“Climate Justice” for Turtle Island with Hanoi Jane, Communists and Unions

Toronto’s progressive loons held last Sunday another rally for “climate justice” and more “green jobs.” It was another one of those events organized by the fringe Left to promote their agenda of social control under the guise of concern for the “future of the planet.” The large crowd at Queen’s Park included mostly members of numerous leftist organizations, which the Canadian public at large isn’t even aware of. The main attraction were the appearances of “Hanoi Jane” Fonda and “fruit fly” Dr. David Suzuki, which were advertised in advance. In reality, the rally turned into a bait-and-switch event – Hanoi Jane appeared briefly (and I missed her) and Suzuki was nowhere to be seen.

Of course, in the short coverage provided by the media (mostly CBC) the far-leftist nature of the event was carefully ignored, again. The Toronto Star even lied in their coverage that Fonda and Suzuki marched with the participants.

Hanoi Jane was interviewed later the same day at the CBC. The only good thing I can say about her is that she looks great for a 78-year old woman (money can buy you the best plastic surgeons). Other than that she kept beating the old tired drum about the huge numbers of hurricanes, storms, fires, floods, and earthquakes that are currently devastating the planet due to the global warming. The fight against it gave meaning to her life and 99% of the climate scientists confirm her position (she is losing it – the correct number in that propaganda lie is 97%). She also admitted that she was proud of what she did in Vietnam – thanks to her activism, the USA reduced its financing of the government of South Vietnam. And she is probably proud that the incapacitated government eventually fell under the control of the murderous regime of North Vietnam.

The people who attended the “climate justice” rally probably also made her proud. It was impossible to miss the Marxists and their table covered with booklets and pamphlets on how to turn Canada into an exemplary socialist state.

climate-justice-rally-2-marxistsTheir spiritual brothers, the Trotskyists, were thinking in a much bigger way, peddling a workers’ socialist revolution throughout the Americas. They even felt the need to protect the remaining communist dinosaurs: “Defend China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam against imperialism and counterrevolution!”



“Eco Socialism or Extinction” (tell that to China)


The die-hard communists


Gay Greenpeace

The various home-made and professionally printed signs left no doubt about the nature of the participants’ views. The doomsday warnings dominated the landscape, telling us that we have just a few years left before the climate disaster (we’ve heard that so many times already, with ever changing final date); attacking agriculture from vegan perspective; trashing Harper and his government, and even people like Kathleen Wynne, despite her dutiful support for every possible green scam.


The doomsday is near


“Hey Naomi Klein, Say No to Capitalism? Then Say No to Animal Agriculture “Organic” or Not!” (Even the sacred cow Naomi can’t get away)


“Harper – Climate Criminal” (courtesy of the communists)


The statue looks better than the real Kathleen Wynne


Even the very progressive lesbian Wong-Tam is not liked


“Only 5 Years Left to Avoid Climate Catastrophe” (how many times have we heard that since the 1990’s?)

The rally even accommodated people distributing promotional flyers for the upcoming anti-Semitic Al-Quds event in downtown Toronto.


Promoting the Al-Quds rally

climate-justice-rally-9-al-quds-promotion-1The speeches were a good match to the creepiness of the rally. They sounded like a competition for who will make the most stupid points. Fred Hahn from CUPE squealed a passionate attack against the evil Harper government and its transparency law (which is seen as an enormous threat to the unions for exposing their dirty laundry). Two young girls from the University of Toronto gave a joint speech about their initiative to force their university do divest from any oil or mining stocks – they claimed they had wide support and hoped to spread the movement to other universities. It is hard to believe that the institution would survive on income from green scamming companies from China and South Korea (no matter how hard Kathleen Wynne’s gang of crooks tries to support them).

Especially funny was the speech of the leader of No One Is Illegal – this is an organization, which has elevated schizophrenia into their main principle. On one hand, they believe that Canada is Turtle Island, a sovereign Indian territory, where all settlers should pay the Indians for doing nothing. On the other hand, they maintain that everybody from anywhere in the world has the right to come here and go, using all the benefits normally reserved for the Canadian citizens and landed immigrants. They must be influential, because their signs outnumbered everything else at the rally (confirming its insane nature). We even listened to an Indian woman, best known for being a spokeswoman for the terrorists of Oka in 1990’s, who demanded all lands and energy sources (apparently when Indians are polluting as new owners, that’s a good pollution). She didn’t forget to mention that 3,000 Indian kids have been viciously murdered in the residential schools (that questionable grievance is turning into another never-ending source of money for the Indian chiefs).



