Black Man Arrested after Struggle with 9 People in Toronto’s CBC Building

Black Man Arrested after Struggle with 9 People… by Blogwrath

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The video shows an odd event that happened on April 13, 2017, at the CBC building in Toronto.

Some time in the afternoon, a small group, led by the free speech activist Eric Brazau, showed up to protest the Islamist bias of the broadcaster (I covered this in a previous post and video).

The CBC types roaming the lobby met the group with hostility and the security quickly surrounded it. The only person to raise a voice in defense of the protesters was a black man (or maybe an African Canadian, to be exact). He confronted the dour guys in blazers, saying that the CBC should allow people to express their opinions.

Soon after that, Brazau’s group left, but the black man, whose name I don’t know, stayed, willing to continue his argument with the security. He definitely didn’t want to leave.

He sat on the stage, with four guys around him, and a female member of the security kept talking to him. It looked like they got along – the conversation seemed lively and he was smiling. But that was probably just a ploy to keep him quiet until the police arrives.

And so it happened, two police officers climbed the stage and jumped on him trying to handcuff him. He resisted and the four guards joined the cops. He kept resisting and they could barely contain him. Finally, two more police officers arrived and the 9-men strong law enforcement group finally managed to subdue him.

I am not sure what the criteria for using force are, but it seemed to me excessive to have nine people handling the situation. Hopefully, that will be sorted out in their reports.

That was not the end of it. The guy was dragged out of the building, handcuffed and with chains on his legs. He lost his pants in the fight. Instead of locking him in a police car, they kept him for a long time outside, with his head tightly pressed to the hood, even after an ambulance arrived. He didn’t seem to resist at that point.

It was a bizarre event and I hope we will eventually get more information about why a person that was not violent was treated that way.

Here are a few pictures in addition to the video:

black-man-arrested-at-CBC-April-2017-1black-man-arrested-at-CBC-April-2017-2black-man-arrested-at-CBC-April-2017-3black-man-arrested-at-CBC-April-2017-4black-man-arrested-at-CBC-April-2017-5black-man-arrested-at-CBC-April-2017-6black-man-arrested-at-CBC-April-2017-7© 2017

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