Rob Ford, Adam Vaughan, Giorgio Mammoliti and the “Moron” Incident

During the two days spent in the Toronto City Council chambers, it was interesting to observe the dysfunctionality of our city’s highest governing body. The media do their best to convince us that everything is Rob Ford’s fault. The truth is that all the Councillors who represent the downtown party are very eager to disrupt the proceedings.

Case in point – the “moron” incident discussed in the beginning of the December 17 session. Near the end of the previous day’s session my esteemed representative Councillor Adam Vaughan used the word “moron” to attack somebody’s view. Of course, he did it as a sophisticated metrosexual “joke” saying that whatever was discussed put “moron” in oxymoron.

That caused a strong reaction from Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti and Mayor Rob Ford. So the next day’s session started with Mammoliti being kicked out of the chambers by the Speaker Frances Nunziata. Nobody touched Adam Vaughan. (You can see the whole thing in the video below.)

Vaughan was asked to explain and retract what he said the day before. After that Nunziata asked the Councillors to vote on whether they would allow Mammoliti back in to apologize. They agreed. Mamoliti made a long statement, part apology, part reminder that he is accountable first and foremost to his constituents. Since he refused to humiliate himself for the delight of the Council lefties, the vote that followed to determine whether to accept his apology barely went through (with votes 18:12). Note that nobody proposed a vote on Vaughan’s apology.

Then came Rob Ford’s turn, which was the most interesting part of the discussion (you can see it from the 7:50 mark on). He simply stated that he retracted his comments. They didn’t like it – Councillor Parker immediately jumped up and demanded a real apology. Nunziata seconded him, telling the Mayor that he must say that he is sorry.

He did, but that caused even more hilarious exchange. He offered several versions and asked which one the Council would like: “I apologize” or “I am super, super, super, super sorry.”

Parker rose up again and made one of the most stupid statements ever uttered in the chambers. He said that the apology of the Mayor didn’t remove the hidden implications in his remark. True, he withdrew the remark, but the innuendo present in it wasn’t removed, so Parker invited Ford to withdraw the innuendo. (How the hell was Parker elected to the City Council?!)

That demand was impossible to understand, but nevertheless Nunziata tried to get the Mayor to continue apologizing. He definitely gave up, saying it was impossible to figure out what Parker was trying to say. Then he told the Speaker that she can kick him out, but he already did everything – retracted the remark, apologized, and if she wants, she can ask him to dance around. At that point Nunziata realized that she went too far supporting Parker’s nonsensical rambling and put a stop to the quarrel.

Other than showing how good the Council is in wasting their time, the incident showed the attitude toward certain members. Both Ford and Mammoliti are conservative, so they had to go through a complete course of humiliation.

At the same time, Vaughan and the other progressives have the right to do whatever they want. Later that day Vaughan made another disgusting “joke” behind Doug Ford’s back, yet nobody kicked him out. (I will show this in another video.) Also, I will never forget that a few months ago Adam Vaughan introduced the most bizarre initiative – he wanted a grass sports field in the University of Toronto to be declared a “heritage site.” The debates over that idiocy wasted nearly 6 hours of the Council’s time.

Why shouldn’t the Council lefties do whatever they want? They live in a different universe, where it is much more important to impress the union halls, gay bars, and the subsidized art galleries, than to do something beneficial for the people who pay their salaries through their taxes.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    No wonder Toronto is in a mess.

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