Anarchists, Communists and Plain Nutters Protest Bill C-51 in Toronto



Bill C-51, the legislation dealing with terrorism in Canada, has been discussed in the House of Commons for a while, causing controversy mainly because of concerns about its possible consequences. Some are concerned that it may give too much power to some government agencies. Despite that, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are willing to support the bill.

Those who are against it called rallies on Saturday in different cities across Canada. In Toronto about 1,000 people showed up on Nathan Phillips Square in front of City Hall. On Twitter many participants and organizers shared ecstatic messages about the overwhelming popular resistance against the “dictatorial bill.” The reality was that the gathering was dominated by the same hard-core downtown lefties who always show up at any event, where some Harper-bashing is needed.

Looking at those odd people, it was impossible to avoid the thought that no matter what the flaws of Bill C-51 are, they’ll cause much less damage than putting into practice the plans and recommendations of the crowd that showed up. Of course, all public employees unions were represented, and some of their leaders, like Sid Ryan, were keynote speakers.


A fine elementary teacher for the new sex-ed curriculum


The Raging Grannies

Numerous organizations of the extreme left were also there – selling booklets and papers or promoting their causes. Plenty of anarchists (many of them with face masks), communists of different stripes, the Green Party (represented by Elizabeth May) – naturally the dominant mainstream party was the NDP, which sent a few MPs.


The Toronto communists are still fighting the class struggle


“The Young Communist League of Canada” wants CSIS dismantled


The anarcho-pacifists with their black/white flag


No lefty event is complete without the image of the mass murderer Che Guevara

It was easy to spot a few Indian organizations mostly because of the same old faces – anybody who has followed their activities, can’t miss the fact that always the same people show up (whether it’s Idle No More, no-pipelines-in-native-lands or any other extortionist event). They included a few real Indians and many more white people, who probably claim to be Indians, many of them smoking marijuana and burning some stinky grass that makes breathing around them almost impossible.

They were most likely concerned that their eco-terrorism may fail under the new legislation. At the rally a white girl carried around a large cardboard sign (she was wearing it) with the words “This is Turtle Island”. She was asking everybody to sign it – it wasn’t clear whether she was planning to deport the non-Indians (in that case she should start with her self-deportation).


Hijab, Mohawk flag, pot and stinky grass


Hopefully the bill will stop the Indian eco-extortionists


There is no Turtle Island (how did the Indians come up with that idea anyway?)


Davin, the mysterious Indian chief


The lunacy that dominated the protest was painfully visible in the signs the crowd carried. There were a few smaller signs (mostly opposing “Islamophobia”) printed by unions, but the majority were written by the protesters themselves and that was the scary part. The messages created a strange image of Canada, where everybody lives peacefully, there are no terrorists, but the evil fascist gang of Stephen Harper plans to introduce a legislation dealing with imaginary issues with the sinister goal to impose a brutal dictatorship over the beautiful people of Canada.


“Democracy is the working class’ main enemy”


“Harper fascists out!”


“Terrorism? What terrorism, there’s no terrorism!”


“More likely to be killed by a moose then a terrorist!” (the guy skipped a spelling class)


“No secret trials. No deportations” (let’s keep the terrorists in Canada)


“Bill C-51 Is Harper’s Road to Dictatorship!”


An example of incoherent thinking


“I am not a sheep for slaughter” (you’ll become, if we do nothing)

Surprisingly, Lenin’s Bolsheviks are still going strong in Canada under the name “International Bolshevik Tendency.” They displayed a whole program in large signs – in their opinion, capitalism can’t be fixed and we have to fight for socialism. They hate “Islamophobia” and warn us that Harper wants to establish a surveillance police state.



Of course – “climate change” is the only problem we face

Those people may look comical in their almost complete detachment from reality, but that’s what makes them dangerous. Given the opportunity, they will establish a dictatorship, which in the name of “saving the planet,” “fighting the reactionaries” or any other crazy idea would use the same methods we have already seen under Lenin, Stalin or Hitler.

That insane asylum had leaders, who were not that different from the inmates. I already mentioned Sid Ryan and the NDP MPs. The latter took time to explain that the only great leader, capable of destroying the evil legislation, was Tom Mulcair. We also had to endure the squealing of Judy Rebick, who taught the crowd a new complicated chant and assured it that Harper has no right to tell them what to wear. Next to Judy was standing the notorious Islamist Zafar Bangash (not far from his sidekick Ali Mallah).

Along with Elizabeth May’s talk, we enjoyed the “poetry” of a chubby hijab girl, which consisted of angry rants and screams. She explained that her name was Nassim, which in English meant “breeze,” but that colonial language couldn’t express the beauty of her name. That was followed by the crazy screams of Pam Palmater from Ryerson University about the terrible consequences of the bill for the “aboriginal women.”


Judy Rebick and Zafar Bangash


The veteran socialist Ali Mallah


Pam screams a point


Linda McQuaig came to support the comrades

It was strange to spot my MP Adam Vaughan, now a member of the Liberal Party. His master Justin Trudeau stated that he was going to support Bill C-51. I wonder if Adam was playing his own politics or just felt nostalgic for his office at City Hall.


Adam Vaughan with his beloved lefties

There were many reporters from the mainstream media, but as usual, it is doubtful if they are going to cover what I saw. Seeing a reporter from the new information channel The Rebel Media gave me some hope that we may see at least part of the mass insanity exposed.


Marissa Semkiw from The Rebel

That was just another day in the life of the Toronto Left. With the new federal elections coming soon and the end of the cruel winter, we can surely expect more of the same events.

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  1. andycanuck says:

    I find it hilarious that the (I take it) International Bolshevik Tendency group apparently has a member who has taken calligraphy lessons judging by their placards. Some might find that a bourgeois affectation. Don’t tell the Maoists!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Mao himself was fond of calligraphy, though he wasn’t very good at it. Most of those people are failures at their desired fields, that’s why they are pissed off at everybody else.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Looks like somebody left the back door of the nut house open!

    1. admiwrath says:

      In order to close the door, you’ll need to build a Berlin wall around downtown Toronto.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    “In order to close the door, you’ll need to build a Berlin wall around downtown Toronto.”

    You had better move soon, Admiwrath!

    1. admiwrath says:

      It might be necessary.

  4. […] event was covered in detail by Blogwrath ,   and  Genuinewitty  .  Upon my arrival , I made my way on the main stage where the ” […]

  5. DavidB says:

    The anarcho-pacifists with their black/white flag. Don’t they mean the other black/white flag of hate of ISIS which they no doubtfully support.

    1. stu says:

      In reality it is the us govt that supports Isis, despite the phony “war on terror.” Close American allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and turkey facilitate recruitment & training for the savage ISIS terrorist group.

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