Money-Grabbing Council Rejects Mayor Rob Ford’s Budget Savings

The second day of the budget debates was marked again by the struggle between the money grabbers and those who wanted to save the city some money. Predictably, the second group was presented by Mayor Rob Ford and just a handful of Councillors.

Rob Ford came up with a series of motions, which, if implemented, could’ve saved the city over $60 million. The cuts involved predominantly measures to make the city bureaucracy work more efficiently. There were also proposals to cut some useless services. As an example of efficiency he pointed at his own staff, which managed (after the Council stripped him from power and reduced his budget) to perform efficiently. Ford expected that the other Councillors could reduce their staff budgets to save money and still be efficient.

As you can predict when considering the policies of the current members of the City Council, savings were not at the top of their agenda. The Mayor was interrupted and ridiculed and his motions were mocked.

When the voting started, it was painful to watch how almost all of the savings were rejected by the Councillors, who are usually very generous when they can use other people’s money.

The gravy train, which was successfully re-launched last year, managed to run over Mayor Ford.

It is hard to ignore that and we need to ask ourselves: is this the City Council that has the competency to run the city for the next 4 years? Catering to parasites and unions is not a way to respect the taxpayers.

Here are the highlights from Mayor Ford’s presentation and the voting assassination that followed it:

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    One day, Rob Ford and the austerity measures he tried to implement to save Toronto from financial ruin will be vindicated.

    1. admiwrath says:

      It is scary to watch the Council fight him like a cackle of hyenas for trying to stop them from devouring all the money they can get.

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