City Hall Idiots Declare Toronto Sanctuary for Illegal Criminals

The notorious Toronto City Council, known for its strange decisions like banning shark fins and plastic bags, brought us one step closer to the self-destruction of our once great city. Last week they voted (37 to 3) to turn Toronto into Canada’s first sanctuary for “undocumented migrants”.

Council voted Thursday to consider how to make it easier for undocumented migrants to access municipal services, such as public health, shelters and food banks. It also reaffirmed its role as Canada’s first “sanctuary city.”

In the long-forgotten times before the political correctness took control over Canada, the authorities had the strange idea that the citizens and those residing legally in the country deserved full protection of their rights. Not anymore. Now every criminal, who crossed the border illegally; all phoney refugees, who failed to scam the system and everybody, who came here but didn’t feel like going back to his or her country, have the sacred right to exploit the taxpayers.

Toronto Star goes on to twist the truth by interpreting the illegal status in their own “enlightened” way:

“Q: Then aren’t undocumented residents here illegally?

A: True. They have no legal status in Canada and face removal or deportation for violating immigration laws. Migrant advocates use the terms “undocumented” or “non-status” to reframe the public debate over this precarious population.“

No matter what they call them, those people are violating Canadian laws.

Criticizing that unfair decision is not safe. The multi-culti progressives are ready to brand as racist everybody who refuses to shut up and pay. Bernie Farber, the Lord Protector of the Hungarian gypsies, tweeted a warning to those who don’t rejoice: “Kudos 2 To Council 4 voting our city as a safe harbour for immigrants. Naturally blogger bigots & racists r vomiting usual bile.”

Apparently, we can’t be allowed to “vomit our bile” without consequences – the “blogger bigots’” opinions are collected and stored away for future use. (Everybody who has lived in a communist country knows how those things work.)



It is not a surprise that Toronto is going down the drain. The city is more and more dominated by people who don’t produce. The army of all imaginable levels of government workers and overpaid crown corporation employees get their income from redistribution of taxes. If they are not happy with the pay, their unions would go on strike paralyzing the city. They never lose. Why should they care for 200,000 illegals when someone else is paying?

We can add to them the army of regular bums, failed artists and countless activists, who get their money from us for doing nothing.

It’s no wonder that the leftards from Rabble are ecstatic about their achievement and now want more:

You called, wrote, met, and pressured your Councillors and they were forced to listen. The first step is complete, and we have a new mission for you. We need you to go out and make sure that Toronto services are now actually accessible. Sign up here and we will get in touch with you on exactly how. There is a lot of work still to be done, and together we will make it happen. 

 City Hall instructed Chris Brillinger, Executive Director, Social Development, Finance and Administration to put together a report on how to improve access to services without fear including training, a complaints protocol and a communications blitz by September 2013.

 That means we need to spend the next six months ensuring the right recommendations get on this report and that these recommendations actually pass at City Hall after that.

There is no way to escape, they’ll bleed us to death.

Politicians always reflect the thinking of the majority of their constituents. That’s why it’s no wonder that many of the councillors voted that way: my councillor, the strange Mr. Adam Vaughan, who doesn’t represent me; the fiery lesbian Kristyn “Shark-Fin” Tam-Wong; Layton Junior, who early on figured out that the freeloading ways of his parents will guarantee his success. It would never occur to them that the taxpayers want to keep at least some of their money.

Their lefty minds are uncomfortably transparent. They are just being true to their wacky beliefs.

However, the unpleasant surprise came from those, who assured us that they were going to defend the interests of the working people. When I heard that three people voted against, I automatically assumed that two of them were Mayor Rob Ford and his brother Doug. Boy was I wrong!

They supported the motion. In 2010 I actively supported Ford’s campaign, believing that he would stop the robbing of the taxpayers. The slogan he had painted on his van was: “Respect for Taxpayers”.


Mr. Ford, why did you forget what you promised?

Rob Ford betrayed the taxpayers. I am not aware of his motivation for supporting the illegal immigrants.

However, Councillor Paul Ainslie from Scarborough, whom Toronto Star defines as a Ford supporter, said in an interview:

Ainslie added that while some members of the public he spoke to after the vote espoused views about “sending the illegals back home,’’ he believes doing so would have a negative economic impact on the city. “If you want to send them home, maybe you should think about how that’s going to impact our economy, because there are lots of undocumented workers doing some pretty crummy jobs, with very little protection,’’ Ainslie said, adding council should do a better job of telling the public why it voted this way.

Those are shameful arguments; it seems that the illegal immigrants contribute to Toronto’s economy by taking crummy jobs for little pay. That’s the way they think in the USA near the Mexican border – and Canadians from all political stripes have always considered themselves morally superior to the Americans. Why don’t we deport illegals and let the market bring the pay for those “crummy jobs” to a fair level?

Providing all those services to illegal immigrants (and they consider expanding them at a federal level) is a slap in the face for all legal immigrants. The City Hall retards and the anti-poverty bums may not know, but there are millions of immigrants, who have applied to immigrate, covered the requirements, paid all the necessary fees, then waited patiently for months or years to have their applications processed.

Now they are told by politicians and activists that every criminal, hooker, drug dealer or any other person who barely speaks English and has no chance to immigrate legally, can just go hiding and get all the services that the regular citizens get.

Besides, now Toronto, as the only criminals’ sanctuary in Canada, is going to become a magnet attracting even more criminals from other cities and provinces. But the lefties don’t have a problem with them – if you remember, over a year ago CBC refused to show the pictures of convicted war criminals sought for deportation. We should be prepared for even more crime.

Fortunately, I am not the only person bothered by that travesty. Even the Toronto Star grudgingly admitted that most people are not happy:

“City council’s recent vote allowing undocumented migrants access to services regardless of their immigration status, doesn’t match how Torontonians feel on the issue, according to a new public opinion poll. A Forum Research survey of 806 respondents released Saturday found 51 per cent disapprove of council’s 37 to 3 decision Thursday declaring Toronto a sanctuary city.”

Of course, it is a totally separate issue whether at election time people would overcome their apathy and actually vote for city politicians, who really have their interests in mind.

The evil City Hall gang is ready even for that option – many of them are advancing the idea to give voting rights to the illegal immigrants. If by election time their number grows enough, the law-abiding citizens will be screwed no matter what they do.

In case we don’t stop the takeover of our city by freeloaders and criminals, it will surely turn into a Detroit-like wasteland abandoned by the scared taxpayers, where street gangs fight for redistribution of the meager resources left behind.


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