A Day at the Progressive Annex Street Festival in Toronto

Nothing helps to beat the boredom of a lazy Sunday afternoon better than a stroll on Bloor Street, especially when it hosts the annual Annex festival. That part of Toronto is the fortress of the die-hard city lefties, who are always involved in some hairbrained scheme to “save” the world.

Not far from the space allocated to the festival activities (between Bathurst and Spadina) is OISE, the notorious miseducation institute ran by the University of Toronto. In the event’s area you can find Aroma Café, owned by an Israeli company, which is often booed and boycotted by deranged lefties for operating in Israeli settlements. Not far from Aroma (at the corner of Bloor and Bathurst, across Honest Ed’s) there is some kind of a fair trade progressive café, which also became the target of lefty outrage – a few months ago they found out that it was co-owned by a “climate change denier” working for the National Post.


The amazing sharkwoman


The equally amazing Annex chicken

Other than the presence of the local restaurants and cafes, most booths and tents were dominated by people reflecting the odd nature of the Annex. You could get a weird healing Sahaja Yoga session from the followers of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, while staring at her portrait. Other booths offered plenty of various New Age tchotchkes. In this part of Canada, “Palestine” is considered an independent state, because I found at a flag-selling tent bracelets and flags of that “country.” (Yes, I bought it.)


There was also a fitness centre promotion and one of the few good things to come from the Annex – its chess club.


JCC fitness


Players from the Annex Chess Club

And in election times you can’t avoid the political propaganda. In the true spirit of the Annex, there were no conservatives present – the idea of saving public money is not popular among its residents. Naturally, it was impossible to avoid the booth of Joe Cressy – the NDP candidate for Olivia Chow’s seat in Trinity-Spadina.


Joe Cressy – a proud Chinese

He has been fully supported by the remaining members of the Holy NDP Family – Olivia Chow and Mike Layton – and for some strange reason, he has his name written in Chinese in all of his promotional literature. It is rumoured that the three Chinese characters mean “steal all money.”

I also spotted Sarah Thomson, the wannabe Mayor, who was apparently so irresistible that according to her own account, Rob Ford hit on her when he was drunk. I can imagine his horror the next day. It looked like she couldn’t afford her own tent, so she just stood in the middle of the street waiting for people who looked like her to make her point.


Cheery Sarah


Separated at birth

But you can’t imagine the Annex without its Undisputed Queen – Olivia Chow. Her tent was very visible and her young and old pages roamed incessantly the festival.


The overwhelming presence of Olivia

She also graced the masses with her own appearance, duly noticed by the residents of the area, who are more than willing to put her in the Mayor’s chair, so that she could screw the whole city the way she screwed downtown. A pamphlet handed out by her supporters said that Olivia was going to deliver a better bus service right now. Since the promise probably doesn’t mean that she would empower the buses to fly over the traffic congestion, it must mean that she would put more buses on the streets. How adding more large vehicles to the traffic mess in Toronto is going to resolve the problem, is beyond comprehension. But that is the socialist logic – they always have grandiose untested ideas (until those ideas clash with reality).


Comrade Olivia Chow energizes the Annex masses

It was an interesting day, despite the cloudy skies and occasional rainfall. The thing we learned today is that most of the people in Ontario have no idea what Toronto’s downtown plans to do to them through its voting power. That big mass of people, who all live on some kind of a government subsidy – a public service job, “artist” grant or a plain old welfare cheque have the enormous power of electing politicians who will keep stealing people’s money to cover the subsidies and cheques until there is no money left.

I hope the rest of Canada is watching…


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    My. what fun outings you have, Admiwrath!

    1. admiwrath says:

      That’s the advantage of living in the most progressive part of the most progressive city in Canada.

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