lagging behind Ford, he requested Dalton McGuinty’s support, but the latter opened again the jam-packed with skeletons closet, which Smitherman so carefully tried to hide until now. Read the rest of this entry »

Rocco Rossi advertising on

The ad of Rocco Rossi, a contender in the Toronto’s mayoral race appears on the blog of a conservative. Well, it probably wasn’t his intention, but that’s where Google served his ad.

Nothing new here… Just Liberal politician wasting other people’s money:


Kosher BBQ with the “Notorious” Rob Ford


Kosher BBQ with Rob Ford? Who would’ve thought that anybody would show up after the carefully orchestrated daily bashing by the Toronto media? Despite the smear, after 4:00 p.m. this afternoon the schoolyard of the Bialik Hebrew Day School was crowded, the school’s parking was full and there were no spots left on streets around and all that despite the cloudy and rainy weather. Read the rest of this entry »

Toronto Media’s Game – Let’s Smear Rob Ford

It’s amazing to observe how much negative attention Rob Ford gets from the media in Toronto. The man who leads the Toronto mayoral race has been consistently attacked by most major papers in the city. The other candidates for the post have also swarmed against him, often forgetting their own political platforms. In a way, that’s good: if several city politicians consider more important the joint fight against him than explaining their ideas to the public, that shows his strength. Read the rest of this entry »

“Mayor Joe” Pantalone’s Cricket Passion

The Toronto mayoral race is heating up. There are too many contenders and it is still not easy to pick the best one.

Recently I met Joe Pantalone at a charity fundraiser. I knew that he was a city councillor, but I wasn’t aware that he was running for mayor. I asked him which political party he represents. He answered that he was an NDP sympathizer, but as a candidate he was above all political parties. I tried to find out what he will do to solve the traffic congestion problem in Toronto, and he said that it won’t be much because the city gets only 8% of the taxes collected here. Read the rest of this entry »