Rob Ford Attacks the Gravy Train in Toronto Budget 2014

Today was the first day of the City Council debates over the Toronto budget for 2014. After months of discussions in various committees, the Councillors managed to come up with “good” uses for the nearly $10 billion distributed through the budget that is supposed to sustain our city for the next year.

The budget still appears to be balanced and there is even a tiny surplus. However, since the time the Council illegally stripped Mayor Rob Ford from most of his powers, the spirit of common sense and frugality has left the home of our city government. I am sure that among the countless points and paragraphs in the budget there will be more than enough money allocated for useless ventures like financing homosexual anti-Semites; tranny projects; overpaid city workers; bloated bureaucracy; talentless “artists” who hate Canada; illegal immigrants; retarded activists and much more. The category that would be underrepresented and underserved, but nevertheless would foot the bill, are the voiceless taxpayers.

Of course, that is of no concern to the anti-poverty bums, union fat cats and metrosexual pseudo-intellectuals, who dominated the audience in the City Hall chambers.

Regardless of his diminished statute, Rob Ford is still there, still angry and outraged watching how the spending Councillors destroy his efforts. He made his points quite loudly. The laughter and objections that came from time to time from the audience leftards and the irresponsible Councillors showed better than anything else how fast Toronto is sinking.

Here is what Rob Ford said:

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