Lefty Lunatic and the Media Hound Rob Ford on Remembrance Day

At today’s celebration of Remembrance Day in Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was one of the speakers. None of Kathleen Wynne’s gang of thieves showed up. When they announced that the Mayor will speak, a lone voice yelled “Shame!” and was quickly shushed by the people around him.

After the event, when Rob Ford had to walk the short distance from the Old City Hall to his office, the media turned the event into the usual circus. Surrounded by about 20 aggressive reporters and cameramen trying to ask him questions, Ford would’ve been crushed if it weren’t for his bodyguards. The fight to get the best shot was so intense, that one of the cameramen (I think from City TV) fell to the ground, knocked down by one of his fellow reporters. It was amazing that he banged his head on the concrete, but kept his camera high and out of harm.

During the walk there were plenty of people telling the Mayor that they support him. He acknowledged every one by saying “Thank you!” The whole time there was just one guy with dark complexion and an accent, who followed Ford yelling lines that he probably memorized beforehand.

They all were supposed to be wisecracks about Ford’s alleged drug provider and the pipe he used. The guy became so annoying, that finally the people around him told him to shut up. An elderly black veteran, decorated with many medals, flatly told him that today is Remembrance Day and he must show some respect.

That crowd followed Ford into the City Hall, where he met even more admirers from the veterans and the citizens, who came to mark Remembrance Day.

I wonder – where are those aggressive reporters when we have to deal with the billions of dollars stolen by Dalton McGuinty, Grand Lesbian Wynne and their henchmen (and henchwomen). Of course, you’ll never see them there – the downtown lobby will love them as long as they provide more bike lanes and Gay-Straight Alliances at schools.

I caught some of that commotion and posted it on YouTube. Yes, I ran with the media, but for different reasons. And I surely didn’t knock down the City TV cameraman. Here is the video:

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  1. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    Here are two comments left on the I Hate The War on Rob Ford’s facebook page. Posted on Remembrance Day by left wing kooks:

    Lester Murray Tomorrow your cunt gets fucked with the release of the retracted material and the release of the second last criminal video. Suck it up FordniCation. And don’t shit here, your asshole is in EtobiCOKE!!!!!!!
    Like · Reply · 4 hours ago

    Lee James Georgeson Gee, didn’t he cut funding to veterans institutions in Toronto? I think the Veterans should have shot him.
    Like · Reply · 7 hours ago

    1. admiwrath says:

      Those people are total idiots.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Once Ford takes his leave of absence, what will they have to report on?

    1. admiwrath says:

      They’ll try to promote more homosexuals into the city government. Our province is absolutely hopeless – every conservative politician is hounded by the media to death and only a very thick-skinned and somewhat brutish person like Ford can survive that and take stand against the unions and the high taxes, despite his personal problems. That’s why I support him.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    “Under Ford’s watch — and with the disciplined leadership of Del Grande — a total of $360-million in permanent savings have been found in the first two budgets. The budget hole has been reduced to $200-million with promises from Del Grande to apply an equal amount of discipline to the 2013 budget.”
    -Toronto Sun.

    The Toronto Star, formerly known as Pravda, have tried to “deconstruct” these savings.

    What the left are trying to do is to achieve a shameless coup de tat, forcing Rob Ford out in order to enthrone that flaming homosexual and walking disaster, George Smitherman, who blew over a billion bucks on the e-health fiasco. Let’s not mention the dynamic duo Queer and Queerer (McGuinty & Wynne), who have blown billions of tax dollars with nothing to show for it except crushing debt. Why they are not being held to account for this criminal waste of our taxes is shameful compared to Rob Ford’s daily media bashings.

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