Did “Homophobia” Contribute to Smitherman’s Loss?

Last week George Smitherman lost to Rob Ford in the Toronto mayoral elections. The margin in the results was very wide and well deserved. It was a no-brainer: Smitherman lacked any comprehensible plan. Beside that, he was supported by the mighty Liberal machine, which fact promptly reminded the voters that he was an inseparable part of the happy spenders, who are bankrupting Ontario.

His record as an Ontario health minister was difficult to ignore as well. Who can forget the eHealth money-squandering operation?

However, during the last days of the campaign another issue came up. It was Smitherman’s sexual orientation. Frankly, before that I didn’t pay much attention to it, but some bloggers already wrote about its possible implications (like Five Feet of Fury). So, the issue probably deserves further discussion.

An anti-Smitherman ad ran on a Tamil radio station, which specifically targeted his sexual orientation. There were also reports of flyers attached to election lawn signs, urging Tamils and Muslims not to vote for a gay man. (The attempts to blame them on Ford’s campaign were beyond laughable.)

Did homophobia play a role in Smitherman’s defeat? Yes, it did, but not in the way most people think.

Let me start with an interesting image that may give us a clue about the problem.

At the end of one of his public appearances, after Smitherman finished his speech, his “husband” approached the podium, holding the kid they have adopted. Smitherman leaned toward his “husband” and kissed him on the lips.

Of course, that action was mirroring the standard politician’s gimmick of kissing his wife to show what an outstanding family man he is. The big difference was that it involved two men and the effect was very different.

I am used to that, it’s not a big deal, I have seen much more shocking things at Toronto’s gay parade. However, to most of the immigrants, who arrived in the recent years, that looks creepy. The number of immigrants from USA and Western Europe, where gay rights have been firmly established, is miniscule. The vast majority of the newcomers come from third-world countries (mostly through family class immigration) and to them the Canadian values are far from self-evident or acceptable.

The liberal mantra of multiculturalism assumes that the Canadian society is a mosaic of happy-go-lucky ethnic groups and cultures that love each other. That would’ve been true, if we were mosaic pieces, which could be arranged in any way that our benevolent government desired. Unfortunately, we all are living and breathing people with different ideas and preferences.

The delusion that everybody who enters Canada somehow magically turns into a poster boy (or girl) for tolerance is very dangerous. This is especially true when we talk about the acceptance of the gay lifestyle. In North America and Western Europe it took many decades of work, protests, education, etc. to turn the public perception around. This is not the case in the rest of the world, where the anti-gay hostility is as bad as usual. And that hostility is imported into Canada in large amounts.

The Muslim religion is extremely intolerant to homosexuality. Although unofficially pedophilia is tolerated in some countries (like Afghanistan), overall the sharia law prohibits homosexuality and the punishment is death.

In Africa the situation is not much better, there is not a single country that gives rights to gays. If somebody has lived in India for any extended time, he would have noticed that the issue of “gay marriage” and “gay adoption” wouldn’t come to be discussed in the parliament in the foreseeable future. In democratic Japan the gay issues are taboo in the mainstream media.

Even in Eastern Europe, the anti-gay hostility is overwhelming. In Russia, the Moscow gay parade has been banned several times. In Bulgaria, for several consecutive years, the participants in the gay parade are vastly outnumbered by the people who want to hurt them and the police that protect them. Most political parties and the Bulgarian Orthodox Church strongly oppose it. In Serbia the first gay parade ever allowed (out of several attemps), which took place few months ago, turned into a battle, with rocks, Molotov cocktails, thousands of protesters and police, which left over 90 people wounded.

All those people are coming to Canada, they come here because they expect to find better jobs, better business opportunities or bigger welfare cheques. Many of them not only do not pay attention to our value of “tolerance”, but they also bring their old beliefs and odd customs that don’t fit with the basis on which Canada’s prosperity is built.

