JDL-Canada to Host Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer in Toronto – September 17

Great news! On September 17 we will have the pleasure to see and hear in Toronto Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Even if you have lived in Osama’s vacant cave, you probably know that this is the most hated duo of all the critics of Islam.  Both of them have been mocked, ridiculed and attacked by any imaginable group – from CAIR, through Muslim extremists and leftards, to the notorious Southern Poverty Law Center.  But instead of letting Pamela and Robert to embarrass themselves in front of the crowds with their supposed ignorance, their enemies always try to shut down their appearances. And that’s a sure sign of fear…

A few months ago the police in one of the Toronto regions tried to ban Pamela Geller’s talk. Recently the government of Great Britain itself banned them from entering the country, although they have no problem letting in and keeping in the once glorious Kingdom every Muslim animal that vows to destroy the West.

If two ordinary unarmed people like them strike such an enormous fear in the politically correct hearts of of our treacherous political elites, it is definitely important to hear what they have to say.

Please see the ad for the event’s details:

geller and spencer

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