Mrs. “Whorehouse Jack” Layton Praises China and Trashes Rob Ford

I love it when my MP Olivia Chow speaks – in a few sentences she manages to squeeze so much ignorance and incompetence that every time I wonder how that woman has become a Member of the Parliament. On the other hand, when communicating daily with the champagne socialists and artistic losers that dominate my part of town, I usually find the answer to that question. Her odd way of thinking is a mirror reflection of the minds of those “progressive” people.

A few days ago she thought it was important to weigh in on the Rob Ford saga. Since I might be accused of taking her words out of the context, I will quote her complete statement (which Maclean’s Magazine was so kind to publish) and then go through it point by point. Here is what she said in front of the reporters at the House of Commons:

“I also want to comment on the Rob Ford situation. I just came back from China as part of the parliamentary delegation to promote trade in China, and I also had a mission to push to have Toronto designated as a trading hub for yuan, which is the Chinese currency. But everywhere I go, the Chinese are talking about Rob Ford. You see it in the front page of the China Daily News. Even on Saturday, I saw it in the Shanghai Daily News. It’s on CNN. And I’m really frustrated that because of Rob Ford’s scandal, we are embarrassed because of his lies and that a great deal of important work such as dealing with the gridlock, providing affordable housing and child care and creating green jobs, youth employment issues are being sidelined because of Ford’s scandal.

“But Toronto is much more than Rob Ford. We deserve a lot better. Toronto has passionate citizens that very inspiring in their cultural and musical or artistic talents. Toronto has beautiful parks and amazing neighbourhoods. It is a financial centre. It is the second largest financial service centre in North America. And we really deserve a lot better. And I’m very glad that Toronto City Council is taking corrective action so that they could soon go back to the issues that matter to ordinary Torontonians and Canadians.”

Ms. Chow is considering a run for mayor of Toronto. Asked about the possibility of running, she said October 2014 was “very far away” and that she would make a decision “later on.”

A Toronto blogger commented on her “indignation” and raised the issue of her husband’s escapades at a massage parlour in Chinatown.

I wish to add that she has no moral authority to judge anybody, because she actively participated in the deceptive cover-up of the incident. (Since Olivia is supposedly a Christian, she may need to re-read the Gospel verses about the log in somebody’s eye and so on.)

We all are embarrassed by Olivia’s lies. You may remember that when in 2010 the press revealed the naked encounter of “Whorehouse Jack” Layton with the police, Olivia quickly issued a statement. She claimed that Jack, who was very conscious about his health, visited a community massage clinic and he had no knowledge of what possibly was going on there. There is no normal Chinese woman, who would think that her husband gets “just a massage” when he visits late at night a seedy Chinatown joint named “The Velvet Touch.” I am almost sure that the next day at City Hall Jack Layton had to explain the bruises from a flying frying pan on the back of his head.

However, we are not talking a normal family here – we have two comrades united for the cause of the money-grabbing NDP. Olivia made a total fool of herself in the name of preserving the party honour. Her followers in Chinatown or the gay bars would vote for her no matter what. Of course, Ford Nation would do a similar thing, but there is a major difference – unlike Rob Ford, who saves money, Olivia is the operator of the gravy train, which would double in size once she becomes a mayor.

She begins the statement with bragging about her trip to China as a member of a trade delegation; she was even entrusted with the task to make Toronto a “trading hub for Yuan.” As far as I know, Olivia’s education is limited to a B.A. in arts from the University of Guelph. She has never held an honest job in her life. Who sent her to China as a currency expert? Has Harper totally lost his mind?

The Chinese Yuan is one of the most manipulated currencies in the world. It is used as a tool to artificially boost the Chinese trade. So Olivia (or her handlers) wants to turn Toronto into a scammers’ hub – sure, a few greedy traders and many corrupt politicians will benefit in the process. We may need to remind Olivia that the Chinese economy is based on slave labour, fraud and industrial spying, which costs Canada billions of dollars every year.