They think that once they are here, they can impose their prejudices on the others. The clash is inevitable and it is already happening. It is only a matter of time before some  “vulnerable minority” files a human rights case against pushing the gay agenda at school and in the media (it already happened with the informal protests against the new sexual education curriculum in Ontario schools). If they file an official case, we could be sure that the violation of their sensitivities will be addressed, judging from the Human Rights Cmmission’s track record.

So what will Smitherman’s buddy and suspected fundraiser Barbara Hall do? Would her head explode trying to resolve the dilemma of accommodating both parties? Or she may choose the Swedish model of action? In Malmö, Sweden, with the increase of the Muslim population, the attacks against the Jews increased significantly. Since two minorities were involved, the bleeding-heart Swedish liberals were totally perplexed and couldn’t decide which side to take. So they let the Jews and the Muslims work out their “differences”. Can you guess who won? The Jews are leaving Malmö en masse, because they fear for their lives.

It is not necessary to be very smart to understand who will win in the battle between the gays and the ethnic minorities. Hostile homophobic cultures are being firmly established in Toronto, yet gays still think that the “evil” corporations are their enemies. Corporations will go out of their way to accommodate anybody who wants to buy their goods, while religious bigots will try to wipe out the gays at the first opportunity.

This year’s gay parade showed how out of touch with reality the gay activists are. The “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid”, who were very well represented, protested against the only country in the Middle East where gays have rights. Smithermean took part in that parade (just like Panatalone, Taliban Jack and Olivia did) and none of them expressed any criticism. They never distanced themselves from the extremists. The absurdity of that situation looked as if it came straight from a Monty Python sketch.

In an interview last week with Reuters, Mahmoud al-Zahar the “foreign minister” of Hamas, the gang of thugs, which controls Gaza, said addressing the West: “You do not live like human beings. You do not [even] live like animals. You accept homosexuality. And now you criticize us?” What a surprise! Hamas didn’t appreciate the efforts of the “queers” who defended it!

Then came the issue with Rob Ford and the gay marriage – the activists thought that they could expose his “bigotry”, but it didn’t make any difference, because 99% of the people don’t care about that issue (especially immigrants). The theatrical confrontation with Ford over his correct remark that Toronto cannot accept a million more of immigrants, because it is broke, that was supposed to paint him as a racist, also failed.

Painting Ford as being homophobic is not going to help the gay community, because it is an imaginary problem. When devout Muslims become enough to exercise a real influence in government institutions, it will be hard to imagine getting any grants for “queer artists”. And do you think that they are going to approve any funding for the gay parade, which from their point of view is a demonstration of perverts who try to corrupt their children?

I don’t see any solution to this problem. If you accept multiculturalism and encourage people to keep their original culture, eventually they will try to subdue the tolerant Canada, because most cultures in the world are very intolerant. Then tolerance as a Western value will self-destruct. And thanks to the activists and the progressives, we are not that far from that stage.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    This insightful and straight-forward article has echoed my own concerns over the past two decades. Back in the early 1990s, I couldn’t join the police anywhere in Ontario because I was a white, heterosexual male. Comrade Bob Rae, the former premier at that time wanted more ‘diversity’ in all police services in the province. So they started a campaign to recruit more woman and ethnic minorities. They not only failed to get anything close to the numbers they were hoping for, but they had cut out an entire generation of white heterosexual males who had since moved on to other careers.

    By 2002, so many Canadian police officers were retiring across the country, a severe shortage of new replacement officers loomed. So what did they do? Several city police services went to the UK, where they recruited several hundred ‘Bobbies’ to come to Canada and continue with their policing careers here. There are 140 ex-British coppers in Calgary alone, with another 40+ in Edmonton. And they are all -wait for it – white heterosexual males.

