Rob Ford against Kathleen Wynne’s Gang of Thieves

This week will remain memorable in the heads of the leftards, who started the war against Mayor Rob Ford even before he was elected. The Holy Grail of that war, which its warriors coveted so passionately – the mysterious video showing the Mayor smoking crack – sort-of emerged. Police Chief Blair, after spending tons of money on that investigation, announced that they have discovered a movie, consistent with what the lefty papers were writing about.

However, the video is not showing any crime committed and no charges will be laid. It was a mystery why Blair came up with the announcement, if the find didn’t mean anything from a legal point of view. Is he trying to discredit Ford and open the way to the Mayoral seat to somebody he knows?

Of course, insufficient information would never stop the leftards from celebrating. The Toronto Star announced the event the next day with a front page story. I have seen that size of font only in old newspapers announcing the death of Hitler or the V-Day. I like Ford, but I don’t think that he influences the world to the degree that Hitler did.

In the media orgy of hatred that followed, everybody was calling for Mayor’s resignation (disgracefully, even the Toronto Sun became a part of it). Mayor Ford may have been known to have a good time on St. Patrick’s Day, but in this case he was the only sober person. He refused to resign over non-existent allegations and continued to serve the city.

Unlike the idiots, who run the Canadian media, the people that voted for Ford had a realistic view of the situation. Ford’s popularity surged to 44% after the announcement. That’s because they can see through those stupid games. Ford kept his promises to use effectively the city funds and cut the prices of the services. He kept fighting the useless union thieves – people would never forget that Mayor Miller gave us the stinky summer of 2009, when the City Hall capitulated during the garbage strike.

Most journalists are incapable of comprehending that people want an efficient city and lower taxes. That’s because they only care about the opinions emerging from the gay bars, union rallies and gatherings of welfare bums, who consider themselves artists.

I still wonder what makes Rob Ford eager to continue despite the abuse. A weaker person would’ve quit long time ago after that constant barrage of leftist blackmail, defamation and insults. He is far from perfect, but probably that quirkiness somehow allows him to survive all those horrific attacks.


Nothing fits better the old office slogan “You don’t have to be crazy to work here but it helps!” than the Toronto City Council. It is nothing short of madness to work with councillors, who designate a grass field as a heritage site or bring a whole kindergarten class to a homosexual event.

Just compare how the same journalists treated the Liberal government of Ontario. George Smitherman ran for the Mayor’s office competing with Ford, despite of his addiction to cocaine. The papers never made an issue out of it. Moreover, he was the thief implicated in the infamous eHealth fiasco, which cost the taxpayers about $1 billion. Of course, he didn’t steal the money himself (at least I want to think so), but he paid huge sums of money to people, who didn’t do any work. And that’s still theft.

He was handled with kids’ gloves, because of his homosexuality – his win would’ve been a huge victory for the gay bar lobby. Ford wasn’t supposed to win – he was always pictured as a “homophobic” brute. Yet the voters decided otherwise.

Father McGuinty and the rest of his gang also got away. When the current Dyke-in-Chief took over McGuinty’s position, the journalists kept hammering every day for months how wonderful it is that now we have a lesbian Premier, who will turn a new page in the history of Ontario. It only turned out that Wynne was the same crook, only with a different sexual orientation.

Nobody wanted to remember that as an Education Minister she worked hard on introducing a sex curriculum with a heavy homosexual bias. Her sidekick in the Ministry, Ben Levin, who helped design it, turned out to be (allegedly) a pedophile, who was arrested earlier this year for producing child pornography. Where was the journalistic outrage over that?

But Kathleen Wynne was just warming up – her lustre of a pure lesbian was too thin to hide the McGuinty’s filth that covered her. She tried to distance herself from the gas plant cancellation scandal, which cost the taxpayers another $1 billion. She lied she didn’t know anything about the cancellation and her bureaucrats shredded documents and e-mails, but they couldn’t hide the truth. Wynne and many others from McGuinty’s government should be in jail for theft and deception, but they are not even charged. It’s great to be a lesbian in Ontario.

Wynne is supported by Andrea Horwath, another despicable character, who acts as an accomplice to keep a corrupt government in power for the selfish interest of her own party, the NDP.

None of these junkies, perverts and other shady characters, who have cost the Ontario taxpayers billions of dollars, has ever been asked to resign by our corrupt media. On the other hand, Rob Ford, who has never stolen anything and has always had the interests of the taxpayers as a top priority, is hounded by those corrupt journalists.


Olivia Chow energizes her tranny base

The media push as an alternative Olivia Chow, who has shown time after time that she is fiscally irresponsible. She and her husband Whorehouse Jack even ripped off the city by living in a subsidised housing while being city councillors. But that’s exactly what the media want – it is better to have a tax and spend Mayor, who would keep the gay parades well-funded, instead of somebody, who would constantly remind us that if we don’t cut spending, we are going bankrupt.

I wonder for how much longer our dysfunctional province would manage to survive.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    You really have to wonder – Wynne introduces a pro-homosexual indoctrination agenda for kindergarten kids, aided and abetted by a convicted pedophile, and the media ignore it. the mayor of Montreal is arrested on fraud charges, and its out of the media after two days.

    Rob Ford? The lefties, queers, spongers and malcontents have been baying for his blood since day one. As for Chief pen-Pusher Blair, then man is a disgrace. he had not business adding his personal comments to the Ford video during a media hearing. He most likely breeched a section of the police Act of Ontario when he stated how “disappointed” he was as a resident of Toronto.

    1. admiwrath says:

      The whole thing is beyond bizarre. My guess is that if Rob Ford makes a gay porn video, he’ll be forgiven by the gay bar lobby and the Ontario establishment, which is controlled by the homosexuals. I hope we won’t let the aggressive perverts win.

  2. josh says:

    Wynne will be defeated and McGuinty will hide in disgrace forever – Hudak will be the next Premier of Ontario. Rob Ford will return, thinner after a good dose of rehab, just as savy as ever and will be the next Mayor of Toronto. Stinze, Chow and Tory will fade into obscurity. Tory is Ford’s chief nemesis (having lost as premier and as mayor in previous elections) … when Ford wins, Tory goes back to CFRB 1010 where he is best suited… with the media. Politicians manipulate the ‘polis … the people … morticians manipulate dead bodies, politicians manipulate people. Hudak is a trained economist and Ford is a street-smart trained entrepreneur … may they both WIN and may Wynne lose …. a s a p. Just watch.

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