Communists and Islamists Team Up for a Violent Rally in Toronto

Hysterical masked thugs yelling “Fascists!” “Racists!” “Nazi scum!” and other verbal abuse at people holding signs in defense of free speech… “Anti-fascists” physically attacking journalists and other people they don’t agree with… Snatching signs from a free speech rally and violently trashing them in public… Calls for unrestricted Muslim immigration to Canada, while condemning the colonization of “Turtle Island”… – Communists and Islamists Team Up for a Violent Rally in Toronto

Video from the clash of two competing rallies in Toronto on March 4, 2017. On one side were communists, anarchists and Islamists supporting the anti-Islamophobia motion M103 of Trudeau’s government th

That was the experience I had at yesterday’s rallies in front of Toronto City Hall. The larger one was organized by the Communist Party of Canada with the support of various trade unions, extremist leftist groups and Islamists. Their purpose was to defend Justin Trudeau’s policies of appeasing Islamic ideological extremism, best reflected in the proposed motion M103 against “Islamophobia”, which will create legal basis for criminalizing criticism of Islam. At the same time, the participants supported the current lack of control on immigration, especially the tide of unvetted mostly Muslim immigrants entering Manitoba from the USA.

I was late for the rallies, so I didn’t hear the speeches. However, I saw the signs and witnessed the horrible way communists and Islamists treated people who disagreed with them. The speeches were covered in detail, with transcripts, by CIJNews. The speakers demanded abolishment of the legislations addressing Islamic extremism and barbaric cultural practices. They even opposed the war on the Islamic State.

It was enlightening to see that these violent leftists and Islamists were entrusted with promoting and defending the Islamists agenda of Trudeau’s government. Obviously, finding ordinary Canadians to defend it, was an impossible task. His government is so out of touch with Canada, that it is not funny anymore. It was sad that the authorities had to rely on communists, criminals, deviants, welfare bums and other outcasts to force its anti-Canadian agenda on people.

Another odd point here was the alliance between communists, anarchists and Islamists. In any country, taken over by Muslim fanatics, the communists are the first group to go to the gallows. Islam doesn’t like atheists, as history showed after Ayatollah Khomeini’s “revolution” in Iran. It seems that in Canada leftists are either too stupid and ignorant to know that or are paid well enough to destroy Canada on behalf of Islamists.

The second rally was much smaller. It gathered people concerned with the Islamist invasion and transformation of Canada’s culture and institutions. When I arrived, they were already cornered in a small area of Nathan Phillips Square, surrounded by police officers and angry lefties. They protested the Islamist assault on free speech with Canadian flags (in contrast, there was not a single Canadian flag at the Islamist rally).

As you can see in the video, the lefties used their tried tactic of gradually surrounding the “enemy” and advancing with verbal taunts. Their hope was to provoke a physical fight and blame the patriotic Canadians for the disturbance. It was strange to see anarchists call the free speech defenders “racists”, “white supremacists” and “Nazis” when a very large number of them were visible minorities, fed up with the promotion of Islamic supremacy. At certain point, the leftists even snatched several signs from the other rally and violently trashed them, while the police calmly watched.

The people from the free speech rally and journalists from the wrong media (like Rebel Media) were harassed and threatened. You will see how one of the participants was physically attacked, which prompted the police to detain the masked attacker. That was unusual, because the police usually ignore those violent anarchists in the name of “social peace”.

The video will give you the idea about the danger to Canada posed by those extremist groups. We are at risk of losing the country because of the constant attacks on our laws and traditions. The sharia law, de facto pushed on us by leftists and Islamists, would turn Canada into one of the failed Muslim countries that live under the Islamic law.

Here are a few photos, which tell the story of the rallies.

The free speech rally:



Surrounded by police “for their own good”


Sandra Solomon speaks at the free speech rally


David Menzies from Rebel Media tries to reason with the psychos

The other side made some hilarious points. “No Bans on Stolen Land” – an expression of supreme stupidity. If they are concerned about the land stolen from Indians, they should self-deport and not allow new Muslim colonizers on the stolen land.


Related: “Your White Ancestors Are Immigrants on Stolen Land”, a sign held by a pale white guy. He should also self-deport to rectify that “injustice”.  “Migration Is Natural. No Ban on Stolen Land! KKKanada” – another verse from the same stupid songbook.


“Smash Racism! Fight for Socialism! – Bolshevik Tendency” and “Only Socialist Revolution Can End Sexism and Racism – International Bolshevik Tendency”. Another bunch of loons who still push the lost cause of Lenin and Trotsky.


Toronto red fascists fighting imaginary fascism:


The Communist Party of Canada is ready to lead us to our bright future under Comrade Trudeau:


“Socialist Action” from the Fourth International, another Trotskyist gang.



Ali Mallah, a constant presence at the Al-Quds anti-Semitic rallies


The man with the pussy hat


The man in the flannel mask


It was hard to miss Mr. Syed Hussan, a Muslim supremacist, leader of the No One Is Illegal group, which promotes unrestricted Muslim and other immigration. At a Toronto rally, last month, he openly advocated for Muslim takeover of factories and farms and destruction of the Canadian way of life (the speech with video and transcript can be found here).

toronto-islam-and-free-speech-rallies-2017-10Lefty fascists trash free speech signs:


The police detain a violent anarchist after he committed an assault:


A police horse’s critique of the Islamist propaganda pamphlets:


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  1. Roderick Noble says:

    Obviously the left in this country has lost it’s mind! They are the ones who have always demanded the latitude to say what they want. But when radical islam raises it’s ugly head around the world they pathologically insist on accommodating them with equivalence to other groups who are not oppressive like Hindus and Buddhists. The muslims stand for everything the left does not but they insist on bringing masses of them into the country even though they have proven to pressure legal systems and culture to adopt their primitive values. The left in short has gone nuts!!

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