    Over the past 40 years, Canada has suffered needlessly under the relentless push for socialist reform, mainly due to the late Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Under his tenures as prime minister, Canada went from being a strong, Eurocentric, economically healthy nation, to a debt-ridden, over-taxed multicultural disaster. Canada once traditionally drew its immigrants from Europe and Great Britain, nations which formed the bulk of Canada’s pre-Trudeau population. Indeed, these were the very people who fought and died for this country in two world wars and other military operations since. If the current demographics and statistics are to be believed regarding immigration, white Canadians will be in the minority within 40 years if the current level of immigration is kept up.

    One wonders, what will happen to Canada’s laws, institutions, history, culture (whats left of it), and infamous liberal ‘tolerance’ once the minorities become the majority? Indeed, how many of them would be willing to fight for Canada in another war? Or would they simply throw up their hands and claim loyalty to the country that their parents migrated from?

    Today we see gang warfare in every Canadian city. Jamaicans and Tamils shoot it out on the streets on Toronto, Vietnamese gangs regularly assassinate rivals in Calgary, while Somalian gang warfare has gripped Winnipeg. Now, not all immigrants are gangsters bent on breaking the law, but too many people are still coming to Canada for a free ride. As of 2004, it was costing Canadian tax payers 12 billion dollars per annum to keep immigrants on government support.

    Overall, the dreamy vision that Trudeau had for Canada as a socialist, multicultural paradise is rapidly becoming a nightmare for may Canadians. Indeed, in my own experience, people who are born and raised here via immigrant parents can be just as ‘redneck’ as any tobacco-chewing cowboy in rural Alberta. They are conservative, family centered and very anti-homosexual. The self-hating white liberals who continue to prostrate themselves before the false gods of multiculturalism and political correctness are in for a very rude awakening indeed.

    Regarding the current election, If the current poll figures are anything to go by, Harper will return to Parliament with a majority government. And just like the recent mayoral elections in Toronto, a large portion of conservative-minded voters will not be white either.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for your excellent insights. Several consecutive Canadian governments kept flooding the country with people from primitive third-world cultures, where the rule of law is a foreign concept. They even “generously” allowed them to keep their odd ways in the name of multiculturalism. The only problem is that the whole scheme is kept in existence solely based on Canada’s prosperity. Once that prosperity is ruined by the semi-literate people who rely only on welfare and the lefties who are eager to destroy the country’s basic industries in the name of environmentalism, the shit will hit the fan.

      With so many minorities who won’t be able to get welfare payments, we are going to face a civil war that has never been seen before. It’s time to get anybody to work and contribute to our country.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Hello Admirath,

    Well, what did I say? harper returned to Parliament with a majority government (hooray!)and with 73 seats in Ontario – mostly with the support of – wait for it – non-white voters!

    The lefties are still frothing at the mouth, suffering from severe attacks of Harper-phobia. Just type in ‘Stephen harper on YouTube and see the hate pouring out, thick and gooey, from the “progressive left.” Its enough to make Hitler blush. Well- suck it up boys and girls. The Bloc is toast and the Liberals have been smashed (what does it feel like, Iggy, to be the author of their demise?)

    Going on Jack Layton’s comments today, you’d think that he still had some say in the running of the country. Layton doesn’t even have enough seats (collectively) to form a coalition. Harper is our man until 2015. And that means….

    1. Scrapping the long gun registry
    2. Immigration reform (thank God)
    3. More money for the military
    4. Tough on crime Bill going through
    5. Lower taxes
    6. Stronger self-defence rights.

    Let me know when you are in Calgary next Admirath, I’ll buy you a drink!

  3. Jane doe says:

    Thank you for this article – I could not agree more.
    As someone who belongs to the LGBT group I see this problem clearly.

    My wife, kids, and I have been married and living together in TO for 15 years and have seen the changes in such a shor time.

    Toronto is changing drastically. There has been a recent influx of african and middle eastern immigrants who are NOT open to “tolerant” views.

    Whereas most westernized citizens or european immigrants will say “to each his own” and will allow the hindu school in the community or a new mosque – the overwhelming majority of those people will not be happy with a LGBT center in their community – in fact they won’t allow one.