Who cares what the communist Chinese papers write about Rob Ford? In case Olivia forgot, she is a member of the Canadian Parliament, not the National People’s Congress of China. Maybe those papers would have more credibility when dissing Rob Ford if they first address a few specific Chinese issues.

How about the continuous genocide in Tibet and Xinjiang? How about the organ harvesting from the members of Falun Gong? How about the Chinese bullying their neighbours Taiwan and Japan? Just a few days ago China imposed a no-fly zone over the Japanese Senkaku Islands as a first step to their illegal annexation.

But maybe just like Justin Trudeau Olivia adores the “basic Chinese dictatorship.” After all, it allows pushing any insane social engineering idea without the nuisance of people disagreeing.

Other than keeping the Chinese scammers out, the Rob Ford’s situation is sabotaging other important in Olivia’s mind issues: “providing affordable housing and child care and creating green jobs, youth employment issues.” It’s all about spending.

Now we have to provide subsidies to everybody who feels entitled. And those green jobs! What about some real jobs? The brainless green schemes of McGuinty and his proud heiress, the Grand Dyke of Queen’s Park, drove away countless manufacturing jobs from Ontario. Thanks to that crooked duo, youth unemployment is just a part of the much larger unemployment problem. With Olivia as a mayor, they will form an Unholy Trinity of Green Stupidity that would drive Toronto even further into the ground.

Last summer I spotted Olivia at a Bloor St. festival selling T-shirts with her likeness for $25 apiece. I wonder if this is one of the green jobs she promotes.



Olivia’s economic model


Next, Olivia tells us what really is great about Toronto, mentioning all things that the evil Rob Ford eclipsed: “Toronto has passionate citizens that very inspiring in their cultural and musical or artistic talents.” (Olivia, it would be better, if you don’t skip verbs in English.)

So Toronto is all about music and art. With all due respect, those are not occupations, which could sustain the city, or even those who practice them. They even receive subsidies, because in Toronto every weirdo, who can paint a broken twig with a spray can, is considered an artist.

Then she singles out the parks. Again, although an asset, the parks contribute little, because they are tended by overpaid union members. And she didn’t forget that Toronto is a large financial centre. Why would the socialist Olivia praise an “industry” that is a classic example of the 1%? It enriches a small minority of fat cat traders. Sorry, I forgot that she wants to bring in communist China as a major player in the Toronto financial markets.

And Olivia finally praises the City Council for ousting Rob Ford so that the city “could soon go back to the issues that matter to ordinary Torontonians and Canadians.” Sure, wasting taxpayers’ money on green jobs matters to the Torontonians, but not in the way Olivia thinks. And I doubt it if the Torontonians are going to cheer when the “liberated” City Council votes to steal $100 million of their money to build an oversized homosexual bathhouse, sorry, I meant a “gay-lesbian sports facility.”

I am sure Olivia will wholeheartedly support that waste of money as another form of cultural enrichment, because her tranny base would cheer her decision.


Olivia at the tranny parade

Make no mistake – Olivia doesn’t have the best interest of Toronto in mind. If she ever becomes a mayor, the transformation of our fair city into the Detroit of the North would be completed before her mandate expires.


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  1. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    Where is that horrid picture of Olivia at the Caribana festival? I still get nightmares from it?

    1. admiwrath says:

      The picture is etched in my mind as well.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    If she hadn’t been married to Jack Layton, few would pay any attention to her deranged commentaries.

  3. Lester Murray says:

    This filth is in contravention of the Hate Literature Section of the Criminal Code of Canada. You fucking cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Lying fucking cunt.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Excellent, folks – this is the type of retard that Olivia relies on. Olivia Chow is entering the Mayoral race in Toronto and this is how her supporters deal with reporting her questionable opinions. Do you want a woman who has a supporter like Lester Murray be your Mayor?

      The ignorant Olivia is in contravention with any position above a lemonade stand.

  4. Doug Taylor says:

    I love this item. You took the words right out of my mouth. To Lester: FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! Take your complaining, whining, commie ass and fuck off.

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