Fred Hahn trashes capitalism


“No One Is Illegal” wants to bring anybody to Turtle Island

After the end of the speeches, the crowd was supposed to march to a downtown park, where the unions were to provide some lousy vegan meal and everybody was expected to listen to the music of fringe bands. Before the start, the MC announced that the march will be segregated – the Indians, as “keepers of the land” and owners of Turtle Island will lead the crowd in a separate group. Obviously nobody cared about that racist arrangement. Shortly after the march reached University Avenue, a white activist, who is an almost constant presence at those events, tried to join the Indian group, but was pushed and shoved by them (you can see a video in a separate post). The owners of Turtle Island are not big on tolerance.

During the march even more weird people and signs emerged.


The No One Is Illegal gang


White settlers for Turtle Island


The vegan losers


“Stop the Insane Holocaust of Animals, Go Vegan” (Is everything a Holocaust now?)


The “black lives” enterprise

The “black lives” enterprise supporters shown above tried to engage a few policemen after the event into a provocative conversation about “carding” and “police brutality” in Canada. It was a pleasant surprise to hear the cops saying that they were not interested in it.


Multicultural support for the socialist Queen Linda McQuaig

A trusty fan of Justin Trudeau. The pothead is going to vote for the Liberal airhead, because Harper “likes sodomizing young people with his crime policies” (as his sign says).

climate-justice-rally-15-potheadThe next guy was probably certifiably insane, but that wasn’t a big surprise. According to his sign, “Stephen Harper is fascist, terrorist and war criminal, who orchestrated a terrorist attack in Ottawa on October 22nd”.


Fighting the fascist Harper


Compared to the rest, this earth angel looks almost normal

In a free country everybody has the right to parade his insanity as long as he doesn’t harm the rest. The insanity displayed in this rally is of different nature – it is taken seriously by the media and may affect party political platforms and public policies that could devastate Canada. And the gains of the NDP in local elections make very real the danger of the incompetent Left taking over the federal government (many of the participants in the march carried the signs of such loony NDP heavyweights like Peggy Nash and Linda McQuaig).

We all saw what the decades of practical socialism did to Greece – the lack of any real industry and the lavish lifestyles of the ruling bureaucrats and the ordinary socialists, maintained on borrowed money, eventually caused the disaster we are seeing now. Closing the oil and mining sectors in order to rely on windmills and the solar panels fed by the meager rays of the Canadian sun would bring us a much worse disaster. The Greeks could still survive on tomatoes and olives, which they can easily grow and can even sell their beautiful islands to make ends meet. Canada, on the other hand, can’t even feed itself without importing food and we have nothing to sell – I doubt it that anybody would be interested in buying the Indian wastelands (the Indians may try to sell them when in the “green economy” the money flow from Ottawa stops) or the vast snowfields with the occasional Eskimo living there.

We already saw the results of the “green revolution” in Ontario – McGuinty and Wynne chased away most manufacturers, who have operated in the province for decades. Now the “climate justice” idiots are working on devastating the rest of Canada.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    With the Ontario NDP riding high in the polls, coupled with the federal NDP looking more like a federal government in waiting with every passing day, I can see a time when Canada will become the new Greece. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I am not sure what to think – many Canadians try very hard to ignore the reality and fail to realize that constantly borrowing money and destroying the energy and mining sectors (to replace them with windmills) is not going to end up well. Maybe they need a real kick in the ass by an economic disaster caused by the NDP.

  2. Dave says:

    Has the writter of this article ever read a book or watched the news? Soo many errors. I suggest you go back and get your GED.

    1. admiwrath says:

      No wonder – the official lies of the mainstream media (especially the Toronto Star) differ significantly from what actually happened. They would never mention the demented lefties, bums, and Indian freeloaders that dominated the rally. Pictures don’t lie. Stick to your official NDP talking points and don’t try to censor other people.

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