    I don’t understand why people haven’t accepted the fact that those groups will never be tolerant – the muslims thrive on the fact that they are not like us westerners.

    And unfortunately today homosexuality is still an easy target. But gay rights aside – drinking/LCBO, women in tank tops, explicit movies or art or music…..there are MANY subtle things that affect every single one of us (straight or otherwise) that the muslims have a problem with. Don’t think that if there were ZERO gays in Toronto, the muslims here would be perfectly happy with all other aspects of this “tolerant” city.

    People need to wake up to the “intolerance” problem in Canada – the one we are importing with open arms.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for your input. It’s horrifying that people choose to ignore an imminent danger in the name of political correctness.

  4. robin says:

    Since the gay community tolerates QuaIa, maybe they deserve to be oppressed and subjugated by these immigrant groups.
    Gays hate Conservatives, vote in the Muslim-loving Grits and NDP en masse.
    I for one will laugh and cheer when these filthy left wing gays get bashed by the immigrant groups they love so staunchly.
    Seems to me they’re getting what they deserve. Divine punishment for daring to oppose Conservatives and Israel.

  5. The Lone Ranger says:

    One a slightly different note, Europe is beginning to see the rise of nationalist parties as a direct response to mass immigration – particularly Muslim immigration.

    The president of the European Union, Herman Van Rompuy called on the European member states to accept a “new diversity”. Islamism, in other words. But some member states are beiginnig to revolt against the EU and its determinatiion to flood Europe with millions of Third World Immigrants, including more Muslims from Turkey and North Africa. This does not include vast hordes of ‘refugees’, particularly from the African continent. The rising nationalism that is gathering pace in Europe is, I believe, a direct of the refusal of many immigrant groups to integrate or learn the language of the host nation. They have contributed to nothing more than rising unemployment, the creation of ghettoes, horrendous crime rates and are a drain on the welfare systems of the countries that took them in. The recent surge in support for nationalist parties in many European countries, even liberal democracies such as Sweden, has the EU worried, and with good cause.

    The National Front in France, led by Marine Le Pen (whom I like), is now ahead of president Sarkozi in the polls. True Finns, another natilnist party from – you guessed it – Finland, won 19% of the national vote last April, and is now the third biggest party in the country with support growing almost daily. Geert Wilders of the Netherlands saw his party snatch 31 seats in the Dutch parliament, making them a major player and a voice for all concerned about the growing influence of Islam in Holland. Sweden and Austria are also experiencing a new surge in nationalism, mainly as a backlash to mass immigration and the negative impact that this is having on their nations. The

    Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany and Britain’ PM, David Cameron, both publicly stated that multiculturalism has failed. The EU is worried because both germany and France have expressed a desire to quit the EU. The populist UKIP (United Kingdom Independent party) with 13 membmers in the European Parliament is also leading a growing movement to cecede from the European Super State and drastically reduce immigration.

    The question is, will Canada heed the lessons of Europe and take a good hard look at the flood of uimmigrants, migrant workers and “refugees” flooding into this country? I doubt it. For as long as we continue to sleep walk our way towards a multicultural nightmare that will change Canada forever, the future for our nation looks very grim indeed.

  6. The Lone Ranger says:

    @Robin – just remember when the hordes of Islam and other Third World immigrants pouring into Canada have dealt with those “filthy lerft wing fags,” the rest of us will be next.

  7. merle` says:

    don’t forget us asian immigrants, where homophobia is prevalent. when george smitherman kissed his ‘husband’.. i almost puked. much as i want to be liberal, my asianic heritage still repel gays altho i hate to be a homophobic. i say i am not homophobic; but my culture dictates that marriage is meant for only a man and a woman. so… sorry, but i am only trying to be true to myself.

    toronto is not yet ready for homosexuality. wait another generation when our children have bore new canadians and probably by then toronto may be ready. NOT YET.

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