Ford – Mayor by a Landslide but the war goes on

Rob Ford is the new mayor of Toronto!

It is not a surprise for those of us who supported him all the way, from the first uncertain months of his campaign when nobody believed in him to the last days when the mainstream press still insisted that he was still “neck in neck” with Smitherman.

Well, that shows how much our world is distorted by journalists.

Rob Ford won by a landslide, with 50% of the votes of a 50% voter turnout (as opposed to a 36% turnout in the previous election).

It was a loss for the flamboyant metrosexuals who thought that the tax-paying masses are too unsophisticated to know how to spend their own money.

It was a loss for those who thought that you could spend all your life mooching money off of those who work and make them feel guilty for not giving you enough.

It was a loss for the unkempt socialists who will be more than willing to send all our money to any bunch of non-working savages somewhere in the world.

But of course Ford will still need our support and we should keep watching his back, those who oppose him are already quite vocal about what they are going to do against him.

In a discussion panel at CityTV tonight they went out of their way to collect people who were direct in their intentions to stop him. Olivia Chow said that Ford has hard time collaborating with other people (translation: we at NDP will do everything to sabotage you).

Rocco Rossi and Warren Kinsella appeared next to each other (and Rocco didn’t try to strangle Kinsella!).

Somebody from the panel said that Ford must make any financial agreements with McGuinty’s government before their term expires, another one responded that they are going to lose the elections anyway.

Kinsella’s sharp reaction was: “That’s mythology. The Liberals are fine.”

What a wonderful response! If he sees the provincial Liberals’ catastrophic position in such rosy colours, we can only hope that they will entrust him with their re-election. Judging from his disastrous management of Rocco Rossi’s campaign, we can only hope that with his help we can rid of MacGuinty much faster.

Now, THAT will really help Rob Ford.

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  1. dailyrasp says:

    I do hope that Ford is the baseline for current voter frustration in other jurisdictions. To be ‘Forded’ would come to be known as the term for being tossed from office despite best efforts of the ‘progressives’ and Chowolites. JMO.

  2. marit says:

    I am happy that Ford is the new mayor of Toronto!!

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